Zhan Long Chapter 1099

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About after several minutes, beautiful woman young lady goes, but duplicate, changed and changes in the jungle goddess model pattern of causing the downfall of the nation beautiful woman, said: „News digs, the one cent does not have colored."

„Where does Seurre detain?" I asked.

„From the start not in these caves, the place that Seurre detains in underground, we continue to proceed, crossed this mountain, has a silver Pine behind the mountain, behind of silver Pine is hiding an entrance, after entering the entrance, can find to detain Seurre's place."


Dong Cheng Yue astonished looks at Lin Wan Er: „Wan Er, is really rare, you can understand the words of these sickle little rascal unexpectedly, I am not here far, has not understood what is heard!"

Lin Wan Er smiles: „You had not looked these sickle little rascal dance with joy comes to exchange with me in the sign language? These sickle little rascal quite sprout, we later do not kill them again......"

I: „......"

No longer girlfriend who goes to the control to sell to sprout, I in the front clears the way, went over hill and dale to look for Seurre.


Crossed the mountain, another side as before is a piece of scarlet mountain range, that white silver Pine appeared very striking, the sickle little rascal looked like has not deceived us.

Descends the mountain, arrives under the silver Pine to link a hindrance not to meet unexpectedly, this really somewhat makes people think unthinkable, detains Seurre's place that not to attach great importance to? Camouflage easy shape dozens Hybrid Demon to be guarding, is here is unexpectedly completely empty, any thing does not have.

Is raising the butterfly, arrives at the rear area of silver Pine silently, saw the horse hoofprint under a huge circular rock, therefore determines behind this rock definitely also to have the universe, turned over to the sheath the double sword, the sinking body cradling the below corner/horn of disc rock, drank a compensation to burst out lowly, but the disc was really too sincere, but made a sound one to respond to me slightly.

„, Is quite heavy!" I have grasped some wrists skills of turning sour.

Lin Wan Er speechless visits me: „Intelligent time is so intelligent, stupid time is really inappropriate......"

Saying, she puts out a hand to hold on nearby stone spanner gently, immediately psst the voice of caw caw conveys, the disc stone divided into two voluntarily, has revealed a rear swarthy tunnel, really in underground!


I draw out the long sword once again, will depend upon butterfly and does the five-star magical instrument gloss to illuminate, bringing four female to enter the cavern slowly, what unexpected will be has not met anything to stop all the way as before, we almost will be to enter burrow that will push directly into most bottom, walked fully for nearly 10 minutes, will be getting more and more hot, was getting more and more sad.

Finally, the front suddenly is suddenly light and spacious, light shining cavern.

A giant hall appears in our front, as before is the blood pond and altar, but this time Seurre is not miserable, she was twined the body by scarlet vines, flies high is hanging in the blood pond, closes one's eyes, a worn out appearance, her clothing had been removed completely, was good camouflages the shaming place because of the leaf blade of vine for her.

„You finally found here to come."

The altar center has broadcast the sound, that is one grasps the Axe combat general, sitting of armor on the throne of altar center, said with the gloomy sound with a smile: „I also think that I lonely will arrive here old, has not thought that such quickly some people for Seurre this ** has brought death, is good, your arrivals, letting me also to find a pleasure."

He stands up suddenly, a cloak flap flap, turns around to visit us, that is one old and fills the resolute face, the beard and eyebrow were gray, the none remaining that but in a binocular pupil shows makes the person whole body tremble, this old fogy is not absolutely easy to cope!

I approach slowly, at this time, was hanging Seurre sky over blood pond opens eyes finally slowly, in the beautiful pupil passed one to be excited and gratified, the sound said weakly: „Li Xiao Yao...... you, you are careful...... He very fierce......"

I am grasping the double sword, shows a faint smile saying: „Relax, I am fiercer!"

Seurre tittered one to smile, but actually smiled very weak, her body was really too frail, as if strength also continuously bought by the blood pond, this situation may look like really by the purple bottle gourd kid who the snake essence and scorpion fine adopted, but others were the cultivation, but here, Seurre actually suction the strength by the blood pond, became a waste.

It looks like, wants to depend upon Seurre's strength to break through a tight encirclement, this idea could rest, she is unable to defend oneself, the blood deep pool dark blue billows are also enough ruthless, like this tossed about the inadequate human form Seurre, but...... As if I must thank dark blue billows, after all he has not been eventually to a blade Seurre!

On the way of marches forward, I already read the attribute of this old man, shares directly in the team channel

【Holds the axe Romania cry】( God level BOSS ★★★★)

Level: 207

Attack: 34500-44000

Defense: 31000

HP: 2,5000,0000

Skill: 【Spin fierce Axe】 【Terminal velocity jumps to cut】 【Broken armed forces hundred li (0.5km)】 【The anger of god emperor】

Introduced: Holds the axe Romania cry, the old person who this excels at the Axe feat of arms once was the Ba Huang City royal family's older generation, Romania called the life to pursue Wu Xue the peak, gave up the throne pursuing Wu Xue a higher boundary, finally fell into error, ambition vigorous he by the blood deep pool dark blue billows use, degenerated into the strength puppet, although obtained the greatly strengthened military study strength, but lost the conscience, became the Hybrid Demon lackey, not come singly but in pairs, his experience was almost exactly the same as his descendant Luo Lin


„Is Luo Lin?" Lin Wan Er shows a faint smile.

I am grasping the long sword: „Might as well Luo Lin, good and evil Luo Lin also mixed king level BOSS, this Romania called is actually only four-star god level BOSS, missed from the scale planned."

Dancing Forest said: „But do not look down on him, this held attack power that the axe Romania called to strive to excel Lin Zao compared with the hot flag too, and looked at the skill the words, should not be a scale."

„Um, prepared!"

I tread the blood pond to overrun, [Wall of Dou Qi] and [Frost Armor] first-class skill 11 in addition holds, rushes to front of BOSS time is the optimum condition, a double sword cold, swift and violent [Combo] technique bang above his breastplate, stimulates Spark, Romania to call continuously retrocedes continuously, HP fell much, but actually must Ran vacillate, exceptionally visits me arrogant: „Boy, only then the words of this ability, you died!"

My this whole life most disliked is threatened, immediately rides the wind to cut + [Strength of a Thousand Men] to serve.

After a round skill shines, Romania called actually the steps to go forward, laughs is launching the attack, in the hand Axe falls violently, carries over the ordinary attack effect, was a spin fierce Axe attack, afterward was time attacks, came again, was a broken armed forces hundred li (0.5km) attack, a broken armed forces hundred li (0.5km) broken against strength was extremely high, follows closely is being an ordinary attack shakes me draws back, a series of injury digit spattered in all directions to fly, was too scary







Not is only I, Darling Duck also was almost frightened to cry! Treatment that in a flash, in addition I and swim, but I just a contact will directly be given to make the Shuanglong effect by this 4 star gods, Shuanglong lingers in the body week, in the continual backlash, actually saw that the Romanian cry jumps, is the terminal velocity jumps to cut the skill, the speed was too fast!

Speedily a sinking body, I started [Blade Rush] effect MISS to fall his terminal velocity to jump to cut, Darling Duck has been treating me, I diverted BOSS by [Great Realm of Desolation] + [Blade Spin], actually shocked at heart incomparably, this BOSS intelligence quotient was far from past BOSS can place on a par, beforehand these BOSS came toward threw the skill chaotic bang directly, attack power was considerable, but is also insufficient to be fatal, but this Romania called actually differently, he sends the crevice between skill and skill each time will make up a blade ordinary attack, this superimposed quite to be terrorist, just like the player, the genuine masters was quite pays great attention. The detail, sometimes is not the skill is a kingly way, but will output the maximized person to win the victory.

„This Romanian cry is an operation class master." Lin Wan Er is grasping the dagger attack, at the same time is shielding me.

Dancing Forest also starts the [Seven Stars Teleportation] arrow to come dizziness BOSS for my slowly vigor, said: „Our time has had a low opinion of the enemy, Guildmaster has the Shuanglong special effect, perhaps extinguished rolls."



I do not have to speak, energy more places to deal with the attack of BOSS to keep off with square.

„Boy, Na Minglai!"

Luo Lin and Angela's ancestor is specially fierce, Axe chop according , the hand of axe going well, immediately starts to gather the air/Qi, the body sinks, the surroundings cyclone dance, is a broken armed forces hundred li (0.5km) prelude, I seize the opportunity to cut into decisively, the butterfly clash in his elbow place, does the sword hilt of sword pounds his shoulder fiercely, spins sweeping that a body double sword combines and complements one another!


„Successful Skill Break!"

Dancing Forest said with a smile: „Attractive!"

My strength is not lower than BOSS to be too many, it seems like that the Successful Skill Break rate does not beat, must to operate the class to aim at facing this operation class BOSS, otherwise constantly defense words, once he has suddenly to strike to injure continuously, I could be killed by the second, although bringing back to life of Darling Duck can make me same place, but falls 1 level not quite to be always good , to continue to practice the level 6-10 hours to rise first-level, falls the level really unable to fall.

Then, frequents each other, has started the skill that thinks the emperor to arrive at support to the Romanian cry!

„Array witnesses in day Wu Shenqing, my Romania will call will reply on your strengths to cut to kill the powerful enemy, Thou and others will be a god, I will be the person emperor, will take the blood as the agreement, the summon god emperor!"

After reciting the incantation, innumerable golden light dropped from the clouds, the attribute and attack that promotion Romania of enormous scope called, the next quarter, the fierce move came once more, the Axe spin crack has made into the remnant blood Lin Wan Er directly, wiped out me reaches as high as 17 thousand HP, Lin Wan Er speedily retroceded, but I cannot draw back, can only depend upon to ride the wind to cut [Drain].

Romania called truly fiercely, in this situation did not forget to consume my HP as before ordinary, I thought instantaneously is not wonderful, opened the Invincible Body skill hurriedly, entered the invincible pattern, continued to tie down BOSS to slash.

Finally, there is BOSS to force me to open invincibly.


Romania called the most fearful place lies in eruption of one set of skill, therefore the Lin Wan Er intelligent summon silver dragon Little Bai shared the injury for me, after slightly fought with bare hands died two times, HP that Romania calls also saw the bottom finally, miserable howling, had finished the life of his magnificent powerhouse.

Zhan Long Chapter 1099

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