Zhan Long Chapter 1101

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Has the attack of Lin Wan Er, Dancing Forest and Dong Cheng Yue all the way clears the way, all are not the issues, the only issue is city who that stretches across two mountain ranges, the city main hot flag had been massacred by us Lin Zao, when we arrive at outside the city, inside in a flurry, the innumerable demon spirit big sword master and demon palace is riding is carrying the bucket to go to the city main palace direction flustered.

My attire does not suit to inquire the news, then signaled with the eyes.

Lin Wan Er changed the hot flag the forest dry appearance, raised the fire spear to progress to go forward, said in a low voice: „Hi, that demon palace Knight, you give me to come, how in the city, why to have been carrying the bucket?"

That demon palace rides ash of face, looks at Lin Wan Er one without enough time, but said: „City main palace has been on fire, Sir Lin Zao is uncertain of one's fate, now all people are busy putting out a fire, you unexpectedly also here for me how?"

Saying, suddenly he fixes the eyes on looked that immediately is dumbfounded: „Forest...... Sir Lin Zao, are you all right?"

Lin Wan Er smiles, said: „I am certainly all right, what are your this group of idiots still juggling to make?"

Saying, Wan Er has a look at the military appointment symbol that this demon palace rides, four golden pirate-like skulls, the demon palace of this accurate BOSS rank rides is multitude of people are unexpectedly long!

I then said in team channel: „Wan Er, making this demon palace ride belt several people, escorts us to go out of town."

Wan Er chuckle: „Is having this intent."

Saying, she rides to say to this demon palace immediately: „Goes, calls dozens helpers, escorts me and friend of mine goes out of town."

„Sir, do you want to go out of town?"

„Has the issue?" Young beautiful woman complexion one cold, is not right, is the young handsome fellow complexion one cold.

„Does not have...... Without the issue!"

This demon palace rides to have a scare, immediately greeted dozens demon palaces to ride with the barbaric wolf rides the guard in our surroundings, but a barbaric wolf rode actually raises the denticle blade to approach me, the hear Laiwen of elongated neck on my back Seurre went, said: „Good fragrant smell, boy, what your back is bringing is a woman?"

My corners of the mouth raise: „What's wrong, are you what kind of?"

„father wants to touch, Ok?" He smiled ferociously.

Front, Lin Wan Er turns around, lets somebody cool off or calm down said: „The words that does not want dead, give me honestly, the friend of mine is you can paw casually?"

This barbaric wolf rides the respectful war to shake to say immediately: „Yes...... Yes, Sir! Small having eyes but failing to see, asking the Sir to forgive!"

Lin Wan Er does not want to make any trouble to come again, the nod smiles, is leading our group across the crowded street, after going out of town, orders these „guard" to return to the city, now thinks that this disguiser ring also is really easy-to-use, Hybrid Demon of BOSS level is unable to see through, does not know that can deceive king level BOSS, thinks or considers as finished, good that do not take risk.


After leaving the scarlet mountain range, finally can fly, immediately enters thousand frost wing conditions, shoulders Seurre is carrying on the back, the breakthrough cloud layer flew to the cold uncultivated land Dragon's den direction, but Lin Wan Er also summoned Little Bai, was bringing three female together happy returning to the city, prepared to receive the duty to reward, will this be the duty of ultra master line, the reward should be rich?

Carries on the back, Seurre fiercely has coughed in speedily the flight a meeting, but I can also feel that her aura is getting more and more weak, did this Queen Hybrid Demon approach at point of death?

Thinks of here, was disturbed, speedily winding speed, when I promote the limit the speed, the Lin Wan Er silver dragon could not follow, I then said in team channel: „Seurre was possibly dying, I fly first!"

Lin Wan Er: „Um, is careful."

Has shot the horizon like lightning, soon after the later cold uncultivated land Dragon's den snow territory appears at present, I bound the battle dress to break in the snow expanse, close had not seen that a crystal dragon shot up to the sky to welcome, in Qing Luo grasped Dragon Qiang, above the (spear gun) blade edge is mounting dragon crystal to promote to the Hybrid Demon lethality, reprimanded loudly shouts to clear the way: „What person, dares to excel at rushing to Dragon Yu?"

I fly rapidly near, said: „Qing Luo, is I!"

„, Dragon Rider will the Sir, you come back?"

„Um, Frost and do Queen Zi Shu come back?"

„Shortly after just came back, your carries on the back that is......" her small cheek changes color suddenly, said: „Is she Seurre?"

I nod: „Yes, leads me to see Frost quickly."


Qing Luo urged that crystal dragon turns around, I followed immediately, the cold uncultivated land Dragon's den administrative hall front 4 Dragon's den armed soldiers are standing guard, salutes to me and Qing Luo, but I spun the body to hug Seurre to enter the hall, Frost, Zi Shu and Odelia were encircling by far in the same place are discussing anything, when I brought the wind and snow were entering, they together review to look to me.

„Saves Seurre quickly!" My loud [say / way].

The foot is not well-grounded hugs Seurre to overrun, the Frost desk is big, a Zi Shu hand a red blanket shop above, I have also laid aside Seurre above, she as if did not have the breath, the face whiten.

Frost puts out a hand to turn round on her forehead, the delicate eyebrows are light, said: „She is having a fever, the strength in within the body vanishes extremely quickly, Zi Shu, a bit faster uses the Dragon God Essence magnificent to her the spirit strength!"


Zi Shu opens the hand to cover in Seurre's front, a star light falls.

Frost also said: „Qing Luo, goes to the dragon grave, bringing a big dragon skull to come back."

Why Qing Luo has not asked that turned around.

I am somewhat puzzled, asked: „What wants the big dragon skull to make?"

Frost grips Seurre's arm, detains her life by the supernatural power, at the same time said: „Seurre after is the body of dead souls, her life energy was the death, but after the dragon grave the big dragon died, was retaining very formidable death Dragon Li, the big dragon skull stores up death dragon strength many skeletons, can perhaps a big dragon skull rescue a Seurre life?"

My some want to smile, said: „Isn't that this is blaspheming Dragon Yu?"

Frost also smiled: „Blasphemed, always compared with looking at Dragon Yu was much better by a blood deep pool dark blue billows destruction, did you say?"

„Um, because of time to time different, this so."


Nod that the beautiful woman teacher makes an effort.


Quick, Qing Luo came back, is holding a giant big dragon skull, but follows is Lin Wan Er and other female, they also finally caught up, everybody did not propose the duty, how first had a look at Frost to revive Seurre.


The big dragon skull falls in nearby ground, person of high, Frost covers single-handed above the dragon bone, drinks one lightly, immediately the dragon bone shivers fiercely, blood red gloss given Frost stiffly strips from the skull, these will be death Dragon Li, Frost then the death dragon strength will probably pour into to Seurre, immediately on Seurre's flesh left scarlet unexpectedly.

Frost orders saying: „Qing Luo, goes to the subsurface storage to spend with one."


This Qing Luo asked: „Sir, this...... These flowers are not every thing, what makes with it?"

„Does not need to ask that takes."


After Qing Luo walks, Frost has a look at me, knows me to be confused, then smiled, said: „In the half year, I go all over each corner of mainland, finally had found the world tree, and obtains the gracious gift of Heaven, the world tree has given me the seeds of several world trees, I in Dragon's den underground cultivation these seeds, these seeds blossomed, is containing the world tree life strength flower."

I in consternation: „Seurre is the dead souls, what needs these flowers to make?"

Frost smiles: „Seurre is the dead souls no doubt right, but her strength surpassed seven Chengdu to be derived forcefully by the blood deep pool dark blue billows, present Seurre is weak, her body can hold the strength the domain to be extremely void, if not give the strength her body to start to wither, therefore, I planned that made up for the Seurre's defective these 70% strengths by the world tree seed child colored life strength, as the matter stands, Seurre is not considered as that complete dead souls, at least, her body had seven Chengdu is the life body, but the overall strength will not have. Too big weakening, even becomes because of the strength of world tree stronger."

I said: „Is the world tree so really mysterious? I also want to experience......"

„These by chance."


Frost was equal to refusing to lead me to go to the world tree, but I will not be angry, she said that naturally has her truth, Frost will not harm my, this point has not needed to prove.


Soon, Qing Luo held one flood the floret of silver brilliance to walk, truly was a floret, altogether does not have a palm of the hand to be so big branches and leaves to the flowers, Frost lifted the hand the floret attraction in the palm, afterward closed the palm gently, the next quarter floret changed into the innumerable white rays to seep Seurre's body, was it moistens and makes up for the scar on body, but Seurre's restoration original water Run of flesh naked eye obvious speed was also smooth, the complexion was also ruddy.

Less than a time of tea, suddenly a Seurre deep sigh, the long opening eye, looks at Frost and I, smiled: „Frost, you have saved me again."

Frost visits her with a smile: „Do this time you also want to walk?"

Seurre muttered: „Walks...... Which can I also arrive go?"

„That from now henceforth, cold uncultivated land Dragon's den was your homeland."

„Thank you."

„Is impolite."


At this time, Frost remembered the person who our crowds have waited to receive the duty reward finally, stood up, visits us, said with a smile: „Many thanks you save Seurre from the purgatory from the devil hand, come, I give the reward that you should obtain by the cold uncultivated land Dragon's den glory sincerely!"


System System Notification: Congratulates you, you have completed the ultra master line task 【The disaster of scarlet mountain range】, Obtains the reward: Level + 1, Charm + 80, gold coin number + 200 000, and obtains the duty reward goods: 【Cold iron sword】( Magical instrument ★★★★)!

Zhan Long Chapter 1101

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