Zhan Long Chapter 1102

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I depend!

Looks that the duty rewarded me somewhat to be speechless, currently I had two long swords of five-star magical instruments, finally Frost showed due respect for the feelings, gave me a long sword of four star magical instruments, this cold iron sword I definitely not had the good fortune to enjoy something.


Unties the package, has a look at the weapon attribute, 200 levels of weapons, have 20 levels of having a familiar task and handling it with ease effects, 180 levels of players can equipment, this be able to choose the person who bestows too to be many, Li Mu, Wang Jian and Meng Yao and the others has become the possibility, although their weapons are also actually good, does not manage, first is putting.

Asks that the rewards of nearby several female , the beautiful woman teacher favored, other four people best is also Dong Cheng Yue obtains hand guard of two star magical instruments, Lin Wan Er and Darling Duck are the inferior magical instrument, even are Divine Tier that Dancing Forest obtains, this luck really has not to suffice well.

When we receive the duty, Seurre sat from the desk, body even more ruddy, this facial expression pursues PS the cosmetics advertisement, she looks at the surrounding all, suddenly smiled, said: „Suddenly and completely is living the person has to do, this is really some have not been familiar with!"

Odelia smiles: „Has not related, the custom was good."

Seurre nods, suddenly walks forward several steps, turns around to kneel down to Frost single Xi, said: „Girl Seurre respects to listen to the Frost goddess to dispatch, but there is an order, the girl obeys inevitably, does not disobey!"

Frost satisfied saying with a smile: „Seurre sets out, does not need to salute, you keep cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, we are the sisters, but you are the family background of elf queen, the archery attainments unparalleled in the world, this, you are responsible for training the bow and arrow camp of Dragon's den armed soldier, although our heavy artilleries can kill Hybrid Demon of distant place, but in Hybrid Demon too near situation can only depend upon the dragon crystal arrow the bow and arrow to strike to kill them."

Seurre nods smiles: „Compliant!"

Frost also said: „Qing Luo, later arranges the room for Queen Seurre, in my, I also matter of many about Hybrid Demon territory wants to chat with her."


Frost to preserve the border defense of human empire is also takes great pains, rescues Seurre solely is not because her strength suffices, more probably is Seurre is the Hybrid Demon king compares to understand Hybrid Demon all? Moreover, Seurre's understanding the blood deep pool dark blue billows should also in Frost, these need to understand by far.

I stand in the one side, asked: „Frost, how did you go to the wild Dragon Clan territory to steal the dragon egg situation?"

Frost mysterious saying with a smile: „You guess!"

Also with guessing? My both arms hug in the front, said with a smile: „That definitely was the bumper crop!"

Nearby Queen Zi Shu said: „Right! We had found from the beginning only 11 superior dragon egg in the dragon nest, but we are bringing Odelia, this beautiful woman bandits and thieves used the unique ability to find the silver spear to preserve dragon egg another point, this time we have stolen over 100 dragon egg fully, but then must hatch expedites these dragon egg, I was quite laborious."

Odelia protested in side: „Called my beautiful woman Sword Saint, do not call my beautiful woman bandits and thieves! I have said many times!"

Frost eats to smile: „Good, prepares supper, we give a banquet to greet Queen Seurre to join cold uncultivated land Dragon's den tonight. Right, Li Xiao Yao, a news, Old K fights the soul the body to remould completely, recently north he went to the boundary hunting, obtained a handle to build up the god hammer, it is said can promote equipment, you can go to his there, as long as needed, he as far as possible will be certainly satisfied."

„Builds up the god hammer , to promote equipment?" I in consternation.

„Yes, can try?"


„Qing Luo, you lead them to go!"


Qing Luo tilts the head with a smile, said: „Walks, our holds the spear greatly!"

I brought Wan Er and East city four female to look for Old K with Qing Luo immediately, for a long time did not see Old K, does not know that he was bustling about anything, now knew, this was wants the incarnation to become the blacksmith of war-god level.


Cold uncultivated land Dragon's den underground, lava are emitting the large flame, but in one side is a brief blacksmith's shop, Old K grandiose muscle, is brandishing the iron hammer that handle flame is lingering, in dingdong strikes to begin a iron.

I walk to go forward, greet: „Old K, long time no see."

„, Is you, young people!" He compared with my greatly too many ages, calling our young people also indisputable.

I said: „Hears your building up god hammer to be able promotion equipment?"

„Yes, do you have demand?"


I from the body Ring of the King with, place on his table, said: „This Ring of the King is growth equipment, can you help me promote?"

Old K has been startled being startled, has a look at this ring, said: „Divine Tier promotion?"

„Yes, is growth equipment, since I obtain this ring to the present, he especially has not grown, needs a catalyzed the strength!?"

„Um!" Old K laughs saying: „Yes, but needs some precious raw material."

„Which can go to buy?"

„Does not need to buy, I idle the safe to go all over famed scenery, collected many raw materials, but Sir Frost said that cold uncultivated land Dragon's den in barren severely cold, needs food, clothes, weapon, mail-armor and helmet, horses wait / etc. to be able to use the thing that therefore we need money, wants promotion equipment, needs to pay the expense."

„This does not have the issue."

Quick, I presented a contact surface at present, is the Ring of the King growth need

Option 1: The promotion is Demon Harvest, needs gold coin 1000, this equipment lifelong only may promote one time

Option 2: Promotes as the inferior magical instrument, needs gold coin 10000, this equipment lifelong only may promote one time

Option 3: Promotes as the magical instrument *, needs gold coin 100000, this equipment lifelong only may promote one time

Option 4: Promotes as magical instrument ★★, needs gold coin 1000000, this equipment lifelong only may promote one time

Option 5: Promotes as magical instrument ★★★, needs gold coin 10000000, this equipment lifelong only may promote one time

Option 6: Promotes as magical instrument ★★★★, needs gold coin 100000000, this equipment lifelong only may promote one time

Option 7: Promotes as magical instrument ★★★★★, needs gold coin 1000000000, this equipment lifelong only may promote one time


When I these option sharing to everybody, several female were shocked

Lin Wan Er: „Was too black? Promotes needs 1 billion gold coins to the five-star magical instrument, is more than 100 million R motherfucker?"

Dong Cheng Yue is speechless: „Chose two star and three stars magical instrument to promote......"

I make a fist, said: „How that can, Ring of the King lifelong only be able to promote one time, must be best, how otherwise can also can be called Ring of the King?"

Lin Wan Er is speechless: „Do you have other means?"

I smile: „It is said Old K is addicted to alcohol, this does not know real, but can probe."

„My goodness......"

I walk to go forward, said negligently: „Old K, I must promote this ring as the five-star magical instrument, but I do not have that many gold coins, you look at the office!"

Old K stares the round eye: „Also wants to promote without that many gold coins as the five-star magical instrument, what overlord business are you?"

I said: „This, I get nice wine to give to you, do you calculate cheaply to me?"

Immediately the eye of Old K came up, said: „? What nice wine can you get so far as?"

„Shaoxing wine, how is it?"

„?" The appearance that Old K is infatuated with very much, said: „Shaoxing wine entrance is prolonged, actually nice wine, but do you want to buy over me by trivial Shaoxing wine? Most gives you cheap 100 gold coins!"

„You were also too black, you look, the good and evil we are the cold uncultivated land Dragon's den defense military officers, inherits and shares the same roots, this, looks in the share of blood relationship, I get 100 bottles of Lanling huadiao liquor to you, in this case, you receive 10 thousand gold coins to help me promote Ring of the King to the five-star magical instrument, how is it?"

„The Lanling huadiao......" Old K licked the lip, the whole body trembled slightly, the look became blurred, probably was the glutton has come up, but thought over and over, said as before: „Is impossible, I cannot such giving up principle easily, even if you get 100 altar Lanling huadiao liquor to me, I must receive your 100 million gold coins as before!"

I depend, doesn't this fellow water and rice enter?

I have somewhat become confused, has a look at the detailed list in wine-making technique, clenches teeth, said: „I do an immortal to be drunk to you, how?"

„Immortal is drunk!?"

The Old K psychological defense line was broken at the last minute finally, unbelievable visits me, said: „You...... Can you do immortal to be drunk really? That is...... The good wine in legend!"

„Yes, I help you get so far as 10 altar immortals to be drunk, you help my 10 thousand gold coin promotion Ring of the King to the five-star magical instrument, how is it?"

„It is not good!"

The Old K building up god hammers suffers a relapse again on the iron slab of temperance, brooks no intervention saying: „You help me make 100 altar immortals to be drunk, my 100 thousand gold coins promote this ring as you to the five-star magical instrument!"

„Good, said it and meant it!"

Wipes the sweat on forehead, finally took the business.

Nearby, Lin Wan Er, Dong Cheng Yue and other female despised visits me, appearance that looks at the profiteer, but they have equipment to need to promote, Darling Duck has an upgradeable ring, but is a star magical instrument, promoted merely has also spent 10 thousand gold coins to the three stars magical instrument, it seems like because of my Ring of the King grade too low relations?

„Where do you make the immortal to be drunk?" Lin Wan Er is holding my hand, said: „As far as I know, your wine-making technique, although 10 levels, but had not found 10 levels of materials to manufacture the immortal to be drunk!"

„Yes......" I smile: „I could not find the immortal fruit, but...... Perhaps another can madman there of wine-making technique, obtain the immortal to be drunk?"

„Good, you early had the plan!"


I sit on nearby hammering stage, opens the good friend list, had found Drunken Spear, has sent a message directly: „Good brothers, to pass for serveral days how is it?"

Drunken Spear rapid reply: „Wants anything, said directly."

„Immortal is drunk!"

„I go, how you know that I just did ferment the immortal to be drunk?"

„I do not know that guesses, you did ferment the immortal to be drunk really? Gives my point, I urgently need!"

„How many wants?"


„Grass...... My where so many raw materials!"

„I believe you, certainly, good and evil our friend!"

Drunken Spear: „......"


Finally, he decided that does not sleep, making my 9 : 00 am take delivery of goods.

Such reasonable person, were getting fewer and fewer!

The price had not discussed that signed only......

Zhan Long Chapter 1102

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