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Next morning, early wakes up.

Gets online, Tian Ling Empire eastern square.

The bright sunlight sprinkles each corner in city, the golden glory shines on the communication player busy face.

I am waiting for in Dongmenqiao, when will agree Cooldown to draw near, waits has waited till 9 : 25 time, finally the Drunken Spear long in coming, a transmission direction, Drunken Spear rides a black warhorse, to raise the lance to dash to come, will arrive on the bridge to stand up from failure to discontinue, on the face will be bringing the feeling of weariness, was really one night has not rested, looked at my one eyes, said: „What do you want to be drunk to make with these immortals?"

„Promotion equipment." I do not evade, spoke frankly: „Under cold uncultivated land Dragon's den has a god level refiner master, with one builds up the god hammer to promote to be possible the promotion equipment grade, I just attribute very formidable Divine Tier ring, but promoted to the top was too a little expensive, therefore has thought another means that were drunk to buy over this refiner master drunkard with the immortal."

„Ha, so that's how it is." Drunken Spear nods, said: „Opens the transaction contact surface, I to prepare these 100 immortals am drunk am not easy, you know where the immortal fruit can collect?"


„The well of god demon, blood deep pool dark blue billows safe house." His brow selects, said: „Can say, to get so far as immortal fruit, I have experienced a narrow escape."

I feel grateful, said with a smile: „The short spear trick brothers' benevolence I have remembered, cannot let your busy one night, the price that these immortals are drunk is many, my initial cost purchases."

„Ok." Drunken Spear shows a faint smile, said: „At present entire server, only then I have the immortal to be drunk, this type of thing is valuably does not have the city, since Xiao Yao you wants my this to be the friend do not have anything to say urgently needed, these 100 immortals were drunk to deliver you to be good."

I in consternation: „How that feels all right, after all you have been busy for night."

Drunken Spear visits me with a smile, said: „Bustles about for night for the friend is anything, if you my Zhouning, when the friend again do not speak these artificial words, transaction, so long as after me, has the matter time, you can help my suffice."

I layer on layer nod: „Helps one another inevitably!"


Accepts 100 bottles of immortals who the short spear trick bestows to be drunk, I return to cold uncultivated land Dragon's den immediately, the completion promotion as soon as possible, what change having a look at the Divine Tier Ring of the King liter to have to the five-star magical instrument.


On cold uncultivated land Dragon's den the flying snow is as before faded and fallen, when I fly in the city in the school ground of discovery distant place is having one group of people to brave the heavy snow to train, that is one crowd grasps the Dragon's den armed soldier of long bow, also includes the Dragon Rider gentleman who several I know, it seems like that the Dragon Rider soldier also needs to fire from horseback the training, these 100 + people of front, Seurre wears one set of new casting the war armor, is throwing over the arctic fox fur lined robe, is grasping the deep red cloud long bow, the careful instruction Dragon's den armed soldiers are studying the high-level skill of fire.

„HI ~"

Seurre sees me, then with a smile nods to greet, I also nod, afterward the diving posture enters in the castle, directly soars the Old K building up work place to go, has flown the staircase of first-level level, soon after arrives by the iron furnace that the thermal energy spurts to open, Old K is red the upper part, reveals the strong body, the sturdy arm grasps is building up the god hammer, „clang clang clang" rap together the iron slab of flying upwards blue smoke.

„I came!"

The slippery step stops in the Old K front, I said with a smile: „Now can promote Ring of the King as me!"

Old K puts out a hand, said: „100 thousand gold coins, the sur- 100 altar immortals are drunk, otherwise cannot dispute."

I groan smile, takes out a altar immortal to be drunk from package, gives him directly, said: „First tastes?"


Old K holds the jug suddenly, captures the above seal, heard, the eye stared immediately in a big way, the beard flew upwards, laughs saying: „Really is the nice wine!"

The impatient both arms hold wine pot, thump thump has drunk, faint trace good wine must fall actually not in the least the consciousness following his dragon, this fellow is really existence of heavy drinker level, in an instant drank up a altar immortal to be drunk, yelled: „This is the immortal is drunk! Happy! Happy! Never that happy!"

Saying, him will be emptying jug to discard, said: „Dragon Rider Sir, but also are some immortals drunk?"

I 11 pull out the immortal to be drunk, place in building up nearby work place the corner, has pulled then out 100 thousand gold coins to him, Ring of the King was also placed in front of him.

Old K opens altar liquor, thump thump has drunk a big mouth, afterward starts with building up the god hammers pounds Ring of the King fiercely, looked at my moral nature to jump, cannot bear say: „Builds the promotion time do not drink, the strength that you use is so big, careful pounded scrap iron the ring all of a sudden!"

„You understand anything!"

Old K shot a look at my one eyes, said with a smile: „Wine taste is stronger, my building skill is higher, this is the highest boundary of refiner technique!"

I keep mouth shut, visits him to promote Ring of the King in the one side, mentioned also strangely, after the Ring of the King built up god hammered violent force raps, not only has not gone bad, instead became clear is translucent, but also the shape of ring also had certain change, the decorations turned into a handle long sword with a handle Axe overlapping design, Thunder Guang who the surroundings flood moved a faint trace, the surrounding reappeared the semblances of seven colored, five-star magical instruments started to expose gradually.

Made me wait for nearly one minute, finally, Old K has completed the work, held altar liquor to sit in the chair thump thump drinks, beckoned with the hand, hints me with the thing to leave.

To come him to go far beyond me to the interest that the immortal is drunk, I also tactful working Ring of the King, when the vision touches the attribute of ring, the whole person was almost petrified immediately, is this formidable attribute of five-star magical instrument ring?

【Ring of the King】( Magical instrument ★★★★★)

Strength: + 575

Stamina: + 570

Agility: + 550

Magic: + 540

Additional: Promotes user 100% attack power and 75% attack speed

Additional: Promotes user 50000 Max HP and 4000 physical defense

Additional: Promotes user 145% magic defense

Special effect: [Drain], the target will cause injury 30% to transform as own life value, the effect cannot superimpose

skill: [King's Domain], starts the strength of King, condenses [King's Domain] in the surrounding 1000 yards, in the domain all friend side goals promotes 150% attacks, defenses and resistance, and obtains own 10% HP cures every second , to continue for 10 minutes, consumes 150 Rage points, cools the Cooldown 4 hours

Introduced: The ancient earth breeding life, humanity appears, when above earth life, in addition the chaos have not opened, the Pangu deep sleep above the earth, skin body flaking, his soul scatters in various earth places, a spirit standard was gained in the remote mountain by the sages of later generation, the spirit standard melted in the crystal, the sage builds up with ten thousand years of profound [gold/metal] it together, has cast Ring of the King, this Ring of the King once accompanied the innumerable kings to go on an expedition his entire life, the achievement innumerable meritorious achievements, the legend obtains the Ring of the King person is the king of genuine earth

Binds the player: Xiao Yao Zi Zai

Needs the charm: 1200


Five-star Ring of the King, this attribute has exploded the Divine Tier edition simply! The [Drain] effect from 20% turned into 30%, this has also been doomed I in the group fought the survival capability to be stronger.

Group wars, have made us understand that facing my this top killer, can suppress my tactic is only the collection fire, forces my invincible skill directly, in the next wave of attack the control system department skill comes the stepless control, does not output the [Drain] opportunity to control dead to me directly, but was a pity that I have the [Hero's Heart] effect, does not eat dizziness, lethargic sleep and other effects, now has 30% [Drain] effects again, already a little invincible feeling.

Moreover, is skill that Ring of the King of this five-star magical instrument supplements the strongest group fights the skill? In 10 minutes promote in the surrounding 1000 yards the 150% attack and defense resistant effects of teammate, and restore 10% HP every second, such one group of people are invincible, cannot kill, does not hit, runs into the player in [King's Domain], can only do probably escaped?

Gives on Ring of the King equipment rapidly, OK, the present attribute was more intrepid

【Xiao Yao Zi Zai】( Town day Dragon Rider)

Level: 196

Attack: 45192-60060

Defense: 35495

Life: 434255

Magic: 43780

Charm: 1988

CBN Battle Ranking: 4

Title: Broken cauldron male


The light could be unparalleled in the world with such attribute, let alone also has the coverall and other hideaway attributes with one pile of powerful skills, by single Tiao the words, I thought in any case took a broad view at world also few individuals is my match, but...... Then my duty truly defeats all can with the person who I contend with, making the entire server submit to the under foot of Chinese war zone, such attribute must.

Complacent time, suddenly „drop", Lin Wan Er sends in a news: „Dear, Matcha returned to Tian Ling Empire, at present has joined [Zhan Long] through the cross clothing system, I continued to appoint her become one of the four big elders . Moreover, Matcha said that had the gift to take to you, you a bit faster came the Tian Ling Empire east gate square."


What gift will Matcha have to take to me? Unexpectedly somewhat is at heart small excitedly.

Returns to the city rapidly, arrives in Tian Ling Empire, in not far away square, Lin Wan Er, Dong Cheng Yue, Matcha and Yue Qing Qian four female there, have the graceful big beautiful woman, there are beautiful young girl who initially grows into, Yingying Yanyan's extreme fire imagination, I take a step to go forward, say with a smile: „Matcha, what gift did you bring to give me?"

Matcha eats to smile, puts out a hand package, pulled out some little time, has pulled out a soft cloth armor shinguard finally, said with a smile: „Boss, is this, 115 levels of Gold Tier, jungle taking a step shinguard......"

I almost spit blood: The goods that „this type of 5 silver coins send, take to me to make anything...... Thought certainly that my being killed by weapons technique need many equipment decompose the [Soul Army] symbol, right?"

Matcha ill-humored saying with a smile: „Stupid Boss, you had a look at attribute to say again!"

Saying, as soon as she inspires wrist skill, immediately the attribute of shinguard sways in the front of our several people

【Jungle taking a step shinguard】( Gold Tier ★★★★)

Type: cloth armor

Defense: 780

Magic: + 112

Stamina: + 88

Additional: Promotes user 17% physical defense

Additional: Reduces 5% Cooldown

skill: The Longteng nine days, summoned Shenlong, in the hostile goal to 40 × 40 code created the non- difference attack, continued for 7 seconds, the injury effect was related with attack power of user, consumes 100 Rage points, cooled the Cooldown 120 minutes

Needs Level: 115

Needs the charm: 10


Zhan Long Chapter 1103

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