Zhan Long Chapter 1104

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„Longteng nine days"

Visits dumbfoundedly me, then powerful skill, unexpectedly in passing on 115 levels of trash cloth Armor shinguards, what matter this is?

In this game is really infinite universe every possible strange thing.

Matcha supple smiles, said: „This jungle taking a step shinguard is I uses two star magical instrument shields to trade from demon mountain there, do you know? The demon mountain before 180 levels obtain that three stars magical instrument armor shinguard has been bringing this jungle taking a step shinguard, merely for this Longteng nine days of skill."

Yue Qing Qian blinked, said: „Small monster elder sister, properly speaking this is equipment actually and unworthy a money of two star magical instrument shields? This business does a little owes"

But Matcha said with a smile: „I also know that owed in a big way, but, the demon mountain does not know where from had also known Boss' the attribute of set of overlord coverall, knew a duplication attribute, when I went to the highest heaven city to go with him to mention this matter he laid bare the secret"

Saying, Matcha was holding the volume to say with a smile: „Also before wasting I went, has arranged many excuses, finally not useful, without the means that has two star magical instrument shields to bring, when chip trading, but, were many Longteng nine days of skill compared with Boss' coverall, two star magical instrument shields were not anything."

Lin Wan Er said: „Um, this skill lethality is truly astonishing, drinks later CD, only then one hour, not only there is a lethality, not the small deterrent force, total fury points of pig head now was 200 points, can definitely [King's Domain] + tread the broken heavenly thunder + Longteng nine days three to launch in salvos, perhaps player [Thundering Heavens], few individuals can block such terrifying injury."

Matcha self-satisfied smiling: „Oh, in the positional warfare, at least Boss' these skill skill salvos was the nightmare of any composition shield player."

I received the shinguard from Matcha, duplicates my overlord to fight on the knee the attribute, then the overlord fights the overall attribute of knee becomes reaches to be perfect instantaneously.

Takes up the god who changes to fight knee, I threw it to Yue Qing Qian directly, said: „Saves, this later helps me give Li Mu, he will covet this god to fight knee dancing of skill of ghosts and gods is not a day two days, perhaps he one happy also will ask you to eat burns hot!"

Yue Qing Qian has blushed red, said: „I do not like eating burn hot."

Also has a look at equipment, the overlord coverall collected 5, but also missed an overlord armor truely on was uneven, was good to anticipate that as if Frost has also told me, she knows that the part of last overlord coverall where, um, one will ask her to ask, as soon as possible collected one set of overlord coverall, which like this arrived does not need to fear!

The coverall last attribute is the overlord rebirth, is an effect that I most regard as important, death same place resurrecting, Level reduced 1, the attribute promoted 30%, infinite superimposition, so long as I collected the overlord rebirth, believed to this attribute in the group will fight will not have the life to leave to me has the idea of idea.

Suddenly thinks that in wraps equipment, I said to Matcha immediately: „Right Xue Rou, actually I have a gift to deliver you."

„, What Boss?"


Has pulled out four star magical instrument cold iron swords from the package, in a flash, me said at present: „Four star magical instruments, I make the duty time obtains, is what kind of than your weapon, wants?"

Matcha has a look at the attribute of cold iron sword, has a look at own weapon, immediately on pretty face happy full, nodded to say again and again: „Striking power compared with my tall Duo, but also added has attacked much fast, I most loved such weapon, gave me quickly"

I throw the cold iron sword to her, said: „Class of your this starry sky swordsman is specifically what kind, what is the special skill?"

Matcha shows a faint smile: „Violent strikes, [Combo], to increase speed and protect shield and other skills to be complete, this Class is perfect and invincible, the only flaw can only use the single-handed sword, if can have the Boss similar Dou Qi arm skill to use both hands weapon to be good, or is the assistant can the equipment shield and hammer stone and so on stage prop is also good, this can display my tactical special skill."

As soon as she lets go, said: „Said that if the assistant has the fellow, my attacks fast can follow again, I have the confidence to meet the winning percentage of sky rose to surpass 60%, however the present condition, I will meet the winning percentage of sky rose absolutely not over 30%."

I shot a look at her one eyes: „After all your Level was too low."

Her helpless [say / way]: „That does not have the means that after deleting the number, wants the gravity head to start, I to this 180 levels, at least spent to surpass thousand motherfucker to purchase to cut the monster to make the exchange empirical value, practiced level is to let the purple bagpipe and milk they leads me to practice the level secretly, can rush to 180 levels in one month is the miracle good"

I Ha Ha said with a smile: „Good good, relax, since you join [Zhan Long] now, we definitely fully will build your this top close combat are the goddesses."

Saying, I have a look at Lin Wan Er, said: „Wan Er, you and save two vice- Guildmaster to be responsible for the Matcha practicing level, equipment and skill matters concerned, we can the purchase of entire server be similar to the skill of Dou Qi arm, makes Matcha have both hands to use the ability of weapon as soon as possible."

Lin Wan Er nods joyfully, asked: „The selling price of this skill book is not general expensive, do you have to budget?"

„Budget does not place an upper limit on, many buys, is too expensive to send for butchering him to explode."


Matcha also smiles in side: „Such Boss also is really aggressive"

I spin the body to sit on the parapet of one side rockery basin, said: „Did Matcha, you return to the Chinese area, that side the Linhai city matter has confessed proper?"

„Um." She nods gently: „The matter of Linhai city by the purple bagpipe and 7 K in the management general situation, relax, they will cultivate the behavior very much, I seize the next main city for them, when advocates the city alone, they have been deeply grateful, moreover this city under my control, again the time kings of city is I one hand-held comes up in fact, about 300,000 NPC armies of Linhai city reconstruction also under my grasps, the Boss felt relieved that has me , the Linhai city will not have any threat to Tian Ling Empire, you on regard Tian Ling Empire the Linhai city not the attached city that bows the head to profess allegiance . Moreover, Has me , the demon mountain will not act rashly."

„Good" I to be caressing the texture on parapet lightly, said: „The Linhai city and fire Yun Cheng, the Tian Ling Empire three cities link up into a single stretch, in addition the cold flame city and Qingyan city, the fishing city and other secondary host cities also in our hands, believe that the demon mountain will not regenerate with us for the thought of enemy."

Lin Wan Er asked: „If he does pester as before continuous?"

I turn the palm into the fist, shows a faint smile: „That destroys completely him, changes one first person for the highest heaven city!"

Yue Qing Qian at side chuckle: „Wants is this boldness!"

„But, what now is most critical is helps Matcha handle both hands weapon, otherwise our top player strengths are not good." I have a look at the Southwest, said: „Does fight everybody under Fan Shu City still remember? Li Mu, Wang Jian and Qing Qian remnant dream these manpower suffered a loss in sky rose, ancient musical scale and, if Xue Rou , the sky rose can be so rampant at that time?"

Yue Qing Qian said: „Actually, in does not have the relations with Sister Cang Tong, otherwise keeps in balance by her strength, the sky rose simply does not have that many operating spaces."

But Lin Wan Er said: „I must sneak attack the Linhai city at that time, is really cannot leave"

I said: „Good, did not say these, in any case Wan Er and saved emits our informers, seeks to be similar to the skill of Dou Qi arm and that's the end."


Matcha looks to me: „Does Boss, what then make? I 182 levels, Level was too low."

„Waits to make the duty with us together."


As for the duty, I know actually which can receive the top duty.

Cold uncultivated land Dragon's den!

Frost has said that she knows that the last overlord armor of overlord coverall where, was the present.

Said goodbye to several female, I flew immediately to cold uncultivated land Dragon's den.

After 20 minutes, arrives in Dragon's den, flies into the snow curtain to see the cold uncultivated land Dragon's den outline, entered the administrative hall in big strides, brushes off the snow on shoulder, before arriving at the Frost desk, the beautiful woman teacher actually bent down in the document pile of table has fallen asleep, the breath was very light, her has almost haunched entire cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, not only need deal with northern Hybrid Demon, must deal with Tian Ling Empire and Ba Huang City being calculating of these logistics supply officials, but also present cold uncultivated land Dragon's den has established the army camp in the ice ridge Shannan side, was training is exceeding the thousand crack troops, weapon and equipment that the army needed, The grain, warhorse, military baggage needed money, but money that Ba Huang City and Tian Ling Empire provide cannot be completely satisfied obviously, therefore Frost needs think raises money.

Cold uncultivated land Dragon's den has is short of money approximately only then beautiful woman teacher knew, if necessary, Frost rather is even willing to sell the big dragon bone of dragon grave to receive in exchange for many enough gold coins, a pains piece.

I have not awakened by noise her, but sits in her nearby seat, the static waiting she awakes.

Nearly one hour, Frost woke up finally, the lazy opening arm stretched oneself, saying with a smile that does not return to: „Why don't you awaken me?"

I in consternation: „How you know that I did come?"

„You come time I knew."

„You did not worry that is assassin?"

„This, I will not understand actually your strength and aura fluctuate, when I knew that you came, I know I can stop at nothing slept well."

Looks at the beautiful woman teacher lazy beautiful appearance, I cannot bear smile: „Good, can rest again?"

„Does not use, your this time comes for the overlord armor?"

„Um, overlord armor where?"

„An extremely dangerous place."

Frost min the red lip, the vision visits me straightly, said: „The well of god demon, blood deep pool dark blue billows habitat, overlord armor on demoniacal Redding, only then kills Redding to obtain the overlord armor . Moreover, there left outside the dark blue billows and Redding, the female war-god Sif and big dragon holding up of silver spear, you determined that can go?"

I layer on layer nod: „Must go!"

„Good, I open for you recruit the pattern, helping you obtain many force helpers."

Recruits the pattern?

Zhan Long Chapter 1104

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