Zhan Long Chapter 1105

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The next quarter, did not wait for me to say anything much, Frost helped me recruit the pattern issuing this directly, and also has brought System Announcement, this time duty really must play one in a big way time


System Announcement: Cold uncultivated land Dragon's den ultra master line duty 【The well of god demon】 Will start after 4 hours on time, mission requirement 100 people, duty performer player 【Xiao Yao Zi Zai】, By it was confirmed the member who 4 participate in the duty, other 95 players by recruiting the pattern was determined, the players of all Chinese servers may the Qing Luo place enter for in cold uncultivated land Dragon's den Chief Dragon Rider, at present determined needs the tank 30 people, treats 20 people, the long-distance output 30 people, the assassin, assistance and other people, all rewards by the system automatic ROLL point, after completing the task , the player of each participation will obtain the ultra rich reward completely!


Really, recruited hundred people to roll to draft the well of war-god demon really......

Actually I planned extracts 100 people of elite teams to complete this task in [Zhan Long], since Frost this said simplicity that explanation duty I have not imagined, is good, at least can make the top player in Chinese war zone turn out in full strength, completes the task the success ratio also to be naturally higher, to other player actually only then two possibilities, one is to complete the task obtains the rich reward, another cannot complete the task to fall 1 level, but for me, then can collect the overlord coverall, this is important.

Recruited pattern one, in the guild already a piece seethed with excitement

The elegy of god of death: „Faint, Guildmaster triggered the ultra master line duty, cured a cold the uncultivated land Dragon's den registration quickly!"

Li Mu Ha Ha smiles: „Xiao Yao comes out quickly, can decided but not yet announced?"

Yue Qing Qian hee smiles: „Brother Xiao Yao, I decided but not yet announced!"

I said with a smile reluctantly: „This...... Each Class several quotas, you, if did not use in the Class list rank in Chinese war zone decided but not yet announced that the decided but not yet announced quota only then 4, were limited, I planned to take Matcha, Meng Yao, Xiao Lie and small wolf, other people participated to recruit the pattern, a bit faster registered, [Zhan Long] can many several participate in many several as far as possible."


Cold uncultivated land Dragon's den is the den of [Zhan Long] players, the nature light gate familiar road, quick saw that many people communicated above cold uncultivated land Dragon's den look for Qing Luo to register, shortly afterward, can see that again [Legend], [Vanguard], [Flying Dragon] and person of male tyrant wind and cloud also had to participate this time recruits the duty.

Not far away, in the Dragon's den snow curtain presents the person who one crowd of comparisons looked familiar, Fang Ge Que brought Enchanted Painting, Chang Sheng Jue, Xuan Yuan Feng, Lu Chun Yang and small refined and the others to come impressively, looked like Fang Ge Que is planned that made the [Legend] player turn out in full strength to participate in the duty of well of this god demon, I welcomed go forward, polite [say / way]: „Fang Ge, you also support!"

Fang Ge Que shows a faint smile: „Um, hears your here need helper, therefore led everybody to come, was right, this recruited the pattern whether by your decided but not yet announced member?"

I shake the head: „I also think that but is not, is by my teacher Frost confirmed that was also probably equal to that the system confirmed automatically, the Class rank more has the opportunity to be recruited the selection before the person exceed."

„This......" he arrives in front of Qing Luo, but said: „Joins the registration fee of recruiting so to be unexpectedly expensive, 1000 gold coins!"

I let go awkwardly smile, said: „You looked that on this cold uncultivated land Dragon's den is infertile, was poor soon could not eat meal, has such opportunity with great difficulty, naturally can seize the chance to butcher, your [Legend] Guild is not short of money, considered to help the poor?"

Fang Ge Que laughs in spite of trying not to: „Meaning that your this fellow a little takes advantage but actually."

In him behind, Enchanted Painting is raising the water deity halberd, said with a smile: „Xiao Yao Guildmaster, my elder sister?"

I: „That is your older sister, where you should be clearer than me......"

Enchanted Painting blinked, whisks off being snowing on bangs conveniently, said: „She is also in Portugal now, when also does not know comes back, said again, she only recognized that now your this Boss, ahem, my this younger sister's words do not listen."

I said: „Listened to elder sister's words on this younger sister, you must listen to Xue Rou words to be right."

Enchanted Painting grasps the water deity halberd to look to Fang Ge Que, said: „Guildmaster you looked that Xiao Yao also said that my elder sister makes me wait the unhappy words to go to [Zhan Long] in [Legend], she said that will seek to hold the flag Wei's position for me!"

Fang Ge Que cannot bear the body tremble, said: „Scenery, your anything was needless saying that tonight promotes you to be good for [Legend] vice- Guildmaster, I Lu Chun Yang persuading to quit, this time have made you work as long-time vice- Guildmaster."

„I advocate wisely, the salary must enhance......"

„Knows that you refuel well, immediately Level and equipment must be overtaken by your older sister."

„Ehm, I will refuel, but that after is my elder sister, the game strength has is much flagitious you are not does not know."

„Does everything possible......"



I in auditing smile, pours is also, who Xue Rou is, that is Little Demon in legend, wants to prevent her promotion and strength promotion, that is almost unlikely, let alone Little Demon currently has entire [Zhan Long] to be the backing, can say that [Zhan Long] in the personal connection and resources strength of Chinese area under [Legend], progressing by leaps and bounds of Little Demon Level and equipment is no one cannot prevent completely.

After several minutes, Fang Ge Que is leading one group of people register completely successfully, but recruits the pattern also 3 hours, therefore led No. dozens person to cure a cold the uncultivated land Dragon's den north to kill 1-6 levels of Hybrid Demon directly to promote, was the Chinese war zone first person, Fang Ge Que pays great attention to the detail, did not waste one minute in game one second, walked cold uncultivated land Dragon's den also to our peripheral monsters eliminating, so-called „place visited and being infertile" the practicing level strategy approximately on was like this.

Crossed a meeting again, the [Prague] person came, Yan Zhao Warrior led personally, fought me under greeted registers.

After several minutes, Drunken Spear alone appears in the snow curtain, [Flying Dragon] as if only then he comes, but may also be comes secretly, I notified him, this goods were not out of the anticipation wants to let my decided but not yet announced this member, but I could not help, can only along with the reason, but the short spear trick in Knight was the strength rank in player before, did not have the accident certainly to be selected.

Again shortly afterward, the [House of Prestige] person appeared, Bai Li Ruo Feng and Quick Thunder Swift Wind and the others has registered, several minutes, Ye Lai has also raised Axe to appear in the city edge, more and more CBN Battle Ranking 20 masters joined this time recruit the duty, I consistently stood the person who looks at to register in the snowy area, at heart which people also several silently can be can enter the final 100 People lists.

Swordsman is the applicants of player are most, Han Bei Song also led the [Blood Contract] main player to register, several Guild that has not presented were few, the [Hero's Mound] people did not have what sound, Q-Sword, Tang Qi and Sword Tears and the others not to see the form . Moreover, [Appearance Alliance] Mu Xuan as if has not participated this time recruits the meaning of duty.

The rising sun such as Wang Ze Cheng and [Emerald Porcelain] of blood Death's Contract and every broken war-god and the others probably do not participate.

However has not related, the present these participated to recruit the main force of duty to be very strong, had the law god Fang Ge Que alliance, there is Jian Feng Han to bring Don't be Foolish and Simple and the others to join, sufficed.


„What did the [Hero's Mound] person make?" I as before somewhat puzzled asking.

Yan Zhao Warrior holds the sword in the bosom, stamps the feet to shake the snow on shoulder, said with a smile: „It is said Q-Sword triggered SSS Tier Main Quest, receives a duty in shallow forest there, obtains a hard helmet, called ‚Tenglong helmet', the matter that two star magical instruments, one of the coverall parts, Q-Sword was busy recently was this, he must collect this two star magical instrument coveralls in shortest Cooldown."

„Two star magical instrument coveralls?"

My whole body trembles, has me of inferior magical instrument coverall to know that this concept, the overlord of inferior magical instrument wrapped was much stronger, if Q-Sword collected the Tenglong coveralls of these two star magical instruments, this strong to what situation?

Yan Zhao Warrior deeply inspires, said: „Um, this information is quite precise, truly is Tenglong wraps, but I also collect the attribute of your overlord helmet, what is strange, the attribute of Tenglong helmet is also unexpectedly not as good compared with the overlord helmet, this really keeps person some from understanding that does not know the destiny the equipment mechanism had problems."

I: „Manages it...... Right, what the uncle did you recently have to move? About making the duty, hits equipment and so on."

Yan Zhao Warrior said: „I also think that is only the chance, had not triggered any duty about coverall, the light worries not to have the means that can only wait slowly."



Cooldown every little bit passing, the distance recruited the arrival of duty to be also getting more and more near, finally, after ting, system System Notification I was selected to recruit the pattern, the team leader who and promoted for this 100 people of rolling voluntarily . Moreover, in my contact surface also presented the players of major Class selections, 11 heaved in sight

Swordsman: Xiao Yao Zi Zai, to like tracking down, Enchanted Painting, Jian Feng Han, Yan Zhao Warrior, Li Mu, Wang Jian and Han Bei Song and the others

Berserker: Ye Lai, Old K, Quick Thunder Swift Wind and general Bai Qi and the others

Knight: XiYaoGe completely, Drunken Spear, Don't be Foolish, One Second Hero, Yue Yao Yan and Xuan Yuan Feng and the others

Monk: Goodbye Tears, floats fresh Wan Ren to Buddha wholeheartedly

Archers: Dancing Forest, Bai Li Ruo Feng

Master: Fang Ge Que, Cang Yue, Simple and Thousand Suns over Snowy Lands and the others

Musketeer: Like a Flame and young pig run, colored glaze fox

Assassins: Cang Tong, Yue Qing Qian

Healer: Darling Duck and Who's Blue face, Chang Sheng Jue


Basically the major Class peak level players have been selected, what the population are most is the Swordsman department, can Tanzania be able to hit, this is also the Swordsman department most welcome significant reason.

„Shua Shua Shua......"

The spoken parts light passed over gently and swiftly together, enters the player who recruits the duty to accept to transmit to be transmitted above the cold uncultivated land Dragon's den platform, but I look at the contact surface of team leader, the person of arrival confirmed that „being ready", Wan Er, Matcha, Meng Yao and East city and the others came, Li Mu, Wang Jian, Old K and small wolf and the others laughing was also saying anything.

Less than 5 minutes, all people prepare readily, everybody is Tian Ling Empire this Class few characters, the game quality is not general high, equipment, potion, card was ready completely.


Is the team leader, I said in team channel: „Does not have the words of what question, we!"

Zhan Long Chapter 1105

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