Zhan Long Chapter 1106

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„No!" Fang Ge Que grasps is flowing Yun Shan, to throw over the thunder flame cape to say.

As soon as I nod: „Walks!"

Cold uncultivated land Dragon's den goes to the north Hybrid Demon territory not to have what channel, therefore everybody climbs up from the dike, Lin Wan Er summon silver dragon Little Bai, bringing East city, Dancing Forest, Yue Qing Qian and other female to get down first, my also spin body jumped, flew high to open the wings, the security fell to the ground, waited for the following person in the ground.

Actually in these 100 people, there are much has the past events of mutual revenged kill, but in order to completes the task, that this time must work as one fought bravely.

The well of god demon, the western boundary border region situated in Hybrid Demon territory, west of the scarlet mountain range is Asura, west of Asura is the well of god demon, therefore this also means that we must pass through the scarlet mountain range and Asura two maps, is good because , the player strength in this team belongs to the explosive table rank, quietly kills is not the issue.

Because is the relations of walk, speed was far from previous time going to the scarlet mountain range to be so fast, spends the entire 3 hours to arrive in the scarlet mountain range the surrounding.

„Jie Jie"

The distant place, the airborne several shadows are circling, does not need to look, that is Hybrid Demon.

Said goodbye is the tears is also raising buddhist monk's knife and shield, abstention seal on forehead under the sunlight flood the holy glory, after calling my Buddha mercy, said: „What thing is airborne that black JB gadget?"

The ball ball is not silly instigates the warhorse, is raising the lance, narrowed the eye to look at the past, said: „Mostly is 7 levels of sword spirit cavalry soldiers?"

Fang Ge Que said: „We must pass through here, otherwise detoured was too far, continued to go forward, if these flights were Hybrid Demon get down, reduced directly and that's the end, in any case the quantity was not many."

I nod, said: „Knight protects the good back row, swordsman and archer clears the way, the archer, Mage, Musketeer must walk in the middle, here has are massive we not to see the monster, careful don't by second."

The ball ball not silly Ha Ha said with a smile: „Xiao Yao Guildmaster do not say things just to frighten people, how did here possibly have the monster to meet the second we?"

I smile: „Is quick you to know"

Continues to proceed, above a lofty tree, several shadows are circling, but I can clear seeing, two wings demons above the crown, but the ball ball not silly, said goodbye is the tears two [Vanguard] players walked in the front line, the Jian Feng Han vigilance is also grasping the long sword, suddenly said: „Careful, should not be too negligent."

The ball ball is not silly with deep veneration.

„Be careful!" Enchanted Painting is grasping the water deity halberd, said in a low voice: „They came, ball ball is not silly, you attracted to hate, was really very silly!"

The ball ball is not silly does not have what to be good to dread but actually, wields the lance suddenly, horizontal shield, said: „Defends and that's the end, following maintains the output, do not manage me, I do not believe me immovability + northern heavens shield wall unable to block it!"

Airborne, two wings demons almost fired into the ball ball not to be silly together, the sharp claws attack + worry fell together, but the ball ball not silly defense was truly high, and protecting shield of body surface also had the effect of certain reflection injury



The wings demon is whooshing, starts the demon sound chaotic skill suddenly, the instantaneous ball ball was not silly entered the chaotic situation, chaotic at the same time, all armors enulled, this was the most fearful matter! The distant place, in the thick patch of grass the dreadful head of rustling sound appeared, is a purgatory lance brave warrior, this flash I know that the ball ball was not silly is dangerous, raised the long sword to clash hurriedly forward, simultaneously said loudly: „Healer, to ball ball not silly wrap [Anti-Magic Shield], treats him!"

Treatments in our team are top, Darling Duck and Who's Blue face and Chang Sheng Jue, that is the god level therapists of treasure of major Guild town gangs, but everybody is the same, thought that the ball ball not silly is a top knight, the prevention and cure of schistosomiasis cannot dispute, said that won't hang in one is not in BOSS monster?

May also at this moment, the shrubbery second purgatory lance brave warrior under tree appear, almost lifts the hand with previous together, the lance projects!


Two lances punctured thoroughly the ball ball not silly shield and breastplate successively, moreover this was the ball ball not silly in the attack effect that under the chaotic situation defended to enull, in a flash, the astonishing injury figure jumped



Flickered the second!

Everybody has been shocked, ball ball is not silly, the [Vanguard] first knight, moreover is a prevention and cure of schistosomiasis knight, unexpectedly will be killed by the instantaneous second? This said that who can believe?

The holding up sword that Jian Feng Han clenches jaws overran, said: „Be careful, is 8 levels of Hybrid Demon, the resurrecting ball ball!"

The Jian Feng Han strength not be sillier than the ball ball were too more , a sword seals up the second lance of lance brave warrior to project the skill, hits rapidly combo that [Vanguard] reveals completely, simultaneously a Yuan god forced the skill to start, has controlled an behind wings demon, strove for Cooldown to ball ball not silly resurrecting, when Darling Duck brought back to life to fall, the ball ball not silly half blood rode mount to stand there, the shield that will explode rapidly picked on equipment, this time does not dare to have a low opinion of the enemy.

I also arrived, rides the wind to cut the bang to kill on another wings demon, and said loudly: „Was careful that this wings demon, their demon sounds can create the dizziness, lethargic sleep, confusion randomly and other randomly effects, incautiously has capsized on Yingouli, puts on [Anti-Magic Shield] to the front player completely, the resistance demon sound chaotic effect."

Said goodbye is also the tears nods, wields the long blade true words to cut the bang on a body of purgatory lance brave warrior, simultaneously the left hand shield transformed, five fingers golden light presently, rumbles to strike Fokuang to peep the skill for the first time, easily accomplished rumbled again and again a wings demon flies to draw back, the attack effect that this Fokuang peeped was related with own defensive power, said goodbye is also the tears with floating fresh Wan Ren is Monk that the recognition Chinese area ranked among the best, the thick-skinned meat was coarse, the defensive power definitely was not the issue.

„Jie Jie"

In the grating cry, a wings demon started the beautiful woman changes the body, the body swayed from side to side fiercely, the skin also became smoothly has the line to get up, front pair of 36 D tremblingly was also vibrating in the wind, in addition the lower part of the body slender leg with piece of mystical triangle Qiu He, let say goodbye immediately is also the tears and ball ball not silly two people looks dumbfoundedly, even the Jian Feng Han attack movement also slightly stagnated, Jian Feng Han was what kind of person, Murong Jiazu few masters, the human also prettily, the side will not lack the woman inevitably, therefore the woman to his attraction affirmative was also inferior that was not silly to the ball ball., Said goodbye is the tears so is also intense, but gawked, after all he has not thought the 8 levels of Hybrid Demon image moral integrity that like this destiny design team designed all will fall.


The ball ball not silly saliva soon fell: „Empire nightclub does not have such welfare! The stature is really good!"

„Good P"

I passed over gently and swiftly from side, one set of [Strength of a Thousand Men] [Combo] + trod the broken heavenly thunder directly this wings demon to the second, did cutting to fall this wings demon head a sword even sword.

Ball ball not silly speechless: „, Xiao Yao Guildmaster your also too heavy hand destroyed to spend."

Li Mu, Wang Jian and other [Zhan Long] players, because the monster are too few has not entered the war, Old K raises Axe to laugh: „Li Youngster, this ball ball is not silly has not died to suffice, do not help, making him die again a time!"

At this time, another wings demon also beautiful woman changed the body, all of a sudden on the social climbing in saying goodbye was also the front of tears, squeezed own pair of peaks and ridges in the chest of monk, said goodbye is also the tears as if instantaneously petrifies, in the mouth mumbled: „My Buddha mercy and my Buddha mercy, you especially has to plant to plant to put on few!"

However wings demon anything had not put on, opens the mouth to reveal the fang, was saying goodbye is also the nape of the neck of tears locates, the good pain, to have nipped thousand HP, was the weakness injury.

Jian Feng Han could not tolerate, rushed to previous cold wind sweeping saying goodbye is also the tears front beautiful woman hewing several, said: „Do not play, fights a battle to force a quick decision, do not slow the rate of progression of team."

In ground, wings demon corpse also when sways from side to side fiercely, the team continues to prompt forward, but these monsters blew out a wrister, because is lower than the relations of Emperor Tier, collected directly willfully, but this team forms the later elementary assignment ea rule is above Emperor Tier all equipment directly defers to need to come to the ROLL point, wants not to use by the relations.

After having experienced the wings demon and sharp of purgatory lance brave warrior, everybody also received love rival's heart, prompted forward, spends for nearly 3 hours to pass the scarlet mountain range, when our troop person stood in the mountain range peak, looked one, the eyeful scarlet, making the person heart live sigh with emotion, this was Seurre's domain, now has actually taken over by the blood deep pool dark blue billows.

However, our time duty as if BT, kills demoniacal Redding, moreover dark blue billows kills in the silver the eyelid of spear and under.

Actually I anticipated actually very much this risk, after all no one has seen the genuine dark blue billows has been any appearance, this time is a golden opportunity, had a look at us to have this to assign.

Continues, enters Asura the domain, this has not had a low opinion of the enemy to advance recklessly, we march forward along the ZONE edge of map, go round massive 8 levels of Hybrid Demon, Asura are guarding by mark of Anna this Hybrid Demon king dragon bone, temporarily also nobody wants to go to the experience one this Anna's fierce, only kills completing the order form some Hybrid Demon along the way, does not have too many hindrance, until we approach the well of god demon time, is next day early morning.

The voting decided that did not sleep, makes the duty to say to noon again!

„Is the well of god demon, what map?" Fang Ge Que grasps is flowing Yun Shan to ask.

I said: „I have gone, is actually a giant abyss, but the system maintenance many times, have not known that the appearance of well of god demon occurred to change now."

Fang Ge Que looked at a map, said: „Front in about 5 kilometers range should scarlet, be the site in well of god demon?"


„Hey, finally approached duty map."

Zhan Long Chapter 1106

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