Zhan Long Chapter 1107

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Above the plain, the weed is burning under the prairie fire is burning fiercely, mist and dust everywhere, entire plain as if everywhere is burning the flame, even, treads to feel scalding hot of earth deep place in the soil on Lien Chan boots.

„Careful, that side has monster." Lin Wan Er pair of bright eyes look at not far away.

Dong Cheng Yue proposes Aiersha scepter, the staff acme is lingering the incorruptible energy, she said with a smile slightly: „All right, the tanks of 30 dare-to-die corps bring death, we do not need to worry."

Lin Wan Er also hee smiles: „Yes......"


The front player heard to be uncomfortable specially, Meng Yao was raising the Lady Wa stone, progressed to march forward slowly, I also summoned being lost in thought fierce fine horse, led the way with the younger sister together, Matcha grasped the cold iron sword, the corners of the mouth is bringing to wipe to seem to be the smiling face of not having, but Jian Feng Han, Don't be Foolish and Goodbye Tears also respectively progressed [Stealth], Ye Lai are grasping Axe slowly, as if was unable to endure, was walking all the way, did not have many to kill the monster opportunity, gave to harbor evil thoughts him quickly.

However, now the opportunity finally comes.

The night falls, in the darkness actually emerges a flame dot in pairs, understood at a glance carefully that these are the eyes of wild animal, as if the blood deep pool dark blue billows know that we must come, has set not too big nor too small barrier to us, about 1000 + wild animals in dark medium our arrivals, that is on a forehead the earthworms of three corners, the eye flame color, the body is also being steadily dense the flame gloss.

„My goodness......"

The Jian Feng Han vision sinks, said: „8 levels of Hybrid Demon, the triangle roaring flame dragon, the quantity 1200 + heads, some has killed, as if...... Did we attract this crowd of monsters the hatred value?"

I shake the head: „No, some people dispatched them to intercept us."

Meng Yao is raising the Lady Wa stone shield, said: „These triangle roaring flame dragon active threats we?"

„Meeting, certain meeting."

I turn around to look at the people immediately, said: „Contraction lineup, emits the respective pet, establishes drum, long-distance is the treatment is the protection in the middle, prepares to greet [Assault] of triangle roaring flame dragon!"

In addition did not have better means that the quantities of these monsters went far beyond us, once washed out us not to have what opportunity, and 8 levels of Hybrid Demon sharp located we to understand.

Fang Ge Que distant attribute sharing of triangle roaring flame dragon in the team channel, caused that many people are flabbergasted secretly

【Triangle roaring flame dragon】( 8 levels of Hybrid Demon)

Level: 205

Attack: 25700-35500

Defense: 27000

HP: 3500000

Skill: 【Roaring flame shield armor】 【Corner/Horn processus pyramidales kill】 【Shakes strikes】

Introduced: The triangle roaring flame dragon, these earthworms is a gentle race, they inborn are the holders of hot element, but under the well of god demon strength of demon gradually influences, these triangle roaring flame [Dragon Transformation] manic, cruel, but the bloodthirsty, after the blood deep pool dark blue billows recover, forms into one of the Hybrid Demon armies these triangle roaring flame dragons, the quantity under 1 million triangle roaring flame dragons does not become one of the important military strength guarding Asura, [Assault] canyon and god demon well and other Hybrid Demon all cities


„Oh, 1 million triangle roaring flame dragons?" Don't be Foolish summoned a red praying mantis to help in the fighting, while exclaimed: „How many triangle roaring flame dragons in the well of that this god demon will have to wait for us? Perhaps 35,000 foundation attacks, we cannot bear impact continuously, this not good......"

Fang Ge Que comforts to say actually with a smile: „Does not need too to be worried that defends itself in front of a domain, I have examined, the build area of triangle roaring flame dragon is about 2-5 times of player, we form iron bucket, means that everyone most withstands the attacks of 2-3 triangle roaring flame dragons, the treatment is suffices the powerful words unable the deceased person."

I said: „Premise can block corner/horn processus pyramidales to kill this skill, if as expected this skill has the advance effect, if our lineups by the extrusion deformation possibly can by defeat in detail."

Ye Lai deep to be so: „Right!"

Lin Wan Er has released to ascend the sky silver dragon Little Bai, is grasping the dagger, said with a smile: „Therefore everyone inevitably cannot retrocede, your fault will possibly cause the failure of overall team."

Six his beautiful women said: „Relax, we are shouldering the honor of entire guild, will not have the too big fault."

„Um." I look at the distant place, said: „Is careful, the triangle roaring flame dragon must start [Assault], will be under the first wave of impact toward the northern person, must withstand!"

Drunken Spear is grasping the shield and lance, shows a faint smile does not speak, but his whole person progressing stands there gives people a deep pool ting Yue Zhi feeling, the wind of senior general is imposing, the makings of immovability makes nearby many players feel to admire, even Fang Ge Que, Jian Feng Han and Ye Lai and the others is polite to the short spear trick, after all these big pledge Guildmaster hope that can haul in Guild short spear trick peak level Knight, was a pity that in the Drunken Spear bone is passing rigid, once joined the matter that [Flying Dragon] Guild will again not go to want to transfer, even if encountered unfairly, even if this guild has towed the step that oneself went forward., Also keeps close.

Such person, can make the Guild soul increase a point, is not only I, the Fang Ge Que, Jian Feng Han, Ye Lai, Yan Zhao Warrior and other Guildmaster level players are also probably clear.

At this time, Enchanted Painting pouted, said: „I request to change a position, is big toward the northern direction pressure, I am strength Min Jiadian delicate Swordsman!"

Matcha laughs in spite of trying not to: „Scenery, do not lack prospects!"

„Elder sister, I feared that was killed by second!" Enchanted Painting unexpectedly some meanings of acting like a spoiled brat.

But Matcha looks to me: „Boss, or you and do scenery change a position?"


Saw that triangle roaring flame dragon started [Assault], I overrun with Enchanted Painting hurriedly change a position, stands side Jian Feng Han, does the sword horizontally in the front, prepares to greet the impact of triangle roaring flame dragon.

Jian Feng Han slanting looked at my one eyes, said with a smile: „Xiao Yao Zi Zai, be not killed by the second!"

I also smiled: „Relax, you were killed me unable by the second twice by the second!"

This talks big actually, by my defense strength, in addition the Shuanglong effect, truly is this, even if Jian Feng Han were killed by the second twice, is not necessarily able the second to kill me.


After several seconds, triangle roaring flame dragon attacks crazily, I and Jian Feng Han, Don't be Foolish, Goodbye Tears, Li Mu and other people toward north, bear the biggest impact!

A triangle roaring flame Dragon of front line was roaring, the heavy body likely was the tankette general hit on the Don't be Foolish shield!


Layer on layer strikes, Don't be Foolish retrocedes half step, strives to support.

Jian Feng Han was more intelligent, the sword blade edge sweeps away Going out ahead of time, with struck combo to shake directly has drawn back the impact head of land dragon, finally nearly has blocked the monster impulse perfectly, blocked the first wave, took it as the shield, rear impact also insufficient to fear.

I start 20 levels of [Combo] skills forcefully, consecutively for 6 times attacks, triggers the bravest of the brave effect of blade edge of champion smoothly, the strength value high land dragon, not only shakes it draws back, even also dizziness 1 second.

However, not far away Quick Thunder Swift Wind actually continuously receives attacks twice, but somewhat could not support, Bai Li Ruo Feng hurried swift and violent [Scattered Shot] falls an land dragon, but another land dragon roared, to the tread was a clash, the earth shivers, was shakes strikes the effect, the energy emerges as the times require, threw to fly with horse Quick Thunder Swift Wind!


Quick Thunder Swift Wind is in airborne, said panic-strickenly: „Ended!"

Fang Ge Que watches, said calmly: „Xuan Yuan Feng!"

Xuan Yuan Feng grasps the lance to defend the left, palm one, the left hand ring flood the silver light, in addition was holding to protect the shield to give Quick Thunder Swift Wind gently, was one protects skill, when Quick Thunder Swift Wind fell to the ground HP restored 50%, escaped reluctantly.

The triangle roaring flame dragon rapid spheres our small iron bucket, with huge crowds of people, and triangle roaring flame dragon of edge starts with shaking strikes to try to break our lineups, the situation becomes crisis-ridden, Meng Yao looks immediately to me: „Elder brother?"

Meng Yao is decisive Lady Wa stone shield immediately attacks fiercely downward, the shield transforms the gigantic corona, „bang" a sound shaking, the shock-wave surges, holds the protecting shield of previous Lady Wa protection for the surrounding teammate in addition completely, protects the shield tough resultant to be equal to the Meng Yao attack + defense sum total, sharp it can be imagined.

Death God's Elegy is raising Zhen Yue Blade, after slashing a blade, starts the [War Song of Zhen Yue] skill rapidly, significantly promotes attack power of surrounding player, the distant place also to have the continuous triangle roaring flame dragon to kill, the Hybrid Demon kings give our gift on first meeting simply is a big ritual, everybody does not need to continue to retain the skill.

Even, airborne of distant place presented some dot, is the sword spirit cavalry soldier and predator, they have sent out the airborne unit.

„Was careful." Fang Ge Que looks to airborne, said: „The Cang Tong beautiful woman, favors your silver dragon, be not killed by the second!"

A Lin Wan Er nod: „Knows."


My sword sword cuts, presented a leader sword spirit cavalry soldier in the sky crowded time, finally cannot endure, the Ring of the King rapid reverse, starts skill [King's Domain], instantaneous, the images of King sword edges drop from the clouds to fall on each of us's top of the head condensation are the BUFF images , to promote 150% attacks and defenses and resistance, restores 10% HP every second , to continue for 10 minutes, at least in these 10 minutes no one can die.

Don't be Foolish cannot bear an exclamation: „Scratches, good I motherfucker A skill, crisp!"

Dancing Forest also takes advantage of opportunity to start Huang Zhonggong the special effect , to promote the long-distance output.

The [Legend] person is not backward, Lu Chun Yang jumps suddenly, enters in the sword blade edge bang the earth, the surroundings bang the sound, the attack effects of mountain range images are puncturing the surrounding monster suddenly, is a large-scale attack skill, Jian Feng Han Jianfeng, sweeps away one crowd, the golden shock-wave sweeps across the monster group together, the triangle roaring flame dragon at least 100 meters distance continuously receives 3 to attack the effect.


Too scary, for a long time does not have civil war, no one knows that is also collecting many lethality skill and skills, but this time experiences dangers completely is the major Guild main players „giving the low-down" opportunity.

Fang Ge Que could not bear smile: „It seems like...... No one needed to cover-up."

Ye Lai laughs, rumbles suddenly Axe, the axe transforms for the exceedingly high shape together, the plain chops together the canyon effect on unexpectedly, not only the triangle roaring flame dragon in ground, the airborne sword spirit cavalry soldier was also injured.

I am not hiding, the activation overlord fights the skill Longteng nine days on knee!



In the front crowded monster group moves restlessly rapidly, Shenlong images emerge as the times require, directly soar the sky to go, are bringing the potential of golden gloss and as powerful as a thunderbolt, a Cooldown piece surpasses the 200 000 injury figure to fly, looked at the people dumbfounded.

Almost has not been separated, after 7 seconds of Longteng nine days are completed, I take advantage of opportunity am [Thundering Heavens] , to continue to wreak havoc!

Jian Feng Han, Bai Li Ruo Feng and in the Fang Ge Que and the others eye was passing a cool feeling, as if everyone felt that with such match was the enemy, some too reluctant.

8.1 evening, is 7 : 00 pm, logs on the YY channel 29216, the leaf starts the pit father to match the diary first issue, the little friend who wants to play together has a look, we every week will have the water friend match, with leaf pitting to dry seas and crumbling rocks!

Zhan Long Chapter 1107

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