Zhan Long Chapter 1108

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„Attention airborne!"

Fang Ge Que shakes to flow Yun Shan, the flame impact bang kills in the monster group, simultaneously raises head to look at the sky to warn.

Above our top of the heads, at least over 100 sword spirit cavalry soldiers is instigating Feilong to clash crazily, one crowd of wings demons launch the wings to advance together, iron bucket in ground is unable to break through, these Hybrid Demon started from airborne to seek for the breach.

Our air defense does not calculate too, is Dong Cheng Yue, Dancing Forest, Simple and other long-distance, sur- Lin Wan Er Little Bai, may like this also by far insufficient!

„I come!"

In the crowd, Drunken Spear in the shield the hand layer on layer inspires suddenly, immediately the pale blue gloss gushes out from him together, „brushing" shooting up to the sky, just likes the drizzle opens to sprinkle to the surroundings, immediately formed a radius about 50 yards umbrella shape to tie, simultaneously above since top of the head of short spear trick flew skill name „the Qibao umbrella to tie", was large-scale skill.

„Bang bang bang"

Airborne, wings demons hit with the sword spirit cavalry soldier fiercely in tying above, the flesh and blood spatters in all directions, torn to pieces, the rebound lethality of this knot is very astonishing, and triangle roaring flame dragon that in the ground attacks our lineup also same is under the Qibao umbrella ties the impact, as long as the hit ties the monster received at least surpasses the injury of 200 000.

The people look dumbfoundedly, Yan Zhao Warrior is grasping the long sword, muttered: „The knot skill also rather too motherfucker A of short spear trick? Terror"

Drunken Spear shows a faint smile: „skill that four star magical instruments supplement, the might also almost , to continue Cooldown, only then 12 seconds, is a little short, the role that plays also limits."

Fang Ge Que exclaimed in surprise that said: „Has sufficed strongly, such fearful counter- wound effect, has been most times able to play the unexpected attack and defense effect."

„Um." As soon as I nod: „How many this skill cooling is Cooldown?"

„120 minutes, drink for 1 hour."

„Good, preserves, perhaps hits BOSS time serves a need."


Finally, Drunken Spear skill has solved our urgent matter, in pressure reduction of slowly along with ground, I fly the sky, coordinates long-distance to be the sword spirit cavalry soldier who the player kills these airborne to fly, when I fly, actually saw that in the horizon in well of distant place god demon the windblown dust is billowing, the countless triangle roaring flame dragon long-range raid comes, it seems like our whereabouts truly have exposed, the blood deep pool dark blue billows send out at least over ten thousand first 8 levels of Hybrid Demon to work as the gift on first meeting to us, was really thinks highly of us.

100 people of squads are under a impact, this taste does not feel better absolutely, even flew from the sky prevents me of airborne unit to be made Shuanglong to be passive continuously several times, sword spirit cavalry soldier and wings demon collection fire very uncomfortable, but fortunately my overlord helmet had the heroic heart effect, did not eat the demon sound chaotic effect, perhaps otherwise airborne already was broken through.

„Be careful, the feeling of being drunk fleeting time could not block!" Lu Chun Yang bellows suddenly.

In ground, [Legend] holds flag Wei miserably one, 187 levels of knight feeling of being drunk fleeting time snort under a crash horse, by sword spirit cavalry soldiers and three triangle roaring flame dragon collection fires, in half blood situation was killed by the second together unexpectedly instantaneously!

Li Mu raises catches fire to burn the sword to instigate the melt god warhorse rapid seam protector, Jianfeng surging roaring flame, the duplicate sword cuts + Wu'an Xuanwei to start together, chops again and again several roaring flame dragons flies to draw back, with stylish: „A bit faster brings back to life he, do not make the gap greatly!"

Our population are limited, cannot the unlimited death, therefore died in battle the players at the scene immediately to bring back to life, several seconds of skill guidances, the feeling of being drunk fleeting time by [Legend] Chang Sheng Jue resurrecting, have raised the shield summon warhorse to join to fight the circle once more.

Actually incessantly is the feeling of being drunk fleeting time, in hundred people rolled the surrounding tank player at least over 10 people to hang had fallen the level, but this did not have the means that no one has thought that we just arrived has encountered this also „extremely meet", 8 levels of Hybrid Demon were that type can select existence of present stage first-class player only, finally now tidal surrounding we, the offensive wave after wave, can say that our group of people can also stand here maintain the lineup are very rare, if changed 100 people, perhaps on collapsed before dozens minutes.

Has killed for about one -and-a-half hours, the ball ball is not silly is raising the lance, helpless strikes the stamp to draw back a triangle roaring flame dragon, said: „Also many, inexhaustible!"

My body from the sky revolves, the double sword spills over the sword air/Qi, cuts to pieces three sword spirit cavalry soldiers together, at the same time has a look at distant place the well of direction of god demon, said: „Quantity was starting changes small, most over 30 minutes, we cannot clean up this piece of monster."

Said goodbye is the shield of tears has also covered entirely the hole holes, that was by the corner of triangle roaring flame dragon hitting, smiled helplessly, said: „Perhaps did not wait to enter the well of god demon, equipment must repair."

Fang Ge Que shakes the head smiles, said: „Relax, I already considered this point."


In the crowd, is brandishing the [Legend] player who the long sword chops to chop the monster to turn around, is of Xuan Yuan Feng [Legend] elders, he shows a faint smile saying: „I have learned a special skill several days ago, called ‚repair technique', can repair all equipment, this time came the time my package space, only then 20% were the potion cards, other was prepares the good material, [Legend] several brothers has also prepared some materials, at least this our these 100 people did not need to be worried that the equipment lasting issue, equipment was lower than 10% people to ask me durably to repair directly, free!"

I pleasantly surprised said with a smile: „This good deed, that was too good, we waste Cooldown that is not necessary back and forth to run."

Fang Ge Que nods: „Um, I also think that this repair technique practiced the level at least over 24 hours people regarding our going out is really too important."

[Legend] is established first Guild, really each generation produces talented people.

But side me, the [Legend] first close combat originally is a person of small monster, is Xue Rou, after I fall to the ground the fight, she placed my right has fought, times repel the attack of Hybrid Demon with the cold iron sword, simultaneously the magnificent skill eruption in the monster group, the output is good, and has the aesthetic sense, what is more important, Matcha avoids Fang Ge Que desirably, continuously with me in the same place, no wonder, she leaves [Legend] to bear the enormous pressure, therefore my this, when Boss' nature also on chatted with her, was been no longer awkward by her, Wolf, Old K, Fox. The people also realize this point, collects kills strangely while pulls the daily family activity, for example asked when Matcha comes back and so on.

However, even if Matcha comes back, perhaps the [Zhan Long] work room must change the place, after all the original three-bedroom was too crude, moreover at this time is different in those days, Old K, Wolf and the others the sale prices at least are 1 million ranks, as for Matcha, said that her sale price over a billion are not overrated, such one crowd of sale prices surpassed 100 million people to live in several thousand one month of house rent house that not to be justified again, therefore Matcha has also discussed with me, after she returned to Hangzhou, rented one set of villas near Liu Hua University, when the time comes, Xu Fang( lives far apart)( milk that the face froth violent walked), Zhao Feifei( ice. Coffee) and other good friends had the past, three giants with [Zhan Long] work room lived together.

To come to be also good, perhaps can also solve the small wolf, Old K and Fox unmarried issue, although after all small wolf quick-witted flexible, but is quite simple-hearted before the girl, Old K was too ugly, Fox is an accountant type character but own bankcard of year to year not over 5 figures, is some issue youth.

Near a half hour, finally, on the flame plain makes a long-range raid our triangle roaring flame dragon finally gradually was cleaned up cleanly, even if system unceasing is renovating, but around us is piling up at least one person of high monster corpse as before, but in the ground of central crowd, is piling up a piece by piece sword spirit cavalry soldier and wings demon corpse fragment, these majorities are I with East city, the small dance, Simple and Fang Ge Que masterpiece, has saying that this major Guild elite moves together, among some degree facilitated us to act in harmony actually, this will fight regarding the future third round country absolutely. Has the greatest advantage.

The battlefield cleanup, some grade quite high equipment the system has tacitly approved the ROLL point to divide, is some stall goods, but on the scene is some honored and popular players, no one will fight for these equipment, cleaned casually on the preparation.

I and Li Mu walk in the front line of formation, this time is one's turn our [Zhan Long] person to explore the way.

The horse's hoof of warhorse is treading the scalding hot plain, gradually moved toward the distant place, beyond several li (0.5km), the well of god demon finally appeared in our at present, this was a radius at least several kilometers huge circular abyss, and when we trod the well of edge being enthralled demon received has come from warning of system


System System Notification: Please note, you will soon enter the SSS level devil level map 【The well of god demon】!

Map introduction: After blood deep pool dark blue billows regain consciousness, transforms the well of god demon by its formidable ability, the base in well of god demon extended infinitely, punctures thoroughly the space potential surface, went nonstop to the purgatory, and will send out the respective department, the well of god demon turned into the genuine seven purgatories, but the blood deep pool dark blue billows were located in well of underground purgatory seventh god demon!

At this time, our duties also renovated


Duty System Notification: Finally task object locking, please go to well of purgatory fifth god demon, found demoniacal Redding, kills it, and raises the head of Redding to return to cold uncultivated land Dragon's den to report after carrying out orders, you will obtain the exceptionally rich reward! But please note, the careful conduct, do not alarm the dark blue billows of purgatory seven deep sleep, the big dragon silver spear that also do not alarm the sixth rest, otherwise your duties will transform into the purgatory level that is unable to complete!

Enchanted Painting deeply inspires, said: „Good fearful appearance, scared me"

Matcha shows a faint smile: „Do not fear, elder sister."

I: „"

Drunken Spear is raising the long spear, observes the situation for one week, said: „How we must get down this first, looks like does not have the appearance that the staircase gets down probably, the words that jumps will directly drop down seventh, a dark blue billows mouth supper on Qi Huo."

I laugh in one's heart, has not spoken.

Fang Ge Que min purses the lips, said: „The first map is in -line under the surface, does not have the means that by flight department player teams of delivers? Said to look that who has not to have the ability of high limit flight?"

Zhan Long Chapter 1108

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