Zhan Long Chapter 1109

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I said: „My flight effect is only a single, one time can only have one person."

Drunken Spear said: „I have wind dragon mount, the battle efficiency is very low, but can simultaneously carry 2-3 people, because is the relations of Dragon Clan, therefore does not have the sex to limit."

Lin Wan Er said: „My Little Bai most carries 7 people."

Yan Zhao Warrior was somewhat embarrassed, said: „I have mount of big bat, a time can carry 1 person, but does not have the sex to limit."

Don't be Foolish was more embarrassed: „Hey, actually the skill of my also flight department, but...... Is a pheasant, can only bring itself to fly, does not have the anxiety of flight altitude."

Goodbye Tears teased: „Do you feel all right to ride the pheasant to go to be able first BOSS?"

„Please do not judge people solely on appearance!"

„Pheasant does not have the division of appearance!"

„Who said that 500 money round of also 100 rounds!"

„CNM, did I have with you say this type?!"


The result disputed a meeting, determined that altogether 7 people have the flying ability, I and Fang Ge Que discussed the person, Lin Wan Er silver dragon Little Bai can carry are most . Moreover the flight is also steadiest, therefore leads player of one crowd of absolute backbones to clear the way, Fang Ge Que, Dong Cheng Yue, Dancing Forest and Simple, Matcha must avoid with the Fang Ge Que together awkwardness, is brought to fly by me, Yan Zhao Warrior summoned a giant bat, leading six him to enter, Drunken Spear was bringing Li Mu, Wang Jian and Old K this [Zhan Long] three giants, later was Don't be Foolish is riding the pheasant, when tank.

Really, he summoned a pheasant, although said that the body was bigger than the common chicken, absolutely but could not project on goes, the wing opened the total length over 1 meter, Don't be Foolish is not raising the lance, steady sitting in carrying on the back of pheasant, touched the chicken neck, said: „Dear, walks, starts our journeys of flight!"

Finally he was too heavy with the helmet and armor, this pheasant was pressed „cluck-cluck clip clop" called one, the buttocks dig to lay eggs, immediately Xue Rou, Xue Jing two sisters' tears quickly smiled, Yan Zhao Warrior picked up the egg to force in the package secretly, a Don't be Foolish face was calm, two legs moved out of the way to tread the tread, the lance push suddenly, was bringing pheasant „flying": „Has you!"

„Cluck-cluck clip clop!"

The pheasant is whipping the wing crazily, pats the chicken feather randomly to fly, but flies the well of edge god demon in the hot blast by abyss to be blown to fall to leave, Don't be Foolish has not spoken as before, is grasping the lance, again is bringing pheasant „launching".

„Was good......" Jian Feng Han awkward raising sword to stand there.

„Guildmaster you could rest assured that my ability you know!" Don't be Foolish comforts to say.

Jian Feng Han nods, is confident: „Come on."

Finally, after taking off three times, Don't be Foolish rides this only also to fly into the abyss, under that pheasant red cockscomb, the corner of the eye has the tears to slide.

„We also a bit faster!" For fear that Don't be Foolish and his pheasant mount were killed by the Hybrid Demon second, I take over the Matcha slender waist, opened thousand frost wings to lead her also to fly, the Lin Wan Er silver dragon and Yan Zhao Warrior the wind dragon of big bat and short spear trick also flew.

In the abyss the flame spurts to open, moreover this is from the hot blast of purgatory, looks like the red child secret is really hot same is not the fire of world of mortals, is hot somewhat makes people feel cannot bear, the front Don't be Foolish pheasant is a minute of minute that the chicken feather flies randomly must add the KFC lunch, I somewhat worried really it can turn into a roasted chicken instantaneously, then Don't be Foolish holds to roast the chicken leg to nip one, crashing into purgatory seven of having tears streaming down the face.

Observes the situation for one week, fast confirmed that here terrain, well of god demon goes among two maps to have flame to fill the air, likely is a belt of fire, this is the reason that the game establishes, forbidding the player to fly into five to kill Redding directly, otherwise was also but actually convenient, it seems like must seek to go to two methods also to clean up a monster to be good.

From our not far away, on in -line underground circuit full is the monster, but we also can only seek for a monster thinnest point to take the breach, found our shelters here to say again.

Jianfeng refers to the distant place, I said: „On that side, the monster are quite few."

Fang Ge Que nods: „Um, walks!"


A well of monster god demon is brand-new Hybrid Demon, probably we are also the player who the first batch witness this monster, that is one type liquid monster that is going against a red crown, moreover is one very classical monster, Slime!

After flying to be near, already Slime's attribute reading out sharing in team channel

【Blood crown Slime】( 8 levels of Hybrid Demon)

Level: 206

Attack: 24400-31200

Defense: 27000

HP: 7000000

Skill: 【Defense steel】 【Fatal venom】 【Death vortex】

Introduced: Blood crown Slime, this is the species in life purgatory, takes swallowing the little rascal as to live, for many years in the course of time, obtained the purgatory strength, gives birth to the five senses and a scarlet crown, but do not look down on them, in a scarlet crown is containing in its body the most fearful weapon venom, do not stain these venom, otherwise you will regret


„Slime......" on face of Fang Ge Que some smiling faces.

I already the direct impact in the past, said: „I take the lead."

The midway puts down Matcha, she summoned mount situated in the cliff edge, but two Slime flushed, I will wield the butterfly to do am numerous combo will attack!

„Bang bang!"

Consecutively two, two Slime both the blade edge of effect champion shaking has drawn back, fell into the dizziness, has saying that Slime's attack power is well below the purgatory lance brave warrior and wings demon, but physical defense absolutely is levers . Moreover the volume of blood is also much higher, a non- BOSS level monster has 700 thousand HP, who can believe!

Jianfeng wipes, consecutively for 4 times chops to cut the effect.

However present Slime has actually opened the mouth, a human and animals harmless appearance, the liquid body gathers rapidly becomes a circular cylinder, is this defends the steel the effect?

„Clang clang......"

Did, butterfly to carry over Spark unexpectedly, and did not only cause the HP damage of over 5 thousand to them, the good fearful defense, did this defense steel at least promote to surpass 400% physical defense? Otherwise is my attack also insufficient not to be powerful?

At this time Matcha also flushed, the cold iron sword brandished, the consecutively two swords, were divided into about the angle killed, the technicality was extremely high.



This time I confirmed that defends the steel promotion physical defense to be truly overbearing.

„Scratched......" female war-god Little Demon almost to scold the bad language, stuck out one's tongue saying: „Boss, its this is anything defends, real BT!"


I pay attention to Slime of this defense steel, under the defense attitude it will not be attacking, and in the top of the head has a skill to continue to read the strip, is very good, after he defended the steel to finish, I rapidly was [Combo] attack, the injury has surpassed each time 14 thousand, this was the normal injury!

The Lin Wan Er silver dragon falls slowly, Fang Ge Que, Dancing Forest and Darling Duck and the others stepped well of one god demon in abundance, Wan Er looked to me, said: „Pig you continue to clear, I meet the person......"

I nod: „Wan Er was laborious!"


Just said that Don't be Foolish rode the flying chicken to fall to the ground, just fell to the ground is spurted a blood red mucilage of face by a Slime, got angry: „Father foundation defends 4 thousand, will fear that you do spit the saliva? I...... My grass, poisonous......"

Saying, his knees one soft knelt in front of Yan Zhao Warrior, harmed the uncle face whiten: „Ball ball your line of that big rituals I......"

Don't be Foolish falls down, the eye quickly hung to the nose on, said unclearly: „You, when I think that my whole body numb......"

Fang Ge Que grasped is flowing Yun Shan to go forward is a magic arts [Combo] bang has drawn back that Slime, said assuredly: „This is Slime's venom effect , to continue for 2 minutes, that...... Does the Healer beautiful woman give him to purify to try?"

Darling Duck staff wielded, purifies the after effect, Don't be Foolish finally restored build originally, stands up from failure Slime who jumped from the ground rushes ahead that remnant blood to go, sometimes for ever and ever completely, this hated not to have time certainly continuously.


Is less than ten minutes, 100 people were all shipped well of one god demon, everybody formally started to kill to blame, was divided into 10 squads to prompt forward together, assignments of such Class also clear, was insufficient to have any mistake.

Each team has 2 treatments, this did not need to be worried about Slime's venom, but we discovered quickly that the venom was purified has the probability, 50% probabilities can purify, moreover half probability purification failure, that many people can only lie down on the ground to next CD Cooldown of purification technique numb.

Is good because, this venom effect was invalid to me, is the MISS range of [Hero's Heart] special effect, in my this 10 people of squads was the [Zhan Long] elite player, Wan Er, the small dance, Matcha, Meng Yao, Li Mu and Wang Jian and the others, killed the monster speed certainly, advances quickly, captures the empirical value and equipment to be innumerable.

A well of area god demon is too big, we killed for nearly 3 hours completely to clean up all Slime cleanly, after we cleaned up Slime completely, Fang Ge Que question: „Why doesn't see BOSS?"

I shake the head: „Does not know."

Jian Feng Han said: „Can hide in chart Chinese Library?"

Yue Qing Qian shakes the head: „, I will not have paid attention all the way carefully, has not attempted Chinese Library."

In a Yan Zhao Warrior finger of ground a lump of Slime's corpse, said: „Looked quickly that Slime's corpse moved, has the situation, definitely had the situation!"

I lift the hand to draw out to do sword, said: „Attention alerts, be not sneak attacked by monster!"


Finally, in the well of underground map entire god demon the innumerable Slime's corpses are wriggling, changed into the green ray to fly to the map center, condensed in together, this also means that BOSS truly must appear.

Lin Wan Er raises head the BOSS corpse that looks at airborne gathered, cannot bear say with a smile: „Unexpectedly a little slightly anticipated that what Mengmeng's Slime will piece together?"

„Was the king of Slime...... I said inevitably".


Really, divides the minute, after having swallowed all Slime corpses, airborne condensed a giant body, Slime Wang of to come!

Zhan Long Chapter 1109

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