Zhan Long Chapter 1110

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But this Slime Wang of absolutely with „Mengmeng" does not have what relations, because was too huge, the forehead seems like a lump of corpulence, above is also taking away the royal crown, the pitiful royal crown looks like looks like a spittoon is the same, this work really burnt fiercely.

„, Was good to sprout" girlfriend young lady also to speak.

„You saw where he sprouted!" I almost roared.

„Sprouts!" She very full chest, told me to be obedient.

„Good, sprouts must kill."

I have grasped the butterfly sword, rapidly attribute sharing of king of Slime in the team channel, truly worthily is hundred people rolls the duty BOSS, first BOSS unexpectedly was four star god levels

【The king of Slime】( God level BOSS ★★★★)

Level: 207

Attack: 35500-45000

Defense: 33000

HP: 3,0000,0000

Skill: 【Defense steel】 【Mucilage sputtering】 【The toxin of corruption】 【Decomposition rebirth】

Introduced: The king of Slime, almost gathered all Slime's special skills in one, this lump of giant Slime is a overlord in purgatory Slime clan, while having greatly strengthened toxicity and steel, the king of this Slime also has the ability of rebirth, you must kill him continuously repeatedly, can kill him in the true sense, was careful that these venom and mucilage fragments, do not contaminate on, otherwise you will regret because of your fault

„Prepared to open BOSS!"

Fang Ge Que to me, as soon as nods, lifts the arm, flows Yun Shanfan the magic ray, rapid glorolers move ice and fire storm magic arts salvo, the Fang Ge Que law wound is truly fearful, the consecutively two injury figures fly



This is without murdering god special effect, otherwise the power to injure will turn time absolutely, but, probably is also good at the physical defense actually not being good at Magic defending related with this BOSS.

Also has gotten rid in instantaneously me who Fang Ge Que got rid, did to fly the sword, in 1.5 seconds non- brain [Blade Spin], consecutively for 9 times penetrated the BOSS body, simultaneously the body flew airborne, holds doing that flew, brandished the butterfly, erupted the strongest eruption that [Strength of a Thousand Men] + rode the wind to cut instantaneously, the golden glory of god level ray shot up to the sky, exceeded the quota the injury figure to spatter in all directions, has created over 1 million outputs instantaneously, looked at Lu Chun Yang, Enchanted Painting, Drunken Spear and the others to have endless emotion.

The BOSS body is shivering slightly, but in the ground, Li Mu, Wang Jian, Old K, Meng Yao, Death God's Elegy and the others start the [Blade Spin] effect long-distance to kill in abundance, after firing off one set, immediately progresses to approach the cliff edge, is being one round slashes to the BOSS huge body domain, at this time was unable to distinguish that the BOSS weakness position, this body several kilometers monsters, which also had any weakness.

Argyrosaurus Little Bai emits Long Xi in the upper air, Wan Er is sitting in the dragon carries on the back to launch the blade edge of effect long-distance attack various god.

Is hitting, the roar that Slime Wang of tittered suddenly, the body started to enter the steel effect, immediately everybody's attack output instantaneous big shrinkage, defended the steel under the effect, the HP rapid restoration of king of Slime, NND, we output a moment ago are restored half instantaneously!

„Scratching" Drunken Spear launches the attacks of thousand overlapping waves, brandishes the lance, speechless [say / way]: „If as expected this BOSS must kill for a long time is very very long"

„Takes your time, the non- deceased person is good." Jian Feng Han said.

Just said that Quick Thunder Swift Wind Axe rebounded from the steel body of king of Slime, „" one was rebounded 4000 + HP, defended the steel to have the counter- wound effect, but fatal was the green mucilage that under king of chassis Slime seeped, has spread in the Quick Thunder Swift Wind under foot, and quick derivation the red, braved the air bubble, in this moment, Quick Thunder Swift Wind HP rapidly fell suddenly, the flash of BOSS contact steel, a green tentacle pulled out maliciously on the face of Quick Thunder Swift Wind, a half blood second killed!

„, This idiot" Jian Feng Han turns around to have a look at the Quick Thunder Swift Wind corpse, no one thinks that [House of Prestige] vice- Guildmaster can kill in this BOSS process first dead in battle unexpectedly.

The Bai Li Ruo Feng complexion is somewhat embarrassed, ordering [House of Prestige] Healer to bring back to life.

I loudly said: „The when body of BOSS was attacked will decompose the fragment, distance these fragments are farther, the corrupt toxin of BOSS release, must have the walking position avoidance of consciousness, otherwise the venom manifests suddenly to be very fearful."

Everybody was not the new military recruits, Matcha, Meng Yao and Li Mu Wang Jian and the others already in keeping the position avoids the toxicant region, actually this BOSS was very not difficult to kill, bringing the brain to suffice, as for Quick Thunder Swift Wind, he did not have the brain, initially with his first time sought a meeting the confrontation to look from me.

BOSS HP is too high, and defends also terroristly, continued to kill for nearly 30 minutes, finally killed the remnant blood situation, but some Healer words in team said

Darling Duck: „It is not good, the blue quantity remaining 17%, have also drunk the blue bottle basis unable to drink, the continual treatment was too long."

Who's Blue face: „I am also, had 9% to measure blue."

Chang Sheng Jue smiles: „This small refined, the opportunity that you display came!"

In the crowd, [Legend] holds flag Wei one small is raising the long spear refined, raises the shield suddenly, shouted to clear the way lowly: „The spring of spirit tong!"

„Brushing" a blue ray raises, covers the surrounding all squad players, the magic value of people rises again rapidly, has promoted 70% directly!

Jian Feng Han bursting out laughing: „Does knight have blue skill?"

Slightly refined shows a faint smile: „My these two star magical instrument shield only skill are the springs of spirit tong, restores 70% blue quantities instantaneously, cools for 1 hour, what kind, applied?"

Jian Feng Han said: „Admires"

I said: „Small refined, a bit faster drinks, otherwise cannot follow as before, this BOSS will be in same place rebirth."


This time I am the team leader, speech am also very unexpectedly effective.

Such that finally just like I expect, has killed 35 minutes of time, finally BOSS hung, but has not actually blown out equipment, and corpse fragment was wriggling in the corridor as before everywhere, about after two minutes, all liquid fragments agglomerated once more crazily, airborne presented the BOSS body once again, Slime Wang of Nu exclaimed: „Where wants to kill my to be so easy, your this flock of gusanos, are obedient suffering to death!"

Continues to kill, this BOSS thick-skinned meat is coarse, but the striking power is very ordinary, can only depend poisonously, but our science walks the position circumvention venom range, naturally will not be killed by the second.

However I have not thought of the system as before the ignominious degree, after we spend the second 35 minutes kill one again time, this Slime Wang of unexpectedly resurrected one time!

This has not calculated that after all hundred people roll everyone are the masters in game, the patience is the basic quality, we can tolerate BOSS to reactivate one time, when the king of Slime reactivates the third time, Fang Ge Que somewhat was stunned: „Was this a little excessive?"

I continue to hold the sword to chop randomly, did not go to think that many.

Slime Wang of truly has not disappointed us, altogether four lives, after consultation, finally 0.2% HP time everybody calls a halt, making me kill, finally I have not disappointed everybody, 2000 charm values were almost buried as a funerary object the goods to give to explode the ancestral grave of king of Slime directly, blew out 9 equipment fully, equipment float in airborne, flood the assorted gloss, simultaneously attributes also voluntarily were reappearing, waited for that player 11 ROLL selected

【Violently poisonous spear】( Magical instrument *): Attacks 12000-16200, the striking power + 130%, neglect 20% defenses, HP upper limit

【Violently poisonous helmet】( Magical instrument *): The Heavy Armor department, defends + 4200,10% reflection injury effects, the HP upper limit + 25000

【Element scepter】( Demon Harvest): The spirit attacks the 11020-14400 , Magic striking power + 125%

【Element cape】( Divine Tier): Defends + 3750, striking power + 30%, defensive power + 40%

【King of wrister Slime】( Magical instrument ★★★): The Heavy Armor department, defends + 5000, the defensive power + 145%, 20% reduce the injury

【Slime Wang of Zhongdun】( Magical instrument ★★★): Defends + 7000, defensive power + 175%, HP upper limit + 40000, skill: Protects the shield invincibly , to continue for 11 seconds

【Venom wrister】( Magical instrument *): Pi Jia, defends + 2950, Agility + 35%, HP upper limit + 17000

【Venom chest Armor】( Magical instrument *): Pi Jia, defends + 3250, striking power + 50%, HP upper limit + 24000

【Pan staff】( Day plume): The spirit attacks the 8020-12200 , Magic striking power + 75%

The system provides the equipment attribute manner on very quick, places in front of one pile of equipment us instantaneously, looks at everybody to be dumbfounded, those present are the people of seeing the world, but has not seen this type of weaponry absolutely, has altogether 6 height magical instruments to place in front of you instantaneously, can be astonished?

Distribution according to need, this is snatching equipment, does not need to be polite, as long as was Heavy Armor is I chooses has needed the ROLL point.

Somewhat has been at present dazzled instantaneously, first is the violently poisonous spear, one group of knights are the player are competing, the points vary, eventually small refined was walked to ROLL, later, the violently poisonous helmet by One Second Hero taking away, the big inspiration morale, the [Zhan Long] person has attained equipment in the team!

The element scepter was walked by Dong Cheng Yue ROLL, she is not very happy, after all RP uses on same place Demon Harvest some waste, next time may not ROLL leave 97 points.

The element cape was walked by Jian Feng Han ROLL, but two three stars magical instruments, king of wrister Slime was walked by Yan Zhao Warrior ROLL, but value highest only came Wang of Zhongdun wood not to be been silly by the ball ball took away, sold to sprout to save the world, the ball ball was not silly truly this is walks on saving the road of world.

Two skin Armor, venom wrister was walked by Xing Lie ROLL, venom chest Armor by Fox ROLL, two star magical instruments both belonged to [Zhan Long], as for Pan staff, because of the attribute too dregs, I have not gone to look that who took, is in any case unimportant.

Also after massacring the king of Slime, among flame net of with two started to dissipate, resigned a channel for us, but went to three paths to be blocked as before, it seems like must massacre two BOSS to go to three, was good, we wanted was also this process, this was one hundred people the process that rolled equipment and skill to strengthen.

Had a look at Cooldown not early, the voting decided to sleep, almost the full-price ticket, agreement 6 : 00 pm gets online on time , to continue to fight bravely.

Zhan Long Chapter 1110

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