Zhan Long Chapter 1111

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About 5 : 00 pm, woke up on time, finished eating the supper to take a bath gets online in a hurry , to continue to draft the well of war-god demon!


Gets online, the character appears on 1 of well of god demon, side person's shadows glitter online, the Simple, Jian Feng Han, Don't be Foolish, Goodbye Tears and other [Vanguard] players are almost appearing together, it seems like they online under have also established the game base, otherwise is impossible that punctual to get online.

Again shortly afterward, Fang Ge Que, Ye Lai, Li Mu and Wang Jian and the others gets online one after another, hundred people roll quick collecting, stands tops up the BUFF condition, prepared to fight again, Lin Wan Er summoned silver dragon Little Bai, planned carried the player to go to two times, Li Mu said: „CBN fought the net to place before one hour Shua was new, had a look......"

The people are startled slightly, here person many are CBN fights the online celebrity, although many people are the masters of idle cloud wild crane, but CBN fought the gold content of net too to be really high, has to pay attention, I also conveniently opened the CBN sequence in ranking, really had not the small change, at least Matcha confirmed with the official ties that took ID replaces „Little Demon" „as to like tracking down", since then the Chinese war zone did not have Little Demon again, what only then [Zhan Long] was to like tracking down!

1 st, Fang Ge Que

2 nd, Xiao Yao Zi Zai

3 rd, to like tracking down

4 th, Q-Sword

5 th, Cang Tong

6 th, Jian Feng Han

7 th, Ye Lai

8 th, Simple

9 th, Cang Yue

10 th, Mu Xuan

11 th, Drunken Spear

12 th, The Seventh Tang

13 th, general Li Mu

14 th, Bai Li Ruo Feng

15 th, Yue Qing Qian

16 th, Yan Zhao Warrior

17 th, Misty Clouds

18 th, Dancing Forest

19 th, general Wang Jian

20 th, Lu Chun Yang


The second country war is one time appraises the CBN points change the biggest assessment standard, but this CBN fought the online change also really had an earth-shaking change, I promoted 2 nd from 4 th directly, as for Xue Rou, just returned, maintained 3 rd, Q-Sword withdrew 2, Dong Cheng Yue has promoted 3, what the winding speed was fastest was Drunken Spear, probably was the country fights the performance to be outstanding, became 11 th from 17 th, the rank of Li Mu and Dancing Forest also has the promotion, but drop quickest. Then is Bai Li Ruo Feng, fell 14 th from 8 th directly, Lu Chun Yang also lowered from 13 potential drops to 20 th, if then again did not have any too dazzling performance, must drop out the first 20 sequences.

Rank in game just likes the boat sailing against the current, if unable to move forward , one will inevitably lag behind, in fact also so, ranks before the fight that the player must keep, wins points, otherwise can only rank to drop.

After seeing ranks newly, the people sadly happily vary, I am very naturally happy with East city, the small dance and Li Mu, I ranked to enter finally first three, the good performance that because the second round country fought increased to second at one fell swoop, but Bai Li Ruo Feng and Lu Chun Yang complexion was not quite obviously attractive, especially Bai Li Ruo Feng, had by Dancing Forest greatly is captured the trend in first bowman position, moreover Dancing Forest was intelligent, in the recent several days even entangles Wan Er and Matcha duel studies and top close combat is being the flying a kite skill in player fight, although lost wins few, but actually in day-by-day growth, in addition devoted training of [Zhan Long], equipment, skill and Level small dance do not lose to Bai Li Ruo Feng, the rank surmounted Bai Li Ruo Feng is also only the Cooldown issue.

„, Goes to well of underground two god demon!"

I coughed, broke the awkward atmosphere, Jian Feng Han has suspended Jianfeng, was held the arm to fire into two by the Yan Zhao Warrior big bat, I also brought Matcha to fly to two, was in the midair, actually must bear from the purgatory seven flame impacts, although will not cause the damage, but also made people very uncomfortable, Matcha also can only narrow pair of beautiful eyes, said: „Boss, 10 o'clock directions, there monster are quite few."


Changes the direction to non-stop fly, really only then two monsters, and is a hand grasps the flame skeleton of rusty iron sword, on the skeleton full is some just likes the material of red copper rust, is throwing over the crude rotten mail-armor and helmet, exudes „hissing hissing" the low roar, an empty eye looks at the surrounding all, although this monster of undistinguished appearance, but truly 8 levels of Hybrid Demon of genuine goods at reasonable prices, rapidly its attribute capture, share in the forming a team channel

【Purgatory hot skeleton】( 8 levels of Hybrid Demon)

Level: 207

Attack: 30100-35700

Defense: 21000

HP: 3700000

Skill: 【[Combo]】 【Sword air/Qi daybreak】 【Pent-up anger flame explodes】

Introduced: Purgatory hot skeleton, this is not dead biology of a life in purgatory, the purgatory hot skeleton before death once was the powerful flame is Knight, after the body died into the dead souls biology, they lost the honor and mount, the whole body armor rust tattered, is unable to be approved again, but the innermost feelings deeply were actually hiding unyieldingly, the blood deep pool dark blue billows saw clearly this crowd of not dead living thing the anger and unwillingness, therefore completed the army its group, has brought back to the world of human beings, the emergence of these purgatory hot skeletons will definitely bring in a catastrophe, once saw them, please do not try to run away, because did not run away. Runs away must die


„Had been careful......" I exhort the bosom female, said: „Matcha, attack power of this type of purgatory hot skeleton is quite high, you must be careful, by the second, your defense should not be equipment should not be after all top."

Matcha chuckle: „Knows the Boss, on us!"


Dives to two corridors time, I drop immediately, divides into two with Matcha, a person is responsible for dealing with a purgatory hot skeleton, but behind, the Wan Er silver dragon also carried several people to come, one was Quick Thunder Swift Wind, perhaps when was previous time kills the BOSS fault to cause to hang, making Quick Thunder Swift Wind somewhat become angry out of shame, this time must recover the gathering place, raised Axe to fire into not far away third purgatory hot skeleton.


Under the effect of wild will, axe cuts spin of skill + Axe to rumble fiercely together on the body of purgatory hot skeleton, simultaneously takes advantage of opportunity comes round of [Battle Axe Throw] again, immediately three injury figures fly, this [House of Prestige] vice- Guildmaster attack power is remarkable, especially hits purgatory hot skeleton physical defense somewhat low monster




„Jie Jie......" hot skeleton was divided again and again retrocedes, became angry out of shame, hu-hu entrained the iron sword to fire into Quick Thunder Swift Wind, above the sword blade edge the reappearing golden color six glow stars, was the [Combo] attack, and was 20 levels of top [Combo], has caused 6 damage instantaneously, has wiped out Quick Thunder Swift Wind enough over 17 thousand HP, this has not calculated that the hot skeleton stood in same place both hands suddenly is grasping the iron sword, the surroundings flame cyclone dance, was reciting the big move unexpectedly, the pent-up anger flame explodes!

The next quarter, the Quick Thunder Swift Wind whole body trembles, the chest will locate one group of flame soon to erupt, his HP will not be most over 7 thousand, must kneel shortly!

I lift the hand hurriedly, direct, 20 levels of [Heal] techniques, 3000 treat HP to chat shows the regard......

What is most prompt is the treatment of Darling Duck, inserts the second has treated 8 thousand + HP directly, the injury that at this time the pent-up anger flame exploded also came out, entire 11 thousand injuries!


Quick Thunder Swift Wind was hit retrocedes with horse, the complexion is exceptionally pale, here by 8 levels of Hybrid Demon shaming, he does not think probably 8 levels of Hybrid Demon do meet one set of skill second to kill itself?

In fact, this type of purgatory hot skeleton gave up the defense, the specialty attack, three big skills attack the department, the sword air/Qi daybreak does not have the release luckily, otherwise had the Darling Duck treatment also sufficiently second to kill Quick Thunder Swift Wind.


At this time, in front of me the purgatory hot skeleton also started [Combo], I do not have to pull rank, do will adopt the defense stance in the front directly horizontally, consecutively for 6 times attacked, each time about 5000 blood, altogether on 3 thousand injuries, the going too far skeleton did not call out are also a pent-up anger flame explode, I was look, this fellow was the continual technique that the [Combo] + pent-up anger flame exploded, looked like Cheng Yaojin's three broad-ax is the same, can block wins, cannot block dies, obviously Quick Thunder Swift Wind had a low opinion of the enemy, that kind that was dying.

„Was careful!"

Matcha has kept off the attack of hot skeleton in the front continual standard the cold iron sword horizontally, afterward a hit attacks, attacks and destroys recitation that the pent-up anger flame has exploded, at the same time said: „Front person is best to defend these 20 levels of [Combo], will otherwise possibly be killed by the second, is not everyone has the defense of Boss."

Don't be Foolish is raising the shield, the nod: „Good, queen Sir."

Matcha this time dull has no longer sprouted, but shows a faint smile, in the smiling face is bringing the incomparable self-confidence and pride, this is true Little Demon, that ever-victorious beautiful woman deicide.


Quick, 100 people gather at well of underground two god demon completely, separates the motion to kill the purgatory hot skeleton once more, even if were I and Matcha has warned, several fellows did not listen to the advice, the [Legend] feeling of being drunk fleeting time attracted the attacks of 3 hot skeletons, was exploded by 3 20 levels of [Combo] sur- two pent-up anger inflammations instantaneously to the second kills.

attack power that the pent-up anger flame explodes takes the physical attack of hot skeleton as the standard, but also is the magic injury, is the player has the extra armor piercing injury to Heavy Armor, especially must pay attention was this incurs.

exceed proceeds, the quantity of purgatory hot skeleton are more, we must simultaneously attract 2-3 hot skeleton fights, the casualties are unavoidable, is good rides the war because of [Zhan Long] several is the players is quite quick-witted, goes forward or retreats depending upon circumstances, in the too negligent situation will not have hung, but after dying in battle of feeling of being drunk fleeting time, Fang Ge Que has arrived at the front of formation, moves the skill of + spiral figure skating to imprison the hot skeleton using the glorolers, defeating, such came not to have the casualties.

Hundred people prompting forward that rolls to keep, is buying also in the massive empirical values, the well of god demon is the blood deep pool dark blue billows lair, is in this mainland at present the most dangerous map, is good as if is also in a being dormant time because of the blood deep pool dark blue billows, otherwise should already be alarmed to clash to extinguish us completely.

In an instant three hours pass by, after we eliminate the purgatory hot skeleton completely, above the corridor the bareness has blamed, at this moment, system ting passes in the ear, BOSS appeared


System System Notification: Please note, Shua of well of two BOSS god demon on the map were new!

Today is seventh night of the seventh lunar month, but thinks that lovers already joyful happy, therefore today's blessing only gives „unmarried dog", wishing your holiday joyful, does not need not to use sadly sadly, the person who these brushed past is just inappropriate you, perhaps cannot be joined to you, will be your person certainly to appear.

Zhan Long Chapter 1111

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