Zhan Long Chapter 1112

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„Looks separatedly." Fang Ge Que simple a few words.

The people disperse in abundance, sees BOSS, this time does not know that is what grade BOSS, can the five-star god the rank? If so, the five-star magical instrument was possible!

Above two corridors a piece of scalding hot aura, but is exceptionally dark, cannot illuminate here from the underground purgatory seven flames completely, I instigate the god fierce fine horse to march forward slowly, Lin Wan Er sits in my arms, said: „Hope can a bit faster massacre Redding, helping you collect the overlord coverall, cannot make Q-Sword snatch in front collects Tenglong to wrap."

I laugh in spite of trying not, is pulling the reins, a link lives in her slender waist to hug her, said: „Various completely human affairs, this demands seriously, said again, Q-Sword is [Hero's Mound] Guildmaster, even if equipment Level surpasses my is also the normal matter, the human flutters in the rivers and lakes, where can continuously compared with others?"

„No, I want you compared with him!" The beautiful woman young lady was obstinate.

I Ha Ha smile: „Good, be stronger than all people!"

„Um, how otherwise to protect me."

„Actually in the game, you can protect absolutely own."

Lin Wan Er look one gloomy, said spookily: „If side this, I also keep you with any reason."

I slightly painful: „Relax, I have been accompanying you, will not leave, I pledged."

„Um." Smiling that she satisfies.

Even if in others eyes she is a goddess level beautiful woman of keeping aloof, but after is only a young female student, regardless of I said anything, Wan Er believe me.


After several minutes, in the team channel broadcasts the sound that the young pig ran: „Coordinate ( 3311,1093 ) here, everybody a bit faster comes!"

Fang Ge Que said: „Young pig first do not open BOSS, when person Qi Lezai said that in the map of this hundred people of rank the BOSS intensity compared with outside, the human little definitely not be a match."

„Um, knew, you a bit faster come."

I progressed to bring Lin Wan Er to fire into the goal, quick on the corridor saw that several players stood there, equipment flood the colored magical instrument unique gloss, Li Mu, Wang Jian and Bai Qi three brothers, moreover, Bai Li Ruo Feng, Jian Feng Han, Simple and the others , the team members more were also gathering, the quick complete collection was uneven.

In the corner of corridor, a flame form „desolate" on rock that sitting is breaking out together, in the hand is raising a handle flame dense lance, fights the armor flood the magical instrument gloss, the hard helmet next half rotten faces very fearsome, Jian Feng Han grasps the sword to progress to approach slowly, read attribute sharing of BOSS quickly in the forming a team channel

【Fire fierce king strength checks】( God level BOSS ★★★★)

Level: 208

Attack: 35000-47000

Defense: 33000

HP: 2,8000,0000

Skill: 【Flame punctures suddenly】 【The mark of raging fire】 【Fights the spin of halberd】 【Murders god three artillery】

Introduced: Fire fierce Wang Li checks, then when this is perfect control of flame element, the strength checks young can by the manually controlled fire, after being grown, was to obtain the master teaches to study one set of exquisite flame is the marksmanship, but was killed by the spirit beast on the path of pursue strength finally, although the body decayed dry, but fought the soul not to extinguish, the strength in purgatory checked the challenge major masters who tried to keep to promote own strength as before, finally by the blood deep pool dark blue billows income subordinate, became one of the blood deep pool army important senior generals

„This time, I come, when T, how?" Jian Feng Han shows a faint smile.

Looked that he is confident, my also nod: „Um, must be careful!"


Jian Feng Han progressed on, long sword raised, the hammer image condensed together above, the blade edge of Greedy Wolf fell on the forehead of BOSS suddenly, spattered in all directions thousand + injury digit, after all was [Vanguard] Guildmaster, the striking power is very good.

The small one-off enraged BOSS immediately thoroughly, fire fierce Wang Paoxiao was jumping, was in the airborne crotch to condense an image of flame warhorse, this stance is unable more graceful simply.

The flame punctures suddenly!

The BOSS first movement already came, Jian Feng Han exceptionally is calm, roars lowly, the side flutters „Greedy Wolf armor" skill name, is the inferior god level skill, his armor occurred slightly changed, the front had the wolf pupil image, above the shoulders transforms the hammer defense pointed cone, defensive power suddenly to increase, looked at the fight information, has promoted 270% defensive powers, my goodness, were more than my [Wall of Dou Qi] promotion defensive power!

„Bang bang bang"

A series of thorns strike, one set that the flame punctures suddenly attacked Jian Feng Han to eat completely, but actually only received the injury that 200 000 did not arrive, one group of Healer treated together, will not be in danger.


I raise the double sword to overrun, Ye Lai, Li Mu, Yan Zhao Warrior, Matcha and the others also from all directions surrounded the past, the long-distance player also started the output.

BOSS is the dead star god, naturally is not simple, roars to fight the spin of halberd to start lowly, surges again and again the surrounding player retrocedes, this has not calculated that in his place visited ground has the flame trace, the player passes through above will receive extremely serious flame ignition injury, was too ruthless!

However, more ruthless still behind, suddenly this fire fierce Wang Nuhou like is being took a drug, „ka" transforms a heavy artillery, the heavy artillery that bombing of this heavy artillery and Musketeer produces is almost exactly the same, BOSS turns around to grasp the heavy artillery in the hand, to Jian Feng Han is being three bombing, the last skill murders the god three artillery!

„Bang bang bang!"




The attack was too fast, everybody did not have what response, Jian Feng Han knees down directly, even if were Greedy Wolf armor promotes 270% defenses unable to resist this to murder the god three artillery as before, NND, this BOSS was really a genuine monster!

The Fang Ge Que paper fan wields, carries over the spiral figure skating to fetter BOSS, said loudly: „Brings back to life Jian Feng Han, Xiao Yao Zi Zai Guildmaster continues T, holds the hatred value!"

I advance to go not responsibly, settles on the opportunity is one time rides the wind to cut BOSS chops miserably howling, the output is too high, the hatred value also instantaneously to me on, Fang Ge Que also warned: „Murders the attacks of god three artillery carefully, if necessary direct invincible."

I nod: „Understanding."

Yan Zhao Warrior and Drunken Spear in side successive attack several times, have provoked many hatreds of BOSS, Lin Wan Er make them retrocede immediately, at this time no one dared negligently, after all player Level superelevation on the scene, no matter who hangs first-level is the losses of Chinese war zone.

But resurrecting Jian Feng Han continues to stick, shares two positions of tanks with me, moreover I also note, Jian Feng Han in having consciousness attack BOSS armor slit and nape of the neck, armpit and other places, as if in seeking for the weakness position, lets finally he found, immediately the left hand on the palm for the fist rumbles!


Is one calls the skill of greed, the SSS level, wipes out BOSS reaches as high as 181222 HP, completely transformed these HP as own HP, this really sufficed, unarmed caused such damage, probably was attacks the skill completely to disregard the defense, and can also promote to injure, otherwise did not have the means to explain.

Also makes around us one crowd of close combats be player moral nature each one some have thought that present Jian Feng Han also completely seems to be different, in put together the operation in the style to leave several points of strategy and strategy verve, if again becomes the match, that wants to guard, but probably did not have the opportunity, the country fought wave after wave, hits us to be scarred each time, the Chinese war zone did not have too many thoughts civil wars, even the belt the rising sun such as the blood had not been doing the wind to do the rain on ambitious Wang Ze Cheng recently.


The BOSS roaring sound, his armor place transformed the image of heavy artillery once more.

„Be careful, here we go again!"

Fang Ge Que gives a loud shout hurriedly, simultaneously spiral figure skating tries to break the BOSS attack rhythm.

However MISS fell, together with my [Binding Chains] and Lin Wan Er dizziness effect, this BOSS seemed taken possession not to eat these special effect by the overlord helmet, I occupied 65% hatred values, this murdered the god three artillery is I eats inevitably completely.

Renovates the [Wall of Dou Qi] effect rapidly, ices wing behind to fan, my double sword enters the defense stance in the front horizontally.

„Bang bang bang!"

Consecutively three strike, carries over three astonishing injury digit




It seems like my defensive power has striven to excel compared with Jian Feng Han much, has blocked hardly, but murders the impulse of god three artillery truly strong, has promoted the corridor me directly, the body is hanging, the under foot is the abyss, I in the flight effect, am insufficient the falling cliff to perish luckily.

Jian Feng Han, Yan Zhao Warrior, Drunken Spear and the others withstand BOSS rapidly.

But with unceasing reduction of HP, murders CD of god three artillery as if also in large scale reduction, when BOSS HP remaining is less than 30%, murdered the god three artillery to miss is about 10. one seconds has sent, the bang our one group of people wanted to want the immortal, almost the life cannot take care of oneself, including Yan Zhao Warrior, Ye Lai and Li Mu, everyone murdered god three artillery massacred one time, Matcha also fell first-level, but has not related, her Level originally somewhat low, after massacring BOSS to be compensated, gained absolutely.

Everybody to murdering god three artillery skill hatred, but well in BOSS only then a life, was cut by I swift and violent riding the wind finally to the bang massacres!

One big pile of equipment explode, at least 78, but most beckoning is a purple skill book also combines in the equipment pile, and this skill book becomes the first sharing attribute goods, and instantly started a ROLL pattern

【Murders god three artillery】( God level): The summon murders the god artillery, carries on three cruel bombing to the target zone , the power to injure is related with the striking power and Agility of user, the attack may superimpose fatally strikes the effect, the study needs to consume 90 charm values, needs the Level 185 levels, needs Class: Musketeer.

On the scene, only then three Musketeer, rapid ROLL point, but Fox these time had finally had the feeling, has captured this god level skill that RP erupted

Shape with raging fire: 71 points

The young pig runs: 65 points

Colored glaze fox: 100 points

Zhan Long Chapter 1112

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