Zhan Long Chapter 1113

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This was afterward Fox „[Zhan Long] Liu three artillery" the title origin, after obtaining has murdered the god three artillery skills, in the future the [Zhan Long] Liu three artillery are make the match suffer loss, Fox does not have other too strong skill, only this murders the god level skills of god three artillery, the consecutively three rounds, in addition own attack power and violent striking rate, few people can resist, is these three broad-ax, makes Fox become the noticeable situation in the [Zhan Long] status rapidly, even therefore had also found the girlfriend, finally can take a wife.


After attaining murders the god three artillery, immediately studies the skill, Fox for fear that others snatched, Xing Lie and young pig run , then envied wants to kill people.

The body of BOSS dissipates slowly, but altogether 7 equipment also fluctuate in airborne, the attribute reappears, has a look for everybody, then started ROLL to select on the preparation

【Fire fierce spear】( Magical instrument ★★★★): Attacks 12500-17400, attack power + 145%, neglect to defend 40% , + 10% [Drain] effects

【Fire fierce (spear gun)】( Magical instrument ★★★): Attacks 11350-16700, attack power + 137%, neglect 30% defenses, + 85% attack speed and 10% fatal striking rates

【Mark of heavy armor raging fire】( Magical instrument *): The Heavy Armor department, defends + 4400,12% reflection injury effects, the HP upper limit + 27000

【Element short bow】( Divine Tier): Attacks 9920-13400, attack power + 85%, attack speed + 60%

【Hot mark shinguard】( Demon Harvest): leather armor, defends + 3450, attack power + 20%, physical defense + 45%

【Hot soul helmet】( Magical instrument ★★): Defends + 4700, physical defense + 135%, HP upper limit + 40000, special effect: One of hot soul coverall parts

【Cold ice dagger】( Magical instrument *): Attacks 11000-15540, attack power + 110%, neglect to defend 50% , + 55% attack speed


The fire fierce spear, Knight is the weapon of player, four star magical instruments, almost compared with grasp Country Weapon Zhen Yue Blade Death God's Elegy besides the hand all Knight are the player weapon are much better, naturally also became most focused attention on equipment, four star god level BOSS blew out four star magical instruments, top equipment that this has been able to blow out, everybody when the joy also sigh sighed, after all this lance does not have what relations with our these Swordsman and assassin anything.

One crowd of Knight are the player starts ROLL, finally the [Zhan Long] Yue Yao Yan beautiful woman captures this handle lance by 93 points, but Meng Yao is 91 point wrong accident fire fierce spears.

Second equipment is the fire fierce (spear gun), this is a flintlock, the Musketeer player is expert in the weapon, but this lucky goddess has not stood this side Fox, the young pig ran by 57 points won the fire fierce (spear gun), the Fox 31 points, Xing Lie 18 points.

The mark of heavy armor raging fire was walked by 99 ROLL by Goodbye Tears, the element short bow deals with, the hot mark shinguard was walked by [Legend] archer ROLL, the cold ice dagger was walked by Yue Qing Qian ROLL.

As for the hot soul helmet, I think actually this equipment is in this pile of equipment is most valuable, it is well known, among the parts of coverall has to echo, you can always collect the coverall through various methods, the premise is you must obtain one, but this hot soul helmet is actor's opening words, will have much will draw out other 4 equipment to collect one set of two star magical instrument coveralls, will be sharper than my overlord coverall!

Therefore, I also participated in ROLL selecting, but this time came the luck in well of god demon not quite to be as if good, No. dozens Heavy Armor was player together ROLL, finally unexpectedly by Jian Feng Han taking away, this was also doomed this [Vanguard] Guildmaster soon to step collects the road of coverall.


All equipment assign, OK , to continue to capture this map, went to third.

When I bring Matcha is flying well of third god demon, actually had a scare, on the corridor a sound does not have unexpectedly, completely empty, anything does not have!

„Monster?" Matcha blinked.

„Can be third passes free?" I said.

Matcha smiled: „Boss you are having a dream! Awakes......"

I continued: „That had one to explain."

Fang Ge Que stands in carrying on the back of silver dragon, said: „What explained?"

Yan Zhao Warrior also rode the big bat to fly, said: „Said quickly."

As soon as I let go: „The third monster is the stealth, who brings death?"

Jian Feng Han stands behind the Drunken Spear wind dragon, grins to smile: „I do not go in any case."

Don't be Foolish is riding the flying chicken, said: „Rumbled not to them with the skill."

„Is key they do eat the skill in invisible condition?" I knit the brows, said: „Said that many idle talk make anything, Fang Ge Que you used the dark night meteor not to come out good the monster photo......"

Fang Ge Que pats the forehead, sprinkled however smiles: „I go, unexpectedly forgot is in itself a master."

The Matcha corners of the mouth raise: „Despises......"

Fang Ge Que has a look at her, said with a smile: „Do not think that I am not your Guildmaster cannot punish you now, Xiao Yao Guildmaster, let me tell you, the Little Demon most major characteristics were the battlefield do not obey the director, moreover often secretly bought between -meal snack to eat on Taobao with the Alipay account of guild warehouse, this you must guard ten million/countless......"

The Matcha cheek is red: „My where has, the Boss do not listen to him to discredit......"

I also Ha Ha smile: „Let alone, has a bit faster killed strangely!"

Actually I am actually very happy, Matcha no matter leaves [Zhan Long] or [Legend], she has a mind to tie, will think guilty, but Fang Ge Que this person biggest charm here, that is the mind, a mind of person more was broad can win others' respect on exceed, since could not detain Little Demon, that Fang Ge Que naturally can forgive her, made the favor done at little or no cost, when the person on one's own side, at least can work as the friend, in this point, Fang Ge Que surpass 90% Guildmaster level players more sane than and open-minded the Chinese server.

Matcha and Fang Ge Que resolve this gratitude and grudges, is the matter that I most hope.



A flame soars to the heavens to go, falls on three corridors directly , the monster of personal appearance rickets appeared, this is one crowd of hands grasps the dagger, wears the leather armor monster, they bend the waist, on the face is entangling the black veil, but the beautiful figure actually betrayed the sex, this is one crowd of stealth monster, on the shoulder is reappearing a round crescent moon, and is having a name of pleasant to hear „bright moon Asura", I fly slowly near, an attribute read, will share in the team channel

【Bright moon Asura】( 8 levels of Hybrid Demon)

Level: 208

Attack: 32400-36000

Defense: 27000

HP: 4200000

Skill: 【Stealth】 【Piercing [Combo]】 【Accommodation of bright moon】 【Bright moon storm】

Introduced: Bright moon Asura, these Asura are in humanity the appearance beautiful female, but mostly pretty girls have hard luck, either reduces into the bustling place becomes the banister female, either then degenerated into the waiting on concubines of rich people, experiences suffering various types to humiliate and devastate, their souls degenerated, then gave shelter to by Seurre, trains the skill that they kill people, after Seurre betrays the Hybrid Demon territory, the blood deep pool dark blue billows give shelter to these Asura, and grants them to control the bright moon the ability, trains into true above them the invisible killer, bumps into bright moon Asura time should not be flustered, do not escape, these beautiful females excel by. The happy appearance entices the goal, if you become their goals do not run, runs cannot run away, from them, has perhaps been able to enjoy before dying


I grasp am doing, turns round to look to everybody, says with a smile: „Who enjoys first?"

Don't be Foolish is the monster builds up the inscription on stone tablet and bronze, first Cooldown rides the pheasant to overrun, the long spear punctures directly suddenly on a bright moon Asura, the injury of having is not high, bright moon Asura typical is that perfect branch of the services, the attack and defense is extremely high, and skill seems like also intrepid, after being attacked, is only a charm in anger „snort", then wields piercing [Combo], the double dagger cuts the Don't be Foolish shield unceasingly, is good because of his physical defense is also high, can support.

I bring Matcha also to overrun, actually sees that bright moon Asura after attacking Don't be Foolish, suddenly stood in front of Don't be Foolish was motionless, on the face reappeared the beautiful and bewitching smiling face, Don't be Foolish is staying there instantaneously, the saliva fell, the whole person as if petrified generally, this was one attack to player will, obviously Don't be Foolish this fellow was the will not firm that person radically!

„What did this delivery bottom see?" Matcha contemptuous looks.

That bright moon Asura already once more wielded dagger to project on 40% Don't be Foolish HP, drank one to start the last skill bright moon storm tenderly, a round bright moonlight seal killed in the ground, bringing the moon gloss storm to strangle to death, has made into the remnant blood Don't be Foolish directly, was not the words of Darling Duck treatment has perhaps knelt, was bright moon Asura's attack power is not very maneating, was not as good compared with the purgatory hot skeleton, otherwise was also one type greatly kills!

I had found another bright moon Asura, one set of skill gives dozen of remnants, at this moment, this bright moon Asura visits me suddenly, starts skill that the bright moon has accommodated, my whole body trembles instantaneously, the obvious spirit was invaded, this bright moon Asura's appearance at present is becoming even more clear, and her clothing disperses piece by piece, in an instant is attracting to sway from side to side at present, truly is the outstanding person, but is false.


The butterfly sword pricks this bright moon Asura's front rapidly, I have been separated in less than 1 seconds from the condition of spiritual invasion, is Yang Yanji the powerhouse, the energetic strengthened degree is far from the average man can compare, wants to invade my consciousness, this is having a dream simply.

Quick, nearby Matcha also suffers the attack that the bright moon has accommodated, but she is a girl, maneating counterattack, the enemy attacks invalid.

Lin Wan Er rides in the dragon carries on the back, the cheek is red, obviously also saw anything, she has to read the heart ability, the consciousness is almost unable to be invaded, thinks that also sees little.


However Li Mu, Quick Thunder Swift Wind and Ye Lai and the others in dark crisp, seizes with bright moon Asura to slaughtering, more kills is braver, even Ye Lai said inadvertently, said very much crisply: „Oh, naturally after quickly broadcasts was sealed, for a long time does not have this welfare......"

Naturally, this these extra-superior rode the war are the player also dare such amusement manner, many other slightly weak points players directly had even been killed to the second by bright moon Asura, which also dares to be like this negligent.

However, the well of three journeys of killing blaming this god demon truly...... Very enjoys, including wants many by the spirit that I cannot bear to be invaded several seconds.

Zhan Long Chapter 1113

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