Zhan Long Chapter 1114

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Because bright moon Asura is the relations of stealth, therefore our advancement speeds are very slow, must investigate to begin with the skill first, otherwise one set of skill by bright moon Asura stealth directly carried off after very much easily, I and Jian Feng Han, the player of Meng Yao this rank said fortunately that the prevention and cure of schistosomiasis has sufficed, not by second, but Quick Thunder Swift Wind, Old K, Bai Qi and other Berserker of pure attack department was difficult to say.

Is good is beautiful because of the bright moon Asura appearance, this kills not to be tasteless.

Fully nearly 4 hours, we kill an insight on three corridors, as if killed off all bright moon Asura, but Lin Wan Er also at the right moment a bright moon Asura's contour duplicates the illustrated handbook to deposit in own disguiser ring, this when where she can consume the appearance that Rage points will turn into bright moon Asura, is used to sneak attack the player or sneak attacks NPC is very sharp.

„BOSS where?" Jian Feng Han is grasping the long sword, complexion pale saying.

Fang Ge Que shakes the head: „Does not know that approximately BOSS is also the stealth."

Yan Zhao Warrior said: „Looks separatedly, momentarily helps supply each other."


The crowd disperses once more, but as a result of the relations of [Stealth], I leads the Lin Wan Er, Meng Yao, East city, Li Mu, Wang Jian and other [Zhan Long] core players to form 10 people of squads, prompts forward BOSS that sought for just to renovate slowly, must approach, otherwise was caught that by [Stealth] BOSS mostly is the dead end.

Less than three minutes, suddenly in team hears the pitiful yell sound, is the cold Bei Song voice: „It is not wonderful, BOSS here, comes quickly! Coordinate( 4677,1030 here)!"

I slightly one cold, leads the people to overrun hurriedly, is away from we less than two minutes of traveling schedule, but when we rush, actually discovered that cold Bei Song, Who's Blue face and other players turned into the corpse completely.


I look to Dong Cheng Yue: „East city, dark night meteor!"

The Dong Cheng Yue arm shakes, the big flame shot up to the sky, has illuminated the stealth target far and near, however has not actually seen existence of BOSS, it seems like BOSS has walked away, this unexpectedly was intelligent BOSS that can move, was somewhat thorny! Darling Duck staff raises, 11 resurrected cold Bei Song, Who's Blue face and the others, the cold Bei Song complexion is not quite good, self-ridiculed that said: „NND, was been unexpectedly cloudy, really cannot bear."

„What BOSS is, did you see clearly?"

„Just like bright moon Asura, build basically almost, but on time, the chest also greatly, in the hand is taking the red dagger, the murder speed is fast, one set of skill can give the second me, as if also the soul appearing intermittently skill of meeting assassin, attacks one time on the stealth 0.5 second, cannot project on."

„You follow us together, do not disperse."


Therefore, 10 people of squads turned into 20 people, after we gather restored to finish, the distant place once more broadcasts the sound, this time the squad that was Bai Li Ruo Feng leads receives to attack, but when we rushed saw 10 corpses as before, completely after resurrecting, complexions ugly awfully, everybody has not thought of this BOSS intelligently that.

In the team channel, the Fang Ge Que fruit blocks the way: „Cannot be scattered, all people to the Coordinate ( 3111,0912 ) here set, I wait for everybody here, hurry up, must be careful along the way that this BOSS possibly hides in any position!"

The Mage dark night meteor CD at least over 40 seconds, are unable the unremitting release, therefore are impossible to reconnoiter along the way, on this being doomed road is high-risk.

I shook hand the double sword, grabs the reins, said: „Walks, slowly advance."


30 people of squads march forward slowly, this time was to actually suffice to be careful, nobody acted rashly again, but in we advanced slowly on the way, suddenly Enchanted Painting in team said loudly: „Elder sister, you a bit faster come, we received to sneak attack, BOSS here, a bit faster came, otherwise the Boss must be massacred!"

This time had the danger including Fang Ge Que!

I instigate the god fierce fine horse to pick up the speed hurriedly, Matcha quick-witted hold my skill, stands up from failure to sit the horseback to follow me, Lin Wan Er gently pats the silver dragon Little Bai back, immediately dragonet flying like lightning to the distant place, must reenforce as fast as possible, otherwise Fang Ge Que that person is really also not necessarily able to block . Moreover, the Fang Ge Que team lacks the true top tank, Enchanted Painting attacks the department, the defense is insufficient, although defense of Xuan Yuan Feng, but the striking power insufficient the living hatred that is not necessarily able to draw, must have me and Jian Feng Han, otherwise this BOSS basically did not have the means to hit.


In the strong gale god fierce fine horse long hissing arrived at the spot, really a piece was chaotic, in the crowd of [Legend] team wears the stature beautiful female of green armor and red cloak to brandish the blood red dagger to rush ahead in the crowd, the dagger carries over the skill gloss continuously, directly [Legend] held flag Wei Little to kill to the second refined.

„, Good pain, Motherfucker!" Slightly refined falls down is obloquying as before: „This prostitute - child striking power was too high, everybody was careful that is really mean!"

The BOSS forehead plate has become the refined chignon, has the Chinese style very much, the cheek is also fine, fills classical beautiful, but the look brings to be fierce and cruel, affected the aesthetic sense of picture slightly, but Fang Ge Que also at the right moment attribute sharing of BOSS in the forming a team channel, finally, we welcomed first five-star god level BOSS in well of god demon

【Asura goddess Millie Nha】( God level BOSS ★★★★★)

Level: 209

Attack: 36000-48000

Defense: 32000

HP: 2,5000,0000

Skill: 【Hopeless situation goes into seclusion】 【Sweetheart dense kiss】 【Seven [Combo]】 【Bright moon storm】

Introduced: Millie Nha, several thousand years ago empire female war-gods, fought again lost the life, buried the later soul to be restless, before dying, had Holy Domain strength her after the soul fell into the purgatory to continue to practice, finally stepped into the boundary of god territory, Millie Nha has excelled at the [Stealth] sneak attack, tempered two handle daggers in the purgatory, one named „heartless", one named „brutal", practiced for several thousand years actually throughout unable to break through the life and death disaster in the purgatory to re-enter every, finally was subdued by the blood deep pool dark blue billows, leading her to re-enter the human earth, but this time Millie Nha also already completely. Has controlled the disposition, becomes a callous killer in Hybrid Demon territory

„Be careful, do not let the BOSS once more stealth again!"

My distant raising hand is [Great Realm of Desolation] locks Millie Nha, drank three handles to do the sword lowly pierced this Asura goddess body!


Also good, at least her defense I can break with ease.

Fang Ge Que retrocedes, while brandishes paper fan, loses skills, [Legend] one group of people noticed that I came to just like saw the liberator, but I also saw that Xuan Yuan Feng and corpses of Lu Chun Yang two senior generals lay down on the ground, was really quite miserable, if I did not come possibly really to by this Asura goddess be assassinated Fang Ge Que.

A Jianfeng pendulum, I enter thousand frost wing effects to directly soar BOSS, the speed quickly certainly, just likes the shell hit above her body, simultaneously the double sword wields continuously, 4 times attacks the mixture, in [Combo] + rides the wind in the skill that cuts, has created 20 + attacks instantaneously, immediately solidly locks the BOSS hatred value.


Millie Nha provokes visits me, she fights in the flight unexpectedly, treadons void moves suddenly, the dagger already printed on my shoulder, brushed past turns around with me is one time „mua" the sweetheart dense kiss, finally system System Notification in me has attracted the skill of department, but fell to the immunity by the heroic heart.

Even if so, BOSS combo came, after time attacks, pair of dagger brilliance rises sharply, consecutively for 7 times attacks instantaneously, is seven [Combo] skills, after seven [Combo], is time attacks, afterward erupts a time bright moon storm skill, in fact this BOSS started 10 times to attack instantaneously, but I rapidly entered the defense stance, the double sword was shelled with the both arms continuously, the severe pain transmitted, HP brushed to fall, this set of skill unexpectedly directly me from thousand full Xuehong, only then thousand not to remnant blood!

And, each time after the attack, Millie Nha entered the short invisible effect, and unexpectedly still in the position, walks half step to attack on a dagger, this absolutely was operation class super BOSS!

At a crucial moment, I want not to be a [Cleansing Rain] technique restore own HP

„+ 60060!"

Takes own foundation striking power to get online for the restoration of amount, is very powerful, was basically similar to a top Healer big iatrotechnics effect, simultaneously I also take advantage of opportunity am a [Strength of a Thousand Men] bang in Millie Nha's front, the sword sword enter the meat, causes thousand + damage also attracts near 200 000 HP, caused that Enchanted Painting said: „Quite fierce"

Fang Ge Que continues maintains the output , is very silent, simultaneously Yan Zhao Warrior, Drunken Spear that and the others from another direction catches up with joins to fight the circle, is acted as the main tank by me as before, after all was capable of my this attack and defense and war duplicate person being too few, actually also on the Jian Feng Han top BOSS ability can with me one high, and that obviously was not as good as.

Simple is raising staff, outputs, while sighs with regret, has not spoken.

Thinks that she also in wants initially, Jian Feng Han to invite me to kill first purple continuous rain step BOSS, blows out that moment of day of plan sword, they said that nobody compared with my this sword is Healer medicine more suitable, when T, these words also as before have been able to continue to use to the present, truly, nobody compared with my more suitable anti- BOSS.


After a Millie Nha attack, enters the short invisible condition, immediately Jian Feng Han, Yan Zhao Warrior, Li Mu and other people of attacks all fell by MISS, this makes people very helpless, but BOSS behind Lin Wan Er after starting one set of skill said: „Small dance, records BOSS with your cresting of curse, that skill has to eradicate the stealth effect."

Dancing Forest marks immediately, is really a sign someone pregnancy skill, although Millie Nha lived for several thousand years not to cherish on, however her invisible effect completely was invalid to the members of our squad.

Airborne suddenly one bright, a round silver waning moon seal in my sole, here we go again!

Bright moon storm!

Not is only I, Yan Zhao Warrior, Jian Feng Han and other close combat departments also came under the attack of bright moon storm, the injury is extremely high, hits my thousand, hit other people are above 200 000, frightened Jian Feng Han and Li Mu again and again to retrocede, but after the bright moon storm started, had to be detained the effect to the surrounding player, walked cannot leave, the complexion of Asura goddess became kills intent greatly Sheng, turned around is seven [Combo] has given to [Prague] Guildmaster Yanzhao uncle!


Yan Zhao Warrior only with enough time said these words, was punctured thoroughly the throat, fell dead in battle slowly.

Zhan Long Chapter 1114

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