Zhan Long Chapter 1115

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Actually Asura goddess Millie Nha belongs to BOSS of leather armor department, but attack power was too high, the casualness can the second kill our Heavy Armor is the player, after Yan Zhao Warrior, even Drunken Spear and Wang Jian also respectively received an entertainment, Qi Qi has handed over 1 level, but as the price of exchange, Millie Nha's HP also Shua Shua falls.


After is BOSS of assassin department, short is less than 20 minutes, Millie Nha's HP only then 10% do not arrive, and her big move is the bright moon storm, release constantly exerts pressure to us, how me and Jian Feng Han can depend upon [Wall of Dou Qi], 30% [Drain] and greed, Greedy Wolf armor and other characteristics restores from me, kills cannot massacre, instead was cut miserable by us.

When BOSS HP less than 2%, everybody encircles the attack, has formed a tacit understanding, is who massacred looks at the luck, especially Quick Thunder Swift Wind brought two [House of Prestige] close combats to be the player simply not awfully toward Millie Nha front post, hopes that BOSS died in own hand.

My loses concentration has not locked in BOSS, really Millie Nha on bright moon storm + the eruptions of seven [Combo], Quick Thunder Swift Wind to the second, really loved!

Various skills are erupting around the pitiful Asura goddess, finally, Millie Nha stuffy, unexpectedly dies under the Lin Wan Er dagger, Matcha secretly titter in side, said: „Wan Er, thanks me to receive the blade quickly promptly, otherwise definitely snatched......"

Lin Wan Er chuckle: „Thanks Matcha!"

Saying, she manufactures the illustrated handbook that Millie Nha can camouflage rapidly, approximately the manufacture illustrated handbook is her original intention, but to not snatch the BOSS empirical value.

But instance that Millie Nha died, one pile of equipment have also exploded, but this time apparently does not have the previous time quantity to be many, the equipment quantity that not to mention the quality, more downward, BOSS explodes were getting fewer and fewer, this time 6 equipment, 11 at present are presenting the equipment attribute, and this time was the assassin is the player bumper crop, unexpectedly the uniform assassin was equipment

【Heartless】( Magical instrument ★★★★★): The dagger, attacks 13500-18400, attack power + 145%, neglect to defend 40% , + 10% [Drain] effects, attack speed + 115%

【Cruel blade edge】( Magical instrument ★★): The dagger, 12050-16400, attack power + 130%, neglect 30% defenses, + 100% attack speed and 7% fatal striking rates

【Bright moon wrister】( Magical instrument ★★★): The leather armor department, defends + 3900, + 35% Agility, physical defense + 70%, HP upper limit + 30000

【Green flame leather boots】( Magical instrument *): The leather armor department, defends + 3120, physical defense + 45%, HP upper limit + 17000

【Bright moon hard helmet】( Magical instrument ★★★): The leather armor department, defends + 4150, + 40% Agility, physical defense + 85%, suddenly to strike injures + 20%

【The shield of arhat】( Magical instrument *): leather armor is the special assistant goods, physical defense + 120%, attack power + 50%, attack speed + 75%


Players of one crowd of leather armor departments were excited, but the assassin is in the player is primarily the [Zhan Long] player, Lin Wan Er, Yue Qing Qian, Yue Wei Liang and Wolf , the heartless, five-star magical instrument dagger, were in these equipment the attack power strongest dagger, attack power pursued my butterfly sword . Moreover the attribute of in addition was specially good, the armor piercing, increased speed, [Drain] and other key elements to have, simply might be considered as the perfect assassin is the magical instrument!

I was talking over actually at heart silently, let Lin Wan Er with the dagger, the good and evil was our [Zhan Long] first goddess, had a five-star magical instrument also should be!

Who thinks that the day failing person hopes, after a series of dices fall, Lin Wan Er only placed 4 th, but first was [Zhan Long] another beautiful woman vice- Guildmaster, Yue Qing Qian attains this heartless dagger impressively!

The young misses have naturally been wild with joy, is a dagger of two star magical instruments, this time made Wolf taking away, again was the climax, the bright moon wrister, and seemed the bright moon coverall, the three stars magical instrument coverall, this attraction was big enough, even if were Lin Wan Er also changed countenance, prayed silently can attain!

This luck her, the lucky goddess looked upon with favor, Lin Wan Er has attained the bright moon wrister by 87 points!

Finally what lets me and she is wild with joy, is one's turn the bright moon hard helmet time, the system automatic has given Lin Wan Er this hard helmet ownership, because of the relations of bright moon wrister, the system was to tacitly approve some player ROLL obtains second to first on the necessity!

„Congratulates Sister Cang Tong!" Yue Qing Qian grasped heartlessly, was saying with joy.

Lin Wan Er two equipment equipment on, the whole person as if was also more energetic, said: „Finally was open for business...... Enters the well of god demon not to attain any equipment to the present......"

I am somewhat speechless, actually 100 people, is the assassin is the player are few, otherwise which wheel obtains everybody?

The green flame leather boots were walked by [Legend] assassin ROLL, the shield of arhat was taken away by a [Vanguard] assassin, does not know that this gadget is useful.

At this moment, the last spoils of war also reappeared, impressively is a purple skill book, the attribute slowly presents in our at present, immediately all assassins were the breath of player stop once more

【Bright moon storm】( God level skill): The summon bright moon shines upon the earth, in the goal to some 20 × 20 code forms the glory fragmentation effect, and can break their displacement skills completely, buys in them to enter the storm center , to continue for 1 second, and attaches 25% deceleration effects , to continue for 7 seconds, the skill cools for 25 seconds, the study consumes 120 Charm, the study needs Class: The assassins, the study needs Level: 192 levels.


Because the skill needs the relations of Level, made [Legend], [Vanguard] and [Prague] several assassins not have ROLL qualifications instantaneously, therefore only the remaining two people can the ROLL point, be Lin Wan Er, another was Yue Qing Qian, the Wan Er 194 levels, the Qing Qian 192 levels, compared the tragedy as for the small wolf and Yue Wei Liang, was 191 levels, was merely poor.

The points appear rapidly, does not have accident, Lin Wan Er once more has become the final winner, the bright moon storm also started!


A green ripple surges, the beautiful woman young lady has learned the new god level skill, such came the later output capacity to be stronger, and bright moon storm not only lethality, decelerated, the spiral effect, was the collection eruption, controls and decelerates a body simply, simply was the masterstroke of killing a person and taking his possessions!

Fang Ge Que also grasps to flow Yun Shan to walk, said: „Congratulates the Cang Tong goddess, this time was the bumper crop, the skill of bright moon coverall sur- bright moon storm, was perfect!"

Lin Wan Er shows a faint smile: „Thanks Fang Ge Que Guildmaster, depends entirely on everybody to work with concerted efforts to massacre BOSS to blow out these."

Yan Zhao Warrior grasps the Swordsmanship: „God level skill was too rare, even if also only blows out two books this type of top map to the present, congratulates [Zhan Long], bright moon storm, murders the god three artillery, has made the [Zhan Long] core group fight the ability to rise to a new scale sufficiently, is really fearful, guild that such one group of people compose......"

As soon as I pat his shoulder, said with a smile: „What was Yanzhao uncle you sobbing? [Zhan Long] and [Prague] are the allies, we are fearful, protects your strength . Moreover the following primary mission shows no external differences, [Zhan Long] actively will not participate in any domestic civil war again, I can pledge here."

Jian Feng Han shows a faint smile: „Yes, who does everybody have free time dozen of civil wars?"

„This may be difficult to say."

Yan Zhao Warrior looks to the sky, said: „We do not want to hit do not mean that all people do not want to hit, perhaps do some people want to fight rest Cooldown to make to dominate Tian Ling Empire while the country?"

I look to Fang Ge Que, said: „Now should not have anybody to have this ability?"

The Fang Ge Que nod smiles: „Lets him do what he pleases, I thought that has this ambition person himself is a joke, we continue to practice the level, went to fourth!"



Well of three knot god demon opened, opened for us to four channels, jumps hangingly, I am grasping the double sword, has a look at equipment, when because T was too long, armor, wrister and other positions were less than 10%, therefore looked for [Legend] person free repair, afterward brought Matcha to go to four, although actually the output of this all the way Matcha was also very considerable, but cannot enter absolutely first 10, led her to come the bludger empirical value, was good because of Matcha is also intelligent, one to killing BOSS time, can not retrocede. Advance, when everybody kills in vain with the empirical value and that's the end, but kills 8 levels of Hybrid Demon time is actually flagitious, by her operation, even if the strength is inferior to the opposite party to be able the crush.

Four are filling smog as before, is silent, on corridor that here monster no longer stealth, the dike in-line entered finally, a leader wild animal crawled in the place, that was the person of surface lion beast, one brand-new monster, was growing a fiery face, but four limbs actually exceptionally powerful, the whole body has been covered with the flame hair, the roaring sound continually a piece.

Read out the attribute of first headman surface lion beast rapidly, shared in the team channel

【Person surface lion beast】( 8 levels of Hybrid Demon)

Level: 209

Attack: 32700-37000

Defense: 25000

HP: 4000000

Skill: 【Roared impact】 【Bloodthirsty worry】 【Brute】

Introduced: Person surface lion beast, in the legend this is one crowd receives humanity of curse, these people stopped at no evil, after dying, are unable to escape into the samsara, finally was punished by the Spiritual God with the lion synthesis, became non- person not ghost existence, the person the surface lion beast had greatly strengthened attack power, and was good at taunting the match by the face of humanity, once met the person of surface lion beast to probably massacre him rapidly, otherwise you could eat up to the opposite party


I already first Cooldown overran, on the side of Matcha copes with a headman surface lion beast, the butterfly, does will cut swiftly and fiercely, this 209 levels of 8 levels of Hybrid Demon cannot resist as before, just like introduced that said that must the quick solution, the brute be a taunt is the skill, but the effect is taunts one time to make physical defense of match reduce 5%, taunted several families to hit you looks like cuts the dish to be the same.

But no matter what, compared three bright moon Asura to be better to cope, the stealth, that will not be at least easy to do.


Cooldown is late at night, the Tian Ling Empire 100 people of peak teams spare no efforts to fight bravely in the well of god demon as before.

Zhan Long Chapter 1115

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