Zhan Long Chapter 1116

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3 : 00 am, the well of four person surface lion beasts god demon have killed cleanly, system System Notification BOSS Shua was new at this moment, and this Shua is new quite near, is away from us less than hundred meters, that is one grasps the long stick, to wear the senior master of white robe, a face dark green face, when Li Mu and One Second Hero several people approach, he warned immediately in a low voice with the trembling sound: „Your these ignorant adventurers, do you also want to continue to enter the well of god demon? Acts recklessly simply!"


„This time is the master is BOSS." I said in team channel.

Jian Feng Han said: „My demon anti- is quite low, this BOSS I did not go to main Tanzania."

I asked: „Whose demon anti- high?"

Goodbye Tears said: „Makes me come, my armor, wrister and boots are the JP demon anti- attires, complete additional over 100% magic defense . Moreover the shield also added 3000 demon anti- effects, should be able to block this BOSS."

A Fang Ge Que nod: „On you, careful."


At this time, I also attribute sharing of BOSS in the team channel, 210 levels of five-star god level BOSS, this attribute truly am not a lid

【Being in fashion Okker are many】( God level BOSS ★★★★★)

Level: 210

Magic attack: 35500-47500

Defense: 27000

HP: 2,2000,0000

Skill: 【Being in fashion technique】 【Bone-chilling cold hurricane】 【Wind dragon surprise attack】 【Storm domain】

Introduced: Okker are many, one inborn is the talent of wind system element control, when Okker is young knew thoroughly various wind system magics, after being grown, is to become the eminent of Empire Younger generation, settled on after by the empire emperors, selects into the imperial palace becomes one of the palace demon teachers, later the empire chaos caused by war falls to the enemy, Okker breaks through, wanders about destitute becomes strongest vagrant master above the mainland, and obtained the title of being in fashion, many years later, the blood deep pool dark blue billows found Okker to be many, take the strength to force him to use for oneself, Okker many finally became in Hybrid Demon


The senior master stands beyond being away from our dozens meters, does not begin, waited for us to begin first, but I and Jian Feng Han, Ye Lai, Drunken Spear, Matcha and other crowd of close combats were the player are standing, no one went to begin first, after all this BOSS reached as high as the foundation Magic attacks about 5 thousand, who wants to try?

Goodbye Tears progresses to go forward slowly, is raising the buddhist monk's knife, drinks one suddenly lowly, Jinzhongzhao takes possession, the buddhist monk's knife shakes slightly, is a green corona covers in the under foot, that is promotes the magic defense skill, the Monk appropriation skill, thinks so, his magic defense as if truly not under me, and blood are many, the thick-skinned meat is coarse, is truly more suitable than to work as this tank me.

single Zhangpi leaves, the direct multi-colored sunlight flew Going out, is Fokuang peeps the skill!



Fokuang peeps by the physical defense addition attack, these made being in fashion Okker miserable snort to fall many blood, a stubbornness and angry of his face, staff layer on layer knocked against the ground, „bang" shocked the mind, wind system energies lingered in the under foot help him obtain the ability of flight, did not see staff to vacillate, saw only the bone-chilling cold storm to erupt together in the under foot of Goodbye Tears, was time attacks the wind blade edge, did not wait for the wind blade edge to cease, Dragon Yin, the bottom presented a wind dragon swept across in Goodbye Tears, injury figures flew, Very scary





Came a time wind blade edge technique, Goodbye Tears HP already to see the bottom again, looked deathly pale: „My grass, what demon this is attacks, was too terrifying? I request to trade T!"

Although said that his buddhist monk's knife has the skill corona that Mount Tai is striking to pound fiercely on the shoulder of BOSS, but I also flew Going out, said in team channel: „Starts to output, the Healer collection fire treats Goodbye Tears!"

My not near body, but distant consumes BOSS HP by [Great Realm of Desolation] + [Blade Spin], simultaneously establishes several [Azure Dragon Crossbow] to attack in the surroundings together.

In the field the Goodbye Tears situation is not very optimistic, HP Shua Shua falls, the BOSS bone-chilling cold hurricane + wind dragon surprise attack + wind blade edge was really too strong, and last skill did not have the release, once released, Goodbye Tears that pitiful about 20% HP definitely did not guarantee.

Lin Wan Er is grasping the dagger, is raising the iron umbrella, the body just likes the butterfly dance infiltrates in the BOSS wind dragon surprise attack crevices, strikes the dagger to prick the chest of BOSS suddenly, carries over [Gouge] to strike the effect, simultaneously drinks one lightly, the silver prints the ground together composed, erupts the bright moon storm skill, has saying that the operation of Lin Wan Er extremely has ornamental.

BOSS wild with rage erupts instantaneously, wind dragon surprise attack + wind blade edge technique direct bang to Lin Wan Er, but the beautiful woman young lady does not fear these, iron umbrella „whish" opening, comes the magic attack standard parry all, at least reduced over 30% injuries, this makes Goodbye Tears dumbfounded, when the Moon Elf race in dealing with the magic attacks the BOSS ability truly to be unparalleled in the world!

At this time I also remembered our [Zhan Long] Moon Elf beautiful woman cavalry regiment to come, actually this BOSS let Meng Yao and Yue Yao Yan resists is it would be the best, these two person Level do not lower now, in addition had the iron umbrella standard to keep off with the Knight HP superiority, this BOSS wants to kill them almost to be unlikely.

However, I have looked down on this five-star BOSS!

„Roar, dies completely!"

The first release last skill, the storm domain, in the instantaneous field circles hurricanes, the power to injure is astonishing, my body anxious spin retrocedes, but Goodbye Tears and Drunken Spear two people depend quite near, had been killed by the second directly, not only that two Healer and several archers had been killed also by together the second, the entire situation instantaneously randomly has become one group!


„Stands firm!"

Fang Ge Que opens [Black Tortoise Shield] to withstand the impact of storm domain forcefully, simultaneously a spiral figure skating gives to withstand BOSS, flows Yun Shan to shiver slightly, the body week flame cyclone circulation, the law robe waves fiercely, the long hair flew upwards, was mad the field fully roars to gather the air/Qi to finish in a low voice, started the fire god roaring skill suddenly, the overwhelming flame impact swept across the surroundings, BOSS was also flushed continually draws back several steps stiffly, the storm domain skill breaking!

All people are one astonished, immediately continues to kill BOSS at your posts.

Being in fashion Okker continues to wreak havoc, under the magic salvo frequently kills our member at the scene seconds, even a One Second Hero such Knight department also had been killed by the second, long-handled spear „" falls to the ground, the luck is not good, unexpectedly exploded, immediately the player speedy approaches of two [House of Prestige], planned to pick to take the long-handled spear.

I coughed immediately, said: „Bai Li Ruo Feng Guildmaster!"

The Bai Li Ruo Feng vision sweeps, shouted to clear the way in a low voice: „Cannot move the long-handled spear, that is the [Zhan Long] thing."

Two players stop marching forward resentfully, the backlash continues to carry on the long-distance output, but after One Second Hero Darling Duck brings back to life, is picked up the long-handled spear on equipment on, Lin Wan Er clashes me to crack into a chuckle, without speech, but the meaning is self-evident, [Zhan Long] now is not under Wu Amun, if snatches equipment of our [Zhan Long] main player, that is waiting for the revenge of [Zhan Long]!

At that moment, the entire Chinese area, is willing to face the revenge of [Zhan Long] without any Guild, this is without a doubt.


In the field, magics wreak havoc, but our long-distance are also quite powerful, output of Dancing Forest, Dong Cheng Yue and Simple first-class, but the colored glaze fox after obtaining the new skill also the ray greatly puts, transforms the heavy artillery effect, to BOSS is being the consecutively three artillery, „bang bang bang" the injuries of each artillery at least over 9 thousand, such output is remarkable!

Although being in fashion Okker's many attack power are scary, but how the body as before is the frail physique of master, which can withstand such wanton bombing, less than 20 minutes miserable howlingly poured on one under my sword, this time sword was cut snatching last by my riding the wind, this was also good, favored, my charm scene was highest, was killed BOSS also to let the maximum benefit by me.

equipment that result BOSS explodes were less, only then trivial five, just equipment attribute quite bright eye

【proud Tianzhang】( Magical instrument ★★★★★): staff, Magic attacks 14500-18900, Magic attack power + 175%, the Magic penetration effect + 50%, + 10% magic [Drain] effects, skill cooling reduces + 30%

【Void long gown】( Magical instrument ★★★★): cloth armor, defends + 2950, Magic attack power + 120%, hurt reduces + 25%, HP upper limit + 30000

【Void finger ring】( Magical instrument ★★★): The ring, Magic attack power + 115%, + 15% magic [Drain] effects, skill cooling reduces + 20%, HP upper limit + 17000

【Being in fashion cape】( Magical instrument ★★): The cloak, defends + 4720, physical defense + 70%, Magic attack power + 85%

【Being in fashion falling decoration】( Magical instrument ★★★): Necklace, Magic attack power + 145%, always spirit strength value + 20%, total magic value + 40%, skill: In fashion, can make the user fly unlimitedly for 5 minutes, consumes 100 Rage points, cools the Cooldown 60 minutes.


Uniform magical instrument!

And this time except for several JP equipment, proud Tianzhang the Magic attack smiles the arrogant outstanding heroes, physical defense of void long gown is the eminent in law robe, another three equipment are also quite good, but uniform is the master is equipment of player, basically did not have what relations with us.

Starts the ROLL point, proud Tianzhang is competition of most focal point, one crowd of Mage ROLL, Simple, Dong Cheng Yue and Thousand Suns over Snowy Lands and the others in abundance over 70 points, only Fang Ge Que ROLL did not leave 83 points figures together finally, took away proud Tianzhang directly, looks like, [Legend] Guildmaster this was must change to the rhythm of long stick.

Second equipment, void long gown was walked to ROLL by Simple.

The void finger ring, the spirit attacks with Magic [Drain] is the quite good attribute, was walked by Thousand Suns over Snowy Lands ROLL.

The being in fashion cape was walked to ROLL by North Pole of [Vanguard] three giants.

Falling that last magical instrument, being in fashion falling decoration, can fly plays the part of equipment, East city does not have ROLL, was walked to ROLL by Simple!


All equipment minutes end, this being in fashion Okker's many duties also are really simple, kills our No. dozens person, then gives one pile of magical instruments, but is also good, next time country war, our top Mage overall strengths were stronger!

Continue, explores fifth, moreover this BOSS is my ultimate objective demoniacal Redding, has Hybrid Demon BOSS of king level strength!

Zhan Long Chapter 1116

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