Zhan Long Chapter 1117

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„Whish...... Whish......"

Five flame direct impact heavens, the thick smog almost smokes the person unable to open eyes, is in airborne, the strong gale sweeps across the beast of prey that the flame swallows the myriad things likely to raise the overlord cape of dance generally, Lin Wan Er silver dragon Little Bai is also narrowing the eye, sends out a low roar as if to protest this bad environment.

„Jie Jie......"

Not far away, in -line entered well of five on the corridors dike god demon only „small monster" to appear, said that was the small monster mainly compares with the former monster is quite truly small, that was whole body densely covered scales and heads likely is the lizard, but nape of the neck place actually one group of cherry common things, when the small monster called, on this group of cherry chess pieces opened to turn into a red small umbrella, but its end likely was hangs a small iron hammer to be ordinary, looked like funny laughable.

After flying to be near, attribute sharing of monster in the team channel, everybody did not think immediately this monster was funny, the attribute is quite really intrepid

【Spirit umbrella insect】( 8 levels of Hybrid Demon)

Level: 210

Attack: 33400-38500

Defense: 27000

HP: 4500000

Skill: 【Torching technique】 【Canopy defense】 【Spirit awl chaotic dance】

Introduced: Spirit umbrella insect, this is a life in the biology of underground deep place, the life place of spirit umbrella insect from the purgatory and every potential surface connection near, therefore their personalities is extremely cruel, and year to year undergoes the purgatory strength the baptism, the flame strength of spirit umbrella insect is strong, can spout the high-temperature the flame, can use the canopy between napes of the neck to be exempt from the majority of injuries by oneself, when it waves the rear spirit awl, you should better run away, will otherwise regret not and


Don't be Foolish rides soon is roasting the ripe pheasant direct impact on go, said: „First makes me try fierce of this 8 levels of Hybrid Demon!"

Lance horizontal, this [Vanguard] first Knight traded the warhorse to go on the direct impact, struck to shake distantly spatially punctures the bang a spirit umbrella insect to retrocede suddenly again and again, but this was not anything, the small head of spirit umbrella insect lifted suddenly sends out the angry scream, afterward yawn one group of flame swept across Don't be Foolish, 9 thousand + injury, but also was good, although was inferior to the attack of BOSS, when the Don't be Foolish lance arrived once more, the canopy of spirit umbrella insect „whish" one opened, will attack the injury to surpass 50% to give MISS to fall, on the canopy dingdong the lasing the lance hit. The ray, this feeling looks like the Wan Er, Meng Yao and other Moon Elf player iron umbrella defense of actually very much the appearances.

Fang Ge Que carries on the back to leap from the dragon, said: „The tail of small mind umbrella insect."


Don't be Foolish hesitates, the discovery spirit umbrella insect the super revolving, the rear spirit awl has actually howled to go, Don't be Foolish in great surprise, did not respond slowly, rapidly the shield horizontally in the front!

„Bang bang bang......"





Spirit awl chaotic art of dancing can continue fully for 3 seconds, shells repeatedly on the Don't be Foolish shield, even if defends the stance Don't be Foolish to fall to as before, only then 14% HP, have not needed to think, if he has not defended, has not exempted from the injury with the northern heavens shield wall, possibly he had been killed by the second here, simultaneously I can also imagine, if a troop spirit umbrella insect, in the group fights simultaneously the spirit awl chaotic dance, these small tops, who can resist?

Thinks to think fearful, immediately said in team: „Do not look down on these spirit umbrella insects, directing, should not be corrupt, will otherwise possibly kill."

Ye Lai is grasping Axe, said with a smile: „Has not related, our walks, died the number of people number in 8 levels of Hybrid Demon were also many, is right Quick Thunder Swift Wind?"

On Quick Thunder Swift Wind face burning, because has a low opinion of the enemy to add on own physical defense difference, Quick Thunder Swift Wind truly many time hung before in the hand of non- BOSS level monster, actually, even should not blame him, 8 levels of Hybrid Demon strengths were very indeed strong, in handling against situation a player knelt down to sing sufficiently conquers.

Bai Li Ruo Feng is raising the long bow, said: „Let alone these useless, the speed has pushed, strives for 3 hours to massacre demoniacal Redding."

Yan Zhao Warrior plan Ma Yang sword fires into another spirit umbrella insect, said: „This degree of difficulty was too high, Redding is not the soft persimmon, is not five-star god level BOSS can compare absolutely."



Looks at their appearances, I smile bitterly, the ingredient that our hundred people of rolling was really too complex, the major Guild people had, everyone refused to accept anyone, was not really easy killing that can work with concerted efforts to fifth, occasionally the beginning corners of the mouth was also the way things should be, after all this masters were the Tian Ling Empire pivotal characters, everyone a little temperament and edges and corners.

Leads the Matcha, Wan Er, Meng Yao, Li Mu and other [Zhan Long] players to start to kill strangely, physical defense of spirit umbrella insect is quite good, but cannot block my two five-star magical instrument as before . Moreover, after killing 3 spirit umbrella insects, continually I also mastered the knack, in the hand have been grasping [Strength of a Thousand Men] and [Combo] two big skills, used Ping Kanlai to consume HP of spirit umbrella insect, once the spirit umbrella insect started the spirit awl danced randomly „small top" attack the time, immediately erupts [Strength of a Thousand Men] and [Combo] to attack, 10 attacks, can always trigger shaking of blade edge of time champion to draw back the effect, once shook draws back. Revolving of small top also naturally stopped, did not have the attack of super revolving, naturally does not threaten to us.

Other teams also respectively seek for in view of direction, majority is the archer comes the anchorage monster to avoid injuring with the [Seven Stars Teleportation] arrow, some through the burn dizziness effect of master, for example the Jian Feng Han team, the Simple ring have in 1 second of spirit hot technique continually ignition the [Indigo Sea Arrow] attack inevitably 100% dizziness goal 1 second of special effect, this move was used reach a high degree of proficiency by Simple, majority of Mage gave up the spirit hot technique that application Mage can study actually blossoms in radiant splendor in the hand of Simple, 19 level spirit fire techniques, guide Cooldown ultra-short, is almost instantaneous, although the power to injure is inferior to the high level skill, but coordinates. [Indigo Sea Arrow] ice fire [Combo] is effective, can in addition the dizziness 1 second, therefore has become the Simple advertisement combination skill.

Actually also has like the combination skill, almost every top player has such special skill, but we too for a long time do not have duel, did not know each other now also the unique skills of many collections.


Not far away, Yan Zhao Warrior and six his attack rhythms are sprightly, interlock the splendid deduction of cooperation skill of attack and shield under their sword, these two people have the tacit understanding, although six he could not have a liking for the Yan Zhao Warrior appearance, but Yanzhao uncle and other [Prague] main members truly was good to not have the words to six him saying that even said one excessively, six he sent the friend circle saying that in the micro letter the maternal aunt came that to use up, Yan Zhao Warrior can appear after 10 minutes in six his buildings starts to hold a bag brand-new Sophie.

Is this individual charm is probably at?

Chinese area Guildmaster of major Guild on generally have the respective charm, Yan Zhao Warrior by old, but is famous devotedly, Fang Ge Que broad, treats people by the heart by the honesty is unparalleled in the world, Q-Sword hides shortcomings, and is not general hiding shortcomings, rather makes war with anybody for the member of line of business meeting, but this is a charm and guild cohesive force, the Jian Feng Han manner rigid, kept promises, the Mu Xuan appearance was moving, beauty unparalleled, Ye Lai upheld justice verve courageously and warmly, this Guildmaster level players in many player minds were the characters of heroic level, but the biggest charm of game on here, whom wants to become approximately. Heroes, therefore, plays the People oversensitive road course of game is very simple, becomes the hero, or on becoming the path of hero.


„...... Healer draws the blood...... ¥#...... %...... ¥......"

The distant place heard the miserable howling sound with drinking to scold the sound, does not know that was the tank of which team by the spirit umbrella insect doing, and scolded in the sound to mix with Shanxi , Gansu, North Korea and other countries many dialects: „Bowman your this %# do not draw that many monsters, you can block me to be possible unable to block!"

The attack and defense attribute of spirit umbrella insect was placed there, once could not control the spirit awl chaotic art of dancing energy, the [Seven Stars Teleportation] arrow of archer by MISS, the monster that or directed is over 1 to cause the consequence that the tank died in battle, was good is very near because of each team distance, once there is a team unable to support can also be reenforced quickly, Dancing Forest and Darling Duck in my this team momentarily reenforced other teams, the long-distance [Seven Stars Teleportation] arrow and treatment momentarily can give the teammate to reenforce.

In detailed that the team lists, data slowly has been changing in caper, two hours of killing is monster, hundred people rolled altogether 24 people dead in battle in the hand of spirit umbrella insect, but we cut the spirit umbrella insect that killed already over 4000, the drop rate of spirit umbrella insect was not low, equipment that left is also good, the highest grade was Divine Tier, once JP Divine Tier that value possibly over 10,000, near 3 hours, this equipment altogether has left 7 times, was given ROLL to carve up by several big Guild players.

The spirit umbrella insect are getting fewer and fewer, when we kill enters primitively, officially ends all spirit umbrella insects.


Fang Ge Que is raising proud Tianzhang, light looks at the surroundings, said: „Wasn't the appearance way of demoniacal Redding and former BOSS will be exactly the same?"

I shake the head: „Was difficult saying that various possibilities had the possibility."

Drunken Spear is raising the long spear, said: „Can disperse to look for demoniacal Redding? At least must discover his Coordinate first."

Yan Zhao Warrior said: „I did not approve that looks everywhere, might as well release for flight the players of good department to fly around the corridor, seeks for the BOSS Shua new low point, this will also be insufficient to be massacred many people."

I nod: „Approval."

Fang Ge Que said: „That flight is disperses to look, other people same place!"



Rises straight from the ground, my flying speed is fastest, is actually carried out this task to be also most appropriate by me.

Flew three around the corridor, had not actually discovered that the form of demoniacal Redding, Lin Wan Er, short spear trick and Yan Zhao Warrior and the others had not discovered that this makes people think somewhat is astonished, which this did BOSS go?


Zhan Long Chapter 1117

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