Zhan Long Chapter 1118

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„Where?" My excited asking, demoniacal Redding happens, this also means that my overlord armor must appear finally, this is hope for a long time time!

„Initial enters five places in us!" In the team channel, Jian Feng Han said in a low voice.

I flew hurriedly, saw from afar everybody one group of people encircle there, but does not see the BOSS trace, falls to the ground lightly, said: „What's the matter, hasn't seen BOSS?"

Yue Qing Qian is drawing my skill, a place of finger of not far away, said: „Probably will appear from there!"


At this moment, suddenly „bang" a bang, the bottom received one time to hit hard, less than three seconds were one time, the stone road surface of corridor have spattered in all directions a crushed stone piece by piece, and started bulge slowly, were so thick, such solid rock layer also to penetrate unexpectedly, what strength was this? I have sufficed high from the relying on force size, the double weapon also sufficed sharply, but the wrong hand sword blade edge penetrated the body of spirit umbrella insect divided into the rock layer the time also leaves behind shallow holes, did not need to think that this under thing a little exceeded compared with my at least strength value in me!

„Bang! Bang!"

Hits hard twice continuously, the bottom thorough bulge, brought the rock of flame like is being the doughs was ripped open, „bang", a handle sparkled Lei Guang Axe to pierce the rock layer, was a strong arm, coming the human to drill from the place bottom officially, jumped, grasped Axe layer on layer to divide to us!


Handles against, Xuan Yuan Feng was locked by BOSS, must raise the arm to grasp the shield to defend, what a pity that shield as if definitely is unable to resist the attack of Axe, „tittering" a shield was torn, this destroys the attacked effect, directly equipment has polished lastingly, the demoniacal Redding corners of the mouth had the fierce happy expression, Axe layer on layer to divide into the shoulder of Xuan Yuan Feng, roared around Lei Guang to wreak havoc, has swallowed Xuan Yuan Feng instantaneously, the big injury figure jumped



Flickered the second!

The [Legend] Guild first knight such was killed by the second unexpectedly! And, Xuan Yuan Feng equipment and Level are good, at least can disperse into the knight in Chinese war zone is the player first three, unexpectedly such had been killed by the second, no one can believe!

At this time, Redding stood in our front, a terse mail-armor and helmet, in the hand grasped Axe, the arm is saying, the above muscle was full and strong, surface layer the skin was reappearing Lei Guang, this was his strength special characteristics, this king level BOSS attribute also attribute also jumped, appeared in our team channels directly

【Demoniacal Redding】( God level king BOSS)

Level: 215

Magic attack: 48500-67500

Defense: 36000

HP: 5,0000,0000

Skill: 【Wild technique】 【Controlling Lei Shu】 【The anger of thunder】 【Axe able to move unhindered】 【Endless crazy】 【Thunder clouds incantation】 【Treads the king of thunder】

Introduced: Redding, is honored as the powerhouse of god of barbarian, the Redding disposition is crude and wild, but the strength shows disdain for the outstanding heroes sufficiently, even if Wang of Canglan Hybrid Demon the strength is unable to place on a par with Redding, falls into the darkness to obtain controlling Lei Shu, becomes in the mainland to one of the thunder and lightning strength control strength strongest dark gods, 11 falls from the sky along with the Hybrid Demon king with Seurre's betrayal, Redding and silver, Sif and other powerhouses receives entrusting with heavy responsibility of dark blue billows, guards Redding of well of god demon to promise to the dark blue billows, if cannot defend the well of god demon, will choose dies, therefore treads the well of being enthralled demon. The people, your road two, either kill Redding, either was killed by Redding

„Oh, seven big skills" Drunken Spear is raising the long spear, has smiled, but looks at everybody one face careful and in short supply body, probably thought own this time smiled to be not quite appropriate, therefore kept a serious look, said: „Regimental commander, how this BOSS must hit, our lances have been unable to tolerate thirst and hunger."

Ye Lai is grasping Axe, said: „On a final BOSS attack upper limit 47000, the attack upper limit of this Redding directly turned into 67500 , Xuan Yuan Feng dead not undeserved, this BOSS I was definitely can only adopt the guerilla tactics in any case, struck to be not necessarily able to shoulder directly."

After Xuan Yuan Feng brings back to life, washes the wind skill to add the blood hurriedly, at the same time said: „, The luck carries especially really"

I have been able to notice that Redding had together the unusual red light, that was to the induction of coverall part, overlord armor truly on demoniacal Redding, therefore looked at not far away Jian Feng Han, said: „Redding is the physics department attacks injury, Jian Feng Han, you come the tank, do I come?"

The Jian Feng Han in addition holds the good Greedy Wolf armor effect, the look was dignified, said: „My HP upper limit may not have you to be so high, you come, said again Redding meets controlling Lei Shu, that is the magic attack type."

„Um, my Tanzania."

in addition holds good [Wall of Dou Qi], turns around to have a look at Redding, after the homicide fell Xuan Yuan Feng one time, to stand there, visits us facetiously, as if in his eyes we are just pitiful biology of one crowd of waiting for death.

Fang Ge Que said: „All Healer prepare to lock Xiao Yao Guildmaster to treat, the treatment must be intensive enough, I believe that Tian Ling Empire almost nobody can withstand the crazy fierce attack of Redding."

I tightened have gripped tightly the hand of sword, said: „Now opened?"


After in addition holds various good BUFF, nearby Death God's Elegy is raising town Yue Dao, the sinking sound track: „Guildmaster, my defensive power and HP quantity are very high, might as well make me go first, even if were I hangs, at least can also compel Redding several skills, can strengthen us the understanding his skill, was insufficient to meet anything not to understand that rushed."

I shook the head, pat under his shoulder to say with a smile: „Good brothers, not to use, I come, kills this BOSS in any case I also to my coverall part last, in you fought Level that fell to suffice in the country many, now was one's turn me."

Death God's Elegy stares, numerous nod: „Good, Guildmaster is careful!"


Aims at Redding, after establishment next two [Azure Dragon Crossbow], opens the hand is an surprise attack of [Great Realm of Desolation] [Blade Spin], „ka ka" in the sound, the five-star magical instrument cuts into the king level BOSS body, carries over the consecutively many injury digit




Redding striking power strong, defensive power is not weak, I can break against am good.


Redding first Cooldown grasps Axe to kill, in the mouth is also roaring: „Holds spear Li Xiao Yao greatly, your this villain who traps Seurre to betray, I must tear into shreds you, bites completely your flesh and blood!"

The wild technique added held, a Redding layer on layer axe falls, but I subconsciously with doing horizontal the standard to keep off the sword, actually does not think that on the arm transmits withstands great pressure the feeling, this axe basic cannot block on square, the sword blade edge was depressed directly, an axe also on murdering shoulder Armor of god armor spatters in all directions together Mars, the intense pain sweeps across


The attack speed of Redding ultra-fast, lifts to fight boots is being one time hits hard to me abdomen, the controlling thunder technique starts, the left hand palm tears Lei Guangzhong to reprint together on my chest!


Luckily Darling Duck, Chang Sheng Jue and Who's Blue face and the others are the extra-superior therapists, inserts a second of treatment will to recall my HP, but I have not been idling, the backhand is [Combo] that [Strength of a Thousand Men] + rides the wind to cut, attracts many HP instantaneously, but the blood strip on top of the head looks like the electric light board fell instantaneously, Redding foot pedal earth, roars is an attack effect of anger of thunder!


Coordinates time controlling Lei Shu, does not give us the opportunity of any additional blood, I have been at the death condition, the cape raises Shuanglong to twine the body to protect me not to be massacred, Fang Ge Que also hurriedly starts the fire god to roar, do not let Li Xiao Yao hang, holds to protect the shield skill quickly!

Chang Sheng Jue, six he and Drunken Spear add to me respectively hold one to protect the shield effect, but same cannot block the craziness of Redding to attack, sky over he points, roars, starts the thunder clouds incantation, immediately a sky piece of blood said that the innumerable thunder and lightning fall, the direct Who's Blue face and Darling Duck miserable snort are hanging, Chang Sheng Jue and the others are anxiously anxious the backlash, Yan Zhao Warrior, Fang Ge Que, Lin Wan Er and the others cannot take care of oneself.

„Can this time die?"

Redding roars, the endless crazy effect opens, disregards the dizziness, stupor and other negative effects, and all attacks 100% fatally to strike, Axe Ling Lie comes time, I opened not the body of effect extinguishing unquestioning, must be able to resist, otherwise definitely extinguished rolls, we will extinguish the consequence of group unable to withstand here, everybody fell a number of equipment not saying that can come back is an unknown, and can come back also to affirm the morale to drop sharply, was doomed unable to hit.

The double sword wields continuously kills on the body of BOSS, although opened invincibly, but I as before am the remnant blood condition, the use attacks [Drain] to, but the surroundings a confusion, Matcha and Meng Yao were already shielding the Dancing Forest and other [Zhan Long] players to retreat, Bai Li Ruo Feng, Ye Lai and Simple also opened the invincible effect to retrocede, no one has thought that a Redding round skill completely gave to compel our invincibilities.

„Resurrecting Darling Duck and Who's Blue face, hurry up!"

I am supervising loudly.

Along with resurrecting of two Healer, everybody brings back to life in turn, when my 25 seconds of invincible effect vanishes, one group of Healer and half blood above riding war was the players has stood after behind.

„Continues to concentrate to treat Xiao Yao Guildmaster." Fang Ge Que is throwing the big fireball while loud [say / way], he somewhat was also anxious, powerful of Redding has gone beyond each of us's expectation.


Also is an attack prelude, Redding started the Axe able to move unhindered skill, the personal appearance has avoided the attack like the electricity displacement, simultaneously Axe separately from left three attacks on my body.




The direct second kills!

This time did not have what to be accidental, at present one knees down black, only heard in the team channel to broadcast the Darling Duck sound: „Jian Feng Han, you block an attack of BOSS, Xuan Yuan Feng share the injury, I bring back to life Guildmaster, hurry up!"

Zhan Long Chapter 1118

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