Zhan Long Chapter 1119

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The holy glory twinkle, I stood in the front of Redding again, NND, the edition of dark blue billows renewed the strength of later Hybrid Demon king to promote many to be too many too, I can also be able to block the moment in the previous edition, but in this edition, even if several Healer treated to me together also unavoidably dies.

„The BOSS skill were too many!" Drunken Spear was rumbled continually by the anger of thunder draws back several steps, the look on face is very unattractive, HP was miserable, the airborne thunder clouds are densely covered, here we go again, was the BOSS thunder clouds incantation skill, got angry the thunder to fall innumerably crowded, swallowed the body of Drunken Spear instantaneously, nearby Yan Zhao Warrior has not escaped by luck, in front of Redding this top BOSS, the so-called master was actually only one string of defense and HP data, HP did not have must die.


„+ 60060!"

After my [Cleansing Rain] technique oneself added thousand HP, knocks one bottle of compounded drugs, Darling Duck and Who's Blue face adds the blood to me together, rapid full Xue, immediately on, double sword angle cunning is unconstrained several sword glow to sway on the body of BOSS, when Redding chases down Jian Feng Han personal appearance slightly delay one point of time, I the personal appearance cuts into immediately, [Strength of a Thousand Men] + rides the wind to cut erupts together, majority of attracted the hatred value of Redding instantaneously.

„Ha Ha, do you also court death?"

Redding tacitly approved me to cause heavy losses a moment ago is actually killed, after all NPC is unable to understand that the mechanism of player, I went on stage to bring in the great anger of Redding immediately, not only opened endless crazy, even the last skill trod the king of thunder also to open, when trod the king of thunder opened simply is a catastrophe, Redding presented thunder clouds, Lei Guangcuan moved kills the surrounding all people, almost put in an appearance, Jian Feng Han, Ye Lai and cold Bei Song, Enchanted Painting several people together hung, Old K was made startled day counter passive, Roared the remnant blood to fire into BOSS, divided to cut continuously several times, 7. crossed, kneels down under the BOSS king of corona treading thunder.

„It is not good!" My HP also rapidly falls, almost notch completely all outputs, but the speed was too as before slow, the attack output of Redding is not the general violence.

„Bang bang bang"

The Fox consecutively three artillery, the bang results in the Redding personal appearance to shiver, Redding roared to fire into Fox, after an axe solved, immediately able to move unhindered has fired into me at the Axe lightning speed, Meng Yao really could not tolerate, pounded to fall the Lady Wa stone shield on the place instantaneously, Lady Wa protection arrives, forces to block the injury of Redding for my standard.

Death God's Elegy is grasping town Yue Dao, after Jian Feng Han and the others resurrected, started the town mountain battle song, significantly promotes the HP defense of people, but I also fill the next bottle of Lanling huadiao liquor, starts skill [King's Domain], the attack and defense blood effect large scale promotion of instantaneous people, and restores 10% HP every second , to continue for 10 minutes, can these ten minutes were also doomed are we defeat the key of Redding!

„Comes again!"

I raised the sword to fly to BOSS to fiercely attack once more, but Redding impolite was three Axe chops to cut, times were shaking my murdering god armor, this injury was not terrorist, but same exceptionally terrifying




Can restore thousand HP every second in luckily, this makes me support reluctantly, the double sword attacks from time to time defends from time to time, at this time was also saw clearly, Redding the anger and the thunder clouds incantation of thunder belonged to the magic attack, is unable to defend, but endless crazy later Axe able to move unhindered and other skills belonged to the physical attack of genuine goods at reasonable prices, but I have been able to defend under 150% strength promotion of [King's Domain] reluctantly, at least can MISS fall over 30% injuries, living blood that like this our Healer also almost can draw.

„Bang bang"

Axe of Redding shells suddenly twice in my front, spattered in all directions Lei Guang, HP fell a big truncation, was in imminent danger.

Nearby, Death God's Elegy fierce brave raises the shield to hit BOSS, town Yue Dao sweeps away two blades, with diverted justly has shared several seconds of injury for me forcefully, the remnant blood drew back, on the face full was the electricity glow, stern-faced said: „This BOSS was too miserable, in my memory, Guildmaster has not killed BOSS to kill that miserable situation for a long time"

Yan Zhao Warrior distant is standing, said: „Approximately also only then Xiao Yao can block the attack of Redding."

I retreat slightly several steps, withstood an attack of round thunder clouds incantation, complaining constantly said: „Cannot withstand to be good, remote precision follows, we have 10 minutes of precious Cooldown!"

The Fox murdering god three artillery are unceasing, but Lin Wan Er the edges , the bright moon storms various god and other skill falling constantly on BOSS, Yue Qing Qian do not want to bring the treatment pressure to everybody, therefore is only grasping and the icy cold awl distant release red fox, Dancing Forest, Bai Li Ruo Feng and the others rapidly pull out the arrow to build the bow to keep firing, can these 10 minutes were too to us precious, almost bet all large-scale skill, massacre Redding to look at these 10 minutes of outputs.

Finally everybody has not disappointed Redding, from the beginning to 17 minutes that [King's Domain] finished, unexpectedly stiffly projected on Redding had 14% HP.

„It is not wonderful, Li Xiao Yao [King's Domain] BUFF must vanish." Jian Feng Han looks at Redding with clenched jaws, this BOSS has massacred us to be much inferior, Jian Feng Han also hangs under his hand 2 times.

Yan Zhao Warrior said: „Without the means that can only use the huge-crowd strategy, all knights are the player prepare, everyone must withstand BOSS to surpass 5 seconds of injury with the just diversion, Monk also, with putting aside the butcher knife attraction hatred, I numbers, once Xiao Yao has the dangerous situation to attract the BOSS hatred in turn, do not hesitate!"

Had not said that one minute, without me of [King's Domain] BUFF effect the remnant blood, „bang" had been chopped the Shuanglong passive effect immediately, finally Shuanglong has not vanished, Redding roars Axe to sweep three times, the Axe able to move unhindered skill, at present one black, my this had been massacred the third time by Redding!


Waiting resurrecting time, Yan Zhao Warrior ordered the knight and players of Monk Formation to get up, was uniform pulled the skill forcefully, knight department the success ratio of over 80% of just diversion at least to BOSS, even if Redding were also same, before ball ball not silly first raised the shield to rush, bellows to start the just diversion, attracted Redding attacked consecutively for three Axe!

„Bang bang bang"

Mars spatter in all directions, the ball ball not silly shield was broken instantaneously, was rumbled to fly to draw back by Redding with horse, but this [Vanguard] first knight is truly hard, unexpectedly has not died!

Second is Li Meng Yao, by the defensive power of Lady Wa stone, withstands a Redding three seconds of attack not dead, even has supported for two seconds, the complexion slightly somewhat pale backlash, in the game was attacked to make the sensation of pain nerve of player be stimulated, the [Zhan Long] player mostly adjusts about 20% the sensation of pain effect, Meng Yao made into the remnant blood, the pain that this withstands can be imagined.

The third person is to float fresh Wan Ren, finally floated fresh Wan Ren just after BOSS put down the butcher knife, Redding does not show respect for somebody's ability, started directly has trod Wang of thunder to wallop forward, coordinated the thunder clouds storm is one time strangles to death, was the player cuts to kill the 3-7 th knight completely!


Jian Feng Han has a big shock, progresses to overrun, [Vanguard] reveals completely combo to start, the straight thrust + straight thrust + sweeps away + sweeps away, afterward held the BOSS collar suddenly, the body penetrated the BOSS body with horse, 6 continuous attacks of this combo were truly magnificent and practical, turn around are cold wind sweep three [Combo], locked Redding rapidly.

However counter-attack of Redding is fiercer, endless crazy opening, two axes all left fatally have struck, killed to the second Jian Feng Han directly.

Simple probably could not tolerate, Jian Feng Han dies under Axe of Redding too multiple, therefore Simple this time has not hidden the strength, the direct two giant magics erupt, attracts the hatred value of Redding, finally cannot only withstand an injury, one axe broken shield second has killed directly, moreover Simple before hanging as if to think that the space booklet leaps has not actually started successfully, does not need to think that probably was the domain of Redding has controlled the Simple body.

At this time my also finally full blood, immediately raised the sword rush in the past.

The people shield alternately, as before the unceasing deceased person, is good because, HP of BOSS at risk of life under our fiercely attacking also unceasingly drops, the entire ten minutes, this luck is quite good, I have not hung, Li Mu, Wang Jian, Ye Lai and the others hung actually 1-2 times, BOSS HP saw the bottom finally.

„Finally strikes to give me!" I am raising the bloodstained long sword, said: „I need to trigger last part of equipment coverall to blow out, otherwise in vain bustled about."

Bai Li Ruo Feng and Quick Thunder Swift Wind hang many levels, as if some not indignation, but Fang Ge Que in the hand Ao Tianzhang, said in a flash: „Did not need to dispute again, this duty was Xiao Yao Guildmaster initiates, Redding should kill by him, prepares to receive the hand, Xiao Yao can erupt strongest killing to incur."

Saw that BOSS is the dead blood, I then in a flash the double sword, [Strength of a Thousand Men] + rides the wind to cut the eruption, simultaneously raises hand, Longteng nine days of [Thundering Heavens] swallow the body of Redding together, but Redding is one of the Hybrid Demon kings, the rank above Seurre, naturally is still not willing to suffer to death, miserable howling knees down, the anger exclaimed: „You are waiting, the dark blue billows Great Emperor will take revenge for me!"


In the field all players promote rapidly, even if BOSS were not struck to kill by them directly can also rise 2-3 levels, falls the level to compensate majority, moreover pays in full the duty to be doomed also many rewards, this duty definitely does not owe.


System announcement: Players 【Xiao Yao Zi Zai】 Kills one of the Hybrid Demon kings successfully 【Demoniacal Redding】, Obtains the reward: Level + 3, charm value + 150, gold coin several + 1000000!

The empirical value default has promoted my 2 levels, in addition these 3 levels, therefore my Level does not fall instead rises, is 199 levels, but that 150 charm values also improve on perfection.

Looks one by thousand gold coin of system reward, I had been divided directly, person of 10000, the better than nothing, the charm value does not have the means minute, can only have sole possession, has a look at Redding again to equipment that we blow out, altogether 4, this is equipment that top BOSS explodes, naturally also made everybody everybody anticipate.

Zhan Long Chapter 1119

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