Zhan Long Chapter 1120

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Armor that is full of the dignified imposing manner emerges, flew directly to me, was the system default establishment, this overlord armor only then I had ROLL qualifications, therefore did not need ROLL to select

【Overlord armor】( Inferior magical instrument)

Type: Heavy armor

Defense: 5450

Strength: + 545

Stamina: + 530

Agility: + 525

Magic: + 520

Additional: Promotes user 149% magic defense and 110% physical defense

Additional: Promotes user 70000 Max HP

Additional: Promotes user 90% attack power and 3000 foundation attack power

Special effect: Non- rank limit

Special effect: The overlords, supernaturally brave of feather, eternity two, the strength of overlord do not promote the user 3000 strengths

Duplication: Duplicates same spot equipment some attribute

Coverall part: Overlord coverall armor

Introduced: Before the Flood, the King who made the earth tremble sweeps away the mainland, its brave was the unparalleled in the world, making the posterity pursue admires, thousands of years later, the god artisans of later generation collected the spirit strength of this antiquity king, its spirit soul casting in one set of rare most precious object, this was the overlord armor coverall, the person of legend collection uneven overlord coverall can obtain the verbal command world the strength, obtained overlord coverall one, had the probability when killing the high level monster triggers blows out other parts, this wrapped equipment to be only

Needs Level: 200

Needs the charm: 1000


Does not need to think that the direct duplication murdered the murdering god effect of god armor!

What a pity cannot duplicate an impregnable effect, was really a pity that actually also soon duplicates to murder the defense characteristics of god armor, once 5000 + defenses duplicate successfully, this new armor 1 thousand + foundation has defended . Moreover the one who makes me not understand, why the grade of overlord armor is only the trivial inferior magical instrument, the physical defense unexpectedly high God Tier murdering god armor, this is extremely unscientific!

But at this time, the last coverall attribute also reappeared

The overlord rebirth, summoned Xiang Yu Ba Hun, various hideaway attribute large scale promotion, and when was killed may the rebirth, Level reduce 1 immediately, the entire attribute promoted 30%, but died to increase progressively infinitely, the attribute addition will vanish after offline



System System Notification: Congratulated you to collect „overlord coverall", triggered the coverall to hide the promotion attribute, after this coverall collection was uneven, officially the promotion was: 【Overlord coverall】( Magical instrument ★★)!



I stare, rubbing the eyes of almost cannot believe that but also is really, this overlord coverall unexpectedly is two star magical instruments, the attribute so is no wonder intrepid, but...... Also is insufficient to surmount God Tier intrepidly, even if 165 levels of God Tier does not have to be surmounted easily is right? Also has the trick?

Ok, did not go to think, first is happy one to say again that now nobody has been able to kill me, died one time to promote 30% entire attributes, if I collected this set of equipment to hit Redding first again, that probably did not need some people to fall the level, I fell 78 times to be able single Tiao the Redding.

At this time, another three equipment that Redding blew out also 11 emerged the level, a perfectly round war helmet of lingering roaring flame, Axe of handle thunder optical scintillation, garnet armor boots, looked like likely are not the appearance of any trash, quick that perfectly round war helmet the attribute reappeared, was really not every thing

【[God of Thunder] helmet】( Magical instrument ★★★★★)

Type: Heavy armor

Defense: 5750

Strength: + 565

Stamina: + 560

Agility: + 555

Magic: + 550

Additional: Promotes user 145% magic defense and 80% physical defense

Additional: Promotes user 33000 Max HP

Additional: Promotes user 120% attack power

Special effect: [God of Thunder], in the attack promotes 20% thunder and lightning injuries

skill: The thunder clouds incantation, in the summon thunder clouds incantation attack 40 × 40 code the goal, causes the non- difference damage , to continue for 4 seconds, consumes 120 Rage points, cools the Cooldown 10 minutes

Needs Level: 200

Needs the charm: 1000


This absolutely was an unusual JP hard helmet, attached the promotion physical defense to be very astonishing did not say that was mainly attack power had the greatly strengthened amplification, what awfully inherited thunder clouds incantation super skill of Redding unexpectedly, the terrifying place player of thunder clouds incantation on the scene has almost understood, if who had the thunder clouds incantation, that was also doomed to be terrorist, only then 10 minutes of CD, drank the later 5 minutes to release a thunder clouds incantation, truly greatly killed!

The people start the ROLL point, I also participated in the ROLL point, can attain said again that gives to the [Zhan Long] member to be also good, after all this is the good treasure of five-star magical instrument, does not need to modestly decline, almost all Heavy Armor were the players participated in ROLL, Goodbye Tears, wholeheartedly to Buddha these Monk also together ROLL, if were taken away by them, that also was really the waste.

The technique industry has special-purpose, some Class are doomed only to walk the meat shield type, for example Monk, naturally also Monk of many attack departments, but the attack was inferior that Swordsman and Berserker and defense are inferior to Knight, finally absolutely does not have a correct localization, most feared Class that has not located, that nobody wanted, thinks that a group team is difficult.


Points are turning over, finally, had person ROLL to leave 100 points, unexpectedly was Enchanted Painting, this luck may really suffice well! The next quarter, this [God of Thunder] helmet belonged to Enchanted Painting all, Fang Ge Que feeling pleased was saying anything to Xue Jing, Xue Rou pursed the lips to smile faintly: „The luck at games of chance of scenery is good, I ROLL 71 points, really have sufficed to fade."

I said: „That good, Old K 6 points, are really disgraced!"

Old K stares the round eye: „Which your 8 points are not better than to go me!"

„This cannot chat well, has revolted......"

Matcha eats to smile.

Next equipment, that handle thunder light chilly does Axe, look like seems inside Redding that? Really, when the Axe attribute reappears, presents almost all people to hold breath an cold air/Qi, we think that king level BOSS will possibly blow out the five-star magical instrument to us, but we have not thought of Redding absolutely that naturally high Level God Tier!

【Crazy god Axe】( God Tier)

Attack: 17400-25500

Strength: + 675

Stamina: + 660

Magic: + 655

Agility: + 650

Additional: Promotes user 225% attack power and 60% attack speed

Additional: Neglects goal 50% physical defense

Special effect: Firm, loses the speed to reduce 70% durably

Special effect: Has the strength of 10% probability triggering crazy gods, causes the foundation 7 times of damage to the goal

Special effect: Has a familiar task and handles it with ease, reduces to need Level to request 30 levels

skill: The crazy god is born, significantly promotes own physical defense and resistance, attack power to be lower than own player to injure to oneself reduces 80% effects , to continue for 120 seconds, consumes 100 Rage points, cools the Cooldown 1 hour

Only effect: The crazy god , to promote 75% to player power to injure

Needs the charm: 1500

Needs Level: 220


Destiny first Axe was present world, before this handle crazy god Axe absolutely was exploded, including Old K greed hydra all Axe is a weapon, this handle crazy god Axe, Old K, Ye Lai, Quick Thunder Swift Wind and Bai Qi and the others has waited , the saliva crossflow, Ye Lai made a fist, said: „This axe, if can ROLL succeed in obtaining, I draw bonus, person of 10 thousand gold coins!"

Oh, this fellow was insane!

However Ye Lai also is very it is said rich, oneself have several companies, pours does not care about these 1000 thousand gold coins.

Therefore, several Berserker players start the ROLL point, perhaps, is the system also hopes that can promote the GDP growth of destiny, the Ye Lai direct 94 points to attain crazy god Axe, is wild with joy!

After having crazy god Axe, Ye Lai truly can call the crazy god, when with player PK the extra-superior output and explosive force, this absolutely is not a lid, basically meets Ye Lai again, only if can or walks position MISS to fall his one set of skill with the control system department skill, otherwise definitely is one loses the character, but takes a broad view at the entire server, no one has grasped can 100% hiding fall [Judgement] Guildmaster one set of skill to output, at least this handle crazy god Axe sufficiently let a Ye Lai god in short Cooldown!


Ye Lai pays out money is also happy.

Quick, last equipment system autotrigger ROLL has also selected, unexpectedly is two star magical instrument boots, this time was walked to ROLL by Wang Jian, but has not come in vain one time.

I walk to go forward, a sword reduces the head of Redding, but system System Notification is unable to force in the package, therefore ties up on the lock armor chain of waist, well of sixth god demon is guarding by the silver spear, and exceptionally approaches the seventh dark blue billows, the dark blue billows Great Emperor in the deep sleep, is awakening by noise was not wonderful on the important matter, therefore everybody's quiet fishing out City Return Scroll, leaves, cold uncultivated land Dragon's den set!


Arrived at Tian Ling Empire, immediately rides the Lin Wan Er silver dragon to cure a cold uncultivated land Dragon's den to assign the duty.

Arrives in cold uncultivated land Dragon's den time many people not to arrive, therefore continued to wait for some little time.

Finally hundred people collected, this recruited the duty also to be perfectly ended, raises the head of Redding to enter the administrative hall, the Dragon's den administrative hall was not spacious, 100 people stood fully, Frost had a scare, knew we were assigned the duty the time a joy of face, walked is walking to go forward saying: „You...... Have you massacred Redding really?"

I untie the Redding head of waist, said: „, This is evidence."

Seurre short distance looked at one, shows a faint smile: „Truly is Redding, this fellow such died unexpectedly, snort, was really a pity that I also think he will die in my hands."

I am astonished however: „Do you have a grudge with him?"

„Does not have, is looked that he is not pleasing to the eyes."



At this time, Frost had issued that the duty has rewarded, Fang Ge Que and Lin Wan Er and the others obtained rich Level and Charm reward, even the luck good player can also obtain the reward of magical instrument level, a Cooldown everybody has been wild with joy, but was only I not to obtain any duty to reward System Notification, somewhat was speechless, looks at Frost, said: „Why has been short of my......"

Frost looks at a coverall of my overlord armor, has the profound meaning smiles: „I want to change a way of reward for you, do you know? The grade of overlord coverall by far incessantly present, but can also the refiner continue to promote Level!"


I am overjoyed, do two star magical instruments also continue?

This...... This is must send!

Zhan Long Chapter 1120

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