Zhan Long Chapter 1121

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Rubs hands, my feeling pleased asking: „Told me quickly, how can continue the refiner to promote Level the overlord coverall?"

„First should not be anxious."

Frost shows a faint smile, said: „Cold uncultivated land Dragon's den had the ability the person who continued to promote naturally only to have the overlord coverall to build up antiquity Old K that the god hammered, but...... Old K is eccentric biased, eccentric and unreasonable, after I arrange outside cold uncultivated land Dragon's den 20 li (0.5km) deploying troops for defense, I go the city underground to seek for Old K to discuss the matter of refiner with you together."



Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue offline rested, I continued to stay in online to wait for that the duty was already accomplished, the members who hundred people of rolling diverged in abundance, the rare Tian Ling Empire major guild elite players gathered together completed the task, does not know when the next such cooperation must wait till.

In outside the Dragon's den administration hall, does not have to be so cold, in the fireplace is burning the charcoal, flip-flop makes noise, near the long shape board, senior generals sit well there, several Yorozuo is long, but also some are the multitude of people are long, Chief Dragon Rider Qing Luo, present cold uncultivated land Dragon's den has also supported the soldier to surpass 5 thousand, it may be said that is the well-trained and equipped army, widens the sphere of influence is also the accordance with expectation.

Frost stands up slowly, draws out a red pennant to deliver distantly, the pennant flew Going out due to the promotion of her invisible strength, „" inserts in the corner/horn of topographic diagram gently, Frost said lightly: „Southwest heroic graveyard is the Hybrid Demon invasions must by it place, here is guarding at least over 10 thousand 2 levels of Hybrid Demon uncivilized nationalities brave warriors to north, therefore I decided that deploys the Dragon's den elite army to guard, the crazy shape general, is led this 5000 people to guard by you, takes away enough commodity to cultivate fortification, starts to defend the invasion of Hybrid Demon from there, establishes the beacon tower, momentarily echoes with Dragon's den."

A full beard general stands up, both hands hold the fist in the other hand saying: „Yes, Lady Frost!"

Frost has a look at the map, said: „The defense of ice ridge mountain is also most important, after the blood deep pool dark blue billows regain consciousness, has dispatched to dig up a grave the ghost rock climbing to enter Ba Huang City and Tian Ling Empire within the boundaries to run amuck much, therefore we must establish the line of defense in the entire peak of ice ridge mountain, every 200 meters establish a sentry post, every 3000 meters build a fortress, all commodities will come from Tian Ling Empire and Ba Huang City purchase, this matter gives Qing Luo to manage."

Qing Luo nods with a smile: „Yes, Sir!"

Frost looked at the map, said: „What also has to supplement?"

And a young military officer sets out saying: „Sir, Dragon's den feeds the grain that the warhorse needs to ship from the east coast ships, but...... Lake Nagajima's these Guardian think the gold coin that we give can only purchase the grain of 10 ships, their other strong liquor, leathers, cotton-padded jacket preparation decided that the old route returned."


Frost pats the table, on pretty face is passing the look of vitality, said: „These capricious merchants, go too far simply, reach an agreement 100,000 gold coin 50 commodities, unexpectedly shrank 10 all of a sudden, went too far!"

Saying, her delicate eyebrows was raising, said: „Where is silver Dragon Rider gentleman feather even?"

The young military officer who wears the silver mail-armor and helmet stands up: „End, what Lady Frost will have to tell?"

The Frost corners of the mouth are having the happy expression: „Takes five Dragon Rider gentlemen, flew in the route to find these lake Nagajima Guardian transport ships directly, making them experience Longwei, if they insisted on wanting to sit the starting price, forcefully completely brought the commodities of these 50 ships to the Dragon's den seacoast, I will send for aiding your."

The feather draw laughs: „Yes, end knows how to do!"

I also yes smile in side.

A Dragon Rider gentleman looks to me, is astonished however said: „What's wrong, what opinion does the palace guard command to our Dragon's den working attitude has? Why sends out to sneer?"

I stare slightly, then said with a smile: „How possible, do not forget me is also the cold uncultivated land Dragon's den person, I thought that the Dragon's den conduct attitude looked like with me more and more."

„Ha, so that's how it is."

At this time, Frost stood up, said: „That, respective conduct!"

Saying, her was walking, put out a hand to draw my wrist skill, said: „Walks, we look for Old K."



Not is only I and Frost, Zi Shu and Seurre, Odelia three feminine NPC, currently these people are the Dragon's den management, Frost is the lord of Dragon's den, the primary assistant who invited similarly was a female, this has to make some people daydream think near that worked for in Dragon's den actually very has the fine sights, these three NPC females were the beautiful women, and wear of Queen Zi Shu was rough wildly, in the winter was revealing a pair of thigh as before outside, the peaks and ridges folded the screen-like mountain peak nature to be also a cinch, Lan Na Seurre was that type type that filled nous beautiful, naturally. Also many fondness of countryside, beside fine cheek the figure is also quite perfect, Odelia is the unusual human powerhouse, under the beautiful semblance is hiding a heart of rebel, looks like rose of a growth in Dragon's den wind and snow, the mouth-watering desire drop but actually does not dare to approach, after all under this rose may be sufficiently fatal colored thorns.

Underground builds up the work place has broadcast „dingdong" the sound, now the different past, dozens Dragon's den armed soldiers besides Old K also has also acted as „blacksmith" this role, the cold uncultivated land Dragon's den commodity is always deficient, beside the warhorse and commodity, the weapon is also a major problem, as if Frost has planned to establish Dragon's den own blacksmith's shop here, self sufficient established own resources system, such came not to need to depend upon Tian Ling Empire and Ba Huang City, after all was so easy to be under the control of others.

Old K forceful muscle, is grasping a handle flame dense iron hammer, dingdong is knocking to an iron fiercely unceasingly, the sweat flows following the fur lined robe, when sees our group comes, Old K immediately receives the unconventional happy expression, respectful looks to Frost, said: „Lady Frost, how do you have free time here?"

Frost said: „Also not for my student?"

Old K laughs to look to me: „This boy previous time has quenchinged a ring of five-star magical instrument here, how, to carry on the refiner technique to other equipment now?"

I nod to smile: „Yes......"

Old K shows a stubborn expression, does not give the advantage absolutely not to the appearance that I build, but Frost also watches, enduring is out of control smiles, said: „Li Xiao Yao is the cold uncultivated land Dragon's den honored person, is my student, Old K do not feel embarrassed him, as long as he has any demand, satisfies as far as possible and that's the end."

Old K nods: „Yes, what equipment but this time can promote?"

I have referred to one set of armor, said: „Overlord coverall, I listened to Frost saying that the true grade of overlord coverall and more than two star magical instruments, but can also continue with building up the god hammer your here continues to promote Level, real?"


On the face of Old K also passed over gently and swiftly to be astonished, puts down to build up the god hammer to walk to go forward, puts out a hand to cover on my overlord armor, closes the eye, immediately golden color dense around armor, makes me feel that the body seemed being understood clearly by Old K general, passed the long time, he opens the eye suddenly, Ha Ha said with a smile: „Said like Lady Frost, this set of overlord armor equipment truly is unprecedented melts now magical instrument, was hiding extremely powerful tyrant soul in this set of equipment, again after several thousand years of precipitation baptism, this set of mail-armor and helmet might be considered as at that time the first coverall, I truly can with building up the god hammer make the attribute of this set of armor continue to promote, but......"

In his vision gnome light suddenly to launch, said suddenly: „This need extremely expensive price!"

I in consternation, almost also said with Frost and Odelia: „What price?"

Old K said: „The antiquity Xiang Yu's war soul altogether was divided into 7 fragments, but hid in this set of mail-armor and helmet actually only then 4, but also lacked three Xiang Yu to fight the soul fragment, you must find these three fragments, in addition enough essence superior smelted iron can promote as this set of mail-armor and helmet."

„Xiang Yu fights the soul fragment, where needs to search for and seize?" I asked.

Old K shakes the head: „This I was unknown, but I can induce, Xiang Yu fought the soul the fragment to fall in others' hand, Xiang Yu life, aggressive peerless, has person who Xiang Yu fought the soul fragment inevitably also rampantly extremely arrogant, inside your boy hand had the 100,000 troops of palace guard, can go on an expedition the north and south greatly, massacred all has the person of tyrant aura, certainly can collection uneven three Xiang Yu fight the soul fragment."

My heart suffers a disastrous decline instantaneously: „I go, said that the dark blue billows Great Emperor is also one has the person of tyrant aura, does this make me bring death?"

Nearby Frost laughed in spite of trying not, has shaken my hand, said: „Does not need to worry, I can induce, the dark blue billows Great Emperor, silver, Sif, on Dahlen and the others does not have the aura of tyrant, you are not necessary to worry about these."

„, This...... That does not know that which seeks?"

„This...... I will help."



I do not know how Frost must help, but I believe that she has certainly the means that after all, Frost is in the entire human camp only true superior god, we may contend with the person of dark blue billows Great Emperor only, helping me collect one set of equipment ability she to have.

Returned to the ground, Zi Shu and Seurre, Odelia each one has been busy, was only I to arrive in the observation post with Frost.

Edge of Frost static standing and waiting for a long time in observation post, is drawing my wrist skill, is inducing the aura of overlord wrister, the closing one's eyes pupil, said: „Do not speak."

I naturally cannot say anything, looks that the wind and snow submerge us gradually, snowflake falls above long hair that piece by piece, in her plate has, falls on the fine mail-armor and helmet of her shoulder, falls on her cheek the rapid melting, falls vibrates on her eyelash slightly, the strength that in the meantime, gladdens the heart is extremely centered on Frost extends Going out , this is opening up a hunting zone, seeks for three Xiang Yu to fight the soul fragment for me the whereabouts.


Crossed enough for nearly ten minutes, suddenly Frost opens eyes, says with a smile: „Had, had found one!"

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Zhan Long Chapter 1121

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