Zhan Long Chapter 1122

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„Where?" My excited [say / way].

Frost puts out a hand a finger of southwest direction, said: „On ice hot plain, the Fan Shu City W by S 15 degrees, about 200 kilometers about, there has produced to the response of tyrant aura, my thought passed through the space to look, there should be a city, you most lead some people to go, has the person who fought the soul fragment not to be definitely weak."

I am wild with joy, smile the nod: „OK, I understood!"


Said goodbye to Frost, immediately summoned the city panel, returned to my den Fan Shu City directly! The overlord coverall too was for me important, for after all this set of equipment has massacred including the Hybrid Demon kings, moreover Q-Sword in collecting 190 levels of two star magical instrument Tenglong coveralls, Jian Feng Han in collecting 190 levels of two star magical instrument hot soul coveralls, I cannot fall behind, before Matcha equipment and Level get up, our three people competed for the throne of Chinese war zone first close combat department.


Appears in Fan Shu City, above the dragon nest that the distant place stands tall and erect transmits intermittent Dragon Yin, that as if in the voice of hatching crag dragon, Cliff Dragon Cavalry mount, although is not the real dragon, but can be included within the ranks of low-order dragon absolutely, otherwise the attribute will not be strong, but the flame hawk in hawk nest also multiplied, Fan Shu City was at the stage of resting lives to rest up, the military strength was rising again rapidly.

Has a look at Cooldown, is around 4 : 00 o'clock at night, no matter, collected the first fragment to say first again that I have not wanted to wait.

Non-stop flies the fire god mountain range, under the mountain range, barracks piece by piece continually in groups, here is the barrack site of palace guard, after firing off the country to fight, I arranged Han Yuan, Xiao severe and the others to lead the palace guard to be stationed here, did not move into Fan Shu City, reduced the Fan Shu City economic pressures to a certain extent, set aside some resources to recruit Flame Hawk Archers and Cliff Dragon Cavalry, this was also good.

„On does the general, you come back?"

A messenger sees me, exceptionally excited saying with a smile, wants to come is my this commands the barrack of too long not chapter of palace guard, he so will be excited, the nod said: „Small this goes to the armed forces account to inform Han Yuan, Xiao severe and other generals to go!"

I shake the head: „Does not use, I go!"



The low go, falls to the ground in armed forces front, puts out a hand to lift the curtain screen of tent, immediately is sitting there Han Yuan, Xiao who severe, Dragon Xing, Xia Ye and other military officers drinks wine to eat the meat stares, afterward Han Yuan grins to say with a smile: „General, how you come back not to know meeting one, our elder brother several...... Ha Ha......"

I am somewhat speechless: „In military compound can not drink, has this stipulation as if worked out very for a long time?"

The Han deep pool said: „This is not the war comes to an end, Tian Ling Empire can have long Cooldown rest stage, otherwise our brothers several do not dare hurriedly!"

I raise the eyebrow saying: „Military order is the military order, in military compound can not drink wine, this is the steel and iron principle! Comes the person, here all participates in military officer everyone who drinks wine punishing by reduction in pay for three months, takes down!"

Xiao severe stands up, said respectfully: „Yes, I and others sincerely record certainly!"

Dragon Xing, Xia Ye also with deep veneration, stand up: „General, this time comes to punish me incessantly and other salary?"

Looked in their several most lower one is also in a star god level BOSS share I not awkward, said: „Sits, next time must drink goes to Fan Shu City to drink, the Fan Shu City tavern is so big, inside tavern maidservant is also attractive, why refrains from speaking in the military compound."

The Han deep pool said with a smile: „Yes, General, General, your this time comes to the palace guard station certainly to have the order to us?"


He was excited: „Too long has not carried out the task, my sword soon rusted, Ha Ha, this time can begin finally!"

The Han deep pool is a warhawk, this I had already been unalarmed by strange sights, arrives at the sand table front, asked: „The Fan Shu City W by S 15 degrees, about 200 kilometers about, there has a city, what city called?"

Dragon Xing stares: „? Isn't there the ice hot wilderness domain? Everywhere is a wilderness, where has what city?"

The summer leaf is astonished, stood up saying: „How Sir knows that there does have a city?"

„What city is, General Xia Ye?"

On Xia Ye the face passed over gently and swiftly a happy expression, said: „That city is called ‚earthen city wall', the city physical defense very weakness, is the communication trade route midway rest place, side has an oasis, the grain and water source are sufficient, was asked dragon flame bandits and thieves roll ' the son-of-a-bitch wresting away by one crowd ‚, this dragon flame bandits and thieves roll it is said altogether have the military strength 7000 + people, was Tian Ling Empire, Full Moon City and nearby Ze deep pool city one of the strongest bandits and thieves groups, took grabbing to look at the rill, Fan Shu City and Ze deep pool city and other border region the common people to live, the villages and small towns in Tian Ling Empire western boundary domain little repeatedly had not been stirred up trouble, but we did not have the means that the journey was too far., The empire has not issued collection command, once we dispatch troops to attack the failure secretly, this responsibility our several people may unable to take on."

The Han deep pool spat a saliva, said: „Snort, I already said that must attack the earthen city wall, guarding western farm tractor armed forces few Master Yang of boundary repeatedly obstructs, added that anything does not have the sovereign imperial decree absolutely not to feel relieved, bah, I thought that boy was clearly afraid by us is robbed has attacked to overcome the merit of earthen city wall is, was really mean!"

Few masters positive continuously have the prejudice to me and palace guard, this I am also know that but does not have what means that the palace guard now in Tian Ling Empire is at the height of power, the prestige or the strength are other regiments are unable to compare, their envious hatred is also normal, just commanding of palace guard is I, is the empire holds the spear and broken cauldron greatly male, therefore nobody dares to say anything.

I asked: „The regimental commander who General Xia Ye, the dragon flame bandits and thieves roll who is, is very strong?"

Xia Ye nods: „The regimental commander who yes, dragon flame bandits and thieves roll called ‚the Tantai flame', is combat general who understood the flame feat of arms, once worked for in Full Moon City, but when the general led the Hybrid Demon army attacked and captured Full Moon City, stations the Tantai flame outside to turn back in order to help friendly forces late, afterward encountered the accountability of Full Moon City wandering about destitute prince, was avoided the military authority, therefore wandered about destitute the earthen city wall, became the master in earthen city wall by a certainly strong strength, gathered 7000 + bandits and thieves to wrest away a side, as long as the passing trade route must pass through from the earthen city wall, charged 20% road tolls, otherwise executed summarily . Moreover, if the female family members of passing trade route were good-looking, can. One and takes by the Tantai flame."

I in consternation: „Scratches, this Tantai flame looked like only has Xiang Yu to fight the soul the aggression, has actually lacked Xiang Yu's special sentiment......"

„, What the Sir said is what?"


I stand up, ask: „Takes the earthen city wall, how many military strength do we need to set out?"

Xia Ye hesitates, said with a smile: „10,000 heavy cavalries then, but because earthen city wall very close Singapore, that Singapore now by the original fire Yun City sovereign 13 th child leads about 10 thousand military strength to occupy, therefore we attack the earthen city wall to have some military strength most, 30,000 palace guard heavy cavalries, this should be enough."


I nod, in the mind actually reappears the clear pupil to develop Li shade of black ink, thinks that prince in Singapore is the clear pupil develops black ink one to support, after losing fire Yun City and Port City, Indian player tens of millions people make a living everywhere , is not really easy, but that Singapore I have also seen, a physical defense might as well secondary lord city, definitely cannot allow the clear pupil to develop black ink and maplewood is drunk, next time the country will fight them to be doomed to seek for the new standpoint.


Transmitted orders, outside the tent a men shouting and horses neighing piece, was less than a half hour, 30,000 palace guard heavy cavalries have prepared readily, the cavalry soldier advanced, the grain and fodder military baggage afterward, 200 li (0.5km) Ben Hang will not be over one day in game, in the reality also about three hours, in addition Xia Ye leads 10,000 infantries to ship the grain and fodder and dragon crystal artillery reenforces afterward, even if were the clear pupil develops black ink to dispatch troops to us not to fear.

Summon god fierce fine horse, I and Han Yuan, Xiao severe, the dragon whetstone three people leads the heavy cavalry, in the front attacks.

The hoofbeat is shocking the earth, 3 thousand palace guard heavy cavalries raise everywhere dust, this foray is my one handles, this accountability by Tian Ling Empire, after all I hold the spear greatly, in the optional reassignment empire any army is my privilege, what moreover I transfer is only the palace guard, this was more indisputable.

The conduct needs everywhere discretely, wishing seas and few master positive and the others to wait to make mistakes me pulls down from the throne of Marshal Tian Ling Empire!


Skices hundred li (0.5km), the sky stars are bright, raises before Xuyang we already arrived in the surrounding of earthen city wall, really the alert is very loose, several scouted killing by the riding archer of palace guard, skiced again the non- stop, under the star light, the city wall that an adobe wall composed appears before us by far, was really the earthen city wall, almost did not have city physical defense!

On the major road also some passing trade routes, Xiao severe speeds away in the front, in the hand is grasping the palace guard war flag, shouted to clear the way loudly: „Day plume empire palace guards follow orders to collect the bandit, the idler allow to pass through!"

These trade routes to seek wealth, who dares to block the way, makes way in abundance, the heavy cavalry skices to go.

„Really is one group of motley crew......" Han Yuanti long blade somewhat sigh with emotion saying.

I also nod: „Fights a battle to force a quick decision, do not injure the innocent merchant."



When the first row of heavy cavalries arrive in the earthen city wall fence, Xuyang has broken through the darkness together finally, will take to this to reduce the trade metropolis brightly in bandits and thieves hand.

„Be careful, has the enemy to raid!"

The bandits and thieves in city wall some detection, has sounded nearby copper gong finally hurriedly, „, when ding-dong" the sound resounds, although he took out by the dragon whetstone afterward behind carves the plume bow, bandits and thieves accordingly but actually, but this warned the sound to pass on Going out.

We bully in the front, saw that the bandits and thieves directly kill, join the person who the bandits and thieves roll little to have in the hand not to contaminate the blood, that naturally does not need to be forgiving, let alone this is a world of law of the jungle, joins the bandits and thieves group without the strength situation, that walked in the death edge.

„Blocks them!"

Archer who one group of bandits and thieves compose in abundance horizontally in front street, pulls open the long bow is one ** shoots.

Zhan Long Chapter 1122

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