Zhan Long Chapter 1123

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„Works as ding-dong......"

What a pity, palace guard front uniform heavy cavalry, the cavalry soldier almost majority of facial casts under the protection of hard helmet, the warhorse forehead have the armor continually, the body of cavalry soldier under the protection of heavy chain armor, these light bows want to shoot through so equipment excellent palace guard that simply are dreams of a fool, even cannot injure the wound.

The Han deep pool is raising the long blade, roared to pass over gently and swiftly, carries over the blade air/Qi to bloom in the crowd together, divided pile of hashed meat several people, this fellow continually promoted, after becoming two star god level BOSS, appeared more maneating, but was also good, the palace guard needed was such brave warrior, otherwise who came [Assault] to breach enemy lines.

Xiao severe, Dragon Xing are not as good as a point, will be a star god, but same will not be the bandits and thieves groups of these motley crew can place on a par.

I raise the double sword to instigate warhorse to walk in the front, although my attack the second does not fall this crowd of NPC, but causes heavy losses does not have the issue, turns head [Blade Spin] also to receive the substantial empirical values, naturally, this time comes not to be simple for the empirical value, the palace guard pushes directly into, massacres the bandits and thieves to be innumerable all the way, the goal points to the city main palace in earthen city wall.


The city main palace is not splendid, even looks like is actually the temporary construction that one pile of stones lay on top of one another, but also absolutely in majority of the soil construction the earthen city wall too be more , the city main palace front gathered one crowd of hands to grasp the bandits and thieves of long blade and shield, and appearances of these bandits and thieves finally a little armies, some even also wear the armor with riding the warhorse, on several arms is also retaining the symbol of Full Moon City empire cavalry soldier, what a pity, Full Moon City now was our!

„Blocks them, cavalry soldier of this crowd of day killing!" Bandits and thieves roll the leader to shout loudly: „Arrow, shoots to me!"


A Han deep pool Voice drinks greatly, one group of heavy cavalries raise the shield in the front, Han Yuan lowly drink one: „Discontinue lance punctures suddenly, kills off them!"

One group of heavy cavalries compose shield to clash forward, „bang bang bang" the hit on the body of opposite party, simultaneously the fierce suddenly Going out of lance from the shield slit, which the bandits and thieves can bear such attack, was killed, the pitiful yell sound links up into a single stretch.


Slaughtered has carried on for dozen minutes, the city main palace front is a piece of bloodshed, my diving posture, opened thousand frost wings to stand in airborne, was shouting to the city main palace in loudly: „The Tantai flame, your this turtle, you like this looks that your brothers did kill off? Has to plant comes out, fights to the death!"

Finally, the front door of city main palace „" opens a slit, „bang" was chopped into pieces completely, raised the BOSS level combat general of flame long sword to appear, lived powerful and brave, Yan Hanqiu to, three stars god level BOSS, was stronger than the Han deep pool, no wonder, this has the person who Xiang Yu fought the soul fragment, did not make sense!

The Tantai flame lets somebody cool off or calm down visits me, in the hand the long sword flame flees recklessly, said: „Li Xiao Yao, you make your Tian Ling Empire to hold the spear greatly, when I the king of my bandit, you why do want to provoke me?!"

Some pompous boasts must say that I smile: „Around the earthen city wall trade route receives exploiting that the dragon flame bandits and thieves roll day and night, your bandits and thieves roll stir up trouble frequently the Tian Ling Empire border, depends on these me to kill your reason, thing that let alone your body also I must attain!"

„What?" He asked with amazement.

„Xiang Yu fights the soul fragment!" I let somebody cool off or calm down said.

The Tantai flame also planned friendly the expression instantaneously became bad, sneered to say in a low voice: „Li Xiao Yao Li Xiao Yao, you also rather too high looked at yourself, what thing you were, can you be able to resist Xiang Yu to fight the attack of soul? Today you want to take away Xiang Yu to fight the soul fragment, that must take from my corpse!"

„Is having this intent."

I drew out to do the sword to fly, the double sword merge, rumbled by the strongest strength!


Above the long sword of Tantai flame transmits in the violent rebound, shakes me to spin the body to retrocede several rice, but which the Tantai flame also very to goes, draws back several steps continually, the numerous hits on the wall, several crushed stones fall from the place above, layer on layer pounds to fall on his shoulder, makes this Full Moon City original first NPC star appear in an extremely difficult situation.

It looks like, I after collecting overlord coverall, in the strength has not lost to the three stars gods to challenge completely, even is slightly better, is at heart feeling pleased, after waiting for the overlord coverall to promote again, can my strength almost compare the five-star god to challenge? When the time comes except for king level Hybrid Demon, whose my match?


The Tantai flame, grasps sword to launch the attack angrily once more, but this time was actually grasped the long blade to shut off by the Han deep pool, Dragon Xing also grasps the long spear to strike furiously, rumbles again and again the Tantai flame retrocedes, one group of palace guards take out bow and arrow suddenly to launch in abundance, a Cooldown Tantai flame almost soon lost including the revolt strength, distressedly to situation in the extreme.


Obloquies one, the Tantai flame roars to start the skill, the whole body condenses the flame shield, but I took advantage of opportunity to divide to ride the wind to cut, lifted the hand is Longteng nine days wreaks havoc around him, the entire earthen city wall seemed shivering, Dragon Xing, Xiao severe several military officers were look at dumbfoundedly, Han Yuan cannot bear say: „General now becomes very strong......"

In fact also this, has me after overlord coverall, single Tiaohan the deep pool absolutely does not have the issue, is almost 100% winning percentage, even probably did not need the additional blood of Healer to be able single Tiao.

This thinks that the Tantai flame can have anything to revolt, finally by our complete crush, players and three BOSS level NPC, let this Full Moon City original first completely the humiliation is actually killed, I did not care about these experiences, whatever Han Yuan layer on layer a blade chopped the Tantai flame head finally.


The head tumbles in the ground, has not blown out equipment, possibly is the factor of duty?

However, a flame fine soul actually tumbles from the nape of the neck place of Tantai flame in the place, Xiao Limi the one-eyed, since puts out a hand to fish, holds offers in the control to me, said: „Sir, is this thing that you must look for?"

I received Xiang Yu to fight the soul the fragment, said: „."

At heart more feeling pleased, duty has completed one-third, was quick.

„Sir, how does that this earthen city wall process?" The Han deep pool asked.

I think that said: „Captive these bandits and thieves, leave behind 1000 heavy cavalries to maintain the public security in earthen city wall, after returning to Fan Shu City, Xiao severe your whereabouts empire application army guards here, since we have taken the earthen city wall, that must defend."

„Yes, the Sir is wise!"

If I discard the earthen city wall, here will inevitably become the place that the bandits and thieves will run amuck, although I will not care very much, how many NPC military officers but I will do this can actually make obey to me, will this approximately also be the [say / way] of controlling person?


After attaining the first war soul fragment, immediately returns to Fan Shu City, repairs equipment, should sleep, from killing Redding has not closed the eyes to the present, cannot support again.

offline, murky entered [Lullaby].


Waking up time already quick evening, Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue on online, the setting sun shines from the window, I will stretch oneself, sit alone send on the bed will stay, strength of circulation within the body Yang Flame, as if had been strengthened, single-handed, the gentle flaming flame spewed out, the temperature of flame was not high, I can control Yang Yanhuo the lethality, this almost became my one instinct.

The fist vigor receives slightly, immediately the flame recycles, „incites" turned into the liquid flame from the gaseous state, turned into the solid state, formed has been similar to the defense shape of carapace, this was Yang Yanjia in legend, Yang Flame scala media Yang Flame melts the armor I at least to practice five points of durations and degrees of cooking, Yang Yanjia who this type of part formed was indestructible, the bullet is unable to penetrate, perhaps, even if were the nano ball is unable to penetrate such Yang Yanjia?

Sometimes I am thinking, if my strength enough, the whole body can unify Yang Yanjia to come, whether the bomb isn't able to injure my slightest? If is really this, that is really no longer is a mortal, but approached existence in god.


The taking a bath water bath, put on one went out newly is the night fell, but at this time heard the Dong Cheng Yue knock: „Does Brother Xiao Yao, get out of bed not to have?"


I open the door, actually saw that outside Dong Cheng Yue wears an unusual Class black dinner jacket, in consternation asked: „East city, do you put on this to do ‚business'?"

Dong Cheng Yue naturally knows that I think anything, bah the sound said: „Snort, you are doing business! A bit faster, today truly must do business, we must see several people, then eats meal together."

„What person?"

„Female students of several abroad study returns."


„Because I and Wan Er decided together ‚doing business'!"


I am filled with anxiously: „Wan Er also went to sea unexpectedly, my world avalanche......"

„Does a bit less."


The dinner has not eaten in the dwelling, opens my A4 to receive guests directly, on the road understood that true situation, originally was Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue respectively „application" came the fund from father there, prepared to have a dress designing company together, later also will choose the cooperation side that the clothing manufactured to carry on the coordinated process service, built own apparel brand, was one during school practises newly.

NND, which this practises, squanders money simply! I when the indignation, ask that needs security manager and general manager assistant wait / etc. positions, felt that this is quite suitable I, although I do not lack that wages, but can accompany two female such life, as but if actually also good.

The hotel that Lin Wan Er decides is very upscale, coming three female to have meal with us together, including 8 points of beautiful woman, another two were 6-7 points of appearance, was good, when at least the dress designer will be is affected by the appearance absolutely.

At the scene on matter that decision decision signs, as for the business license of company wait / etc., these does not need to be worried that by Lin Tiannan and Dong Cheng Feng in the Hangzhou influence, this was minor matter one, two young ladies must run the company, two estimated cheerful was busy.

Zhan Long Chapter 1123

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