Zhan Long Chapter 1126

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„What needs?" I also asked.

Frost shy did not speak.

Zi Shu actually reveals wipes the ambiguous smiling face, said: „Needs one type to be also thick is long and black thing......"

I also shy blushed: „This......"

Frost gains ground finally, on the pretty face is bringing charmingly: „dragon crystal artillery!"


I stare, said: „...... Originally what need is the dragon crystal artillery, right?"

„Um." Frost nods, said: „Cold uncultivated land Dragon's den in the barren land, the surroundings absolutely does not have what mine, the iron ore basically to buy from several big main cities, or is sends our people to enter the place of uncultivated land to dig secretly, the pointed weapons of Dragon's den armed soldiers basically only then the acme is dragon crystal and iron hardware, the handle is the blockhead, collapses at the first blow radically, did not have the iron ore and dragon crystal mineral lode casts the dragon crystal artillery, and here had not understood that cast the artisan of dragon crystal artillery."

Her pair of bright eyes open the eyes in a big way, said: „You are the Tian Ling empire holds the spear greatly, the hand grasps beyond the military authority is the Fan Shu City master, moreover is having the ministry of public works related privilege of empire, should not be a problem from your here lane some dragon crystal artillery? The strength of dark blue billows Great Emperor is getting stronger and stronger, he could not be dormant to be too long, once his strength will recover certainly to dispatch troops to attack seven big kingdoms, cold uncultivated land Dragon's den should be the target of bearing the brunt, we must have enough many dragon crystal artillery to have the resisting strength."

I hesitate, said: „Actually, dragon crystal artillery each army has the quota, this was not I can control to result, but...... I can try to convince the sovereign to donate a number of dragon crystal artillery to cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, probably how many needs?"


„?" I have been startled being startled: „dragon crystal artillery not over 1000 of entire palace guard...... Moreover the dragon crystal shell is also deficient!"

Frost blinked: „That 300, cannot be less, otherwise the Hybrid Demon army invades light depends on inside my hand these Dragon Rider soldiers to be possible unable to block."

„Um, good......" I have subsided the mood, said: „I can attempt, 300 300, but does not guarantee successfully, if not successful......"

Frost smiled hundred to flatter to live, holds my arm saying: „Good, no matter you are successful, I this war soul fragment your, will help you find last Xiang Yu to fight the soul fragment!"

„Good, I!"

„Um, may you succeed!"


Said goodbye to Frost, direct City Return Scroll returned to Tian Ling Empire, the summon god fierce fine horse to speed away to the imperial palace, saw my broken cauldron male mansion along the way, one group of maidservants looked like me to beckon in the entrance, but I was also only the nod express best wishes departed, basically completely practiced based on skill Level to 20 levels of tops, therefore most major function of this mansion regarding me probably was shows off? In a Tian Ling Empire point the mansion, 21 rooms and 11 halls, rockery botanical garden, the disposition accompanies bedroom maidservant ten several, the beauty is beautiful, should such house basically put down on 100,000?

Just is thinking before arrived at the king city gate, one crowd of values defended the soldier good in abundance with deep veneration the empire military salute: „Holds the spear to be good greatly in the afternoon!"

I nod, progressed to arrive at the main hall front directly, immediately officials welcomed, said: „Holds Ge to come greatly?"

„Um, I must see your majesty."

„Your majesty with the whole body of ministers was discussing that the matter of reform political reform, holds the spear to enter greatly!"


With long hurried strides I discontinue walks, the officials were already pulling the throat loud circular [say / way]: „Holds General Li Xiao Yao to enter the palace greatly!"

Front, both sides the civil and military hundred officers establish separately, because has not obtained any conference to inform, therefore does not have the player military officer here, performing is one crowd of NPC, but I take a step the shallow forest also stands up, says with a smile: „Li Master, did you also come?"

After I approach, holds the fist in the other hand smiles: „Hasn't your majesty, I disturbed everybody?"

Shallow wood-road: „, I with the feudal officials was discussing reform farmland discussed that but...... Thinks that Li Master doesn't have what interest to this matter?"

I Ha Ha said with a smile: „Your majesty also understands me, but my this time has other matter."

„, What matter?"

„Actually is begs the commodity." I settled the throat clear, coming straight to the point said: „Cold uncultivated land Dragon's den in the northern border region, is we does not turn over to the sea to resist the first barrier of Hybrid Demon army, Frost is my teacher, is responsible for guarding Dragon's den, at present cold uncultivated land Dragon's den has supported the soldier about 70,000, but the commodity is quite deficient, the grain and fodder and warhorse they can solve reluctantly, but the defense heavy artillery did not have what means that therefore, I want to apply to your majesty, authorizing me to reassign 300 dragon crystal artillery to bestow from the Empire Armed forces to cold uncultivated land Dragon's den!"

„, 300 dragon crystal artillery?" The shallow forest also stares, asked: „Ministry of War, how many dragon crystal artillery does the day plume empire altogether have?"

An old man walks: „Opens reports your majesty, altogether 2417 dragon crystal artillery, previous and Ze deep pool city and iron skull city fought the buckle many heavy artilleries, at present only then these many."

Opposite, the Jiu Li City grand duke wished the sea to knit the brows, said: „Four sides your majesty, Tian Ling Empire needs to resist the powerful enemy, cannot easily about 20% dragon crystal artillery give to others!"

Nearby, few Master Yang also holds the fist in the other hand saying: „Like the sea geographical unit of government word, your majesty, the dragon crystal artillery is we attacks with the defensive life, if the quantity reduction of dragon crystal artillery are too many, perhaps will affect physical defense and attack of strength empire."

The navy commanded Qin Yi basically also wears the same pants, hey said: „I heard that holds the spear greatly is the Frost disciple, this is Frost cold uncultivated land Dragon's den obtains 300 dragon crystal artillery, whether extremely in exploiting power?"

I knit the brows, said: „Do not be mystifying, has any words to call directly!"

The imperial guard commands Situ Xin to sneer, said: „Sea male and few General Master Yang as if to greatly holds the spear to have the prejudice as before, actually, end thinks that what 300 dragon crystal artillery cannot affect our, but can actually provide stronger defense capability for cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, it is said Frost has trained over 100 Dragon Rider gentlemen on cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, like this air power has made the Hybrid Demon army tremble sufficiently, if can have the dragon crystal artillery ground to reenforce, thinks that the Hybrid Demon army definitely is unable to overstep the ice ridge mountain, why don't we give the cold uncultivated land Dragon's den dragon crystal artillery?"

Wish the sea to raise the bird, said: „Situ firewood, do not think that we do not know you and Li Xiao Yao are on good terms in private, your this is also same can discuss the charge of exploiting power!"

At this time, the vault of heaven armed forces commanded Lin Qiong to speak finally, the hand grasped the sword hilt, coughed, said: „Sea male, to greatly hold the spear to respect some, did you so say his given name to conform with the empire military salute really? Don't forget, he is the broken cauldron male, the title is equal with you, but in the armed forces he is the three services marshal, above you, you so is the following defies superiors?"

Wish the sea to be angry: „Forest arched, villain who your this serves the interest of outsiders!"

At this time, the shallow forest could not bear finally, patted the table suddenly, shouted to clear the way lowly: „Shuts up to me!"

The people are surprised, kneels to bend down again and again in the place, only then I stand there solitarily.

The shallow forest looks to me, the complexion becomes is slightly gentle, said: „Li Master, 300 dragon crystal artillery truly are not the small digit, can you tell me one to persuade my reason?"

I nod, raise the sound track: „Northern boundary Hybrid Demon is increasingly formidable, the dark blue billows Great Emperor soon regained consciousness, he has brought in large numbers the Hybrid Demon army that came from the purgatory, the attack of next Hybrid Demon army may be is extremely fatal, if we do not give cold uncultivated land Dragon's den enough reenforcement, once perhaps cold uncultivated land Dragon's den falls into enemy hands, the Hybrid Demon army can the overstepping ice ridge mountain of vast stretch of flat land, level off Ba Huang City and Jiu Li City, next meeting with a disaster was Tian Ling Empire."

„Dark blue billows......" shallow forest voice trembles slightly: „Are dark blue billows so really strong? Compared with it Li Master and Frost strength, again?"

I smile, Tanzania said: „Under dark blue billows currently also has the Dahlen, Sif, silver spear and other king level strength of the military officers, their any can massacre me with ease, Frost can contend with these Hybrid Demon kings actually, but most selects 2-3 people only, if the dark blue billows Great Emperor and Dahlen, Sif and the others also begins, even if perhaps will be Frost will also be in danger, this will not say things just to frighten people."

Few master ways of yang: „Snort, words [Gouge] [Gouge] also conceals the timidness and spiritless of innermost feelings."

I turn around to look to him, cannot bear say with a smile: „Few Master Yang, what thing are you? I may I ask, the Hybrid Demon military officer of king level have you confronted? Do you dare to say?"

Few Master Yang said resentfully: „Just does not have the opportunity, otherwise end a sword will cut their dog head inevitably!"

I smiled: „Be honest with you, in 16 Hybrid Demon kings, demoniacal Redding and blood giant Kyle, advance Luo Cauldron died under my sword, why did you speak to me like this?"

Few Master Yang is stunned, does not say a word.

Situ Xin joyfully asked: „Did demoniacal Redding die?"

I nod: „Um, soon before , and one group of adventurers rushed to the well of being enthralled demon to massacre by me, the head was hanging on the cold uncultivated land Dragon's den flagpole, if your majesty did not believe to send the warhawk to ride to search to have a look, but must be careful that Seurre's bow and arrow, be not injured accidentally kills."

„?" Shallow forest in great surprise: „Seurre in cold uncultivated land Dragon's den?"

I: „Um, Seurre had been subdued into one of the cold uncultivated land Dragon's den guarding military officers by Frost."

Shallow forest slightly one happy, said: „Why so cold uncultivated land doesn't Dragon's den help them? Comes the person, joining the army to instigate 300 dragon crystal artillery and 5000 dragon crystal shells to ship to cold uncultivated land Dragon's den!"

Few Master Yang holds the fist in the other hand saying: „Your majesty, end is willing to lead the farm tractor armed forces to escort this batch of weapons to cure a cold uncultivated land Dragon's den."

I beckon with the hand: „No need, I personally lead palace guard to escort this batch of weapons, can your majesty, when prepare?"

Shallow wood-road: „Li Master you supervise Ministry of War directly and that's the end."



Joyfully leaves this deliberation hall, actually here fights for power and profit I not to have too many interests, although has to deal with wish the match who the sea and few Master Yang have ulterior motives like this, so long as the hand is grasping the absolute strength, these people in my eyes were also one group of clumsy mischief-doers.

Zhan Long Chapter 1126

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