Zhan Long Chapter 1127

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The setting sun in the western sky, the afterglow falls above the mail-armor and helmet of heavy cavalry, reflects unusual colors.


Near on Luhu major road, hoofbeat is unceasing, to escort this batch of military baggage, we used the heavy cavalries of 3 thousand palace guards to add on 20,000 barbarian heavy infantries fully, moreover had these 300 dragon crystal artillery, therefore does not need to be worried that can have any person to dare to eat the great ambition leopard balls to obstruct us along the way, with our such military strength, at least can resist fiercely attacking of 200 000 military strength to support to the arrival of reenforcement military strength, powerful of palace guard, the other armies of by far empire.

Crosses child Wushan, enters area azure large male deer valley time, Han Yuanbian is raising the long blade, quite sigh with emotion saying with a smile: „Won't some people ambush us again here?"

I laugh: „Relax, wish the sea is not truly, he not such bold, and wished the military authority in sea also to be well below truly, finished an apprenticeship nameless, not having the matter of stratagem which ensures success definitely not to do."

Xiao Liwo the iron (spear gun), was saying: „Sir, but in these 300 dragon crystal artillery 100 are our palace guards, you may really give up, like this good treasure saying that saw somebody off sees somebody off."

I am speechless: „Does not have the means that cold uncultivated land Dragon's den is a person on one's own side, don't forget, several campaigns time, is cold uncultivated land Dragon's den sends the Dragon Rider gentleman to make us strive to turn the tide."

The Han deep pool smiles, to lower the sound to say suddenly: „General, a Rong word."

I shot a look at his one eyes, knows not to have the good deed, ill-humoredly said: „Are you what kind of?"

The Han deep pool hey smiles: „That...... Cold uncultivated land does Dragon's den have unnecessary big dragon mount? The general you looked that my Han Yuan is powerful and brave, can become a great Dragon Rider gentleman by my body and spirit?"

„? Do you want to become the Dragon Rider gentleman?" I had a scare, has not thought that Han Yuan this goods have this thoughts unexpectedly.

The Han deep pool said: „The Dragon Rider gentleman is honored as in the mainland one of the strongest branch of the services, the subordinate naturally very much wants to become one of them, said again, the general you also saw, the entire palace guard links a Dragon Rider gentleman not to have, this somewhat cannot really be justified."

„Has anything not to be justified, an entire Empire Armed forces Dragon Rider gentleman does not have."


Looks vision that my he longs for extremely, I smile, said: „That considers as finished, after having waited till cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, I ask that Frost did have unnecessary big dragon mount to say again, if there are introduced that your, making Frost give you through the smelting trial of Dragon Rider gentleman, but wants to become the Dragon Rider gentleman, as if must take an oath to cold uncultivated land Dragon's den gives loyalty."

The Han deep pool said immediately: „Cold uncultivated land Dragon's den and Sir himself is a body, the subordinate naturally pledges to fight to the death to give loyalty to!"

Nearby, Xiao severe, Dragon Xing, summer leaf three people also together said: „If Han Yuan this male servant can also become the Dragon Rider gentleman, I and other people am also willing to give loyalty to cold uncultivated land Dragon's den and Sir, becomes of Dragon Rider gentleman!"

I think carefully that actually this is not the misdemeanor, at least can provide four formidable Dragon Rider gentlemen for the palace guard, it seems like that this matter must find Frost to rub well, this is very important to the palace guard, is often important regarding our later country Zhan Yefei, the palace guard is stronger, I grasp the military strength in hand to be also stronger truly!

After the second round country fights, we grasped three big main cities, and highest heaven city and Port City are equal to submitting the condition, in fact only then Ze deep pool city and iron skull city can fight with us, but that is also the strongest match, therefore the third round country fights the exceptionally important, was very likely a war to decide the campaign of universe.

After at nightfall arrives under cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, an all trades dragon crystal artillery slowly pushed to ship Dragon's den from the soil bank, erected completely in the city wall, afterward Dragon's den armed soldiers excited transported the dragon crystal shell, 5000 rounds of dragon crystal shells, enough each dragon crystal artillery launched in salvos 16, can form very terrifying impulse, but quantity as if insufficient, a war can polish the shell, ok, in any case each army very scarce dragon crystal shell, this is the habit.


„, Gives you."

The Frost gentle voice smiles, looks at an all trades dragon crystal artillery, on the pretty face is passing the feeling pleased look, simultaneously fights the soul fragment to place in my control the second Xiang Yu, said: „Thank you brings these 300 dragon crystal artillery for me, then the defense of cold uncultivated land Dragon's den really very much had the confidence."

I and she stand in observation post shoulder to shoulder, looks at the dragon shade in distant place wind and snow, as well as Dragon Yin, that is Qing Luo is training the Dragon Rider gentleman, I then said: „Frost, our does Dragon's den have unnecessary without owner big dragon mount?"

„, How suddenly wants to ask this?" She visits me in consternation, suddenly said grinningly: „Good, was you also wants to have big dragon mount? Actually...... You should say earlier that the remaining big dragons the genuine sacred big dragon, has not been only in one crowd the inferior goods, does not conform to your status......"

I laugh: „That reached an agreement had better mount to remember that was remaining to me, but I did not beg for myself, but long begged big dragon mount for four Yorozuo of my subordinates, Han Yuan, Xiao severe, Dragon Xing, Xia Ye, very much want big dragon mount, moreover is willing to give loyalty to Dragon's den, was within call."

Frost has gawked, afterward on the cheek reappears the happy expression: „Such good deed, the four senior generals of palace guard must join the Dragon's den Dragon Rider gentleman camp, can be within call?"

I nod: „So long as Dragon's den has the need, my entire palace guard is within call, let alone these four people."


Frost grasps the pink / white fist, said: „We now also remaining 9 the big dragons of derelictions, including 4 are medium Thunder dragon, the bloodlines are not very pure, but is actually the tribal group of closest sacred big dragon, in the strength is also formidable, can turnover Dragon Xi, the summon thunder and lightning and condensation protect the shield, might as well make your four senior generals accept these 4 Brontosaurus' contracts?"

„Um, good, leading me to go!"



Two people flew the observation post, Qing Luo and Zi Shu also welcomed, after understanding clearly all, brought Han Yuanxiao severe and the others to cure a cold the uncultivated land Dragon's den big dragon habitat, actually the habitat when the mountain range of dragon grave edge, here has not snowed, the climate was also pleasant, was about the late autumn feeling, a leader big dragon the cave in mountain range or was under the giant thatched shed perches, airborne heard Jie Jie's cry, the big dragon whips the imposing manner of wing to be also scary.

The Han deep pool is raising the long blade, feeling pleased with me, said with a smile: „General, can we become the Dragon Rider gentlemen really? If is really this, we go to the Fan Shu City tavern again the relaxed time, these ** possibly does not receive money!"

I stare saying: „Must go to sign contract with the big dragon, serious!"



The group arrive at four Thunder Dragon's habitats rapidly, these Thunder dragon have grown up under the catalysis of Dragon God Essence magnificent rapidly, the body is huge, opens the length of wing to be scary, moreover side full is a corpse of leader cattle, to catalyze their growth, food does not may absolutely few, Queen Zi Shu arrives at side a close wild Thunder dragon, puts out a hand to touch its head, supple sound track: „Kid, is peaceful to the old lady, otherwise rips the buttocks from the mouth you!"

Thunder dragon was really rapid was honest, obedient crawling in the under foot of Queen Zi Shu.

„Who comes first?" Zi Shu shows a faint smile.

The Han deep pool said: „I come, I come, must do, wife queen? I did not mean...... Red dragon flour queen?"

In the Zi Shu wrist skill reappearing Dragon Lin, must immediately kill people, but looked that Han Yuan almost knelt to beg for mercy and look in my face, said: „Breaks by biting your finger, covers on the forehead of this dragon, has the contract after effect to ride on Dragon Bei, remember, must firmly hold the corner that the dragon carries on the back, the first test flight cannot fall absolutely, otherwise the contract failed."


The Han deep pool puts out a hand on the knife point, the blood to spatter in all directions, has almost not chopped the entire hand, this current capacity visits me to be dumbfounded, even if Sophie and Hushubao cannot cover absolutely.

When Han Yuan covers the palm on this Thunder Dragon's forehead, immediately the person and dragon proliferate in the thunder and lightning, this was triggered the Thunder dragon himself attribute effect, the induction, thought between and soul person and dragon is fusing rapidly, saw only Han Yuan like is receives an electric shock standing there, the whole body shivered, the big dragon also exuded roars, as if was very painful.

„Is now, rides, the first flight!" Zi Shu loud [say / way].

The Han deep pool stands up from failure to ride Dragon Bei, puts out a hand stubbornly to grasp Dragon Jing, afterward a Thunder dragon long and loud cry soars to the heavens to go, heard Han Yuan to kill the pig cry, even if were the palace guard first brave warrior, went to the space as if to compare to instigate.


„Comes one again."

Queen Zi Shu does not want to waste too many Cooldown, supervises Xiao severe, Xia Ye, dragon whetstone and the others and big dragon rapidly signs the contract, consecutively three, Yorozuo of three palace guards long also went to the space.

I raise head to look at the sky, somewhat is at heart disturbed, won't fall really? Plunges to death the matter to be small, the disgraced matter is big!

Frost depends on my dike, with a smile looks airborne to circle the big dragon shadow that Zi Shu walks, looked at my one eyes, said: „Master, cold uncultivated land Dragon's den has provided four big dragons for the palace guard, four priceless big dragons, shouldn't the master express?"

My joyful held in the arms the shoulder of Frost to kiss one on her cheek, said with a smile: „Thank you, Frost!"

The cheek of Frost leapt to be red, stood feels helpless there.

Zi Shu is angry: „Fool master, I am make you kiss your teacher one? In this case, at least must come one round, flatter, at least do not wait on the bedroom three years in Dragon's den!"

The Frost cheek was redder: „Zi Shu, said anything!"

Qing Luo titter in side.

Zi Shu has subsided the mood, said: „The Frost face hides thinly, told you embarrassed that I have to tell you, you said that 300 dragon crystal artillery, 5000 rounds of shells, these shells did fire off the dragon crystal artillery to be equal to one pile of scrap copper and iron? The quantity of Hybrid Demon army you know that these 5000 rounds of shells are equal to radically useless."

My whole body trembles, knows, must awfully!

Zhan Long Chapter 1127

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