Zhan Long Chapter 1128

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Solemn Red Dragon queen Zi Shu now already the manner of solemn cold uncultivated land Dragon's den minister of finance, was saying to me: „Cold uncultivated land Dragon's den has truly stored up many dragon crystal, but we do not have the technology of human gold metallurgy, does not have the means to manufacture the shell of dragon crystal artillery this dragon crystal, you look at the office, in any case Frost to convince me resigns four big dragons, almost the tears fell, how this sentiment do you plan to repay?"

I turn around to have a look at Frost, on the beautiful woman teacher cheek to ripple as before blushing, lowered the head does not visit me, which this also has the imposing manner of least bit superior god, was completely same as the neighbor daughters.

Therefore I continue to bargain back and forth with Zi Shu: „You said that how many dragon crystal shells but also needs me to supplement?"

„50,000 dragon crystal shells, that many."

„Scratches, you are robbing, the entire palace guard also not necessarily so many dragon crystal shell, exempts discussed that too many were too many, we cannot take, the dragon crystal mineral lode of that fire Divine Mountain hollowed out could not make that many dragon crystal shells."

„That 20,000, cannot be less!"

„It is not good, 5000, will not be more." I won to be red in the face.

Queen Zi Shu was also arrogant and impetuous, the aura was not very tranquil, front fluctuating was uncertain, caused the twin peaks vividly toward the dragon scales outside wells up, even has been able to see little blushed, she was pointing at my nose: „Has not thought that the master you are the person of this being calculating, 15000 dragon crystal shells, cannot be short again, otherwise I was really anxious!"

I fly into a rage: „10,000, dare to want me to hang to death again much in the entrance of Dragon's den hall."

Zi Shu is breathless: „You were too mean-spirited, at least 12,000!"

Nearby, Frost could not tolerate finally, said: „10,000 10,000, do not want to fight again, your one is the empire marshal, one is the queen of red Dragon Clan group, like is two street vendors for the small matter of goose bumps argued here that is simply scandalous......"

Zi Shu said: „Snort, does not know a moment ago is the lord and the superior goddess which cold uncultivated land Dragon's den is shy with emotions like is girl cannot speak!"

Frost „clang" draws out the half to cut Hua sword: „Also can chat well?"

„I advocate wisely......"


Finally discussed that palace guard gives cold uncultivated land Dragon's den to provide 10,000 dragon crystal shells again, but the price is we must move away large quantities of pure dragon crystal from the Dragon's den reservoir, these dragon crystal collect in the dragon grave, may in these crystals in dragon crystal lode formation fire Divine Mountain probably be purely more.

Soon, Han Yuan first controls Thunder dragon to dive to fall to the ground, powerful, officially has signed the contract to succeed with Thunder dragon, stands up from failure to drop Dragon Bei, said with a smile: „General, this big dragon is really the good thing!"

I nod smile: „Knows well!"

Several minutes later, other three one after another will fall, on faces the feeling pleased look is self-evident.

Returns to above the city, told that four will have the person to ship dragon crystal, I accompanied a Frost meeting, pledged , after dragon crystal shipped Fan Shu City, we will refine many dragon crystal artillery through the alchemy, the quantity will suffice many words as before continuously provided the shell to cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, but these were also the things that Frost most wanted.

When I go out of the administrative hall, distant place Xuyang punctures thoroughly the cloud layer to sprinkle together on cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, the rare fine weather, has not snowed today unexpectedly, but the sunlight refracts golden light actually also unusual glarings in the snow, the distant place, the airborne Dragon Rider gentleman is carrying on the routine training, is controlling the big dragon dive , the imaginary enemy to ground mobilizes Dragon Xi to emit the tactical training with dragon (spear gun) Dou Qi long-distance attack, Han Yuan, Xiao severe and other people also, want to come are led the palace guard to go back by the vice general first, but they keep here then Qing Luo many to study the foundation tactics of some Dragon Rider gentlemen. Walked again.

„You want to know where last Xiang Yu does fight the soul fragment?" Frost stands with me shoulder to shoulder, suddenly said the sentence.

I have been startled being startled: „Where?"

„The highest heaven city, Xia Huojun commands Frey, is highest heaven city most powerhouse, his soul fused last Xiang Yu to fight the soul the fragment, wants to collect Xiang Yu to fight the soul, can only strip this fragment from his soul!"


I have a big shock, has not thought that this last fragment unexpectedly there, Xia Huojun will be a highest heaven city strongest trump card regiment, wants from others will command there to recapture Xiang Yu to fight the soul the fragment, easier said than done? Moreover, Xia Huojun vice- commands is the demon mountain, this time was a little thorny!

„What to do can?" I asked.

Frost said: „Two means that one is we leads few people to go, sneak attacks Xia Huojun the camp or is Frey's mansion, knocks down him, then takes to go to battle with the soul fragment, another means are belt enough many people, makes war to the highest heaven city, forcefully Frey snatching!"

I deeply inspire: „These two means as if are not very simple, others commands, won't the surrounding protection personnel certainly be short?"

Frost smiled: „As far as I know, Frey's manner is big, goes on a journey to bring at least 2000 people of convoy guards each time, is the great skilled person......"

My speechless visits her: „You also smile......"

Frost grabs my hand, said as before: „Relax, can certainly complete, you call some helpers, should not be too many, I lead the skilled people in some Dragon Rider gentlemen, goes to the highest heaven city together, our low key conduct, can look look for any opportunity."



About looking for player helper, I do not have too to consider that only finds two people, Lin Wan Er, Matcha, chooses the Wan Er reason is she has the camouflage ability, can add on most times busy, chooses Matcha because of the Matcha understanding demon mountain, is at least riper than me, moreover Matcha Level and equipment also slowly got up, will pursue 190 levels, in the strength will not have lost to demon mountain anything, at this time led her to go, should be useful, but...... Before Matcha, stays to sprout the gentle temperament in the work room is installs most probably, in the bone is the female war-god Little Demon irritable individuality, a word does not gather with the words that the demon mountain hits...... Ok, took away said again that hit to help her massacre the demon mountain really to reach an agreement again.

Soon, Lin Wan Er rode the big dragon to carry Matcha to come, our three people have formed a team, my thousand frost wings flew, jumped to fall on the dragon carries on the back, sat side Lin Wan Er, then looked at Matcha equipment, said: „Present equipment level how?"

Matcha lowers the head to have a look at the front the armor, said: „Said that a god installs somewhat reluctantly, but the magical instrument had 3, physical defense and attack power are also good, the biggest flaw has not developed the assistant, can only both hands grasp the sword attack, the assistant standard keeps off, hit to coordinate to attack and destroy the class tactic to be affected very much."

I think that takes out from the package loses murders the god special effect the murdering god armor to lose to her, said: „, Gives you again very powerful equipment!"


The Matcha mouth is about unable to close up, is impolite: „God Tier, thanks the Boss!"

I laugh, Lin Wan Er said: „This time can look for the trouble of demon mountain really?"

„Hopes that he is taking an afternoon nap, our suspicious managing was good the matter."

„This time cannot be negligent......" in Lin Wan Er pair of bright eyes to pass was worrying that continued: „Demon mountain is the symbol of entire highest heaven city, we are best to consider to begin over and over again, after all now the demon mountain had not planned that with me directly is the enemy, should better maintain this situation, otherwise next country combat generals very passive."

I nod: „Um, disagreement demon mountain tears to pieces the facial skin as far as possible, looked that he did not give this face, did not attain this war soul fragment I not to have the means promotion coverall."

Matcha cracks into a chuckle in side: „Has not related, the demon mountain is not obedient punches him!"

I am speechless, this fellow also too violence, but this is also only the surface, Little Demon this female war-god is not only the violence symbol, is the intelligent symbol, intelligent does the insufficiently girl possibly study this peak level various game repertoires and tactics? Xue Rou is truly fine within its crudy that previous time developed the fight of black ink to solve southeast China encirclement using the demon mountain and Qing pupil to be inferred.


„Roar roar......"

Hears the dragon howl, sees only Frost both hands to lose behind flies to come, in her behind, a leader big dragon takes off under the Dragon Rider gentleman's control, the Red Dragon, the blue dragon, fire dragon, the ice dragon, the crystal dragon had everything expected to find, I look somewhat dumbfoundedly, Frost has at least used 50 Dragon Rider gentlemen, this also me told that wants the low key conduct?

Ok, this is also good, such military force should be able to make the demon mountain have a scare.

Our flying speeds are quick, and placed the high-altitude regime of flight, the altitude that the big dragon can fly is far from the common birds can compare, the warhawk rides to search cannot fly such altitude, wants to discover that we are very difficult, but which we can locate oneself to fly through the map, on the big map also gradually presented tilaks, the regiment arrangement of Lin Wan Er to highest heaven city is clear, marks to us, Xia Huojun, the Longxu Armed forces and ice shield armed forces three big regiments present the potential of attacking from a pincer-like position deploy troops for defense, are protecting the surrounding security of entire highest heaven city, Xia Huojun on the front line.


„What to do? Can we get down?" Matcha asked.

Lin Wan Er shakes the head: „Cannot get down together, at least that many NPC Dragon Rider gentlemen cannot get down, otherwise definitely will bring to the attention of highest heaven city, Matcha, through your human relations where confirmed Frey!"


Matcha silent several minutes, said: „According to joining the friend of Xia Huojun regiment system said that Frey in Xia Huojun armed forces account, nearly one week did not have what sound, continuously in armed forces."

I deeply inspire: „This somewhat was thorny."

Side, Frost flies side me slowly, said with a smile: „Has anything to be thorny, gets down directly, in sneak attack armed forces big account, Frey grasping and that's the end."

My layer on layer nod: „Also can only, unable to pass a person to direct him to be good like this."

Lin Wan Er shows a faint smile: „I go, this I am an expert."

„Um, be careful!"

Zhan Long Chapter 1128

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