Zhan Long Chapter 1129

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Matcha jumped to jump onto Qing Luo crystal Dragon Dragon Bei, I opened thousand frost wings to stay in airborne, Lin Wan Er patted the nape of the neck of silver dragon gently, said in a soft voice: „Little Bai, we get down!"

Silver dragon vibration wings, dived suddenly in a flash, suddenly vanished in the cloud layer.


After several minutes, in the team channel broadcast the Lin Wan Er breath shortness sound, Matcha has looked at each other in blank diamay with me, it seems like has hit, but shortly after continuing, less than one minute has handled, Lin Wan Er said in team channel: „I massacre one to hold flag Wei, camouflaged his appearance to transmit orders, can look Frey tempting Going out, you looks at my Coordinate, can drop the flight altitude suitably."


I bent down also to clash, Frost looked in the eye, hinted an audiences Dragon Rider gentleman to go together, therefore a troop person flushed one after another from the upper air, the momentum was astonishing.

Penetrates the cloud layer, all on earth become clear, Xia Huojun the barrack is divided into dozens, but Frey was at armed forces in center, the difficulty of forcing an entry was too big, must resist several thousand elite soldiers' attacks not dead, otherwise does not need to discuss that can see Frey this three services commanding general.

„What person?!"

The distant place, rides the NPC soldier of warhawk to give a loud shout, holds the long bow to pick up the bow nocking above the warhawk loudly shouted to clear the way: „Immediately notifies the name, otherwise I am impolite!"

He has quivered with terror, because sees me behind the dense and numerous 50 Dragon Rider gentlemen, when a warhawk rides to search has seen this type of weaponry, has soon been scared, although the speech bellows, but the acoustic ray is actually trembling.

I draw out behind butterfly with doing slowly, says with a smile: „Obedient stays here, do not notify, otherwise the dead end, do not move!"

The warhawk rides to search the whole body to tremble: „You...... Are you people in day of plume empire? The day, why you will arrive at the territorial airspace of our highest heaven empire, do you want to start the war?"

„No, this time we are find the person, to not go to war, do not act rashly are, otherwise there are you to be attractive." I continue to tread am soaring spatially threat, can be Lin Wan Er strives for many Cooldown on many Cooldown, once otherwise has alarmed below that many armies, perhaps the Lin Wan Er status must be seen through quickly.

This warhawk rides to search, although is afraid, but is not silly, is staring us, said: „Finds the person? You...... Do your many Dragon Rider gentlemen come to the highest heaven city to find the person? Damn, I fought valiantly not to make your sneak attacks prevail absolutely!"


That arrow has shot suddenly, my also non- standard keeps off, front „" a direct arrow, lifts the handle arrow arrow to extract downward, the injury was too low, almost could not break my physical defense, a moral nature anger flew immediately, the long sword penetrated the body that this warhawk has ridden to search instantaneously, strangles to death energy that rode the wind to cut, that warhawk Jie Jie's keenly blowing, but was kicked by my foot maliciously on the nape of the neck, lost the ability of sounding, did time attacks fiercely to shake him to retrocede with the hawk one, came a sword again, directly in this NPC hand. The light shield chopping into pieces, triggered has done the tyrant certainly effect, directly match equipment wrecking.

This warhawk rides to search the whole body to be bathed in blood, the body along with the warhawk crashes together downward at the same time, actually puts out a hand to take out a conch to deliver in the bosom in the mouth, this clearly must send out to warn the sound, under I am just about the final killer time, the side quartz dragon howls suddenly, Qing Luo was urging the crystal dragon launches the attack, „tittering", giant Longzui rode to search this with the warhawk gives to eat together, the conch almost anything sound with enough time has not sent out.


At this time, in the ground the Lin Wan Er Coordinate orange dot occurred to move, directly to military compound plate outside, pointed to southeastern was called „Fulongling" the high ground, simultaneously she said in forming a team channel: „Pig and Matcha, I led Frey to come out, made a false report that Fulongling had several soldiers to receive the ambush dead, leading Frey to prospect the scene, but Frey manner was discrete, bringing 2000 guards to come out together, therefore...... One fought unavoidably, once we arrived in Fulongling, you launched the attack!"


I do in airborne the sword, the blood on sword blade edge change into a drizzle to scatter in the wind, so long as the soldier in ground does not look up basically will not discover us, moreover our high enough, in the ground look is also shadows, perhaps will be considered as the warhawk will ride to search is carrying on the flying training.

Moves toward Fulongling together, after near ten minutes, Frey and guards left the barrack, progresses to dash to Fulongling, I also turn head to have a look at one group of Dragon Rider gentlemen, said: „Was good, this we moved!"

I am Dragon's den Dragon Rider, there is a certain order ability, and Frost also tacitly consents to my direction, therefore 50 Dragon Rider gentlemen dive loudly, looks like the war-gods of dropping from the clouds is ordinary, this time Frey's these guards must certainly suffer loss, is good, weakens their NPC army strength, makes the demon mountain not dare to Tian Ling Empire to act rashly.

Demon Shan Ke is not little darling, he is the German server first person, the highest heaven city first person, has the will of name king inevitably, once there is an opportunity certainly to grasp, therefore between I and him will be only a relative balance, will be good has Matcha and Lin Wan Er because of my side, two female collaborated to make the demon mountain treat sufficiently honestly in the highest heaven city.



A Yorozuo long is raising long sword, progresses to overtake Frey, around look anxious look, said: „Here...... Not is too receives the ambush likely the appearance, here is also in our Xia Huojun defense scope as before, puts scouting and patrol leader of Going out tens of thousands , some impossible people able to ambush us here, can make a mistake?"

A Frey face dragon must, a golden armor, in the hand the lance in a flash, to hold flag Wei who front Lin Wan Er is camouflaging saying: „Hey, the boy, you said here has the ambush? Why this commander-in-chief could not see has fought trace?"

Lin Wan Er restrains the warhorse to turn around, is not startled, but said calmly: „Marshal, the ambush place still in the front, the tactic of opposite party as if familiar stealth attack, therefore our that 20 people scouts the team to handle to guard, I suspected that is person who Tian Ling Empire sends."

Yorozuo long look one cold, suddenly drinks one lowly, points to Lin Wan Er the long sword, said: „Bold avid follower, who are you? Why mixes in our Xia Huojun, you may know that in our Xia Huojun the scouting team beside armed forces completely is hundred people of one team, 20 people of scouting had not said that said who quickly you are?"

Lin Wan Er stares, afterward has smiled, the rough face gradually becomes fair, exquisite, the fine five senses present, the body also slowly reduces, becomes incomparably concave-convex Qu Zhi, is gracefully gently beautiful, the cape flies upwards in the wind, she to the side hand, the giant six glow star circulations, silver dragon Little Bai was roaring, Yorozuo who the yawn was a dragon rest/breath to that reprimanded long has spurted Going out.

„Be careful!"

Yorozuo long raises the left arm to defend with the shield, the dragon rest/breath that but silver dragon Little Bai spouts is the incorruptible attribute, directly freezes in the Yorozuo long arm and shield together, icy cold awls are hanging in the shield triangle skirt-width place, looks like very scary, so long as if were hit hard, this Yorozuo's long left arm must reimburse.

„Clang clang clang!"

One group of Xia Huojun guard camp draws out the pointed weapons, Frey shouts to clear the way loudly: „Standing by!"

May also at this moment, suddenly giant shadows pass over gently and swiftly from their top of the heads, Frey cannot bear the whole body tremble, looks up, immediately the pupil receives suddenly, he saw a leader big dragon, destroyed their big dragons sufficiently, the throat has twitched slowly, Frey muttered: „This...... What's all this about?"

Does not wait for him to respond that dragon rests/breaths emit in the crowd of guard camp, incorruptible, the wind blade edge, flame and talus cone wreak havoc, the attribute of group dragon is various, the guard camp that also Genvre is proud is horrible to look, in an instant must massacre several hundred people, but remaining people as before well-trained is lifting the shield composition line of defense, just in Frost and in front of numerous Dragon Rider gentlemen, this defense simply is the floating clouds.

Frost year to year guards cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, with Hybrid Demon and Hybrid Demon of army socializing perfection king level, the people in seven big kingdoms knows the Frost defense capability first under heaven, but actually nobody knows that the Frost attack capability is also the first under heaven!


„Low-altitude flying, to!"

Frost issues an order, the Qing Luo and other Dragon Rider gentlemen flushed Going out in abundance, big dragon emitting Dragon Xi, Knight have waved Dragon Qiang, Dragon sword and others to flow swiftly to fall Dou Qi on, I have not been idling, flew together, rode the wind to cut to change into golden sword air escapes to fall in the crowd, a hand, the Longteng nine days rumbled with [Thundering Heavens] together in the crowd, immediately have brought the purgatory picture, collected my this attack power of overlord coverall can be imagined, these high-level NPC could not resist, the casualty was serious!


Frey roars, grasped the lance to leave the warhorse to clash, the four-star god the strength will be able be underestimated, the lance shook to condense to be mad the glow bang together in an abdomen of Red Dragon, immediately Red Dragon whinned, the abdomen was injured to crash, but should not be fatal, slightly therapy to be all right.

Frey's flying speed is very fast, the body gathers the strength in the airborne anxious spin, a lance brushes suddenly on a Thunder Dragon's back, that Dragon Rider gentleman „sobbing" miserable snort, spits blood to bend down in the dragon carries on the back, was injured.

Frost had been enraged by Frey thoroughly, the foot pedal is void, „" sonic-electronics shoots to go, both hands hold up the sword, the sweet and delicate voice shout to clear the way: „Frey, Na Minglai!"


Frey eyes glimpse Frost, responded radically without enough time that the hurriedness the lance horizontally in the front, the anger shouted to clear the way: „Frost, you have to plant the highest heaven city, keeps to the father the life!"

What a pity, Frey simply has not thought of strength disparately big.



After Dou Qi and supernatural power collide, Frey's lance accordingly cut Hua sword divides into two, Frost in airborne sharply stops, the snow white longleg treads is fighting the boots is a time fast kicks, is a light sound, the solemn four star gods Frey the mouth will have spat the blood to fall to leave, lawn on an extremely difficult situation tumbles dozens meters, one group of Xia Huojun soldier looks at each other in blank diamay: „Marshal......"

Zhan Long Chapter 1129

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