Zhan Long Chapter 1130

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„Do not hold me!"

Frey is also an unyielding man, is holding up the half lance, stands up according to the tread, the corners of the mouth full were the blood, the mail-armor and helmet on shoulder are kicked the fragment by a Frost foot, probably the shoulder blade also broke, a look of face pain, actually as before raised the half lance, the corners of the mouth brought to say with a smile ferociously: „Attack, Xia Huojun, will never retrocede! Plays the bugle, making the brothers of barrack lead a cheer!"


„Do not make them call number!" Matcha hurried [say / way].

I shake the head: „Without enough time......"

Indeed, 2000 guard camps that Frey brings already casualty more than half, but on the remaining each people have to carry the bugle as before, the next quarter toot unceasingly, that side the barrack hears the battle drum sound that echoes continuously immediately, the NPC army trump card really a little ability of highest heaven city, but compares to my palace guard to be well below absolutely, if the palace guard comes across this condition, perhaps already started to warn . Moreover, the palace guard will not be negligent to the airborne unit, very early in the morning sent out the massive warhawks to ride to search to reconnoiter, Han Yuan was one is good at using the person of strong bow, the firing distance. Far, will not make the Dragon Rider gentleman such meet no resistance!

Qing Luo is grasping Dragon sword, on the pretty face filled has fought intent, said: „The Dragon Rider soldier, prepares to slaughter!"

Frost actually raises hand, said: „Wait / Etc., we come to here to not to slaughter, is only for a thing . Moreover, if possible, stops the war?"

Frey has cleaned the blood of corners of the mouth, sneers saying: „Frost, you kill my several hundred brothers, at this time also wants to stop the war?"

Frost sighed one lightly: „Are you compelling me to massacre the other 1000 guard camps completely?"

Frey is the dauntless man also has to consider that brothers' safety, turns around to have a look, actually the soldiers in discovery guard camp, although on the face is having the spunk, but is also bringing panic-stricken, after all, is not any soldier is willing to face the fearful big dragon . Moreover the big dragon disappeared many years in the mainland, now suddenly presents that many, these people were not afraid also blame.

„Good......" Frey face darken, said: „Frost, what do you come to the highest heaven city to seek for?"

Frost spoke without reservation: „A war soul fragment, fused in the together war soul fragment with your soul, can you be willing to give me?"


Frey is angry saying: „You say the tyrant fragment, you...... You have a dream! The tyrant fragment had been killed by weapons into the body by me, it is my part, because the tyrant fragment I can break through Holy Domain to tread being enthralled boundary, you want to capture my tyrant fragment, has a dream!"

Frost laughs in spite of trying not to: „Since you do not want, I can only try."

Frey gets angry exclaims: „Different is not stratagem, the brothers, kills to me, immediately our people must arrive!"


Frost looked at Qing Luo, said: „Helps me hold Frey!"

„Yes, Sir!"

One group of Dragon Rider gentlemen launch attack in abundance, the Qing Luo suddenly left hand slightly in a flash, together the golden rope appear, this gave my feeling actually very back then my teacher taming Dulin, brandished a shackle to catch the wild animal everywhere the fierce person, but he died in battle, but Qing Luo the golden rope appeared finer, but cultivation of Qing Luo to have been far in excess of past Dulin obviously, thinks that four star gods will be also not necessarily able to hide her diversion.


Frost throws to cut Hua sword gently, immediately cut Hua sword to fly high to control is flying to the match, „bang" the shield that broke in Frey hand just to grip, Frost raises the arm, drank one lightly „", dozens crushed stones flew, under the control of strength of imperial day, these crushed stones just liked the bullet common bang has approached the match.

Which Frey can also be able to block, miserable howling grasps the half lance to come to square to keep off, but in face, body actually unceasing by the crushed stone bang , the blood spattered in all directions, is busy with while him deals with, suddenly Qing Luo palm, the golden rope just likes the spirit snake general departs dozens meters, tying up of flight winding lives in Frey's arm, the nape of the neck, both legs, has bundled him in a flash solid.

„Comes back!"

Qing Luo drinks one tenderly, Frey flew high to fly Going out, fell on her dragon directly carries on the back, unceasing struggling, in the arm, leg had actually been flowed by the golden rope Untidy-looking blood, Qing Luo let somebody cool off or calm down had a look at him, said: „Do not struggle, my Gold Dragon jin more struggles is tighter, the sword chops to chop unceasingly, the words that you do not want dead give up resisting!"

„Gave up any idea of!" Frey this iron man continues to struggle.

I fly to approach slowly, said: „Frost, can the words do not kill him, after all he is the three services commander in highest heaven city, the words that massacres are related to the body to be big, is easy to lead to the war."

„Relax, I have conclusion."

The Frost distant hand, carried on the back to catch from the dragon Frey, making him stand in same place, simultaneously opened the hand again, has taken several long halberds and lances distantly, „" around in the prick hard formation, directly this highest heaven city marshals being stranded there, Frost had a look at us, said: „Dragon Rider gentleman preparation resists their attacks, Qing Luo and Li Xiao Yao, you protector for me, I take to go to battle with the soul fragment!"


I raise the sword to stand in the front, summoned the small tiger, Matcha also rode the warhorse to be built on same place, was grasping the cold iron sword, looks the NPC army that the distant place killed continuously, said: „Player also had the sound, according to the reliable information, the demon mountain obtained the news, was leading about 3000 + [God of Thunder] to hammer the Guild riding war is the player came, over 10 minutes cannot."

„Knew, we resist them with every effort, Wan Er, you ride Dragon Bei, have not been killed by the second, a fight of meeting is definitely flagitious."


Lin Wan Er jumps to jump onto Dragon Bei, carries on the back in the dragon, her HP and silver dragon Little Bai is the fusion, Little Bai million HP do not die, Wan Er does not engage in a decisive battle dead, relatively speaking even compared with me and Matcha maintaining life ability must.


Frost dispersing superior god domain, single Zu treads the ground, the surrounding surface swings golden ripples immediately, in the god of journeys strength inserting earth, is handle handle [Soul Army] buries the surface to be ordinary together likely, Frost single-handed faces directly Frey, drinks one to catch up lowly, immediately the formidable force of traction surrounds Frey, a faint trace golden color energy passes the body from Frey's body, looks like the sky stars is generally wonderful.

But Frey has not felt better obviously, he fought the soul fragment the soul to fuse with last Xiang Yu, this feeling looked like from his each pore and blood vessel the soul finding time generally, the dauntless man was bundled by the gold dragon muscle there, can only bear this pain, gained ground to be miserably howling, made the guard camp soldier who the distant place returned alive by luck dumbfounded: „Marshal...... Was the marshal killed quickly? Damn, this crowd of Tian Ling Empire scoundrel, Frost this beautiful devil, simply scoundrel......"

The voice has not fallen, airborne one group of roaring flame fall, is a spitting rest/breath of fire dragon, will say instantaneously the person of Frost malicious remarks spitting.

Actually in society's matter is this, law of the jungle, if Frey needs the soul fragment, but the strength compared with us, is I who that perhaps suffered hardship, when should get rid got rid, when facing powerful enemy cultivated the behavior not to need to be stodgy, otherwise was spiritless, moreover finally cherished hatred certainly was a spiritless side.


In Frey's miserable howling sound, the distant place battle drum sound is thunderous, Xia Huojun the heavy cavalry and long unit of armed soldiers had overrun, which however the heavy cavalry is the match of big dragon, Qing Luo leads the Dragon Rider soldier to launch the attack, dragon rests/breaths burn red the cavalry soldier mail-armor and helmet in ground, under the low altitude diving flight, Dragon Claw rips the fragment with horse the heavy cavalry recklessly, even some big dragon direct give to swallow down the half warhorse, eats food in the attack while convenient.

The big dragon, the book is demon dragon, not having the justice may say, perhaps, they are more like one type dominate the wild animals above all species, therefore does not need to look at sacredly the big dragon, they will eat the person.

Again shortly afterward, was the NPC army, the distant place also presented the form of player incessantly, one of them we were the understanding, the demon mountain, 199 levels of Knight, Level was the same to me, but equipment should be inferior to me, after all I wear non- rank armor coveralls of one set of two star magical instruments now, single Tiao the words, the demon mountain am not my match.

„Was one's turn us to get up, protected Frost!" Lin Wan Er from the sky rides Little Bai to say with a smile.


Silver dragon Little Bai as if also to cater to the words of beautiful woman master, dives directly, a dragon rest/breath falls in crowd that in [God of Thunder] hammers the Guild player, Lin Wan Er is urged when the silver dragon continued to drop, was about 10 yards attack range immediately the dagger wields, has created the air/Qi glow lethality, consecutively for three times attacked, the edges of various god heavy cavalry of one -and-a-half crowds of blood assassinating, this time Lin Wan Er have not needed to weigh with the assassin, armor of god made her leather armor physical defense turn time, physical defense was not inferior in the top rides the war is a player, attacking that in addition the assassin was in sole possession of fast. With the broken against ability, this attack output absolutely is not a lid.

„Massacres Cang Tong!"

One crowd rides the war is the player spheres, daybreak, imperial swordsmanship and other skills attacks by the sword air/Qi, Lin Wan Er suddenly holds up the tapping umbrella, „whish" one rides under the dragon effect, the iron umbrella turned into a giant round shield to keep off in Little Bai front, counter-balanced the innumerable injuries, the people of demon mountain has been shocked, this which any assassin, completely was the close combat invincible Dragon Rider gentleman!

Does not wait for them to awaken, „Shua" silver crescent moon falls in the ground together, Lin Wan Er started the bright moon storm, in one crowd of hands the reappearing golden color six glow stars waited for that starts [Combo] Swordsman the second to be killed by the bright moon storm instantaneously, an silver dragon Little Bai long and loud cry, the body anxious spin is spinning same place, the mouth mesosaurus rest/breath swept away the surroundings, the flash lets try to besiege the Lin Wan Er players has become the corpse, a troop person looks at Lin Wan Er from afar, unexpectedly nobody dares to go forward to meet head-on.

„The attack output of Wan Er, is really......" Matcha blinked, says with a smile: „Slightly somewhat invincible feeling......"

Zhan Long Chapter 1130

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