Zhan Long Chapter 1131

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Frey's miserable howling sound is unceasing, between Frost and Frey the energy speedily flows, looks like the Milky Way bright flowing light is ordinary, but the center presented a small core body, that was Xiang Yu fights the soul fragment the embryonic form, but has not pulled out from the opposite party within the body the strength to completely, therefore this also needed certain Cooldown.


„To, kills them, saves from their hands our Uncle NPC!"

12 gods the pure gold horseshoe will be grasping Axe, angry [say / way]: „How Frey this idiot thinks that was lured the camp unexpectedly, is courts death simply!"

The vice- Guildmaster eternal waterwheel is grasping a handle pale blue long sword, clenches teeth saying: „Is Xiao Yao Zi Zai and Cang Tong and to like tracking down three people, is not province oil, does not need to haggle over any population to be disparate, gives me on completely together, massacres them, no matter, wants to act unruly in the domain in our highest heaven city, that must pay the price!"

The hoofbeat turbulence, their people formally started rapidly [Assault].

[God of Thunder] hammers the regiment system that the Guild player joins majority is Xia Huojun, but now Xia Huojun the Boss was being suffered by us, therefore their angers can also be imagined, but I did not regret, since this time came to the highest heaven city, that must fight, drew back timidly is not my true colors.


Thousand frost wing energies surge, my electricity shot suddenly speedily flew Going out, takeoffed two meters, suddenly flew upwardly, dived again downward, was equal to that a three-dimensional Z grapheme, the double sword belt the bone-chilling cold energy has printed in the crowd, „bang bang bang" sound was unceasing, starts treads broken heavenly thunder skill, has massacred several people instantaneously, a Jianfeng pendulum, pointed to the eternal waterwheel!

The eternal waterwheel in [God of Thunder] hammers the Guild 12 gods to be situated 2 nd, is next to the demon mountain, its strength is not naturally weak, must kill to take him to operate!

Does a sword pendulum, the right hand butterfly actually backward receives slightly, what I adopt is near body sweeps away + punctures the swordsmanship deep meaning that suddenly, the repertoire that but the eternal waterwheel also with the master of sword, just plays is the Western sword, is primarily punctures suddenly, he looks that my is one sneers: „Goes too far simply, this thinks that can kill me?"

In close that moment, he suddenly calls out one, a red shield lingers in his body week, significantly has promoted physical defense, simultaneously the under foot thunder and lightning wreaks havoc, is thunder and lightning paralysis of close combat attacks the skill, what a pity my hard helmet does not eat the paralysis effect, when he wields [Combo], I sweep away a sword direct bang, in he grasps in the wrist skill of sword!


Gently a sound, the injury is not too high, but my goal has been achieved, the attack rhythm of eternal waterwheel was disrupted instantaneously, but I gather the potential good butterfly sword to change into the flowing light one time to puncture suddenly suddenly, „puff" punctured thoroughly his armor, carried over 8 thousand + injury digit, this was also only the ordinary attack, the eternal waterwheel in great surprise, the bracer golden light twinkle in wrist skill, that was the invincible skill prelude!

Where I to this opportunity, will do the sword speedily have swept, hits directly in the load-bearing point of his warhorse right leg, the warhorse body is crooked immediately, and blue „Successful Skill Break" the phrase flies, he had been succeeded by my truncation [lineage/vein], enters under the delay effect at the same time does not have the means to start invincibly, but I take advantage of opportunity am [Strength of a Thousand Men], makes up twice Ping Kan again!


The soul ray flies, 12 gods the second person will have been massacred, I proceed to clash directly, increases speed and promotes the flight altitude suddenly, does horizontal the standard to keep off Axe of pure gold horseshoe to divide the sword to chop, as soon as he strikes to go well, in same place anxious spin, the spin fierce Axe skill starts instantaneously, and pure gold horseshoe truly is a master, waves Axe single-handed at the same time, the left fist received layer on layer to rumble.

I look clearly, puts out a hand to hold among his napes of the neck the armor chains, the body spins MISS to fall that fist, fights the knee to lift layer on layer hits on his right arm, simultaneously lifts the double sword swiftly and violently is one time from top to bottom suddenly is puncturing to the shoulder well hole of his shoulders, the blood spatters in all directions, but time, the spin fierce Axe skill of pure gold horseshoe also completely by Successful Skill Break, such came is nearly 1 second of delay Cooldown, in this Cooldown his almost what is undoable, the skill is unable to start, this on is the Pulse Break Style charm.

I fall to the ground suddenly, ride the wind to cut eruption, pure gold horseshoe second of killing at the same time, has slivered the soul ray his behind one group of people, [God of Thunder] in one crowd of [Assault] hammer the Guild players to be dumbfounded, was considering must increase speed continues [Assault] the time, I lift the hand to start the imperial day, the crushed stone of fist size flies in abundance, the next quarter speedily shot at the front, one crowd rode the war is the player raises the shield also as before to be pounded by the crushed stone again and again retrocedes, even some moment ago the skill was affected by me to the player of remnant blood on is killed by the second directly.


The surroundings full are the corpse, I fly high to stand, almost wants to ask that also, but front one group of people stopped [Assault], looks the blood that on my double sword the drop is splashing slowly, shock of their innermost feelings can be imagined, the eternal waterwheel and pure gold horseshoe will be situated in 12 gods 2 nd and 4 th, had actually been killed by my superficial cutting, what stratagem which ensures success do other people have?

Another side, Lin Wan Er is riding silver dragon Little Bai, makes the opposite party not dare near one step.

The center, Matcha is grasping the cold iron sword, is riding a melt god warhorse, with a smile looks at the front, she has not begun, but nobody starts the impact on her until now unexpectedly, but hammering of Guildmaster [God of Thunder], the demon mountain in legend is raising the fire god spear, distant looks at Matcha, the meaning of as if not having begun.

Finally, Matcha spoke first: „Did demon mountain, hee, recently cross long time no see may be good?"

The demon spur corner/horn has twitched, will say several seconds later: „To like tracking down, you...... What meaning you are, aren't we consulted the good mutual non-aggression?"

„Yes." Matcha lets go, said: „But in my family Boss' equipment strengthening duty, needs to take a thing on this Frey NPC, therefore I must come, if the demon mountain you worried about our past friendship, that left a loophole to put us to walk, otherwise, tore to pieces the facial skin not to have the advantage to anyone."

The demon mountain makes a fist, quite some indignation, did not say: „This...... You go into the domain in our highest heaven city, what meaning is? Do you suddenly come like this, go ahead, how making me the players with highest heaven city confess?"

„What needs to confess?"

Before I raise the bloodstained long sword to fly slowly, said: „Our three people, but also 50 Dragon Rider gentlemen, the demon mountain you is a smart person, can retain us, aren't you clear?"

The demon mountain looks to me: „Xiao Yao Zi Zai, I know that we have not massacred your ability now, but......"

I interrupt his words, said: „Demon mountain, this time we do not come to discuss with you, but is we are takes the thing, do not forget, Chinese player that under the highest heaven city you massacre were also many, even also the intention counter-attacks Tian Ling Empire, if you really work as the friend me and Xue Rou, then on peaceful in the highest heaven city, when the king of your highest heaven city, otherwise we did not mind that lets 7 K and cold winter being in power highest heaven city, please believe me, these words, I can speak, on can achieve!"

My these words absolute strength, this is the demon mountain cannot think words that I can speak.

Actually originally Tian Ling Empire and strength between highest heaven cities only about the same, but now is different, the highest heaven city divides into two, Portugal and Dutch bring many small servers to move into Port City, the Port City population has been able to share half and half with the highest heaven city, in addition Tian Ling Empire, I had the absolute right to speak here, the demon mountain , if not want to step the clear pupil to develop the footsteps that black ink and maplewood are drunk, that was prudent.

The care wants to come, the pre-war all agreements are actually a mere scrap of paper, must speak by the fist truly, now the fist of Chinese area is hard enough, I do not need again and demon mountain socialize, makes him kneel down to submit to with the strength, this is calls the [say / way] of king simply!


My voice falls, demon mountain is almost mad faints, shook not to drop on the warhorse, the look visits me low and deep, said: „Xiao Yao Zi Zai, do you have confidence from here are really living departure?"

„Does not believe you to try." I said with a smile with ease.

The demon mountain thinks that finally sighed, said: „Ok, China has a proverb to call the arm not to twist the thigh, I am not a fool, today this time, since Tian Ling Empire and highest heaven city is an ally, that does not need to tear to pieces the facial skin, but...... You cannot kill Frey absolutely, this is first NPC of our highest heaven city, if massacres him, I absolutely do not have the means to confess to the domestic player when the time comes must tear to pieces the facial skin to follow you."

I laugh: „This, although can feel relieved that we will not kill Frey absolutely, immediately must the entire tail gives back to you, actually is just I makes a duty, has such big misunderstanding, is really too embarrassed!"

„Calculates that talked clearly on line." The demon mountain is grasping the fire god spear, said: „We here are waiting, when you released Frey."



Frey's miserable howling sound getting smaller, probably was also calls not to have the strength, but Frost was pulling a war soul fragment in together the Daoist believers light palm, this fragment completely has almost formed.

Airborne, Qing Luo orders the Dragon Rider gentleman to protect buddhist law, injured several Dragon Rider already distant ahead of time retreated to fly away.


Frost shouted one lightly, stopped, that war soul fragment also „" fell in her control, Xia Huojun, demon mountain and the others that looks at the distant place, could not bear smile: „Yo, do that many people visit?"

The demon mountain is almost mad spits blood, said to behind several NPC soldiers: „Hasn't gone to hold quickly General Frey?"


One group of Xia Huojun alerts looks at the airborne big dragon, gingerly Frey from Frost rescuing, but the demon mountain said: „That, should you also leave the territory of highest heaven city?"

„Um, bye." I show a faint smile, liking of being filled with, finally can temper Level of overlord coverall!

Zhan Long Chapter 1131

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