Zhan Long Chapter 1132

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A highest heaven city small scale war, although said that cannot make the demon mountain submit to thoroughly, but he should also be able to see, I and Lin Wan Er, the Matcha three people can prevent the impacts of [God of Thunder] Guild over a thousand players are ten minutes, and has massacred much, disparity on equipment, Level, skill and pet with ease obviously, moreover I can kill his 12 gods with ease any person, this huge threat he also has to consider that the demon mountain is a Geng Zhigang's fierce person, but must weigh the importance, knows that any person can offend, any person cannot offend, then, approximately he rather. Made war with Port City 7 K, cold winter and other Guild is not willing to provoke [Zhan Long] and Chinese war zone.


Cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, underground builds up work place.

I took off the overlord coverall of one set to place in the temperance case, then took out three Xiang Yu to fight the soul fragment to lay aside in the one side, said: „Now can temper the overlord coverall for me?"

Old K hesitates, said: „All materials were no doubt uneven, but also needed you to sacrifice a large part of Charm and gold coins completes, whether wanted?"


System System Notification: Please note, tempers 【Overlord coverall】 Needs to consume your 1000 Charm and 5000000 gold coins, confirmed that tempers equipment?


My goodness, consumed that many Charm all of a sudden, the gold coin actually minor matter, I did not lack this money, but 1000 Charm were too many, I altogether on 2138 points, was also equal to the near half of total...... Thinks carefully, dry, since consumes that in a big way, the final attribute of Naha king coverall can definitely make my value return to these to pay, Charm this type of thing hit several times edition duties, to win several times competition championships also naturally to come back in any case, can spend, I can gain!

The click confirmed that a next quarter Old K then nod, „hi" laughs, said: „My this whole life has not built that high level equipment, you are waiting!"

Was barebacked to brandish builds up the god to hammer on numerous falling on the overlord wrister, looks jumping madly that my small heart and liver kicked, then vigorously, can directly the wrister pounding, my [Defeat the Dragon] skill did not have flatly!

Nearby, Lin Wan Er and Matcha also open the eye pupil to look that the overlord coverall changes the shape under the temperance of Old K slowly, simultaneously nearby three Xiang Yu fight the soul fragment also to change into gloss little seeping equipment in broken bits, Frost sits in the one side, twisted off the water bag to drink fragrant and mellow wine, visits us with a smile.

Cold uncultivated land Dragon's den also has own wine-making work place, but generally is some quite shoddy ales, after all the resources lack, in addition the fodder of warhorse supplies insufficient , can only with some expired rotten, live the grain of insect to ferment the wines, Ba Huang City Queen Angela sent for delivering actually much arrived at cold uncultivated land Dragon's den for a long time, now Frost drinks was, cold uncultivated land Dragon's den in the severely cold region, did not drink some strong liquor classes the drinks to come the protection against the cold the words during the cold winter really some to be inappropriate.

„What overlord coverall final attribute can be?" Lin Wan Er opens the bright eyes, hopeful saying.

Xue Rou depends upon by hammering stage, the both arms hug in the front, a vice- queen the makings, said with a smile: „Boss made that big effort to satisfy the qualifications of promotion equipment, definitely will not miss . Moreover the Boss had also sacrificed 1000 Charm, the present stage surpassed 99% player total Charm less than 1000 points, was doomed depending on this set of overlord coverall at least above four star magical instruments."

„Can be the five-star magical instrument?"

„That must look that Boss' good fortune......" Xue Rou corners of the mouth raise, said: „If five-star magical instrument coverall, the Boss can put on this set of equipment did not need to trade really until the top, the five-star magical instrument and non- rank coverall, can mix the game final time also to control the forces of nature, Yorozuo enemy depending on this."

I nod smile: „Taking advantage of your auspicious words, if the five-star magical instrument were good, in the third round country fights, I can definitely capture the MVP title."

Xue Rou chuckle: „Others Fang Ge just won the MVP competition, you record to ask, too does not show due respect for the feelings, careful [Legend] resorts to violence to [Zhan Long]."

„That also has anything, [Legend] really to the words that [Zhan Long] resorts to violence, I send you to meet head-on."

„Snort, the Boss to me also is really good, does not look on as an outsider."



The process that these time tempers also appears very long, fully nearly two hours, soon shout until Matcha offline is sleeping, Old K brandishes builds up the movement that the god hammers to be also fiercer, above that builds up the god to hammer the flame to spurt to open, is very scary, dingdong the rap on the coverall, making me be worried that the overlord will wrap momentarily will turn into pile of scrap iron!

Finally, „Shua" a ray shoots up to the sky, the Old K both feet lift-off jumps from emptying, numerous hammer bang on overlord armor, „bang" an incomparably aggressive air wave surges to the surroundings, I and Lin Wan Er, Matcha by surging draws back several steps continually, even Frost „well" why surprised will have that big sound, six overlords wrap the part in airborne to rotate slowly, was being supported by the invisible strength, simultaneously a dazzling ray soars to the heavens, but, punctured passed the rock layer, the entire cold uncultivated land Dragon's den map for has also illuminated. This imposing manner too old-style fan device, which equipment as if plays the clothing not to have that big sound in birth!

„Completed!" Old K wiped head sweat, the whole body as if escaped the strength general fell backward, hugged a altar immortal to be drunk to drink to heart's content, as if this immortal was drunk is his energy drink can make him powerfully common.

I am excited, keeping jumping that the heart kicks, walks to go forward to put out a hand touching to murder the god armor, immediately murdered the attribute of god armor to jump , the attribute was strengthened comprehensively, was stronger than the beforehand attribute

【Overlord armor】( Magical instrument ★★★★★)

Type: Heavy armor

Defense: 7450

Strength: + 745

Stamina: + 730

Agility: + 725

Magic: + 720

Additional: Promotes user 200% magic defense and 170% physical defense

Additional: Promotes user 100000 Max HP

Additional: Promotes user 120% attack power and 5000 foundation attack power

Special effect: Non- rank limit

Special effect: The overlords, supernaturally brave of feather, eternity two, the strength of overlord do not promote the user 5000 strengths

Special effect: Murders the god, to the lethality of NPC and monster promotes 100%

Coverall part: Overlord coverall armor

Introduced: Before the Flood, the King who made the earth tremble sweeps away the mainland, its brave was the unparalleled in the world, making the posterity pursue admires, thousands of years later, the god artisans of later generation collected the spirit strength of this antiquity king, its spirit soul casting in one set of rare most precious object, this was the overlord armor coverall, the person of legend collection uneven overlord coverall can obtain the verbal command world the strength, obtained overlord coverall one, had the probability when killing the high level monster triggers blows out other parts, this wrapped equipment to be only

Needs Level: 200

Needs the charm: 1000


This did not strengthen simply, but is the comprehensive strengthening! I carefully look, the change is the physical defense + 2000 points, various attributes promote 200 points, the foundation attack power + 2000 points, but overlord special effect from 3000 strengths promoted 5000 points, attack power to promote obviously, Xiang Yu will be known as the overlord, the military force eternity not two, was known as that was a Huaxia several thousand years of supernaturally bravest person, this set was his exclusive coverall but actually also appropriate.

Has a look again, not only the overlord armor, other five parts 11 were also strengthened, 11 fall in my hands, but 11 that I am wild with joy put on, immediately an intermittent comfortable feeling transmits all over the body, is the endless strength crazily emerges in the body, is this feeling of top coverall?

When looks at the attribute again, strengthening is not little

【Xiao Yao Zi Zai】( Town day Dragon Rider)

Level: 200

Attack: 68215-85290

Defense: 47718

Life: 574300

Magic: 53812

Charm: 1138

CBN Battle Ranking: 2

Title: Broken cauldron male


This attribute somewhat was really scary, even if the five-star god level BOSS attribute approximately also this? Hideaway attack power and physical defense that let alone my this overlord wraps are also very terrifying, this time my sword chopped Going out, it is estimated that also spread the coal on a piece of life, um! Wants is this effect, since wants to dominate seven big kingdoms, that must prosperous, counter I perish along me!

At this time had a look at own complete equipment again, the five-star magical instrument had 9 swords, three stars magical instrument one, inferior magical instrument two, the Longxu hook was Emperor Tier, the attribute very dregs, but the special effect was good, therefore has not replaced, OK, basically my equipment has taken shape, depended on this set of equipment able to move unhindered the world in very long Cooldown, to show disdain for the outstanding heroes sufficiently!

Attribute that after Lin Wan Er and Matcha see, had a scare, especially Matcha, dug the small mouth saying: „Boss attacks the output like this, perhaps has disregarded completely Pulse Break Style various skills? Such great disparity in strength, keeps off to resist without Fahger radically, bumped into Boss such match only to depend upon the collection fire to come the second to kill."

Lin Wan Er said: „Coverall effect was death same place rebirth, promoted entire attribute when 30%, infinite rebirth, offline increases the effect to vanish, perhaps was a volume of hot tactic does not have many to use to him greatly."

Matcha sip purses the lips: „Boss present stage basic was invincible."

The Lin Wan Er nod smiles: „Only if you can have with his same equipment, kills him several times to play to vanish on offline, making him cry."

„Hee hee, yes!"


I thanked Old K and Frost, turned around to look to two female, said: „Cooldown early, earlier the offline rest, Wan Er tomorrow do not go to work?"

„Um, you must go with me together, in any case you already 200 levels, not anxiously promotion."


„? Did you go to work?" Matcha asked with amazement.

„Um." I nod, said: „Wan Er and East city pooled capital a dress designing company, decent, looked like the appearance of very rich way, right Matcha, when did you return to homeland?"

„Tomorrow's airplane ticket, arrives in Shanghai in the evening, I take taxi Hangzhou, does not need to meet me . Moreover, Yan Mo, Zhao Feifei with me, we also had found together the residence near Liu Hua University, one set of villa, planned that the one breath buys."

„Rich." I have raised up the thumb.

Matcha has a look at my Lin Wan Er, speechless [say / way]: „Do not taunt me, my this flower is the hard-earned money, is prepared to treat as the dowry, now is actually used to purchase homes, easy?"

„That dowry what to do?"

„Does not get married, mingled among various to play for a lifetime greatly with the Boss."

„Yo, but also really has prospects."

„Ahem, that must."

Zhan Long Chapter 1132

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