Zhan Long Chapter 1133

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In the morning, the sunlight is beautiful.

Lin Wan Er and in Dong Cheng Yue office, my idle is reading their fashion magazine, thinks to be bored to death, even links a nice point game magazine not to have.

„You thought that soon suffocated?"

Lin Wan Er puts aside the body suddenly, visits me from the laptop right with a smile, said: „Good, thought that the too bored words soon Going out transfers the extension, does not have what issue."

Dong Cheng Yue said: „Duplicator that out of the door buys probably newly is moving, many, very sink, if you bored help these people be good on the past."

I nod: „Good, my Going out, the words said that the good and evil a matter does to me, otherwise every day with your inside and outside runs everywhere, others will say that I am live by pimping."

„What lives by pimping to have not to be good?" Lin Wan Er very plentiful 34 D, lightly said with a smile: „What position do you want? First, you will make anything."

I think that said: „Basically anything will do, receiving and dispatching document, management engine room and data inquiry, simple programming and advertisement design, omnipotent, thinks carefully linked me somewhat to fear itself......"

Lin Wan Er throws smiles, said: „Does East city, look up also to have the job vacancy?"

Dong Cheng Yue wants not to think: „I also lack an assistant."

„Exempts discussed that said other."

„Good, does the outside hall also lack a clothing the specialists of effect exaggeration, Brother Xiao Yao can control later?"

„Can try."

„That goes, idles in any case is also idling."



After permitting of two beautiful woman bosses, I had found the work in the hall, also had itself finally in the first work and first work of computer composed design, what is rare is to the computer of computer unexpectedly apple specialized design I provide, making me have Xie Zhulong feeling, immediately opens the destiny official forum to have a look at the bordered news wait / etc., a Tian Ling Empire big main city never to lack various types of news

[Hero's Mound] Guildmaster Q-Sword made the girlfriend, it is said was one is the red star video, the Z character begins, many people were guessing, what were more was the innumerable Tian Ling Empire young girl players cries the dark day to be secret, after all Q-Sword had already captured many young girl hearts by the handsome appearance and rapid fierce decisive operation, heard that Q-Sword made the girlfriend, many female wish one could to hang to death immediately on the wryneck subtree of Q-Sword, thinks to think very moved.

The [House of Prestige] group teams leader and 192 levels of Swordsman finger of wind-drift sand in last night early morning, car race on the street in Changsha, finally hit the afforestation to take overturned a vehicle, a Maserati Birdcage discarded directly, was good does not have what issue because of the person, but the arm abraded slightly, in this game really the latent talent, who can think that a small group team leader unexpectedly was a local tyrant in this way!

Moreover the most irritable news was the [Hero's Mound] second point pledge / main head old one and Ji Yuan of 192 levels of soul assassins blew out the 4 P gate this morning, it is said yesterday evening he went to the bar to soak three female to bring back to the hotel one time, finally this morning by resident reporting of next room was said last night the sound was too loud, does not know that to be how friendly


Reads these news, I cannot bear hey smile, but at this moment, suddenly the cell phone has also made a sound, unexpectedly is the Q-Sword number, what does he call me makes?

Under the surprise, connects the call, Q-Sword is in sole possession of very magnetic sound to transmit: „Xiao Yao, good morning......"

I also Ha Ha smile: „Schoolmate Q-Sword, the safe does not ascend the Buddhist temples, suddenly calls me what's the matter?"

„Some matters requested that is really a little embarrassed......"

„, What said that what matter, couldn't you have levelled?"

„Mainly not in my domain."

„What matter?"

„Said very disgraced......" Q-Sword coughed, said with a smile: „Records park that fellow you should also some impressions?"

I one thump: „, A little impression, he and wished one could to dismember a body me, how I can not remember, Ji Yuan how?"

Q-Sword said awkwardly: „That...... Yesterday evening Ji Yuan played with several friends in Hangzhou some bar together, then fell in love with three female students, therefore...... Therefore afterward went to the room together, has not thought that in the morning was beaten open the gate accountability by JC, you know, that three female students actually are also everybody has the need with him, is not that transaction, but JC stated categorically that does not have the means that therefore I want to ask you to help, you in the status of Hangzhou police I know that only needs your telephone, making that side do not feel embarrassed Ji Yuan to be good, after all he was our [Hero's Mound] person, if were closed to go on not attractively a little......"

I laugh: „Originally is this matter, I knew, relax, I will make the person verify the situation."

„Um, thanks, after this matter levels, I will lead Ji Yuan, to go to Hangzhou to visit another day to ask you personally to drink to eat meal!"

„Please lead me that bar that goes to Ji Yuan to go to experience while convenient......"

„Aha, good good......"


Unexpectedly also really has this grade of matter, Ji Yuan image in my mind instantaneously becomes great, is really the Deity! Envied the envy to have a mortal hatred of me.

Switches off the telephone, the Shen Bing call, after toot toot several, Shen Bing sound with a smile conveys: „Does young handsome fellow, what matter look for my?"

I said: „[Hero's Mound] Ji Yuan had picked up 3 little girls in a Hangzhou bar one breath yesterday, yesterday evening opened the room to play 4 P to be caught in the hotel, so long as were not MYPC should unable to determine guilt, therefore the Shen Bing elder sister went to that side the public security to ask, did not have firmly the words of [Gouge] evidence, after all was young people, matter others who this your sentiment I hoped could not manage."

„, Such exciting matter?" Shen Bing smiled: „Makes me return to normal the first excitement, I go, has a look the case that who is responsible, was all right has put, in any case was not the important matter."

„Um, you have a look."

Was less than two minutes, Shen Bing another call with the plane: „Liu Dui, you have detained one person who today called Ji Yuan, played 4 P that...... Aha, has, can determine that is what situation? Records the oral confession...... Good, since cannot confirm that others money transaction, that Ji Yuan was our base Captain Li friend...... Hee hee, right, is Li Xiao Yao Captain Li, um, this does not have the issue, turns head having free time to make him ask you to drink and that's the end, said it and meant it!"

After hanging the plane, she told me immediately: „OK, did not have the issue, immediately released, didn't they possibly give us the Captain Li long face? Ha, you in the prestige and status of Hangzhou police absolutely are high that you cannot imagine, in their minds, you are our flag characters, is the police officer of heroic rank, knows?"

I also laugh: „Good...... That thanked the Shen Bing elder sister, troubled you."

„Is impolite, when asked me to eat meal?"

„I was very recently busy, moreover is in need for cash!"

„Has not related, asking me to eat burns hot is OK!"

„...... Eats well, turned head to say again, I must work busily."



The staff member who , is responsible for dress designing computer simulation is also one about 25 -year-old high and low beautiful woman, this company surpasses 7 Chengdu is a female, is actually a welfare oriented company, she added my QQ, to I transmit the clothing modeling document the time, suddenly astonished turns around to visit me, is much more excited is the small star: „You...... Your QQ is the celebrity has authenticated...... You are [Zhan Long] Guildmaster Xiao Yao Zi Zai of destiny game...... You...... You really?"

I am somewhat helpless, early knows that should operate a trumpet.

Therefore, I must be busy giving the picture to process later, while must deal with nearby „frantic bean noodles", is good, when I when the special troop army has studied various computer technologies, although said that the specialized degree is well below Shen Bing such hacker, but this simple processing definitely cannot stump me, at my level, conducts the data bank administration is the piece of cake, this was not anything.

Near 11 : 00 pm times, has handled on hand in work, nearby beautiful woman is entangling I am wanting the mobile number the time, at this time outside the company came one group of people, the person in front line looks familiar very much, carefully looks at impressively the discovery is Lin Tiannan, he came to daughter's company unexpectedly personally, but also was really rare, but Lin Tiannan truly regarded as own life more important to Wan Er, I also looked come out, father like this was worth respecting very much.

Lin Tiannan behind with several bodyguards, he is walking following the corridor of company, suddenly also sees me, and sees the picture work on my computer, then the nod smiles to settle down saying: „Li Xiao Yao, you also here?"

„Um, is accompanying Wan Er and East city, therefore looks for a work while convenient here."

The Lin Tiannan smiling face is very temperate: „Um, this was also good, was right, I came to accompany Wan Er to eat meal at noon specially, you also together went."

„Good uncle."


Unknowingly, I and Lin Tiannan relations were also more moderate, but I know that reason actually has ; first, I and Wan Er sentiment is truly getting more and more intimate, its two are the appearances of old man, to a certain extent makes Lin Tiannan probably reexamine me, but is most important, should be I steps into Yang Flame the boundary? After all such person, is few in China, even if in the modern age is also the powerhouse to revere the world outlook, to a certain extent, Lin Tiannan respects me should be.

Naturally, if my wish makes him in the future my father-in-law, I should respect him, in any case, relations between I and he and Wan Er three people are developing in the good direction, this point is obvious.


At noon, accompanied Lin Tiannan to eat together well, was the person of this local tyrant rank pays in any case, therefore several of us junior ordered food does not have any scruples.

In the afternoon returns to the company to continue to go to work, but, three point about times came one group of unexpected visitors.

Zhan Long Chapter 1133

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