Zhan Long Chapter 1134

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Young people of five suit and dress shoes appearance marched into the company, the attire is very stylish, person of we in front line also knew unexpectedly that was Wang Ze Cheng, CEO of Buesst China Branch, the hair front selects to dye wisp of red, in the overall image actually looked like unusual progress and sunlight, naturally, hid under the semblance dirty perhaps only then he knew.


„Oh, who is that handsome fellow?" My staff member female eyeful small stars, sometimes the woman is the most frantic perceptual animal, pays great attention to the semblance the degree not under the man.

I show a faint smile: „Should better be farther to him."


„Because you will regret." I said one superficially, actually also has the subtext, perhaps by my side female 6 points of beauty, Wang Ze Cheng will not look at her one eyes, after all Wang Ze Cheng woman are not few, at least must be more than too many my female quantity, although in the quality was exploded.

I stand up rapidly, an arrow step arrives on the corridor, lifts the arm to say with a smile: „Wang Ze Cheng, here is composed design, what do you make?"

Wang Ze Cheng as if has thought of me here, but smiles: „Yo, is Li Xiao Yao? Anything, I have not come to here as customer."


„Right." In his eye is having a contemptuous happy expression: „The company in Buesst China region needs to replace the summer clothing and fall clothing, temporarily has not related the clothing factory, therefore I plan to redesign one set, since your this composed design firm makes this line, greatly only will also keep them out my this?"

I have taken up the cell phone, dials the number of Lin Wan Er office: „Wan Er and East city, Wang Ze Cheng wants to have custom-made Buesst's work uniform in the composed design, does this bill want?"

Dong Cheng Yue said: „Wants, why does not want, did not have what big bill while us now."

Lin Wan Er is somewhat speechless: „Does the business of Wang Ze Cheng this person, need to do really?"

„Fears anything, has Xiao Yao."

„Also is, making him ask the banking department managers to reach an agreement."


I turn around, the hand is pointing at the right, said with a smile to Wang Ze Cheng: „Banking department there, you asks the business manager to discuss and that's the end."

Wang Ze Cheng stunned, seemed somewhat disappointed, said: „Lin Wan Er and aren't Dong Cheng Yue here general manager? Does my this have custom-made bill also insufficiently them of over ten thousand clothing personally to receive?"

I smiled: „Has not signed finally time they guarantee to sign, but did not guarantee that certain meeting customer, this type cooperates your sentiment I to hope, what meaning you must see them are, you regarded Miss KTV the young lady of Lin and East city, for a bill can drink with you happily? Don't forget, they are not short of money, this company is also only an interest, does not need to make this sacrifice."

Wang Ze Cheng looked at my one eyes maliciously, in his behind flat head young people eyes reveals wipes the ominous light, the fist grasps „" sound, the appearance that as to begin, I the arm shakes immediately slightly, almost item not obvious flees Yang Yanhuo to linger around the fist, wants to fight to suit me, actually I also want to take a look at Wang Ze Cheng behind these bodyguard several jin (0.5 kg) several two, whether with breeding to think of the person to have the relations.


Must begin shortly, Wang Ze Cheng beckons with the hand suddenly, said: „That walks, we go to business manager there to discuss that summer and fall the work clothes of two seasons must recreate in any case."

„Yes, Wang Zong." That flat head young people stared my one eyes maliciously, said: „You give me carefully."

My brow raised, smiles: „Interested words sign not to walk, that flat head, you in company downstairs I, looked that you are so rampant, our duel?"

„Does father also fear you?" He is mad clashes the bullfight.

Wang Ze Cheng actually look one severe: „You give me honestly, with me and that's the end, do not cause trouble, otherwise no one can preserve you!"

That flat head was the tiger of air leakage faded immediately likely generally, could not look that Wang Ze Cheng also had the boldness and prestige of this stricting enforcement of orders and bans in Booster Company unexpectedly, looked that he was so young, the appearance of another handsome boy, I also think that he came the obedience by money.


In the afternoon, the composed design has signed the first big list, the entire 25000 + clothing, must design 21 different styles, each wrap fixed price in 2000 R motherfucker about, the Booster Company truly great writer, this was too on average rich, but, as a pharmaceutical company, although in China is the sudden and huge profits, but should also be insufficient such great writer?

About 3 : 00 pm , has signed a bill, came from the Tian Xin Corporation Hangzhou branch, Lin Tiannan naturally can consider daughter's business, making Tian Xin Corporation Hangzhou, Shanghai and all uniforms of Nanjing three big branches have custom-made in the composed design, the flash composed design earned full, this also continued, the friends who heard the news custom-made in the uniform of company, Ye Lai makes an appointment to have custom-made 1000 sets in the company in Yangzhou, Yan Zhao Warrior has also had custom-made 200 sets, Mu Xuan, with child became said that also meaning, each one has had custom-made in the approximately 500 clothing of company, other, Dancing Forest was Changchun. A custom service department manager of real estate group, convinced the boss to have custom-made about 300 sets.

But in these games the order of friend attains from here, they also compare to be willing to me the face, this makes me promote in the status of company rapidly, can private relationship attain the custom-made bill of 4000 + clothes in the afternoon, perhaps this banking department managers cannot achieve.

But a day has attained that many bills, Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue are also much happier, therefore decides to dine together in the evening, invited the manager of each department, arranges two tables in the downstairs opposite restaurant, tonight can eat delicious.


After getting off work to punch the clock, accompanies two beautiful woman managers to go out, we pass first, the theater box is very good, graceful unique, the surroundings have the purl, asked the Jinling girls to hold the pipa on the difference in a sing from side of stage song, present Jinling miss few will sing the song mostly, if you made others sing the song to you, her boyfriend must a supercilious look deliver you to you mostly in addition one „dull B".

Shortly , the manager and deputy of each department came, is just filled with two tables, has the male to have the female, but the majority is young, the average ages of this company definitely under 28 years old, even the young misses under 20 years old have many, art layout specialized female student who also many Zhejiang University comes.

Two beautiful woman managers sit together, likely is pair of shocking two beautiful sisters, I sit side Lin Wan Er, low-key looks at cooked food on table, when waited to serve a meal can eat to be happy, Lin Wan Er shot a look at my one eyes, thought funny, said low voice: „Crying foul, is really a glutton!"

I continue remain silent, today not only need eat to the full, but must maintain sober, bodyguards who after all in this restaurant the mixing of good and bad people, Lin Tiannan sends outside, therefore I must maintain the vigilance, Wang Ze Cheng the composed design orders today was equal to that a signal, he made a fresh start to pay attention to the Tian Xin Corporation young lady, no matter to Lin Wan Er individual pursue, had anything to attempt to Tian Xin Corporation, I must handle something, otherwise was also unfair to own status.

„Come, Li Xiao Yao."

Banking department that 35-year-old big sister has held up the cup, said with a smile: „I thought that the today's first cup should respect him, gave us the banking department to deliver several bills in the afternoon, was too great, if took deducting a percentage, your one month at least can that over 500,000!"

Dong Cheng Yue tittered one to smile: „He does not lack that money......"

The big sister was shocked: „? 500,000 do not lack, he......"

Dong Cheng Yue eats to smile, said: „You make him pull out along the card of belt, I can guarantee that balance in a has not been lower than 1000 thousand, believes?"

The big sister was shocked thoroughly.

I hold up the wine class, said: „For the company can a better development, attain the bill to the company, this is also the friend on rivers and lakes gives me the face, come, this first cup respects anyone not to be good, as soon as we engendered respect to design composed!"

The people raise glass together, toss down, has the feeling of rivers and lakes spirit very much.


At the session, that female really also asked the matter about Wang Ze Cheng, why very surprised can dare the next tens of thousands sets to have custom-made the bill of clothing in this person, does not know that he was any status.

After Lin Wan Er hears Wang Ze Cheng, complexion was not quite attractive, but said superficially: „Small eyebrow, what interest you should better not to Wang Ze Cheng feeling, even if his leather bag is attractive, he is rich, but is not you not to be you, in male person eyes does not have you, what status do you enter his life are?"

That called female of small eyebrow to nod immediately: „Good, I knew."

The big sisters of banking department said: „That Wang Ze Cheng has shouted to consider to see Manager Lin Wan Er, this is any meaning,...... Is he interesting to Manager Wan Er?"

Lin Wan Er smiled: „This person......"

Dong Cheng Yue said: „Li Xiao Yao is the Wan Er boyfriend, other man considers as finished, cannot enter the Wan Er field of vision, Wang Ze Cheng this scum, snort, later do not raise him again, completed Buesst's bill to be able lhasa to heiho user."



Dined together finished to 8 o'clock, because most staff members were the feminine relations therefore drink not many, finished eating the later many people to go to nearby KTV to sing, but I and Lin Wan Er, Dong Cheng Yue went back the dwelling, a day has not gotten online, must enter the game to manage the city and Guild anything.

After getting online, [Zhan Long] Guild does not need to manage anything actually, has Li Mu and Yue Qing Qian not to be impossible any important matter, leader who these two can assume sole responsibility for an important task, even if my fortnight not online they can also maintain the aspect, after all one is [Valiant Bravery] Guildmaster, one was [Prague] once vice- Guildmaster, the prestige is placed there.

The Fan Shu City resources soon overflowed, was used to recruit Flame Hawk Archers and Cliff Dragon Cavalry completely, but I stood , in hawk nest bird's eye view entire Fan Shu City, discovered that the city area truly became, the second round country fought the later system maintenance, the Fan Shu City scale has surmounted the common secondary lord city, the city area pursued seven big main city smallest Port City.

Routine official business swept next dozens pledge elders and group teams leader, to hold flag Wei's appointing and dismissing, processed to about 11 points time, was somewhat tired, then offline rested.

Zhan Long Chapter 1134

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