Zhan Long Chapter 1135

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Cooldown crossed fast, for one week passed in an instant, Xue Rou also came back, and was bringing three boudoir honey, Zhao Feifei's ID called the ice coffee, 192 levels of beautiful woman Knight, allow Fang ID called to live far apart, 194 levels of archers, face froth everybody was very familiar, milk that the violent walked, four of all-star game, individual operation was very strong, was in several female perception strongest one, has learned the conciseness of many Pulse Break Style from Xue Rou.

The [Zhan Long] work room reorganizes, this time altogether 8 people, but I am „honorary room am long", Wolf, Fox and old K receive the invitation, stayed in a Liu Hua University villa, made Fox sigh darkly passed the middle age to cross on Commander tall Fu to live finally generally, naturally, I encouraged him to refuel secretly much, Yan Mo, allow Fang and Zhao Feifei three female qualities were good, especially Yan Mo, on had under the D chest to have the outstanding buttocks, JP, was a pity absolutely that Fox and old K have instigated, basic. Does not dare to vindicate, for fear that after vindicating , the friends have not resulted in have done, but I thought what is more important is they feared that vindicating the words one will be beaten savagely by the face froth, the milk that after all the violent walks, this individuality has been placed there.


However even if so, small wolf, old K and Fox as before with four big beautiful women „living together" on, even if is unedible, had a look to be also good, always compared several people lonelily lonely to be much better coldly, the brothers lived on the happy life, this I also felt relieved.

The work of composed design firm I also gradually ripe wind, in one crowd „sisters" relations with company is harmonious, every morning goes to the company time most one time had 4 female to bring the breakfast to me, was happy is almost killed to the second by the Wan Er look, this did not have the means that likable was I can control?!

At noon, accompanies Wan Er and East city finished eating the food together time, outside Tang Qi that came a person to try to find out, when midsummer, this boy sweated profusely got out to run up to the building from the rental car, saw that my time tears circled in the eye socket: „I looked for 78 streets finally to find the address of composed design am here......"

This Lu Chi!

Tang Qi repeatedly requests to join to design into one of our staff members composed, in the Dong Cheng Yue mood resists, is not willing to make Tang Qi so close oneself, how Lin Wan Er to talk clearly, does not have the means that therefore the solemn Suchuan Sichuan Tang Men most promising younger generation became the composed design honorable outside arranges the security personnel, is even lower than me in the status of company, is really exciting!

About 2 : 00 pm, the eldest sisters of banking department found me, told my Buesst's clothing to manufacture one batch, they must go to the clothing factory to examine merchandise in the afternoon, want us to send several people to look together, therefore has selected me, because the late exaggeration of clothes was I does, therefore I most knew about this, in addition had the faction a designer, was that amy, one of the composed design firm most entrusted with heavy responsibility designers, about 25 -year-old high and low 8 points of beautiful woman, with my almost size.


„Tang Qi, the corporate security gave you in the afternoon." Just before leaving before , I have entrusted one, after all Tang Qi is the Royal Air peak standard, took a broad view at the world few individuals to be able how him, he also compared the security here.

Tang Qi holds the fist in the other hand smiles: „The Xiao Yao brother goes freely, here all have me."

I want to punch his, afterward said to female: „Amy, do we walk?"


Amy has worn a brief white ornamental engraving shirt today, below is one binds the buttocks short skirt, the beautiful figure will set off extremely attractively, my grabs the document, said to me with a smile: „Walks."

What my today's role are more is the bodyguard, I believed firmly, the lethality of amy to man is quite strong, but Buesst that side person I do not trust.

Downstairs, the driver waited in company private car there, another car(riage), above is printing Buesst's LOGO, is a to run quickly commerce, is really the local tyrant company, Lian Gong uses a vehicle is to run quickly, was too filthy rich.

I shot a look at one, saw that on Buesst's vehicle sits four people, one was that day almost the flat head male who I fought, in the look of this person worked off anger, likely was not the ordinary company staff member, had that callous makings of retired serviceman, moreover was strong, I can see strength that he had.

„Yo, designer who this beautiful woman together goes to?" The flat head male asked.

Amy courtesy nod: „Yes, us?"

„Good, boards."

He hints on amy their car(riage), but Amy has not shown due respect for the feelings, boarded the car(riage) of our composed design, I said to the driver: „Good, do not delay."

A driver nod, the accelerator stepped on, but Buesst's several people resentful stared my one eyes maliciously, as if they very want to approach Amy, the Amy makings and contour are good, no wonder.

The clothing factory is very far, bumps into afternoon trafficking jams, visited Xiaoshan from Xihu District for nearly 3 hours, finally arrived at the clothing factory, goes to inspect goods does not have what issue but actually, but examines the later flat head male not to be actually glad in the receipt to sign, but shifted responsibility onto others: „Do not worry, ate meal walks again, finished eating food certain signature, wasn't good? Won't this designer beautiful woman, this face give?"

I clench jaws, wants to pull out him really maliciously, Amy as if also sees me in the vitality, therefore puts out a hand to pull my arm, said: „That, do we here eat meal walk again?"

I nod: „Good."


The eating meal place is luxurious, name has not listened, but the theater box is exceptionally magnificent, and dish is the delicacy delicacy, looks swallowing saliva that the company driver does not live, naturally, may be him be away from the Amy clothes to look at the reason of her chest.

„Comes, the design is a beautiful woman, I respect your one cup first!" The flat head male homosexuality narrows the eyes looks at Amy, that look is the blind person also visits him to make anything.

I am a follower who exceeds to build up the body level boundary, surpasses the average man to the spirit resistivity, I do not want to be drunk will not be drunk mostly, therefore takes up the cup, said: „Do our Amy potency of alcohol, do for somebody by me extremely?"

In the flat head male eye passes spunk to visit me: „You!"

On my face completely is the gentle happy expression: „What's wrong, no?"

„Snort, line."

He tosses down, I have also drunk up the white liquor of less than half cup, the strong flavor enters the throat, this feeling has not felt better.

A flat head look, other three Buesst's people fill my liquor together, but my sneers, drinks drinks, so long as I transporting makes Yang Yanjin evaporate the spirit, drinks this type of white liquor looks like drinks the pulsation to be the same, fights the liquor with me, I drink you!

However, the flat head male has some opportunities, proposes a toast to Amy, Amy was just one just graduated one year of university student, which could stand up to such urging to drink, in an instant drank the cheek to be red.


The happy expression of flat head male face, asks to shake the hand of Amy suddenly, said: „Worthily is the hand of designer, looks like soft......"

Amy stares.

I as if nonchalant beckoning with the hand, places in the hand on table to receive Amy, at the same time said with a smile: „The hand of composed designer, only uses on the keyboard, does not use on the liquor table, but also please excuse me!"

The flat head male eye soon torched.

Amy somewhat suffering from injustice visits me.

„Aha, what words this brothers spoke, what person us did you regard as?" The flat head male has smiled, whole face ugly and ferocious-looking is piling the smiling face, said: „I feel like old friends at the first meeting to this designer beautiful woman, she seems like long particularly looks like my younger sister, in the age looks like also similar, just did the university graduate?"

Saying, he puts out a hand to hug the shoulder of Amy, Amy hides does not evade, flurried sitting there, sees such weaponry, she was at wit's end completely.

I „", half glass of white liquors in stem glass in the hand all but actually Going out, „" one flushed the flat head male face, hurried [say / way]: „Excuse me, let go a moment ago...... Really embarrassed, the service person, a bit faster takes the towel to come!"

The drivers bite the rabbit leg in side, the squint are visiting me together, the smiling face is very lively, seemed saying that your boy clearly is intentionally, does attractively.



The flat head male has wiped liquor water on face, pounds the table.

I the body arrive at the amy right hurriedly in a flash, pushes far with the sofa her, compensates to smile while said: „Really is not intentionally, please must forgive me!"

„I forgive your Sir!" The flat head male fist received rumbles Going out, good attractive long-range punch.

How I will be also polite, lift the hand fist am the palm, is passing Yang Yanjin a swift and violent hit on his fist, immediately „bang" a sound, the cyclone surges in the collision place, shakes with the chair him retrocedes several rice, numerous hits on wall, becoming angry out of shame of this flat head male face, diving posture, raises the fist, this time, on the fist has had a scaled shape piece by piece unexpectedly, somewhat looks familiar.

I sit well in same place, suddenly body sinks, the single foot tramples in his below plate, the body rises again suddenly, an elbow strikes beats severely again on his chin!


The chin has probably been dislocated, he scolded the sound becomes unclear, the nape of the neck place finally has also had a piece by piece blood red scale, this time I looked clearly, was breeds to think of the person, and was called the A level of dragon blood soldier breeds to think of the person!


„Third Brother, are you insane? The boss will kill us!" Flat head male behind, a person shouted loudly.

I am startled slightly, exclaimed lowly: „You are breed to think of the person!?"

Flat head male panic-stricken, received hurriedly changed the body, the garnet scale of nape of the neck place diverged rapidly, he lifted the hand holding the chin, said: „What...... Anything breeds to think of the person, you were saying anything, the bastard, you make into this me, I must consider you!"

I did not have to say anything, it seems like he did not plan to acknowledge mistakes.

Pushes the receipt slowly forward, I said: „Signature, signed I to put you to walk."

He clenches jaws, but is obedient has signed, because a moment ago duel time he knows one were not a match, but I started to be also relentless, here massacred his him also only to die in vain mostly, wrong wrong in him does not know that who I was, does not know that I can massacre by them with ease am called the A level of dragon blood soldier to breed to think of the person.


Amy startled cried in side: „Li Xiao Yao, what's the matter?"

I am supporting her shoulder, pats the back: „Good, has been all right, walks, later inspected goods this matter not to need the designer to participate personally, sending Tang Qi to come to be good."

„Um." She cries pear colored belt rain.

Zhan Long Chapter 1135

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