Zhan Long Chapter 1138

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„B groups, have not harvested temporarily."

„C groups, all normal."

„D groups, not having the issue, the search to continue."


The sound that in the miniature earphone transmits several platoon leader, I am embracing the [Assault] (spear gun), having 24 people to walk slowly in the floor corridor, simultaneously careful looks at the surrounding all sounds, behind the glass wall, is the staff of wear uniform, has observes before the computer , the useful microscope research, approximately the pharmaceutical company is this appearance.

„5 buildings search, goes to 6 buildings." I am ordering in the earphone.

Is hinting to behind person vision, the people immediately with me 6 buildings from the fire staircase, Booster Company building altogether 25, we want a search layer upon layer today in the past.

All the way, many people cast the vision of difference to us, such one group of fully-armed special police officers appeared in the company truly are also too easy to cause to pay attention.

When we arrive at six, one crowd has worn the person of job card to wait for us, but the rear area is a large quantities of precision instrument is glittering the assorted ray.

Foreign employees walk to go forward, said in the faltering Chinese: „I am here manager, this is the research office, you cannot come in...... Otherwise will damage...... Damages our instruments."

I behind a base special police officer immediately replied in the fluent English that the central general idea is about we, if damages the instrument, according to the set price the meaning of compensation, I am certainly dumbfounded, police unit really latent talent, this English attainments above my this CET-4......

Appearance that they as if also want to obstruct, I walk to go forward rashly, raises in the hand directly the [Assault] (spear gun), said lightly: „We are carrying out the official business, please do not obstruct, otherwise do not blame us not being impolite."

Is polite to this group of people, if breeds to install the person science and technology is Buesst researches and develops, that here everyone is a criminal, several thousand people that must in world for these months the breed to think of the person to cause the terrorist incident that died to be punished.


Walks, the special police officer said in the earphone lightly: „Boss, these are the dispensing instruments, the left these are the instrumentations, the right these are the analyzers, proceeds again, these computers are analyzing some gene ingredient, concrete I cannot understand, I the research to the biology halt in the high school biology."

„Um, on the telescopic sights camera with your (spear gun) photographs completely, Shen Bing has been receiving the image that we transmit in the base."


No matter here does have the harvest, cannot Bai to come, this be my handling matters attitude in any case.


Has searched for 15 buildings time, here had been labelled as the experiment level, when we enter, discovered here simply is a biological cultivation laboratory, white mouse anything has not calculated the rare matter, even can also see pythons, giant geckos, lizard and other animals.

„You cannot visit here, here is the secret base!" This time, is a person of wear white coat stops us, on the chest card writes the title of doctor.

Xing Lie is hugging the ambush step, said: „Doctor, do not obstruct us, thanks."

This doctor dodges immediately one side, takes up the intercom, sound anxious saying: „Wang Zong, they rushed in the biologic test room, you a bit faster came to see, this group of special police officers were mindless!"

I raise the [Assault] (spear gun), photographs a lizard with the photograph effect that sight supplements, its eye as if some variations appearances, before me sees these lizards not to be completely different in the tropics.

Again shortly afterward, the elevator of distant place opens suddenly, one group of people walked, Wang Ze Cheng walks in the front line, but he not startled, is on the contrary calm somewhat fearfully, moreover with Wang Ze Cheng also one group of young people, unexpectedly somewhat look familiar, carefully looks, some inside unexpectedly Liu Hua University students!

It is not right, these several people are the Liu Hua University students!


„How?" Wang Ze Cheng is wearing the CEO chest card, has an imposing appearance walks, on the face is piling the gentle happy expression, said: „This...... Isn't this Schoolmate Li Xiao Yao?"

I upward lifted lifting the hat brim, said with a smile: „Is Wang Zong!"

Wang Ze Cheng said astonished: „How you brought that many main strength to come my Buesst, we were the legitimate research agencies, you looked at the surrounding all, we were the pioneers of science and technology, why absolutely did not have the illegal deal!"

I nod smile: „I know that Buesst is the legitimate research agency, this not for the manipulation above inspection, therefore I the person comes the routine inspection isn't?"

Actually two people both are talking nonsense.

Wang Ze Cheng said: „You looked that today I also lead many alumni to visit Buesst, has not thought that unexpectedly here ran into you, you...... Are you bringing the guns and ammunition unexpectedly completely? Our Buesst...... Has not committed a crime really!"

I smile: „Yes, I also think Buesst nothing, relax, after I go back, will speak several words of praise for Buesst."

At this time, Wang Ze Cheng behind one crowd of Liu Hua University student erupted finally, several female students encircled rapidly, before visits me surprisedly badge and chest card: „, Really is Li Xiao Yao of our school! Really is really...... The special police officer in legend...... This uniform puts on to lead!"

Usually carries out the task not to use the belt chest card, but this time to set example, therefore everybody wears the chest card.

I have swept their one eyes, including one is previous Wang Ze Cheng is leading the girl, in addition one is the Liu Hua University school flower list ranks first ten li (0.5km) one probably, but I too did not know that usually also little pays attention to these, after all I play except for the police force, basically does not go out.

I nod, said: „Schoolmates, please do not interfere with my work, I must have the person to continue to search."

One group of female students disperse in abundance, on face is having the starry eyed shape expression, I behind am bringing the police unit was considered as absolutely is the male mold team, Xing Lie and other young police officers were the handsome charming type, after putting on this uniform was joined to is fully-armed, appears tall and straight resolute, such person's lethality to the female student was not inferior in these handsome boys.

Wang Ze Cheng distant smiles, said: „Chief Li Xiao Yao, you have been working hard, Buesst has anything to entertain place inconsiderately also to excuse me, I have free time naturally to reward your!"

„Do not wait to have free time!"

I visit him with a smile, said: „Buesst's dining room in several buildings?"

„20 buildings, how?" Wang Ze Cheng somewhat is astonished however.

I laugh, said: „My this time altogether brought 100 police officers, the lunch has helped us prepare on bothersome Lao Wang Zong, we finished eating the food to walk again."

The look on Wang Ze Cheng face is unpredictable, thinks clenched jaws wants to throw from the 15 th floors me, but Wang Ze Cheng behind not far away reminder grandiose staff member is also in an uncontrollable rage, I even can believe firmly that many of them are breed to think of the person, waits for Wang Ze Cheng to issue an order they to begin.

I am hoping they can begin, 100 special police officers do not need to fear them completely, let alone I also here, the intelligent rail gun, the A level bred to think of the person to come also to be cut the dish.

However they have not begun eventually, Wang Ze Cheng swallows an insult, on the face has piled up with the smile once more, said: „Good, I will tell that the dining room prepares 100 people of shares the meals, does not know that your taste is what kind, likes eating the horseradish or the beet?"

I beckon with the hand, say with a smile: „This is not tasteful, we do not select food, you look at the preparation and that's the end, we continued to carry out the task."


I have turned around, even can feel being burning with anger in Wang Ze Cheng chest, but Xing Lie secretly smiles, small sound track: „Wang Ze Cheng this idiot, definitely soon irritated."

„Do not be negligent, maintains vigilance, they may begin anytime, our time must enrage them."



The result is we too underestimated that the Booster Company tolerance ability, Wang Ze Cheng bore actually has not manifested suddenly, at noon also entertained us to eat and drink in Buesst well, and has not intoxicated.

In the afternoon, clears the way the return trip, the duty cannot be has achieved nothing, we photographed the massive image documents to feed in the base, when we returned to the base, allow Bing already three dimensional laser modeling on table the structure of entire Buesst building, and confirmed blank that several we are unable to enter, if Buesst hid anything, that can only in that several places . Moreover, Xing Lie stole a gecko to come back in the biologic test room, although was covered in his pocket, but analyzed initially has been able to confirm that in the body of gecko had at least over 30% breeding to install the technical gene ingredient., The DNA analysis restructuring way with breeding to install person extraordinary similar.

What a pity, is unable to determine guilt to entire Buesst depending on a gecko, we also can only continue to wait for that waited for Buesst this old Fox show the tail.


About 2 : 00 pm, replaces a military garb, opens my A4 to go to the composed design firm, starts the life of normal person.

When I enter the general manager office, Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue are very happy, probably sees me to probably coming back of entire tail be two female biggest expectations.

„Hasn't Wang Ze Cheng felt embarrassed you?" Lin Wan Er asked.

I laugh: „How can, he not dare, in our hands has the (spear gun)......"

Dong Cheng Yue is speechless: „If Wang Ze Cheng is really secret who breeds to install the science and technology, he does not care about you to have the (spear gun)."

I said: „Does not need to be worried that in any case, he also invited me and my 99 brothers has had the good food in their dining rooms......"

„Thanks to you can eat up really......"

„This has anything, is very delicious."

I must be as far as possible more relaxed, such two female can some worries.


In the afternoon has been busy at a meeting in the company, around 4 : 00 times gets off work, the dinner ate is also quite early, after finishing eating, on played, Lin Wan Er must be busy searching for the bright moon coverall, but I...... Gets online has a look to have any matter to do, the matter that as if may handle are many, the matter that but wants to handle are not many.

This week of LOL water friend match postpones the next week, this week of a little matter, ha, wishing everybody life happy ~~

Zhan Long Chapter 1138

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