Zhan Long Chapter 1139

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Fan Shu City, a lively picture, because [Zhan Long], six palace cosmetics and other Guild the players completely returning to the city the point have been located in Fan Shu City, lets human spirit promotion of Fan Shu City even more, and Fan Shu City is adjoining to the Tian Ling Empire southwest border region, approaches various practices the level area greatly, therefore moves into the Fan Shu City player to be not infrequent certainly.

I stand in the silver city wall, consults nearby city to defend the official to my data, Fan Shu City income, disbursement wait / etc. data were clear, a present Fan Shu City day of net income at least in 7000 thousand gold coins above, according to the current 1 : 12 gold coin exchanging rate, a Fan Shu City day can provide to me and [Zhan Long] fund on at least is 5 million R motherfucker, but seems to be insufficient, [Zhan Long] needed the fund the place too to be really many, what therefore I cannot extract from these money, did the main source of revenue probably sell equipment?

What equipment however recently had not sold, equipment that basically projects on and everybody scene has divided, but a man stable income cannot be good, later must take a wife, must therefore to receive to plan, perhaps I should a person challenge 3-4 stars BOSS, makes some star-level magical instruments to sell for money?

This feasible means that a five-star magical instrument, does not use also to waste actually after all now.



In this time, a big dragon was passing over gently and swiftly from the Fan Shu City sky, the big dragon finds out the sharp claws, effort holds the edge in city wall, likely is a big lizard general social climbing in the city wall, the dragon carries on the back, Han Yuanti the long blade is standing up from failure to leap, treads the city wall brick to walk, said with a smile: „General, do you return to Fan Shu City?"

I nod: „Recently was what kind of?"

The Han deep pool laughs saying: „All are normal, we have provided the massive dragon crystal shells to cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, had almost to ship a number of pasts every day, but, Dragon's den provided to our pure dragon crystal also truly helps us be busy, the young fellows casting of ministry of public works left more than 100 dragon crystal artillery once more, and had ten might more violent giant dragon crystal artillery, Dragon Xing, Xia Ye being called ‚invincible might artillery'!"

„Shenlong artillery?" I stare slightly, say with a smile: „Any appearance, I must have a look."

„Yes, asking the general to go to a fire Divine Mountain to look along with me apparent."



The Han deep pool instigated mount, Thunder dragon roars to open the wings step on to tread the city wall to fly Going out, but the artisan must painstakingly restore crenelation in the city wall, Thunder Dragon's body was really huge, still will damage again the city wall carefully.

I open thousand frost wings to pursue the line to go, after several minutes, arrives in fire Divine Mountain, above the mountain range also has the palace guard in transporting the dragon crystal mineral lode as before, after we have flown the summit, is the artillery brigade of palace guard is training in another side, an all trades dragon crystal artillery is maintaining in the mountain ranges, moreover I also note to have one places one type „not to be different" the dragon crystal artillery, reason that calls is different, that is because the artillery body is more giant, and above also dyed the red pattern, seems like a lifelike Shenlong lingers around the great artillery general.

The Han deep pool instigates the big dragon to fall, I also slowly fall to the ground, nearby palace guard single Xi kneels down in abundance: „Commands the Sir!"

I lift the hand to hint them to set out, asked: „Is this invincible might artillery?"

„Yes, General!" The Han deep pool cannot conceal excitedly, said with a smile: „General, the invincible might artillery no matter firing distance or destructive power by far have surpassed the dragon crystal artillery, the shell is specially-made, does the general want to take a look at the demonstration of invincible might artillery?"

I nod: „Good, making me have a look!"

The Han deep pool turns around to order saying: „Comes the person, lets hold the spear to have a look at the might of invincible might artillery greatly, aiming...... Did that mountain top 2000 meters away, confirm on the mountain top nobody?"

A warhawk rides to search falls rapidly, holds the fist in the other hand saying: „General, the subordinate confirmed there nobody, an only hunting household had been arranged to leave by the subordinate."

„Good! The calibration, prepares to mass-criticize!"


One group of artillery brigade soldiers rotate the chassis of great artillery in abundance, that heavy at least several thousand jin (0.5 kg) great artillery the muzzle turns around the aiming distant place immediately, I am astonished very much, ask: „Should this invincible might artillery have multiple?"

„Net weight 40,000 jin (0.5 kg), General!" Han deep pool complacent smiles.

I in consternation: „Can 40,000 jin (0.5 kg), move? On the mountain massif the wheel axle does not have the means to rotate, transports?"

Han deep pool micro smile: „This simplicity, we have provided the junior officers of 20 temple Knight ranks for each invincible might artillery, their body and spirit by the Saint light baptism, each one have been the extremely strong strongmen, even if not depend on the wheel axle they also to carry an invincible might artillery speedily to rush to good mathematical together, therefore the general does not need to be worried about the mobility of invincible might artillery."

„Um, has a look at the destructive power!"

„Yes, can the general retrocede some?"


„When invincible might artillery fires off, not only has the formidable recoil force, will also have not the small dragon crystal energy burst shock-wave."

„Relax, I do not fear these."


The next quarter, this invincible might artillery has manifested suddenly finally, „bang" a flame flashes past in the muzzle place, but half fire Divine Mountain as if shivered, the shock-wave blows periphery the crushed stone to dance in the air together, even the soldiers of many palace guard were flushed defeat to draw back the number to fall gradually continually pour in the place, but I depend upon the formidable strength value to be built on gorgeously same place, remains unmoved.

How many seconds, the distant place flame shoots up to the sky, an entire mountain top was mass-criticized the smashing by the invincible might unexpectedly directly, several seconds later, just likes the angry thunder bang sound passes on, crosses a meeting again, two shock-waves that the explosion causes sweeps across to come, to blow the people unable to open eyes, but I was dumbfounded, the might of this invincible might artillery strives to excel, exceeded the dragon crystal artillery, and explosion range at least was hundred meters rank, so long as were locked basically cannot escape, if in the country fought, we used the invincible might artillery aiming sky rose and maplewood to be drunk these top players to mass-criticize, can they also recklessly able to move unhindered?

Perhaps, can this invincible might artillery also soon become their nightmares? 2000 meters accurate firing distance, 50 meters attack radius, this perhaps is the nightmare of any top player.

Turns around to look to the Han deep pool, I asked: „This invincible might artillery altogether how many, do we have ability casting how many?"

The Han deep pool holds the fist in the other hand saying: „General, our altogether 10 invincible might artillery, only then 10 invincible might artillery, the casting invincible might artillery needs purest dragon crystal, is unable to refine depending on our technologies, therefore can only rely on dragon crystal that cold uncultivated land Dragon's den provides, all purities surpassed 95% dragon crystal to be used for the casting invincible might artillery completely, had 10!"

I deeply inspire, the nod said: „Good, ten ten, protection these invincible might artillery, you must guarantee that well must have at least 5000 sharpest palace guards to protect these invincible might artillery every time, we later must use appropriately these invincible might artillery."

„Yes, General!"


The matter that handles the palace guard, as if should cure a cold in uncultivated land Dragon's den to have a look, at least asks that Frost also did have unnecessary high-purity dragon crystal, this type of invincible might artillery was too sharp, if can be more, had 100 invincible might artillery, that as if went on an expedition the world the goal to be nearer, so long as I can deliver to under the city wall in iron skull city these 100 invincible might artillery, can give to raze the iron skull city, not?

The transmission to Ba Huang City, non-stop flies cold uncultivated land Dragon's den.

Arrived in cold uncultivated land Dragon's den time here to hike up the snow in big flakes, in the observation post has not seen the Frost form, actually saw that Seurre bound the goose down cape to stand in the city looks into the north, approximately she in the life of fondly remembering beforehand Hybrid Demon king? Also no wonder, even if again the life of nightmare, after all Seurre was living such life already tens of thousands of years.

I walk to go forward, said: „Forecasts the new life, will be worth recalling."

Seurre turns around to smile: „Li Xiao Yao, do you come?"

„Um, Frost where?"

„Assembly hall, we pass together, accident sentiment."



When we go to the assembly hall, actually sees Frost, Zi Shu, Odelia and Qing Luo and the others, and also has another honored guest Ba Huang City Queen Angela!

Came including Angela, it seems like really important matter.

„How?" I walked with long hurried strides, no matter what happened, I have the qualifications inquiry, on the one hand I am the cold uncultivated land Dragon's den person, on the other hand, I am Tian Ling Empire holds the spear greatly.

The Frost look was dignified, said: The „first attack of dark blue billows was imminent."

„Said?" I asked.

Odelia said: „I entered the Hybrid Demon territory pries the military situation the time yesterday, discovered that has the gang class to have the contact with the Hybrid Demon high level, is the original fire Yun City adventurer."

„Fire Yun City person?" I have thought the maplewood is drunk with the clear pupil develops black ink, cannot bear ask: „What do they want to make?"

Odelia said: „The quantities of these adventurers were too many, tens of thousands of proliferating in the original dark Moon Elf territory, but there city had been burnt down by Hybrid Demon, they absolutely do not have too many footholds, therefore...... I pry secretly, these adventurers lower the head to the Hybrid Demon army unexpectedly, is willing to be the Hybrid Demon potency, simultaneously will obtain the dark blue billows promise a Hybrid Demon city, is Full Moon City north, crosses does not turn over to the sea again toward Beijing University approximately 200 li (0.5km) seven luminaries city."

„Seven luminaries city?" I had a scare, did the clear pupil develop black ink this is insane? Unexpectedly is willing to be the Hybrid Demon army potency?

However, thinks carefully that clear pupil develops black ink truly to do, so long as in order to regains to lose, does not have the matter that this woman cannot handle. Flipped the map of Indian war zone rapidly, with interpreter translator , the clear pupil developed black ink and maplewood to be drunk and the others the regiment system to join the establishment of Hybrid Demon, even they saved the Going out young monarch also to join the Hybrid Demon influence, hence, the just and evil boundary is not as if obvious.

All approximately for benefit and survival?


Odelia said: „In three days, Hybrid Demon will definitely launch the attack, at the appointed time, is not only Tian Ling Empire, Full Moon City and cold uncultivated land Dragon's den also will become the attacked goal, the day plume empire will face from unprecedented challenges!"

Angela deeply inspires: „Then is quick?"

„Yes, the dark blue billows Great Emperor could not bear want to bribe this mainland, wants to bribe once seven big kingdoms."

Zhan Long Chapter 1139

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