Zhan Long Chapter 1140

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Sits side Frost on ice-cold the iron stage, I self-ridicule smiles, why the clear pupil will develop black ink and maplewood to be drunk will join the Hybrid Demon army, they do not know that these will be only one crowd of monsters? No, they know, reason that this, but was compelled by me, if I do not have to wipe out fire Yun City, Port City one after another, they will not reduce to today's this situation.

Solemn IBN fights the net first person, as well as the soul leader of Indian server, was forced to reduce by me unexpectedly to with the situation that Hybrid Demon cooperates, this is the evil that I make.

However also has nothing to regret that to become Wang defeats the invader, this is the price, if I am weak, the person who now and Hybrid Demon cooperates perhaps was I . Moreover, I truly have cooperated with Hybrid Demon actually.


Angela is grasping the blade edge of King, said slowly: „Frost, please feel relieved, once cold uncultivated land Dragon's den were attacked, entire Ba Huang City is the cold uncultivated land Dragon's den backing, we will use full protection cold uncultivated land Dragon's den not to be broken through."

Frost shows a faint smile, saluted, said: „Queen was polite, I do not take on fearful uncultivated land Dragon's den actually, we have over a hundred Dragon Rider gentlemen, the assistance of sur- dragon crystal artillery, believes that the dark blue billows cannot take the cold uncultivated land Dragon's den operation, what I am worried is Tian Ling Empire and Full Moon City, never turns over to the threat that the sea comes is most fearful."

Angela turns around to look to me: „Perhaps did this greatly hold the matter that the spear needed the headache?"

„Truly will suffice the headache......"

I stand up, went to want any dragon crystal without enough time, the direct transmission Tian Ling Empire, must make Tian Ling Empire prepare ahead of time, in held in the contact surface of spear has pressed down „preparation" directly the button greatly, this was calls the major regiment command and senior general's order, was my this holds one of the spear privileges greatly, thinks carefully that the shallow forest to my trust was almost unconditionally, handed over in Tian Ling Empire all military authorities my hand, almost did not have any retention.

Summon god fierce fine horse, directly soars imperial palace to go, marches forward, the spatial mesosaurus howl again and again, is Han Yuanxiao severe and other, now they are the Dragon Rider gentleman, the status in Tian Ling Empire armed forces thinks that also significantly has promoted, in the meantime, in marching forward I had issued in the management channel of guild on the way announced: „Clear pupil developed black ink and maplewood to be drunk has joined the regiment system of Hybrid Demon territory, soon after will launch a new Hybrid Demon invasion campaign, the main force of this campaign definitely was 8 levels of Hybrid Demon, making everybody be ready earlier!"

Li Mu asked: „Our [Zhan Long] what to do, don't we turn over to the sea to defend now?"


I overruled his decision, said: „Makes the brothers prepare, transmits Full Moon City, our strategic defensive place is Full Moon City, if I am the clear pupil develop black ink, I in advance will certainly attack Full Moon City, regards a stepping-stone to counter-attack Tian Ling Empire Full Moon City, the defense within Tian Ling Empire range gives [Legend] and [Hero's Mound] these Guild, called our ally, went to Full Moon City together."



Confessed after the guild various details, I also arrived in the imperial palace, one group of bodyguard Qi Qi good military salute, but at this time, saw that Situ Xin, wished, to protect, the Tantai feather to command the level military officer to go to the imperial palace, received the information that I prepared to come.

The person who in the imperial palace main hall gathers are getting more and more, finally has still crowded hundred people, long came with the military officer of above rank including Yorozuo, the shallow forest also rapid catches up from the Emperor's garden attending, with enough time has not replaced including the imperial robe, then sits on the dragon chair takes off the imperial robe rapidly, reveals an inside vigor to install, the shallow forest is not the puppet emperor, has own opinion, and firm and resolute courageous, has the stratagem bravely, this is also I most favors his place.

After the personnel have arrived in full, wish sea route: „Holds the spear greatly, does not know you anxiously anxious summon I and others this conference, because of what matter?"

The shallow forest also asked: „Li is Master, what urgent military situation?"

I settle the throat clear, said: „Over three days, the dark blue billows Great Emperor will not lead the Hybrid Demon army to start to the attacks of seven big kingdoms, if as expected, our Tian Ling Empire and Full Moon City become two in key target, after all we adjoin are not turning over to the sea the city, was too easy to receive to attack."

Few Master Yang asked: „Why on the general so believes firmly that this news, is not the false news that the dark blue billows spread, making us drag in lots of people actually works to no avail?"

I show a faint smile: „Because of my accurate awareness, the original fire Yun City sovereign's son, that young king has led the partisan to join the Hybrid Demon territory, and follows also some tens of millions adventurers, their strengths enough have contended with us . Moreover the confidential reports of some of my also cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, determined that their attack Cooldown, this matter did not use oversuspiciously, if the news contained errors, I shouldered the responsibility and that's the end."

Shallow wood-road: „Li Master has spoken discreetly, will not have anybody to investigate that Li Master responsibility, you also for Tian Ling Empire, Li Master, you greatly hold the spear after all, is arranged this time to meet head-on the strategic plan of Hybrid Demon by you?"

I nod: „The Tian Ling Empire well-trained and equipped army, contends with Hybrid Demon sufficiently, but Full Moon City is too far from Tian Ling Empire, reenforces is not convenient, therefore we must defend the key part in Full Moon City, instantly gets up, the vault of heaven armed forces, palace guard and fall harvest regiment altogether about 30 thousand military strength, take the military baggage long-distance to reenforce Full Moon City completely, other regiments stay behind completely, deploys troops for defense in the littoral, pushes not to turn over to the sea edge all heavy artilleries, prepares enough tung oil, do not make their warships approach the seacoast, must repel the attack of dark blue billows."

One crowd commands the level military officer to hold the fist in the other hand: „End will wait to respectfully follow the marshal to order!"

The war opens, my this holds the spear to promote as the marshal greatly automatically, suddenly had an officer to rise the first-level feeling.

I look to the shallow forest, said: „The Full Moon City war is less optimistic, therefore I go to the Full Moon City direction fight personally, your majesty, Tian Ling Empire did not turn over to the sea the defensive war to give you to direct personally, but also please must be careful, cold uncultivated land Dragon's den will also send out 20 Dragon Rider gentlemen to await your dispatching, please use appropriately them."

The shallow forest nods with a smile, said confidently: „Asked Li Master to feel relieved that the orphaned king will not disappoint you."

„Good, respective motion!"



Left the Tian Ling Empire imperial palace, I somewhat am restless, since coastal Tian Ling Empire and Full Moon City definitely will be attacked, that iron skull city definitely does not evade this edition duty, but does the clear pupil develop black ink and maplewood to be drunk and the others? Their play version duty thinks that was another edition? For example enters Full Moon City, chops Moon Elf Queen Fiona's head to give the dark blue billows, can obtain the rich reward, on generally was this, this time edition duty has been full of the intense conflict, was a clear pupil develops black ink the war of revenge.

The clear pupil develops the ink is what kind of person, the Indian war zone proudest woman, after undergoing the failure that Port City fights, how many pressures endured the domestic, how many humiliations also endured, I even somewhat started to understand her, but a mountain did not accommodate two tigers, I am unable to sympathize with the clear pupil to develop black ink, our dreams were violate, the clear pupil developed black ink also to conquer Tian Ling Empire, Ba Huang City and cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, but these were the things that I treasured, could be deceived?

On the minute of branch road of life, sometimes only then two roads, is called „conquering", is called „is conquered".


Busy under on busy, flew cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, borrowed 20 Dragon Rider gentlemen to await dispatching of day of plume empire from Frost, but the price was the shallow forest pays for the working cost of this 20 Dragon Rider gentlemen: Excellent long sword 2000 handle and fine iron lance 4000 and ferrite heavy shield 1000 and ferghana warhorse 3000 heads, sur- cattle domestic animal 10,000 heads, if the Dragon Rider gentleman and big dragon have the damage, Tian Ling Empire must add something to compensate, if died in battle, then need more commodities compensate.

These bills is a my hand made do, I am Tian Ling Empire holds the spear greatly, has the right to inquire the commodity of day plume Empire Household department in game, knows that Tian Ling Empire financial resource physical resource formidable, these resources to Tian Ling Empire simply is a drop in the bucket, commodity that but regarding cold uncultivated land Dragon's den that is life-saving, Frost took this detailed list almost to be happy has stayed up all night, when I helped her go to the household department to beg the commodity was successful am on my cheeks to kiss one, Zi Shu owed keeping saying that punched in one side, it is estimated that after and other I walked, Frost on must with the Red Dragon. A queen duel masterstroke.

Examined that holds the city contact surface of spear greatly, manages three first-level main cities: Tian Ling Empire, Full Moon City and fire Yun City . Moreover the secondary lord city including Fan Shu City, Tian Ling Empire and fire Yun City commodity most productivity, the Full Moon City next best, the Full Moon City commodity as before is rich, the supplies wait / etc. supported the expeditionary force sufficiently, the words of military strength, have Fiona's several hundred thousand dark Moon Elf armies, adds on 30 thousand Tian Ling Empire elite regiments again, had strength of the war, even if the tactical situation is unsatisfactory, the player also momentarily can transmit from Tian Ling Empire to Full Moon City reenforces, this is the matter of a few words.

Reason that chooses three big regiments to go to battle with the Full Moon City seacoast with me together, the reason is very simple, the palace guard strength is strongest, must place that goes to most to need, the vault of heaven armed forces by the forest arched command, the strength are only inferior a palace guard in Tian Ling Empire, and forest arched manner unusual gallantry, extremely trusts to me, such senior general uses to be quite convenient, as for the fall harvest regiment, takes the fall harvest regiment to be equal to taking Drunken Spear, so long as this time the short spear trick displays good in the defensive war, I can go to suggest with shallow Lin that making his promotion fall harvest regiment command Liang seal, then restores short spear trick the duty of commanding, actually in subconscious, I. In focusing on promoting the short spear trick, making his such person have more military authorities and prestige, definitely had the advantage to grand plan goals of my series seven big kingdoms.

Moreover my pains, believe that the short spear trick certainly is also clear.


When continuously around 11 : 00 o'clock at night times, finally system ting broke the peace of entire domain server


System Announcement: Fellow players please note, new edition duty 【The revenge of dark blue billows】 On time will start at tomorrow's 12 : 00 pm, the blood deep pool dark blue billows will lead own army to attack all lord cities, kills the enemy to obtain the rich empirical value and points in the edition duty, and finally in the edition duty the points highest MVP player may obtain one „God Tier" the reward of rank, other ranks same can obtain the rich reward before the player, please defend the respective main city, once the main city falls into enemy hands, will reduce is the Hybrid Demon territory city, the player in the meritorious service and prestigious value of city by the instantaneous reset!

Zhan Long Chapter 1140

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