Zhan Long Chapter 1141

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This time absolutely was the great writer, a MVP reward of edition activity was God Tier, must know that the vast second round country fought MVP Fang Ge Que also just to attain God Tier finally! Also because of this, Fang Ge Que has two God Tier and 4 five-star magical instruments by one person, therefore equipment grading above me, becomes the Chinese war zone equipment most excellent person, but I am not as good by the little disparities, but this disparity can also ignore, Class is different, so long as lets my near body, basically Fang Ge Que is unable to run away the birth day.


In guild noisy, the people were discussing the edition duty of this dark blue billows revenge, moreover this duty was the entire server range, even if also will be attacked in the Ze deep pool city and fire Yun of City inland, compared with has expanding that I imagined, therefore we must arrange fire Yun City defending imperial, this matter asked Fang Ge Que to do, person who after all no matter what his day imperial book repository could speak actually truly, but I was only NO.1 in NPC regiment system.

Duty of this dark blue billows revenge, for me most important defends Full Moon City, after all Full Moon City is I hits personally, will adjoin is not turning over to the sea definitely to be under the strongest impact, will defend Full Moon City to be equal to defending the Chinese area in the first fortress of west boundary, the third round country will fight can make war with the US-Russia two big servers in Full Moon City, does not will certainly the flames of war course Tian Ling Empire this native place city.

The camp that rushes to the palace guard, and other will order to Han Yuan, Xiao severe, lets them and Lin Qiong, Liang seal together, rushes to rescue Full Moon City at the same night, and will not turn over to the sea the seacoast to garrison, dragon crystal artillery and hot crag artillery, even is the latest invincible might artillery pushes completely, this time makes war to with Hybrid Demon the mao fully fully, otherwise Full Moon City will be very likely to degenerate into ruins.

Probably calculates, Full Moon City 100 + Guild defends headed by [Zhan Long], [Judgement], [Enemies at the Gate], six palace cosmetics, [Appearance Alliance] and other Guild together imperial, the player total number of people probably in 1000 thousand + people, in addition the valiant NPC army, resisted Hybrid Demon should also to suffice, after all also had Tian Ling Empire and empire cities of iron skull city two Linhai to share the pressure.


Has been busy around 12 : 00, offline sleeps, tomorrow will also want to go to a company in the morning, the composed design only started, really cannot leave people, Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue must pass the progress of work arranges, otherwise surely does not have the means in following in several day relieved fires off this edition duty.

Actually, I and Wan Er, the player of East city this rank usually little went out Shua to practice the level strangely, generally depended on the SSS master line duty or is the edition activity promotes Level and obtains equipment, we waited for was such opportunity, own output game can compete for MVP to obtain better equipment in this activity and higher Level.

Sleep rests next morning, early getting out of bed will bring two female to go to the company.

About 11 : 00 pm arranges all work, the following several bills also separately gave the designer to do, at least three days will not have any important matter, therefore have had the lunch in a hurry, then drove the return dwelling with lightning speed, finally had time, when noon 11 : 50 got online!



Gets online, appears in Fan Shu City, actually discovered that the NPC army in Fan Shu City forgot to send out, temporarily did not have the country war not to have the siege warfare, therefore the military strength in Fan Shu City did not have what use, therefore found Chi Yu Han and Chi Yu Qing two brother and sister immediately, discovered that Chi Yu Han is the three stars gods, Chi Yu Qing will be two star gods, is the great fierce person, entered step quickest Chi Yu Han to have the same level strength with Lin Qiong, Han Yuan, must send him to go to battle, like this obtained to experience later promotes is quicker, but I wanted series seven big kingdoms, under the hand this god level military officer was definitely indispensable, Therefore issues the order, musters certain military strength long-distance to rush to rescue Full Moon City from Fan Shu City, the input reassignment military strength data

Flame Hawk Archers: 50000

Cliff Dragon Cavalry: 50000

Altogether transfers 10 thousand armies, but also remaining 1 thousand + defend a city, was similar, after Chi Yu Han and Chi Yu Qing receive the order, immediately ordered to go out of town, immediately airborne flame hawk shop day Ge Ri, the Cliff Dragon Cavalry also flood in ground gushed out the city, directly soared the Full Moon City direction to go.

I do not need to spend for 78 hours to run, is transmitting manager there to choose the Full Moon City transmission directly.


Appears in Full Moon City, in city dense and numerous rushes to completely does not turn over to the player of war of sea, does not see the shadow of palace guard, the vault of heaven armed forces and fall harvest armed forces, thinks that is already, in did not turn over to coast the sea to deploy troops for defense.

Also is two flash, Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue transmit together, supplies, the Lin Wan Er summon silver dragon carries Dong Cheng Yue, I open thousand frost wings, three people flew to the north, [Zhan Long] to surpass 90% players not to turn over to the sea rapidly the south bank to deploy troops for defense, waited for us to send the number commander in the past.


North Full Moon City does not turn over to sea sea area, with Tian Ling Empire, mammoth, the breeze gets up, has actually raised several rice high rough seas in the sea level, has been able to see Hybrid Demon warships by far, actually the system on some BUG, in the bright camp, all warships must make here in the shipyard, but the warship of Hybrid Demon territory is baseless Shua is new, is this also the system to hanging that the dark camp opens? Otherwise, under dark blue billows can have many artisans, is impossible to build at least hundreds of thousands of warships, and these warships as if can never sink, to burn not general, no matter we how diligently, Hybrid Demon can always put out the new military strength to entertain us.

This plays, making player kill, no wonder that may kill, that gizmondo must be closed, when the destiny is letting diligently the player feels the reality of sword and hot war, must for own business consider, this is also the matter in reason.

Full Moon City north seacoast, here is a main battlefield, is being guarded by [Zhan Long] and [Judgement] two big Guild, Li Mu and Xue Rou, Yue Qing Qian, Mu Xuan, Misty Clouds, Han Bei Song, even is [Flying Dragon] Soaring Dragon and short spear trick also.

My distant landing, the summon god fierce fine horse grazes to go forward, afterward stands up from failure to discontinue, says with a smile: „Situation how?"

Yue Qing Qian said: „The battle drum sound of Hybrid Demon warship just passed on, should quick start, now is 12 : 07 point, properly speaking they came to lately a point."


I look to the people, sees one crowd of person look dignified appearances, cannot bear says with a smile: „Does not use this painstakingly face, we will be insufficient unable to defend Full Moon City, calm."

The milk that the violent walks is raising long sword, said: „Guildmaster, if cannot defend, we returned to Tian Ling Empire not to have the face countenance to the hometown folks."

„Has not related, certainly can defend."

[Flying Dragon] Soaring Dragon is raising staff, said: „How Xiao Yao Guildmaster believes firmly that certainly can defend?"

My corners of the mouth raise: „Because we cannot withstand the price of not being able to defend!"

In 78 the Guildmaster level players of small guild also encircle by Soaring Dragon, obviously [Flying Dragon] also has many allies in Tian Ling Empire, Soaring Dragon laughs, said: „Originally Xiao Yao Zi Zai also has the fear time."

I have subsided the mood, said with a smile: „We also here talked nonsense to do, hurry to return to the position to prepare to meet head-on respectively, smooth that this edition activity such as we will definitely not imagine, the front drew long, the pressure that we must bear went far beyond the first time not to turn over to the sea defensive war, everybody fought respectively, fell one two-level not to relate, turned head to practice is, Full Moon City must defend, equipment that the brothers who moreover, hung blew out needed the original present, who dared equipment of black ally, immediately kicks Guild permanent to chase down, all participated in the defense Guild to like this, did everybody think?"

Ye Lai is raising crazy god Axe, the nod: „Approval!"

Mu Xuan also nods: „OK!"

The people agree, and has issued this order in the guild, even if looked Soaring Dragon that I am not feeling well slightly also agreed with the person of its several friend pledges, after all this suggestion was indisputable.

One group of Guildmaster level players diverge in abundance, constructs the defensive position on the coastline, [Zhan Long] in the dead center, the left is [Judgement], [Appearance Alliance] and [Enemies at the Gate] several big Guild one after another in the same place, the right is the position of palace guard and vault of heaven armed forces, but the [Zhan Long] about 8 thousand online players formed about 2000 meters defensive position, heavy artillery assisting, the front completely have melted the god cavalry and scarlet hot cavalry and fire Dragon Rider, physical defense absolutely are not the too major problems.

I brought Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue to arrive in the frontal line, put out a hand to comfort some god fierce fine horses of lathering, lifted the hand to draw out the double sword, standing by, Lin Wan Er rode the silver dragon to soar, circled in our top of the heads, the deterrent force that her function absolutely over Dragon Rider gentleman brought, the heart of goddess solemn time, is far more than little to the inspiration that everybody brought, actually joined [Zhan Long] many male players to come to Lin Wan Er, fought with the heart of goddess time shoulder to shoulder, this was in itself a great honor with satisfying, moreover a large part was to Yue Qing Qian, [Prague] LOLI The goddess, already was in the dreams of many people the sweetheart, moreover initially Yue Qing Qian in [Prague], Yan Zhao Warrior in the eyes of many people was Yue Qing Qian and Yue Wei Liang two twin game fathers, therefore also has become the destiny fathers-in-law in many person minds, wants to come the Yan Zhao Warrior wretched life, has gained a good reputation of noble character and high prestige, sufficed.

As for [Zhan Long] another goddess, Xue Rouwo the cold iron sword is standing right me not far away, is away from the milk that Yue Qing Qian, Wolf, Old K and violent walk, Fox raises the flintlock to stand in the rear area, invisible, Xue Rou has become the true control center of [Zhan Long] game work room excluding me, this is also good, I and Wan Er, East city form the iron triangle that an offense and defense had both, Xue Rouhe [Zhan Long] work room can form another indestructible defense matrix!

Such „clique" are more, [Zhan Long] is stronger!



The battle drum sound shoots up to the sky, the warship of distant place raises the sail finally, started to approach high-speed.

Zhan Long Chapter 1141

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