Zhan Long Chapter 1142

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„Does not know that what the first wave of monster is?" Yue Qing Qian winked the winking bright eyes, said with a smile.

Nearby Yue Wei Liang chuckle: „Definitely is Hybrid Demon!"

„Bah, this I also know that does not know that was 7 levels or 8 levels of Hybrid Demon."

Xue Rouwo the long sword, was saying: „If the first wave is 7 levels of Hybrid Demon, this explained that the dark blue billows Great Emperor also wants to proceed in an orderly way with us, slowly plays, if the first wave is 8 levels of Hybrid Demon, this explained that the dark blue billows Great Emperor does not have what patience, has wanted to give to destroy completely us at one fell swoop."

Yue Qing Qian: „......"


The Hybrid Demon warship is getting more and more near, we also close turned very quiet to breathe, but the crackle of gunfire that at this time, alarmed the will of the people resounded, the heavy artillery that the coast deployed troops for defense opened fire, intensive falling in the sea, exploded the smashing Hybrid Demon warships directly, especially the invincible might artillery, the might was too astonishing, can form a vacuum cyclone in the sea directly, after 34 invincible might artillery got down, immediately condenses a pitch-dark tornado violent in that sea area, was really fearful!

Li Mu also looks at some creepy feeling, cannot bear ask: „Xiao Yao, what your palace guard is what heavy artillery?"

„Invincible might artillery." I described simply: „Surpasses 95% dragon crystal to be able the casting to complete using the purity, and according to the current information, NPC of several other main cities does not have the ability of development invincible might artillery, is not out of the anticipation the words, should be advocates the city plane of civilization the issue."

„Plane of civilization?" Li Mu is bewildered: „What is that?"

I explained: „Plane of civilization is an assessment standard of city advanced degree, after several country wars, Tian Ling Empire is the greatest victory side, therefore plane of civilization already 13000 +, but according to my investigation, the plane of civilization of iron skull city 9900 +, Ze deep pool city 8000 +, the highest heaven city is also 8000, fire Yun City 7000 +, the plane of civilization insufficient words, some science and technology are unable to be researched and developed."

Wang Jian sighed one darkly: „Previous time we do not have to ignore Tian Ling Empire to fall into enemy hands luckily, otherwise loses possibly more than one main city, but is a high-tech R & D center......"

I nod: „Um, falls into enemy hands the city that and changes hands probably the plane of civilization to fall, therefore we, so long as ensure Tian Ling Empire has grasped in own, Tian Ling Empire was we conquers entire domain biggest depending on."



At this time, finally the warship of survival approached the seacoast under the heavy artillery baptism, put down that moment of deck, one crowd of hands grasped the soul soldier who the lance, was wearing the mail-armor and helmet to swarm, in the mouth roared has been firing into the [Zhan Long] position, was not other, was we recently continuously in the purgatory lance brave warrior of having to do, NND, really the first wave has sent out 8 levels of Hybrid Demon, does this dark blue billows Great Emperor want to sweep away the southern seven big kingdom with the potential of thunder really? If is really this, he was doomed disappointedly, because equipment and Level of player have come at present up, will not let his recklessly unseemly behavior absolutely.

【Purgatory lance brave warrior】( 8 levels of Hybrid Demon)

Level: 206

Attack: 28000-34500

Defense: 25500

HP: 4200000

Skill: 【Lance projects】 【Purgatory strikes】 【Ghosts and demons are encumbered】

Introduced: The purgatory lance brave warrior, these lance were the terse human soldiers, the death later fell into the purgatory by blood deep pool dark blue billows gave shelter, dark blue billows recast their souls, enabling them to use for oneself, and taught in their purgatory the unique feat of arms, for their recast armor, turned into the nucleus of dark blue billows subordinate these lance brave warriors


„, 206 levels of 8 levels of Hybrid Demon......" in guild, a melt god cavalry frightens jumps, he has not participated in us going to the duty of well of god demon, the nature does not have what understanding to 8 levels of Hybrid Demon, on the face has written all over panic-strickenly, said: „Good NX attribute!"

Lin Wan Er in spatial middle course: „Front completely with the defense stance, the lance projection and purgatory of careful purgatory lance brave warrior strikes, should not be killed by the second has been able to win!"

I have not gotten rid, the player who first lets front understood that the characteristics of purgatory lance brave warrior said again.

On a warship is probably carrying 500 + monsters, these purgatory brave warriors roared have been firing into the camp of player, was distanced 20 yards time stopped rapidly, lifted the hand is a lance projects, immediately lances fell on the shield of melt god cavalry, surged 5 thousand -15 thousand injury digit, blows out fatal struck also on 200 000 + appearance, basically melted HP of god cavalry in 20-30 thousand, will not be killed by the second, this was good.

However, the coast also has other warship to approach shore, the dense and numerous purgatory lance brave warrior formally started to disembark, many small guilds also started to have the damage, the imprecations, the roaring sound and war cry spread, in did not turn over to the sea above the south bank, the fire rumble, entered the condition of entire map war again.

My double sword wields, + rides the wind to cut the bang to kill [Tempest Sword] in the monster group, attracted the massive firepower, and damage that my each sword causes is astonishing, is almost the uneven Shua Shua 200 000 injury digit over, for points, can kill many to kill many in any case, actually my some want to fly do not turn over to the sea to intercept along the way, but thinks or considers as finished, what to do if were killed, said again solemn Guildmaster ran away, affects the morale very much, I stand in front of the [Zhan Long] position am a symbol.


In the sea level the sound of battle drum is getting more and more crowded, the warship are also getting more and more, but our dragon crystal artillery and invincible might artillery need to cool the barrel Cooldown to be also getting more and more long, finally, the purgatory lance brave warrior started to land on all fronts, the quantity of dense and numerous lance brave warrior went far beyond our estimates, lances projected become the chains of rope life yama seemed to be same, melt god cavalry one after another dying in battle , the treatment effort of Healer already could not follow.

„Meng Yao!"

I look to the left, Li Meng Yao understanding immediately Lady Wa Stone Zaluo in the place, Lady Wa protects rapid in addition to hold to the surrounding player, this was the first time, the first wave of edition duty forces us to use ultra range skill, Lin Wan Er was also forced to release shield of skill tora, the teammate within 200 yards promoted 100% physical defense with 50% HP upper limits, continued for 10 minutes, the [Zhan Long] battle position was at least safe in these 10 minutes, but, as if also by far insufficient, therefore Death God's Elegy also started [War Song of Zhen Yue]!

„Damn...... Are that many, so how strong?" Old K is grasping Axe, leaves to draw back anxiously, HP soon saw the bottom, he is Berserker that to attack to grow perceptibly, which can withstand this front spells hardly.

Fox rapid transformation flintlock is an artillery, murders god three artillery „bang bang bang" three attacks, but also has formed the high effect, under the range attack, dozens original manuscripts were killed on the purgatory lance brave warrior of remnant blood instantaneously, after having murders the god three artillery, Fox this „Liu three artillery" the output has almost been able to include [Zhan Long] first ten to output.

However, even if the tactical situation carries on this situation, I pinch the domain of god not to have the release as before, 4 hours cool, drink later turn for 2 hours, I must keep the second wave of impact this skill, otherwise Wan Er and Meng Yao their skill have put, when the time comes we might crash under fiercely attacking of 8 levels of Hybrid Demon very much.


„It is not wonderful!"

Right transmits the violent to walk the milk cry: „Six palace cosmetics some defense areas collapsed!"

Xue Rou tranquil [say / way]: „I have sent 500 + melt god cavalries to pass, don't be upset."


Lin Wan Er from the sky instigates the silver dragon to sway by the dragon rest/breath in the monster group, at the same time said in team channel: „Dark blue billows secret dispatches Hybrid Demon to launch the attack from the Ba Huang City jungle, a large quantities of purgatory lance brave warrior arrives in fire Yun City after 20 minutes, fire Yun City looked like this time cannot escape by luck."

I asked: „How many people fire Yun does City have to defend a city?"

„900 thousand about, should be able to defend."

„Um, that is good, the close attention, this time seemed like something big strip."

„Yes, Port City also received the inland to extend the past attack, Hybrid Demon looked like can the space transmission be the same, this edition duty not by our controls, luckily Port City 7 K and purple bagpipe Guild was very strong, defending should not be a problem."


Facts showed that the situation imagines us by far must be more awful, this wave attacks Full Moon City not to turn over to the sea sea area the purgatory lance brave warrior quantity at least in 500 thousand above, dense and numerous innumerably, is attacking the player and position of NPC army tidal, [Zhan Long], [Judgement] and other Guild spelled to try to defend, but majority of Guild actually cannot stand up to such fiercely attacking, crashes rapidly, is less than one hour, our positions lost over 60%, large quantities of purgatory lance brave warrior bypasses our defense lines, original, looks at the player who in the rill chases down us to disperse falls after behind cool breeze, starts we to remain from the stern attack. In-situ position.

„Were we as if surrounded?"

A Li Mu sword reduces a head of purgatory brave warrior, asking of panting.

I in monster group erupts a time [Tempest Sword] + Longteng nine days later, the nod said: „Yes, but does not use too startled, we defend here, making the player who died in battle keep in Full Moon City to defend firmly, depends upon the city wall should be insufficient to be broken through thick, this time possibly we could not defend do not turn over to the sea, can only depend upon Full Moon City to defend."



Cooldown every little bit is passing, the person who we died in battle are also getting more and more, the purgatory lance brave warrior seems to be inexhaustible the general rushing seacoast, is good because of [Zhan Long], [Judgement], palace guard, vault of heaven armed forces and other regiments is also rock-solid, after bearing impacts, we kill the match under the sword, has not retroceded half step.

In one hour, when we were encircled by the lance brave warrior, the sea hears the battle drum sound once more, the second wave of monster came, airborne dense and numerous flew the innumerable dense things, was the wings demon, can this time turn surface-to-air three-dimensional withstands the offensive?

Even, Wang Jian somewhat was anxious: „How this plays, wings demon also came!"

I clench jaws: „That must defend!"

Saying, looks to the distant place, said loudly: „Han Yuan, orders invincible might artillery to the aerial gunnery, rumbles these wings demons!"

The Han deep pool is raising bloody sword: „Yes, General!"



Rumble in the crackle of gunfire, the airborne blooming mushroom cloud, the wings demon turned into piles of meat dregs to fall to the ground under the bombardment of invincible might artillery suddenly, gave their beautiful women continually changes the opportunity of body does not have, even if, I were the mood am so more dignified, this edition duty as if likely was not such that we imagined, this was not the opportunity that one time killed renders meritorious service strangely, but was one time can run away the birth day risk!

The grandmother passed away, today starts single Geng, restores the pair on the 26 th, was unfair to everybody.

Zhan Long Chapter 1142

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