Zhan Long Chapter 1143

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„Prepares the bow and arrow, settles on space!"

In the crowd of palace guard, dark moon/month spirit young girl drinks lowly, immediately a trim dark moon/month spirit raises the long bow in abundance, the thousand dark moon/month spirit young girl in palace guard is protected very completely, as before is maintaining the establishment, when the wings demon was screaming plunges the crowd, the bowstring sound of dark moon/month spirits is unceasing, is very accurate, immediately airborne wings demon miserable howling sound, were several hundred wings demons like this killed unexpectedly? Is the second kills simply!

Also no wonder, the armor of wings demon is the light Armor unit of flight department, but the bow and arrow attack of dark moon/month spirit young girls belongs to the puncture attack, has the extra injury effect to light Armor, killed to be also twice the result with half the effort.


Xiao Li sends in a wings demon the long spear the chest, simultaneously draws out the waist saber to sweep suddenly, the number of people of wings demon flies immediately in airborne, the BOSS level military officer of palace guard kills the strange efficiency superelevation, and is almost lossless killing, their Level were too high, even if can also obtain the crush superiority facing 8 levels of Hybrid Demon.

The vault of heaven armed forces have no time to let, the forest arched depends the long sword back and forth to gallop in the frontal line, sword air escapes fall in the monster group, the lethality was astonishing, reviews the fall harvest regiment slightly more miserable, Liang seal was Demon Harvest step BOSS, even might as well any Yorozuo long military force of palace guard was tyrannical, but the complete force of fall harvest armed forces was also inferior a palace guard, to guarantee the fall harvest armed forces did not kill off, Drunken Spear led at least the thousand [Flying Dragon] players to defend in the edge of fall harvest armed forces actually, supervises to hold the position by the status of vice- commanding, had him also to feel relieved in me some, at least fall harvest. The armed forces will not be defeated in a hurry.

The player camp spells specially miserably, the front player almost resists fiercely attacking of monster with the flesh and blood, the wings demon after the airborne attack was killed heartlessly also studied intelligently, many wings demon distant landings, flushed with the purgatory brave warrior together forward, on faces full was fierce killing intent, the both feet pastes the place electricity forward to shoot to come, the both arms waved on the bang kill in one group of melt god cavalries, immediately Nangong drew back several steps spirit continually astonished, the complexion one: „, The impulse strives to excel!"

Nangong shouted definitely hurriedly loudly: „Younger sister was careful!"

Two wings demons roared are starting the demon sound to be chaotic, confused Nangong to work instantaneously, making it enter the chaotic situation, among the monsters also had the coordination of tacit understanding, the Nangong spirit by the chaotic instance, the distant place three purgatory brave warrior lances is projected together, but also was thinks really the second did massacre our first swordsmith?


I cry, the Darling Duck purification effect falls on the Nangong spirit body, simultaneously added to her holds one to protect the shield, Nangong spirit also intelligently, the shield raised the body to enter the defense stance on the warhorse, „clang clang" two withstood the attack, but had not been massacred, narrow squeak!

Xue Rou, Meng Yao, Wan Er and the others 11 force up, attracts many hatreds for the melt god cavalries, One Second Hero is brandishes the long-handled spear back and forth to rush ahead in the monster group, although the output is not strong that but large scale has also disrupted the camp of monster.

However, the situation must be worse than by far, dozens li (0.5km) front that [Zhan Long], [Judgement], [Enemies at the Gate] that we imagined and other large-scale Guild formed towed long, almost in an entire front the demon sound chaotic sound wave attack shape of finding at everywhere wings demon, player large-scale by the confusion, petrochemical and lethargic sleep, the battle efficiency significantly reduced is also killed.

Ye Lai grasps God Tier crazy god Axe to kill seven to enter seven in the monster group, the monster too are what a pity many, the confusion of wings demon makes [Judgement] Guildmaster turn into the remnant blood immediately, must progress to retrocede rapidly, otherwise must by the monster massacring.

In addition Ye Lai so, which Misty Clouds, Mu Xuan and cold Bei Song and the others also very to go, the fronts of six palace cosmetics were fully merged with [Zhan Long], perhaps separated again must by the monster nibbling only, the innumerable purgatory lance brave warrior and wings demon after breaking through the obstruction line of player started to form the encirclement to us, such got down we really to be sieged again solid.


The Han deep pool is roaring in the palace guard battleline front loudly, but with artillery sounds, palace guard's suppression to Hybrid Demon army also slowly was inferior anticipated was so ideal, especially the wings demon rapid society disperses the flight attack, their AI were getting higher and higher, is similar some people behind to direct them to be the same.

My body trembles suddenly, is the clear pupil develops black ink?

Yes, except the Indian beautiful woman who settling the pupil develops black ink this natural military strategist, but also who can make these originally controlled Hybrid Demon such military discipline is neat?

Originally, I am developing black ink to encounter with the clear pupil as before.

The distant place, hears the Drunken Spear roaring sound, his long spear changes into said surely the (spear gun) rain falls in the monster group, was hit also by several purgatory lance brave warriors continually draws back several steps, quite obviously distressed, the short spear trick like this, others have thought that also which very to goes.


A news, came from is fighting frigidly the short spear trick: „Perhaps Xiao Yao, this way, our three big regiments really will kill off by Hybrid Demon."

I early some have also thought that returns to the covered passageway: „Tertiary wave Hybrid Demon arrives, we send out part of military strength to clash immediately backward, shield the NPC army to retreat, the players of several big guilds almost defend in same place, supported fifth wave of Hybrid Demon to come to walk again."



From does not turn over to marine battle drum sound to come, 2 hours a wave of military strength came, this time did not have too many firepower to suppress their warships, warships of the package in black iron sheet approach shores rapidly, with the roar, rode is fighting the wolf the barbarian to appear, was the blood wolf flag health/guard, can promote existence of surrounding friend side 40% striking power, 8 levels of Hybrid Demon striking power had sufficed high, now promotes 40% again, the nightmare of players as if just started!

As soon as I raise hand, summoned the warhawks of several palace guards to ride to search, they dropped in abundance, hold the fist in the other hand said respectfully: „Commands the Sir, what has to order to need us to convey?"

„Orders the palace guard, the vault of heaven armed forces and fall harvest armed forces to break through to retreat to the south immediately, must protect Long Jing artillery and invincible might artillery not to receive any buckle, knew?"


The messengers have gotten down, the quick three big NPC regiments turn around the direction to prepare to retrocede, but I am raising the double sword, after issuing an order, brings milk that and the others Xue Rou, Old K, violent are walking, in addition thousand [Zhan Long] riding war is the player shields NPC to retreat, I clash in the front line, in speed quickly entering monster group certainly, the demon sound of wings demon is randomly invalid to me, but my [Tempest Sword] + Longteng nine days of [Thundering Heavens] can actually make them as if step into the human purgatory to be ordinary.

„Damn, but also my tender and delicate body!" The wings demons died starts the beautiful woman changes the body, but was useless, I change to the beautiful woman the body already the immunity, no matter their figures will be good I not to look at one much, will be good also to be able compared with Wan Er? Difficult

Follows my several General [Zhan Long] is the person in [Zhan Long] work room, Xue Rouwo cold iron sword speedily [Assault], with one crowd of monster wrong bodies, has actually been able to carry over the Successful Skill Break blue large characters, makes behind teammate cover by this lossless kills, no one knows how she achieves, I am grumble in any case was inferior, because just like this she is the small monster, is that the female war-god that makes the people look up.

Old K brandishes Axe, unceasing starts [Whirlwind Slash] to sweep in the monster group, the output capacity even also is more powerful than Xue Rou, but also has compared with he stronger existence, that was Fox, Fox raised the flintlock to ride to fight the department to run together, frequently fell to the ground one time to murder the god three artillery, the bang results in the monster group miserably howling unceasingly, the abilities of these three broad-ax also were really too terrifying, making the players of numerous long-distance department be able not hold a candle.

But kills thoroughly surrounding price actually very big, player short less than a half hour of thousand [Zhan Long] camp I bring was over half to lie down in the wilderness, but the majority resurrected to look the semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate to go, some continued to participate in the fight through the running corpse and bringing back to life same place resurrecting.

The heavy cavalries of palace guard and vault of heaven armed forces in us behind, the coordination cover kill, directly about 100,000 8 levels of Hybrid Demon will cut to kill completely at the scene, the rear area, the soldier in heavy artillery camp promotes an all trades heavy artillery never to turn over to the sea seacoast to evacuate rapidly, the goal points to the full moon city, I think we can in not turn over to the sea to give the Hybrid Demon army to hit hard, has not actually thought that only supported the tertiary wave to make the NPC army retreat, the player died in battle can also come back to life, NPC died in battle really not, I also counted on that the palace guard and vault of heaven armed forces opened up territory Bi earth for me, they cannot die here.

Packs off thousand + after the NPC regiment looks at the semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate, our return does not turn over to the Hainan shore again, was going all out Cooldown of player.

Lin Wan Er, Yue Qing Qian and Xue Rou three big beautiful women are [Zhan Long] divide the defense square formation, basically is melts the god cavalry to defend the surrounding, other Class in inside assist, output, the prevention and cure of schistosomiasis ability of melt god cavalry to aspire to seize the entire server sufficiently, with this superiority like is wedge inserting here, making the Hybrid Demon army want to „be blown a skin" from here process on the necessity by us.

In any case this duty most important also takes points, competes before the rank, this strategy is right, if [Zhan Long] can persevere the later period of edition activity here, believes that overall points no one will compare us to be high.

The news comes, the seacoast defense line of Tian Ling Empire direction was also broken through, started retreating including [Legend], [Hero's Mound], [House of Prestige], [Vanguard] and other Guild, although no one is willing to face, but has to acknowledge that our temporary strengths hit 8 levels of Hybrid Demon radically, can only depend upon the city to consume their entire force firmly.


The green ray passed over gently and swiftly together, I after behind again establish [Azure Dragon Crossbow], wields a sword to continue in the crowd back and forth to rush ahead, I did not fear that 8 levels of Hybrid Demon, a person goes against in the 30 meters away of square formation, immediately wings demon flying high chaotic dance, like is one flock of flies has encircled, naturally, will greet their does, the cold sword glow of butterfly.

Zhan Long Chapter 1143

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