Zhan Long Chapter 1144

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The sword of double sword even more is only chilly, every strikes almost can carry over the formidable strength to shake draws back the effect, around letting blots out the sky to surround my wings demon to be patted fly general to brush Going out likely, the under foot seethes flame suddenly stones, that is the Dong Cheng Yue attack effect, Dancing Forest also grips tightly Huang Zhonggong to start the crowd to attack the skill.

„Blood wolf flag protected, shield!"

Airborne, Lin Wan Er sits in Little Bai carrying on the back, wields the dagger to carry over about ten meters [Vanguard] to strangle to death in the wings demon monster group, at the same time said loudly: „Do not make the blood wolf flag health/guard break through the lineup!"


In ground, melt god cavalries in abundance „bang bang bang" falls to the ground shields, defends the attack of blood wolf flag health/guard, was good almost killed off because of the purgatory lance brave warrior, therefore we only needed to deal with the blood wolf flag health/guard and wings demon have been OK, about 1000 people of teams have formed a square formation, the surroundings full were the monster, Cooldown killed gloomily.

Everybody spells very much, after many people hang, immediately requests Healer to bring back to life in the team, in any case this is not the country war, only fell 1 level.

The tactical situation has continued fully for 2 hours, the battle drum sound is surging in the sea of distant place once more, the fourth wave came!

Black warships approach shored, put down the deck heard the low and deep roaring sound instantaneously, was a colossus jumps from the ship, was an old friend, the triangle roaring flame dragon, this triangle roaring flame dragon was good at the group attacking, and defended ultra thick, made our peak hundred people roll to suffer loss in the surrounding of well of god demon, but...... Today's triangle roaring flame dragon quantity are more, are much more, quick has formed dense and numerous one piece on the seacoast, before treading holds, visits me virulent, until condensing over 100,000 times, finally gave up to start [Assault]!!


A sword cuts to fly a head of blood wolf flag health/guard, at this time the blood wolf flag health/guard of our several big Guild defense areas were also killed almost cleanly, in the sand beach dyed completely the blood, had the monster, there is a player.

„Must come." Yue Qing Qian is grasping the heartless dagger, shows a faint smile: „The fourth wave, looked like our bearing capacities has surpassed our imagination."

I have a look at Level of people, our about 200 thousand person at least on average each people fell 1.5 levels, many people even hung 2-3 times, but for guild honor, nobody is willing to retreat, wanted was this boldness, Level equipment was anything, the person must first have the strength of spirit to stimulate the strongest explosive force!


„Roar roar roar......"

The triangle roaring flame dragon came, land dragon trod the beach to start to our impacts, added to oneself held roaring flame shield armor, enormous promotion physical defense, and can also fire the surrounding enemy unit, I in the hand the butterfly sword, said in a flash loudly: „Archer remembers that on the armor piercing bow to triangle roaring flame dragon, superimposes 5 times, otherwise our people are very difficult to hit their armor!"

The armor piercing bow, archer 80 levels of skills, can the continual armor piercing 5 times, fold put together can reduce the goal 15% defenses, if equipment of player has the gain, that can be over 20% armor piercing efforts, looks like our [Zhan Long] Dancing Forest, her armor piercing archery can fold can reduce goal 36% physical defense completely, absolute armor piercing masterstroke!

„Whiz whiz whiz......"

Unexpected blows pasted ear to fly Going out, „" the nail hit in running on the forehead of triangle roaring flame dragon, immediately in the top of the head of roaring flame dragon presented the armor piercing + 1, armor piercing + 2 designs, took increasing the highest player armor piercing effect as the standard, basically attacked to each triangle roaring flame dragon of our position quickly is marked + armor piercing, the front melt god cavalry raised the lance, sharp sword and Axe to start to meet head- on abundance.

„Bang bang bang" impact noise is unceasing, the impulse of triangle roaring flame dragon can be imagined, a melt god cavalry of entire platoon was hit to retrocede 2-3 meters, supports reluctantly on the triangle roaring flame fine horse starts shakes strikes, immediately shakes to fly 3322 melt god cavalries, the lineup does not have, the roaring flame dragon makes use the invasion, the sharp corner will go against into the archer and Musketeer chest, formed the second to kill the effect.

Perhaps before , everybody must this type the psychology of looking like unwieldy 8 levels of Hybrid Demon has anything to despise, but after puts in an appearance, again also nobody dares to look down upon the triangle roaring flame dragon, this is sufficiently destruction our low-order Dragon Clan!

„Massacres the front!"

Li Mu and Wang Jian brandish the long sword to kill in abundance in the frontal line, Old K and the others also in abundance starts the alone gate unique skill, must counter-violence regarding the monster of triangle roaring flame dragon ultraviolence, I bring Ancient Heavenly Tiger to proceed to clash, start to be far away from the square formation, the attraction massive triangle roaring flame dragon attack in the surroundings, but I tread the broken heavenly thunder, [Tempest Sword], [Seven Star Fragment Slash] and other crowds to kill the skill to lose Going out, in an instant relied on terse equipment to kill actually periphery has piled up with the corpse of triangle roaring flame dragon, was the [Zhan Long] position big reduced pressure, otherwise the triangle roaring flame dragon were getting more and more, possibly was beyond redemption.


The fourth wave of monster, had only insisted is less than 30 minutes, 7 Guild including [Flying Dragon] starts to collapse, Drunken Spear after informing our one starts to lead the [Flying Dragon] player to retreat, many people even directly returned to Full Moon City with City Return Scroll.

In 30 minutes, [Blood Contract] and [Enemies at the Gate] retreats.

Also after a while, [Judgement] and [Appearance Alliance] two big Guild could not support finally, requests to retreat.

The ally leaves, finally on remaining [Zhan Long] in supporting, but also has this qualifications actually, when the innumerable triangle roaring flame dragon changes into the empirical value and equipment but actually when our [Zhan Long] position front, the fact showed that everybody's insistence is worth, the monster empirical value of edition activity surpasses, basically fell the players of rank to be able Level to practice at the scene, as for obtaining edition points that was Bai Na.


Had insisted finished to two hours, the fourth wave of triangle roaring flame dragon is the flood cuts off from the middle by the [Zhan Long] guild several thousand people likely generally, has rushed Full Moon City following our two sides, from sharing the field of vision system can see, around Full Moon City has encircled completely the triangle roaring flame dragon and blood wolf flag health/guard, has formed piece of 8 levels of Hybrid Demon sea, will be good is conquered the day after tomorrow plume empire to send the artisan to restore and reinforce the city because of Full Moon City, in short Cooldown will not be broken through, said the monarchy who will again defend a city will be Fiona, dark Moon Elf that solemn dark Queen Moon Elf, under the hand will be good at shooting arrows will be countless, stands. Kills the monster in the city wall by the altitude advantage looks like the oppressive dish is simply same, only worry is the city gate firm degree is worrying, can being able to withstand blood wolf flag health/guard unceasing Axe bang pound really? Perhaps is not good, we must go back eventually.

The battle drum sound transmits, the fifth wave of Hybrid Demon army must come finally.

The dense Hybrid Demon warship appears in sea level, approach shored later has outshone the seacoast nighttime sky rapidly, on the warship impressively was purgatory hot skeletons, in the well of god demon we have experienced to cross the strength of purgatory hot skeleton, had a vivid memory, three [Combo] that the [Combo] + sword air/Qi daybreak + pent-up anger flame exploded might be called the classics, few people energy entire journey could not withstand!

Lin Wan Er illustrated handbook sharing of purgatory hot skeleton in the entire guild channel, said rapidly: „Has been careful, the three skills of this type of purgatory hot skeleton attack the department, moreover can instantaneous [Combo], in the sword air/Qi daybreak, the pent-up anger flame explodes has about 1 second of time delay Cooldown, all Healer have remembered, is retaining your instantaneous big iatrotechnics, inserts the second to treat to the front companion, copes with this monster to insert the second to treat, otherwise definitely cannot support."

The people nod in abundance.

The next quarter purgatory hot skeleton has rushed ahead to come, but we can do has been ready to cope with anything, when I brandish the double sword rushes ahead Going out, the innumerable hot skeletons with me brushed past, hit in my behind crowd, with their sad and shrill whooshing sounds, already and melt god cavalry killed one group, [Blade Spin] punctured thoroughly the body of hot skeleton to circle in airborne, the output skill of melt god cavalries were many, in addition the sword air/Qi daybreak, spin fierce Axe and other skills, simply were the attack tanks.

However, the hot skeleton after is the hot skeleton, dark blue billows personally ** the branch of the services that comes out how can miss, around hot skeletons Huaguang Sheng, was 20 levels of skills release prelude rays, [Combo] and sword air/Qi daybreak, the pent-up anger flame explodes to wreak havoc greatly immediately one piece, [Zhan Long] Healer, although can insert the second to treat, how some melt god cavalries simultaneously to withstand the attacks of 2-3 purgatory hot skeletons, could not block, the flash had been killed several hundred people by the second, a trim position was in imminent danger.

I no longer hesitate, starts Ring of the King skill [King's Domain] single-handed!

Significantly after promoting the defense and attack power, the melt god cavalries were not finally crisp, started with mutual beating of hot skeleton.

However does not last forever, with battle drum sound, is the innumerable Hybrid Demon warships disembarks, this time is more terrorist, leaps from the warship, not only has the hot skeleton, a horse's hoof is treading the thunder and lightning heavy cavalry, is beautiful life Guild Ben Leiqi, NND, really the clear pupil develops black ink unexpectedly when the fifth wave had the person to come!


„Scratches, haven't I looked?" Old K looks at the distant place in great surprise.

I nod: „Has not misread, the Indian has joined the Hybrid Demon regiment to be systematic, now we in their eyes are the monsters, kills us to have the empirical value to take, naturally, we kill them same to have the empirical value to take!"

Ben Leiqi probably presented several thousand, some archers, Mage and others, they not anxiously attack, but gathers the waiting on the beach, name blood red, is exactly the same as the Hybrid Demon name.

Actually I initially took the clear pupil to develop black ink and maplewood to be drunk the action of driving away left the eastern region chart the time should think that will have on this day, but did not have what good regret, since they dare to join the Hybrid Demon camp, that should also think price that must withstand, we behind had the main city as the strong shield, on Level and equipment can definitely spread out their, was worst works as monster Shua to be good them.


Finally, on the seacoast gathers has at least surpassed the 200 000 person the time, a familiar form appears in the crowd, the maplewood was drunk came finally, and this maplewood was drunk to ride a dark bone dragon, my goodness, in player the first Dragon Rider gentleman of real sense?

Zhan Long Chapter 1144

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