Zhan Long Chapter 1145

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„Maplewood was drunk comes finally!"

Li Mu has licked the lip, said with a smile: „IBN fights the net first person, now does big dragon mount, is not really simple."

Yue Qing Qian in bypath: „equipment overall system grading that maplewood is drunk is the average 224 points, the weapon is country turns over to the Yuan sword, kills country that BOSS explodes in the dark moon/month spirit territory, has 50% highest [Drain] effects, the hard helmet is God Tier, other part majorities are four stars and five-star magical instruments."

„Very strong strength." Xue Rou looks to me, asked: „Boss, how many are your equipment system grading?"

I have swept one, said: „Average 251 points."

„Maplewood was drunk to come." Yue Qing Qian hurried [say / way].

Really, the maplewood is drunk to control the dark bone dragon to soar slowly we slantingly place above, grasps is turning over to the Yuan sword, sneers was saying: „Has not thought that we will meet here, not? Xiao Yao Zi Zai."

I look up him, said with a smile: „I have not thought that you will surrender unexpectedly the Hybrid Demon territory, counter-attacks humanity with the monster together, is this feeling very certainly crisp?"

Maplewood being drunk look one severe, shouted to clear the way: „Asked something already known, you also led the Hybrid Demon army to attack the human main city, this type felt that you were clearer than me, this time, you must pay the price of blood in any event!"

I look to him behind, sneers saying: „Altogether came the person in 200 000 India war zone, if I have not guessed that wrong, the Hybrid Demon territory to warship highest transport capacity that many that you do provide? Other people can only wait for the warship return next batch to come again, at least two hours, is right?"

Was hit by me, on maplewood being drunk face restless dodges passes, says with a smile: „No matter what, has fought unavoidably today, gangs up on Shan Tiao, chooses one?"

„Shan Tiao?"

I cannot bear laugh in one's heart, look up him, said: „What significance does this have? The group fights, person same you who my must first kill."

„That prepares to greet the impact!"

The maplewood is drunk to track the reins of great Longzui Department, swayed from side to side the main item to fly back, is in the midair to raise has turned over to the Yuan sword, the loud order said: „Attack!"

The battle drum sound is thunderous, is not only the Indian player, even also some big 1st purgatory hot skeletons also raised are burning the long sword of roaring flame to fire into us, NND, was 210 levels of accurate BOSS level hot skeletons, about 100 + appearances, this wave was really one time big challenges!

„Array, defends!"

Li Mu has not acted rashly, raises long sword to progress in the frontal line, orders the people to defend loudly, if at this time will not defend will directly wash out the lineup, when the time comes perhaps was incapable on the great power.

My fast establishment next two [Azure Dragon Crossbow], my Shan Zu treads the ground to shoot up to the sky, flies the [Zhan Long] lineup the center, starts [King's Domain] skill once more, was lucky that the maplewood was drunk to gather the troops to consume for nearly two hours, otherwise [King's Domain] CD definitely was , the [Zhan Long] accumulation player here added on six palace cosmetics altogether thousand people, even if cannot prevent this wave of military strength completely, at least must make the 200 000 that the maplewood was drunk to bring be buried completely does not turn over to the sea!


The rumor flap flap, I slanting dive, has filled the next bottle of good wines to restore fury points, the double sword one cold chops in the crowd that into went on an expedition the world Guild player, „ka ka" two, the butterfly, does will divide thousand separately + the injury digit, simultaneously starts [Tempest Sword], is thousand + the injury, two 190 + levels of swordsmen had been killed, in ground, one group of archer Qi Qi will bend the arrow to aim at me, a player of group team leader rank loudly exclaimed: „Kills him, is now!"

Late, my Movement Speed was too what a pity quick, almost likely is in a shell general crashing into crowd!


Surges to fly upwards, long sword sweeps with the arc track, the foot pedal sand dust, Lei Guang erupts, does not wait for them to treat, is a [Ice Domain] skill, immediately the surroundings have iced up many people, the quick release antiquity [Legend], small tiger „roar" roared, above four fingernails moistened the roaring flame to tread [Burstfire Raid] in the crowd, carried over to surpass thousand injury figure, one group of archers almost such treading [Burstfire Raid] have killed by the small tiger, several knights attempted [Assault] time, was actually held up the head time [Fierce Roar] to give to roar by the small tiger moves fears not to, Has not waited to have the movement, the small tiger is [Ancient Fire Branding] falls, the life spread the coal.


One crowd of Heavy Armor are the cavalry soldier swoops to come, to face is going on an expedition the main cavalry soldier of world and beautiful life, I do not draw back, the front surface goes is a sword, will do the tyrant special effect to trigger certainly, direct „" cleft in two a shield of knight, discarded, in his astonished pupil, the golden light plunged downward, rides the wind to cut the consecutively 15 swords to puncture thoroughly the crowd, my explosive force was too high, in addition the sputtering effect, one group of Ben Lei rode almost Qi Qi to fall to the ground dead in battle.

Turns around, crowded [Rising Dragon Shot] and icicle group peak has swept across my surroundings, [Rising Dragon Shot] of archer said fortunately that my defensive power is high enough, does not fear the physical attack very much, but Heavy Armor was restrained by the magic inborn, the icicle group peak erupts continuously, carries over injury figures, this taste may not feel better really




HP falls rapidly, in an instant soon saw the bottom, I was not worried that died dies, I can in same place rebirth, a Jianfeng pendulum, the [Strength of a Thousand Men] bang kill in any case in a chest of swordsman, „bang bang bang" stroked the sound to be unceasing fiercely, simultaneously arm one warm, was the butterfly „Dinghai" special effect, dizziness opposite party 3 seconds, and replied my 50% HP!

„+ 287175!"

This big cure digit made the surrounding Indian player somewhat desperate directly, but I took advantage of opportunity am [Combo] chop an archer, the double sword suspended consecutively for 4 times outputs, almost attracting filled HP.


The heavy pressure transmits, maplewood was drunk, turning over to the Yuan sword belt the raging fire to shoot down on my shoulder, a burningly painful transmission, almost made the human have a dizzy spell, the striking power that the maplewood was drunk was really not a lid, unexpectedly a sword divided my thousand HP, when I turned around, his second struck also came, the break of rock struck!

Above the sword blade edge supplements rock breaking the effect, this break of rock strikes neglects the defense strikes, was the maplewood is drunk the strongest killing skill.

In the maplewood is drunk in nearly crazy pupil, I jump suddenly, under thousand frost wing effects flies, does keeps off the standard in turning over to the middle of Yuan sword, the butterfly sword pounds the maplewood to be drunk to hold the skill of sword fiercely, the knee lifts layer on layer hits above the nape of the neck of dark bone dragon, „bang" flew blue „Successful Skill Break" phrase, even if he will be the Dragon Rider gentleman is also same is been successful by the truncation [lineage/vein]!

However, dark bone Long Ke is not the affable host, the yawn is crooked the neck to nip on my waist, benefits the tooth to puncture thoroughly the overlord armor, good pain!


I frighten am frightened out of one's wits, this mount can also coordinate the master to launch the attack unexpectedly together, even if in the master by the situation that in Successful Skill Break falls into the delay effect can unexpectedly the active threat, good fearful Dragon Rider!

Lifts single-handed, does pounds the sword hilt of sword violently on the eye of bone dragon, it eats pain „" called the sound to loosen me, but the surrounding icicle group peak skills also made my HP almost see the bottom, „Hong", Shuanglong appeared in the body week protection master, unexpectedly quickly my Shuanglong effect hitting!

In guild channel, Xue Rouji: „Li Mu and Wang Jian, save the Boss with me together, quick!"

I said hurriedly loudly: „No! Matcha do not act rashly, you hold the position, my matter I handle!"

Lin Wan Er also said: „Um, Matcha defends the position, should not be chaotic."

Dong Cheng Yue hee smiles: „Actually, Brother Xiao Yao is courts death, wants to try the coverall effect of overlord coverall approximately?"

The voice has not fallen, I already jumped to soar above the dragon back, the double sword swift and fierce consecutively for 7 times sweeps, 7 levels of different angle, different effort and friction speed, absolutely swift and fierce tyrannical, but the maplewood is drunk obviously not with the hand, grasped is turning over to the Yuan sword stiffly standard parry the five struck, numerous sword air/Qi daybreak + imperial swordsmanship seal in my front!



HP must see the bottom, but cannot so be dead!

I accelerate suddenly forward, does not give the maplewood to be drunk response Cooldown to use the clever superiority is a combo bombardment of [Strength of a Thousand Men], HP that finally, the maplewood is drunk could not withstand this swift and fierce attack to see the bottom, he roared to start invincible skill, the golden light lingered in the surroundings, no longer was designated by me for the target.

Wants is this!

The maplewood was drunk is compelled to hand over invincible skill by my fiercely attacking, this was easy to do!


Turns over to the Yuan sword once more flood the break of rock effect, once again the break of rock strikes the accurate bang on my shoulder, even I can notice that the overlord armor presented the chap effect, by the armor piercing later shape? The whole body transmits the fierce ache, the big injury figure flies, my continually invincible skill has not even put, lets the homicide!


Has struck fatally, very strong explosive force!

Dark eyes one black, my slowly but actually, the system in System Notification, in 5 seconds must choose whether reactivates same place, choice resurrecting falls first-level, otherwise falls first-level and has to blow out the equipment danger.

This also used saying that same place resurrecting!


The azure falls from the sky together, covers around my corpse, at present one bright, reactivates the successful, entire attribute promotes 30%, but hides the attribute, obvious can see behind the blood strip to publish 30% reservation unofficial receipts, means that others must wipe out to continue my 30% reservation HP to attack my real HP.

The striking power, the defensive power, Movement Speed and HP restored, magic defense and other attribute the figures also to turn into the green, 30% hideaway promotion.

„Was one's turn you!"

My Shan Zumeng treads the ground, together after the cyclone, fired into the maplewood to be drunk like lightning, he panic-stricken, the player but who periphery few can fly, the [Seven Stars Teleportation] lamp dizziness was not occupied by me, no one could block my eruption.

The maplewood was drunk is in the ground that can take advantage only the Healer treatment, but he had a low opinion of the enemy, Healer who led very at least, the nearby are not most over 10 Healer, how possibly to add his HP?

Zhan Long Chapter 1145

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