Zhan Long Chapter 1146

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The butterfly surges the dazzling flame on the turning over to Yuan sword of opposite party, but can he block?

The answer cannot obviously.

Consecutively for 7 attacking fiercely like lightning, finally, does sword suddenly ray greatly Sheng, the armor of maplewood being drunk front started the disintegration, good, the luck was good, the tyrant effect appeared certainly!

The maplewood is drunk to be unexpected, even if the peak master has not thought I unexpectedly his chest armor durable has polished instantaneously, but after losing the defense of chest armor, his integrated defense will inevitably be greatly affected, wants is now this opportunity!

The golden light of god level skill shoots up to the sky, I also saw in the eye that the maplewood was drunk desperately.

„Nobody can block Li Xiao Yao one set to ride the wind to cut outputs completely." This is Fang Ge Que, when the forum accepts the Fei Er interview had said a few words, now has verified once more, after was forced by me hands over the invincible skill, the maplewood is drunk same cannot block my output, miserable snort kneels down above the dragon back, hung.

What a pity, has not blown out equipment, calculates that his luck is good!


But after massacring the maplewood is drunk, the biggest threat has solved, what is more important was my overall magic defense has promoted 30%, overlord rebirth the attribute of overlay not in foundation value, but superimposed in the real attribute once more, was decidedly different from 30% magic defense of equipment promotion, in other words, my equipment altogether promoted magic defense about 1200%, added on the foundation value is 1300% foundation magic defense, but the overlord rebirth promoted 30% is the overlay in this foundation, in fact promotes foundation magic defense 390%, this effect quite fought the magic defense sum total that the knee provided in the overlord armor + overlord.

Therefore, suddenly felt the whole person to stiffen, came under the attack of surrounding Mage not to be painful, can basically disregard the attack of third-class following close combat department, they hit HP that my 10 sword also insufficiently my swords attracted to be many!

However, in Mage that the opposite party brings many top players, a that type of staff weapon neglects magic defense over 50%, hits the super pain as before!

However, the maplewood is drunk dies, I have been able to stand firmly here, back and forth the shuttle, [Seven Stars Teleportation] position long Cooldown opens, uses formidable flexible MISS to fall the majority of injuries, here constrains the footsteps of Indian war zone player, to behind the [Zhan Long] player come the reduced pressure, but the maplewood is drunk dies, their morale were attacked obviously greatly, by me the show on the beach an operation, could not be calmed down again, the quick increasing number of people besiege me, but the person who I massacre are also getting more and more, points progresses by leaps and bounds, and they are the people who joins the Hybrid Demon territory regiment system, massacres to have the empirical value to take, My this fell the first-level experience to gain quickly.


Cooldown every little bit passing, with large quantities of dropping down of player and purgatory hot skeleton, [Zhan Long] gradually has also secured the position, the 200 000 + India players who was powerful on the contrary were intercepted by the trivial 12 thousand China players unexpectedly are unable to lead the way here, on faces somewhat could not hang.

I look at [Zhan Long] success so, at heart is also very gratified, we have the main city, has the formidable duty and feed system, the speed of Level promotion is faster than them, the fine degree that equipment renews also goes far beyond the Indian player, went on an expedition the world and beautiful life Guild also to be able with us to share half and half, is now, even if their two big Guild puts together, unexpectedly as before is not the [Zhan Long] match, this is the current situation makes the hero, who can grasp actively, who is the final King.


In nearly one hour, in the sea horizon of distant place presented the dense and numerous transportation warships again, the battle drum sound has shot up to the sky.

The sharing contact surface uploads the Tian Ling Empire direction the tactical situation, altogether is divided into three battlefields, a troop hot skeleton spheres Tian Ling Empire to fiercely attack, the Luhu direction, Fang Ge Que and Q-Sword collaborate to intercept the massive hot skeletons and triangle roaring flame dragons, reduces attack power of triangle roaring flame dragon using the lake water, even uses the warship, massive firepower attractions there.

Quantity of Hybrid Demon attack by moves into the quantity of player to decide in the main city, the Tian Ling Empire player puts together fire Yun City, Full Moon City are more , the Hybrid Demon quantity that there must withstand can be imagined, Fang Ge Que and Q-Sword were to understand encirclement of Tian Ling Empire are also the pains product ponder.



First arrived in the seacoast warship to put down the deck, but anything has not appeared, in the shallow water flew actually „flip-flop" water splash, was very strange.

„Well, monster?" Old K was happy: „Was the Hybrid Demon army killed off, couldn't send out the military strength again?"

Wolf also smiled: „Is, now does empty ship come?"

Yue Qing Qian is wrinkling the delicate eyebrows, said: „Not to......"

„How to be right?" Wolf asked.

„Where has is not right." Yue Qing Qian is digging the small mouth.

My actually moral nature sinks, hurried [say / way]: „Transmitted orders, [Zhan Long] all people pull out City Return Scroll immediately, returns to the Full Moon City help to defend, hurry up!"

„Doesn't turn over to the sea the position not to want?" Li Mu is stunned.

„Does not want!"


„What this wave comes is stealth bright moon Asura, stays here is courts death!" My loud [say / way].

Li Mu trembles: „Retreats, returns to the city!"


Has not come to launch attack while bright moon Asura, the people pull out City Return Scroll to return to the city, but I circle in airborne, confirmed after the people return to the city completely, departs, in the ground full is piles in confusion, actually saw we just still in maintaining in the position presented beautiful forms, indeed is bright moon Asura, tens of thousands, before had also staged a comeback by the Indian war zone person who we routed, Full Moon City will be doomed not to be peaceful.


Appears in Full Moon City, the eardrum by the fire that Zheng called is made instantaneously was quite uncomfortable, observes the situation all around, in the Full Moon City four sides city wall has filled heavy artilleries, the dragon crystal artillery and invincible might artillery, and Han Yuan, Xiao severe, forest arched and the others also appeared in the city wall, divided to chop with the player together is trying to climb up the purgatory hot skeleton of city.

I step the city wall brick, raises the double sword to walk above the crenelation, a sword chops to turn two hot skeletons at fingertips , to continue to proceed to examine, I in Full Moon City was also the commander-in-chief, although status of Queen Fiona above me, but good and evil Full Moon City was I helps her hit, moreover I was the day of plume empire hold the spear greatly, the status did not miss are too many, but command authority absolutely above Fiona.

In the main city wall, Fiona grasps a long bow to be built on the city wall edge, the bowstring makes an effort to pull open, an arrow departs suddenly, the distant place then passes on getting angry skeleton sad and shrill roar, is almost one arrow one is killing in the second, this killed ability actually some likely is Seurre, this also made me somewhat fondly remember Seurre, has words that this Queen Hybrid Demon assisted, perhaps the defense of Full Moon City was impregnable.

„Holds the spear greatly!"

Fiona sees me to come, immediately turns around to raise slightly to salute, my hurried quick line one step supports her arm: „, The queen does not need to be polite, was folds the ghost simply I."

Fiona cannot bear the chuckle, said: „Held the spear to be actually getting more and more interesting greatly."

I turn around to look to the city, said: „Immediately the bright moon Asura army must come, they have the stealth ability, you must make the preparation earlier, otherwise, we might suffer a loss in the bright moon Asura hand very much."

„Relax, I have the countermeasure."

Saying, Fiona turns around to ride dark Moon Elf of falcon beast to say to not far away several: „Transmitted orders, every other 20 meters around the city is hanging an demon lamp, I must make these bright moon Asura not have to hide!"

„Yes, your majesty!"

One crowd of Moon Elf retreat, several minutes later, pale blue demon lamps will be hanging in the city wall, as if will see my anxiety, Fiona shows a faint smile, said: „Demon lamp has mysterious charm, the flame in demon lamp came from in the tree oil of deva-eye tree, can see clearly the temporals, so long as bright moon Asura approaches, the demon lamp naturally can see clearly their personal appearance."

„Um, that is good......"


Full Moon City can aim at the bright moon Asura's stealth actually, that Tian Ling Empire and fire Yun City what to do? I start to be worried that afterward self-ridicules smiles, I am worried too many, lived not Xiao Yao Zi Zai, ok, considers only at present well, my duty was to defend Full Moon City, other was not the matter that I can inquire about.


After a half hour, suddenly the distant place hears the Wang Jian big cry, cancels on the rope of city wall edge is shivering, some people are climbing up, but cannot see the form, after close demon lamp, the bright moon Asura's form appeared finally, Dancing Forest has smiled immediately, holds up Huang Zhonggong, said: „Does not use politely, shoots dead them!"

In the city long-distance is the player immediately starts to launch the attack, the close combat is the player also uses [Blade Spin] and sword air/Qi daybreak and other skills long-distance to kill, this time was bright moon Asura has suffered a loss, has not mounted the city wall at least to lose 50% HP, mounted the city also only to degenerate into our empirical values and points.

The situation was expected that us wants to be smoother, bright moon Asura is unable to make the great achievement under shining of demon lamp, the firepower on city is too intense, this sixth wave of monster cannot escape by the KO result.


However, we along do not represent others to be suitable, Tian Ling Empire and fire Yun City transmits the combat report unceasingly, the bright moon Asura's sneak attack goes well, area Luhu players lose seriously, [Hero's Mound] was almost massacred over 50% players, hundred deep pools rode to ford luckily, making Q-Sword preserve have ridden to fight the main force of department, but in the fire Yun City city wall did not have the demon lamp to shine, many bright moon Asura have broken into the city.

The distant place, the highest heaven city and tactical situation in iron skull city is not optimistically, especially the highest heaven city, encounters the attack of Hybrid Demon main force, it is said five-star god level BOSS is also attacking them, demon mountain time must unable to eat to capture.

Even, I suspected the seventh wave of monster comes time, can have the main city that soon to fall to the enemy?


In our fearfulness restless, the attack of seventh wave of Hybrid Demon army comes slowly.

In ground, reptiles in chirp excited is running, that is the spirit umbrella insect, one Hybrid Demon that we know, the offense and defense has both.

„Spirit umbrella insect?"

Lin Wan Er smiled in my side: „If only the spirit umbrella insect, they can climb up the city are the issues."

Dong Cheng Yue chuckle: „It seems like Full Moon City can definitely defend."


I carefully look at the monster of distant place, said: „It is not right, one type besides the spirit umbrella insect, the space is also fluttering."

„That is...... Dandelion?" Matcha has opened the small mouth.

Zhan Long Chapter 1146

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