Zhan Long Chapter 1147

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Obviously was not the dandelion was so simple, will Hybrid Demon possibly play dandelion trick?


When these „dandelion" is getting more and more near, I also flew, first Cooldown early read this „dandelion" attribute, 8 levels of Hybrid Demon, moreover belonged to special Hybrid Demon!

【Spirit colored insect】( 8 levels of Hybrid Demon)

Level: 212

Attack: 0-0

Defense: 30000

HP: 1000000

Skill: 【Gathering shield】 【Explosion】

Introduced: Spirit flowered insect, this is a growth in the evil flowers of purgatory deep place, the spirit flowered insect can fly, and has good physical defense, they had the intelligence and consciousness under gradually influencing of evil strength gradually, evolves for the spirit flowered insect, the dark blue billows Great Emperor verbal command numerous spirit flower insects depart the purgatory for its potency, the consciousness of these spirit flowered insects already completely ** controls, only knows obeys



Ye Lai is raising Axe, said in consternation: „0-0 attack power, only then 100 thousand HP, what's all this about, is teasing us?"

Mu Xuan beautiful eyes one cold: „Other general idea!"

Drunken Spear is raising the iron (spear gun), leading one crowd of [Flying Dragon] riding war to be the player is defending the imperial purgatory hot skeleton and attack of spirit umbrella insect, the distant loudness said: „Definitely explodes the monster of department, was careful."

I already flew Going out, first attempts to attack, Jianfeng wipes to swing spirit flowered insect of one group of soccer sizes, only thought „puff", the long sword just liked the passing over gently and swiftly cotton candy, was incapable softly, but blew out 31 thousand as before + fatal struck the injury, did to take advantage of opportunity to wield the [Combo] skill the sword, HP of this spirit flowered insect also saw the bottom, the butterfly sword pierced suddenly, hit to empty its final HP!

„Jie Jie!"

Before the spirit flowered insect dies, exudes the sad and shrill roar suddenly, this cry a little likely is outside the cry of sipunculid, in the sad and shrill pitiful yell, this group „dandelion" suddenly violently shivers, sends out the black ray, the next quarter directly exploded!


In the bang sound, the surroundings have formed the explosion range about 3 meters radius, and spirit flowered insect to sacrifice own body to form an attraction space, draws in the surrounding air and energy the black hole that the explosion forms all, I also receive affect of explosion, the flash body transmit the severe pain, in the top of the head hikes up the big injury digit




I raise the sword to draw back anxiously, simultaneously shouts loudly: „Must strike to massacre beyond the long-distance range spirit flowered insect, otherwise was dangerous, all long-distance departments output immediately, do not let spirit flowered insect close city wall, quick!"

People imposing, no one has thought that the explosive power of spirit flowered insect so will be fierce, blasts my 17 thousand HP all of a sudden, that explosion rides the war ordinary is a player time, basically about 30 thousand HP have injured, melts the god cavalries to be not necessarily able to withstand, fire Dragon Rider and scarlet hot cavalry were killed by the second mostly directly!

Lifts single-handed, will do sword throwing Going out, 9 [Blade Spin] effects back and forth penetrate, directly hitting to explode a spirit flowered insect in the distant place, „bang" a black explosion halo, came time [Great Realm of Desolation] again, hitting to have exploded another spirit flowered insect, but this was also not anything, what was most fearful was in the ground also the having mystical powers colored insect, and they were very intelligent, the spirit flowered insect fluttered unexpectedly in the spirit umbrella insect rear area, the spirit umbrella insect cried out strangely was opening the canopy, resisted the firepower on city, escorted the spirit flowered insect the city under foot.


My moral nature one cold, said: „Their this is must with the demolition way breakthrough city wall, Han Yuan, Xiao severe, rumble toward the ground in the heavy artillery directly!"

„Yes, General!"

The palace guards launch the heavy artillery attack in abundance, but the heavy artillery range is limited, where can cover completely.

The city edge is explosions, the spirit umbrella insect explodes unceasingly under the attack of [Zhan Long] long-distance player, but the quantity were too many were too many, floats looked like jellyfish bombs are from the sky ordinary, our firepower strongly are unable to wipe out again completely, finally, in being away from I less than 50 meters city wall suddenly „bang" an explosion, immediately the surrounding several archers was ripped the smashing by the dark force of traction, in addition two scarlet hot cavalries, one and had been killed by the second, in that range only then a melt god cavalry left but drew back, already remnant blood, Complexion purple: „What's wrong...... How to have such attack power?"

It is not limited to this, what is more fearful was the explosion of spirit flowered insect directly that city wall exploding a gap of semicircle, even if were the city wall of galvanized iron casting cannot resist the explosion of spirit flowered insect!

„Bang bang......"

The left twice explodes, the [Judgement] defensive region was broken through, dozens players hang under the explosion of spirit flowered insect, Ye Lai also has become the remnant blood, raises crazy god Axe to fly to draw back, the complexion is exceptionally pale: „Didn't this monster make the person play?"

Saying, he crazy god Axe to [Battle Axe Throw] Going out, long-distance spirit flowered insect will hit suddenly explodes, simultaneously shouts loudly: „Is careful, spirit flowered insect close crowd time, even if not be the spatial blood will also trigger the explosion, the group modelock spirit flower insect, in a planned way long-distance will wipe out them completely, otherwise ended!"

In the city wall already busily became one group, outside an entire city wall almost the time having mystical powers flower insect unceasingly was exploding, had the short distance also had the long-distance range, looked like the holiday lights the fireworks to be ordinary!


I non-stop fly to the city, rides the wind to cut to strike to kill three spirit flowered insects, including two explode to affect me, but fortunately, could not die, what awfully was not far away has a spirit flowered insect already to approach the lower part of wall under the cover of spirit umbrella insect, „bang" sonic boom, exploded a Dadong the lower part of wall place of Full Moon City Beicheng wall directly!

The spirit umbrella insect was also exploded half dead, actually as before excited, being pleased as punch crashes in the city from this Dadong, in the city is one group of palace guard infantry battalion soldiers in waiting for them, the shield covers up, the lance punctures suddenly, this spirit umbrella insect assassination under city wall.

But this will not support eventually is too long, no matter the player or the NPC army, the casualties speed was too fast, but the spirit flowered insect of distant place actually dense and numerous fluttered from the horizon, no one knows that also many spirit flower insects will carry on the suicide bomb attack to us.


Thinks that I decided flew Going out, directly soared the most crowded place of spirit flowered insect, because I discovered that was only a person close spirit flower insect time, will not trigger the explosion, periphery this monster can determine, only then a person exploded such „not to be under cost price", the double sword swift and fierce passing over gently and swiftly horizon, touched and went on an only spirit flowered insect, only attracted the hatred actually not to massacre.

„Sigh" shooting up to the sky, my repeated Z character path flies, attracted an only spirit flowered insect, in an instant attracted at least over 5000 spirit flowered insects all round to surround me, what picture is unable to imagine this is, a person falls into the sea that 5000 transparent soccers have composed, is about this, but the hatred value could not support to be too long, the hatred strip must lose, I turned around the double sword to raise hurriedly, ride the wind to cut!


The golden ray shoots up to the sky, when I cut broken dozens spirit flowered insects, their Qi Qi exploding opens, is having the surrounding spirit flowered insect ripple effect complete explodes!

„Bang bang bang......"

One the trim horizon exploded dark color ray illuminates especially beautiful and bewitchingly, the [Zhan Long] players in guild core management level channel were shocked

Li Mu: „Ended, Xiao Yao has hung......"

Lin Wan Er: „This fool, irritated me! Unexpectedly like this brings death!"

Xue Rou: „Ended, the Boss did not have......"

Li Meng Yao: „Elder brother......"


However, in the astonished sound of people, „Shua" together the golden shadow departed the explosion range, I opened Invincible Body to fly Going out, ahem, I had the invincible person, even if were the explosion power of spirit flowered insect again how me!

„? The elder brother has not died, good!" Li Meng Yao cheers in the city wall.

I also station in airborne, looks the spirit flowered insect that periphery floats as before unceasingly, the body surrounding golden color light shield also slowly diverges, Invincible Body has rescued my life!


Suddenly an artillery sound, I behind such as was hit hard, the flame from behind transmits, explodes my entire overlord cape to fly upwards, HP fell 12 thousand +, this seems the might of dragon crystal artillery, on Full Moon City, does the heavy artillery of which only NPC army dare to rumble I?

The fact obviously is not they, I in airborne turn around slowly, saw the distant place flags flutter, that is the scarlet war flag of Hybrid Demon camp, but in these war flags, actually some some player self-made India server war flags, finally...... The Indians when we were most vulnerable launched the attack, the clear pupil developed black ink as if not to disappoint us!

Crowded NPC and player have composed the sea square formation, appears in the jungle outside Full Moon City, emerges tidal, an all trades dark dragon crystal artillery was also pushed to transport, the player and Hybrid Demon cooperate, can the casting leave this type of unusual monster different heavy artillery approximately, but the might is well below the invincible might artillery obviously, only with the ordinary dragon crystal artillery quite.


„Elder brother, comes back quickly!" Li Meng Yao is raising the Lady Wa stone, wishes one could to be able from the city wall to leap to save me, but she will not fly, therefore also can only shout loudly.

I leave to draw back anxiously, at this time goes really not to be sane with the Indian internecine strife.

„Bang bang bang......"

Artillery sounds, the dark dragon crystal artillery consecutively several artillery of opposite party fall in our city walls, rumbles the entire Beicheng wall to shiver, even the shell falls a dark Moon Elf archer's tower bang directly, 20 dark Moon Elf young girls directly were also rumbled pile of hashed meat to drop from the clouds, in a flash, all of us were enraged.

„Hurry up, the quickest speed cleans up the spirit colored insect!" My loud [say / way].


The Indians came are the times, when we were busy dealing with the spirit flowered insect from exploding the attack, they came, the dragon crystal artillery cleared the way, arranged the defense in city wall to rumble directly torn to pieces us, afterward, above the earth full was the dense and numerous players rides the war is the branch of the services came, Indian war zone tens of millions players, this was they by the population superiority captured the city the time.

Although now is not the country war, if Full Moon City were broken through by Hybrid Demon, we same might lose Full Moon City, Hybrid Demon can attack and occupy the city, but the Indian is a Hybrid Demon side now.

Zhan Long Chapter 1147

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