Zhan Long Chapter 1148

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„In city only remains long-distance is the supplies is contends with the spirit flowered insect, the Heavy Armor department completely under city wall, prepares to spell on the plain with them, do not fear that the spirit flowered insect, kills our time us to reactivate one time, must preserve to look at the semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate!"

Drunken Spear raises the iron (spear gun) to order loudly, this boy's order is actually precise, now truly not suitable Heavy Armor has defended a city in the city wall, needing the price of blood obstruct the ground team of Indian war zone outside the city, otherwise looks at the semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate the barbican wall one broken, in the city wall is also doomed unable to defend too for a long time.

„We also go!"

I jumped to rush to the city wall, ordered to say in the guild channel: „Heavy Armor department under city wall, builds up to go out of town to meet head-on completely, was the time puts together one wave with them directly!"


Li Mu, Wang Jian and the others rush to the city wall in abundance, Li Meng Yao and Xue Rou two people directly jump from the city wall, falls HP health potion to make up, protection one on the left and other on the right side me, as if for fear that my this Guildmaster will be killed to be the same by the second, actually does not need to be worried that I hung one time, the entire attribute strengthened 30%, wants dead is not easy, even if let alone died is not the misdemeanor, the overlord rebirth can make me strengthen 30% attributes once more, that was stronger.

Naturally, Level was so high, can little die also little dies, this Level promotes again is not easy.

Quick, I behind gathered have at least surpassed thousand melt god cavalry, fire Dragon Rider, scarlet hot cavalry and other [Zhan Long] the cavalry soldier types, but [Judgement], [Enemies at the Gate], [Appearance Alliance], [Blood Contract] and other Guild completely were the player faction has also gone out of town Heavy Armor, after we died in battle, can in the direct city resurrect, but after the Indian died in battle, actually must go to the Hybrid Demon territory to reactivate, came again is lord knows, so long as we dare to go all out, the city certainly can defend.

The distant place, the dust flies upwards, the cavalry regiment in Indian war zone started [Assault].

Xue Rou is riding a melt god warhorse, right me, low voice said: „Boss, does not turn over to the marine warship quantity to be limited, you thought where their this at least more than ten million lineups from do come?"

I hesitate, said: „Before, I crossed many big maps, they came basically to be unlikely, from Tian Ling Empire to come circuitously to be too far, two came Fang Ge Que, Q-Sword and Jian Feng Han not possibly, whatever they came and went, only then a possibility, they to were not turning over to the marine dragon range from the iron skull city."

„Dragon range?" Li Meng Yao stares slightly.

I nod: „Right, is Long Ling, stretches across does not turn over to the sea the mountain range, this is the only channel, otherwise can only cross the sea, the Indian can also bring that many Long Jing artillery to come, this explained that they come from the land, the warship may unable to transport that many heavy artilleries."


The dead ahead, the fire rumble, on city several invincible might artillery launched attacks suddenly, as if nuclear bomb general erupted in the crowd of Indian war zone player, although the distance was very far, but I can see on their faces as before the panic-stricken and frightened facial expression, yes, so overwhelming power heavy artillery, no matter what who noticed that will hit to tremble, but the Indian has not chosen, progressed to clash as before forward, treads the corpse of teammate to start [Assault], they must capture a main city of seven Ta-wang Junior High School as counter-attacking cornerstone, otherwise can only barely manage to maintain a feeble existence under the wing of Hybrid Demon.


Was away from shortly similarly, I caressed the long neck hair of god fierce fine horse lightly, brandished the long sword to progress to dash about wildly, the hoofbeat rumble, the [Zhan Long] riding war was the team starts [Assault]!


A war cry, the setting sun shines on everybody naivete face, makes me feel one's blood bubbles up to the brim, many years later, thinks that I will also feel for the brothers who to have that many will have a common goal gratified with rejoicing?

Battle of being outspoken, after both sides contact, immediately enters the condition of hand-to-hand fighting, but the skill of [Zhan Long] people were too many, [Blade Spin] start to separate the air raid to kill, moreover our Level, mount and equipment must finer in the match, just a contact has obtained the good success, I am direct one Longteng nine days wreak havoc in the crowd, Tenglong of dancing in the air is wreaking havoc in the crowd, cleans up vacuum place in the open land instantaneously, killed player as if corpse was given to swallow to fall by Longteng, only remaining equipment and potion.

Airborne, Long Xiao, the silver dragon low-altitude flying of Lin Wan Er, the incorruptible dragon rest emits together along the flight trajectory, formed at least hundred meters ice cone region, the Indian cavalry soldier in [Assault] at least is frozen has killed half, was frigid.

Li Mu opens the match for ten thousand to batter, the sword blade edge or sweeps away, or the straight thrust, or the standard keeps off, as if no anybody to be able to resist him, sword air escapes fall in the crowd chop the blood to spatter in all directions, in addition Xue Rou, Old K, One Second Hero and the others the impacts, the [Zhan Long] cavalry regiment immediately just likes the pointed knife general tears into shreds the [Assault] team of match, this is the crush in strength, has had nothing to do with the tactic.

Probably the clear pupil develops black ink not to think that now our strength will form like this disparately, [Zhan Long] Ben Hang, the battle loss absolutely below 1 : 20, even in our „frontal line change" under tactic, they want to kill our any melt god cavalries appears very difficult, but in the frontal line Xue Rou, Li Mu, Wang Jian, Old K and other attack of player is the Indian is actually not able to withstand.

„Careful heavy artillery." Airborne, Lin Wan Er loud System Notification.

The voice has not fallen has a dark Long Jing artillery to fall in our crowds, „bang" surges together the shock-wave, was good was also at present good because of equipment of people, only then a remnant hemoglobin hot cavalry was killed by the second, the melt god cavalry also fell 50% HP, will not be massacred, only if the heavy artillery of match that accurate can really 2-3 shell same Cooldown same points of descent.

Obviously they cannot achieve, this science and technology in the game is unable to achieve, is not the laser guided bomb.

The distant place, the war cries soar to the heavens, clashes at least to surpass thousand China player from city, outside the Indian players with city strangles to death in the same place, although can see the match to form the tactic of outflanking, but this and cannot baffle us, Li Mu had ten thousand people of one melt god cavalry to roll with ease melted, the human were too many, could not see where the clear pupil developed black ink, thinks that she is not willing to make me see, the clear pupil developed black ink to know, once I discovered that her trail immediately flies to kill her, she was also afraid is killed cannot the first on-the-spot direction fight.

Has chopped fully for 2 hours, the double sword dyed completely the blood with, but we player outside city as before maintain at thousand about, the match at least has actually exceeded thousand military strength to degenerate into the corpse outside the city, after our people died in battle, immediately returns, this superiority is they do not have.

The [Zhan Long] people are almost same as me, everyone like that fishes from the bloody water, Li Mu originally ugly, now quickly turns into an appearance of hormicidal mania.

Has a look at this edition again activity points , the player in Chinese war zone was almost in the majority of positions

1 st, Xiao Yao Zi Zai( China) edition points: 【894230】

2 nd, Fang Ge Que( China) edition points: 【842110】

3 rd, sky rose( US) edition points: 【821120】

4 th, Cang Yue( China) edition points: 【774290】

5 th, brown pupil( Russia) edition points: 【760020】

6 th, Cang Tong( China) edition points: 【742230】

7 th, ancient musical scale( US) edition points: 【721290】

8 th, demon mountain( Germany) edition points: 【702200】

9 th, Mu Xuan( China) edition points: 【672990】

10 th, to like tracking down( Portugal) edition points: 【653220】

The first ten li (0.5km) Chinese players have occupied 5, in addition now also nationality Matcha altogether 6 outside, this is not accidental, we have three main cities, Tian Ling Empire, look at the semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate and fire Yun Cheng to be attacked together, we have brushed the strange opportunity also to be naturally more , the position of [Zhan Long] player was our 1-5 waves almost in does not turn over to the sea direction to defend before most immediate cause imperial, withstood the attack of Hybrid Demon at risk of life, points that captured were also naturally more than others, the player who early entered the defense condition, waited for gains without pains in the city, how many can have. Can the monster deliver to make you take points?

It looks like, my this first position is also not very steady, must continue to kill the peculiar genius to maintain, MVP of this dark blue billows revenge I must strive to take in any case, this also does right by my both hands sword is the five-star magical instrument as well as a five-star overlord magical instrument coverall.

Just is thinking, suddenly behind „bang", under the explosion of spirit flowered insect, finally an entire Beicheng wall collapsed, the innumerable dark moon/month spirits were screaming in the city wall, the city wall broke

Although spirit flowered insect the remaining how many, however their goals have not achieved, looks at the semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate surrounding to fall into enemy hands, then probably was crazy of Indian player counter-attacks?

Everybody is fearfully restless, I raise the morale hurriedly, raises the long sword, said: „We under the city, that have not needed to fear that sends for protecting to transmit, we have the Tian Ling Empire compatriot player to reenforce us!"

The people nod in abundance, picks up courage to meet the threatening enemy.

Actually I also know, the picture that Tian Ling Empire passes on which can good to go, Fang Ge Que, Q-Sword and Jian Feng Han led the person on one's own side to enter the city to assist, but the Tian Ling Empire four barbican walls had been blasted three by the spirit flowered insect, the situation was in imminent danger, the self-preservation was difficult, can reenforce to look at semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate that is an issue.

Tian Ling Empire is also not most miserable, most miserable is fire Yun Cheng, had been killed the imperial palace entrance by the spirit umbrella insect.

It is said that the tactical situation in highest heaven city is not optimistic, the demon mountain died in battle 4 times, but the spirit flowered insect + the combination of spirit umbrella insect advanced under the military strength the city wall as before, the iron skull city and Ze deep pool city direction was similarly dreary, the players have not thought that 8 levels of Hybrid Demon so will be crazed, was hit somewhat ignorant, completely has not responded.

So looks, the situation of looking at the semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate but is actually best.

Hopes that the seventh wave of later dark blue billows do not dispatch troops to the strength to come again, otherwise looked at the semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate also really to probably unable to defend.

Zhan Long Chapter 1148

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