Zhan Long Chapter 1149

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„Hurry up, stops up gap with the stone!"

The distant place, the offensive of Indian player subsides finally slowly, the clear pupil developed black ink to order the people to stop attacking, was only distant standing in great numbers outside the city, and an all trades dark dragon crystal artillery also slowly pushed, looked like the clear pupil develops black ink to pant for breath, poured also gives us a point respite opportunity, the war had just ceased, Dragon Xing started the director artisan to build the second city wall.


The Full Moon City barbican wall became pair of remnants of destroyed buildings, directly all already destroys by the spirit flowered insect and heavy artillery, pile of rubbles cannot have anything to defend the effect, in if we defense unfavorable situation outside city, that can only depend upon the city wall to defend, in physical defense of city wall is well below the barbican wall, and had been exploded Dadong by the spirit flowered insect, must restore promptly.


I sit in the city wall, doing will place near the leg, at the same time lifts the hand to clean on the breastplate already the blood stains that soon congeals, gains ground to have a look at the green sky, really the hope can rain, flushes this sludge well.

Airborne, Lin Wan Er rides the silver dragon to circle, the [Zhan Long] beautiful woman vice- pledge has played the role that first scouted, in fact the Lin Wan Er silver dragon rides to search to fly the warhawk to be quicker, is high, and runs into the aerial enemy time will not fall in leeward, was reconnoitered around the main city situation to be good by her, in Full Moon City, flame hawks also perched around the city wall, Flame Hawk Archers from Fan Shu City and Cliff Dragon Cavalry has joined the Full Moon City defense sequence, this were been also many by the physical defense big enhancement of Full Moon City.

Li Mu and Wang Jian progress to run in city wall, approaches later to stand up from failure to discontinue, sits side me, Li Mu complained: „Also thinks after the Indian loses Port City, was scattered, unexpectedly can also gather that many people, really makes the person have a headache, as if cannot kill to be the same, TNND, is really annoying!"

I said with a smile: „Does not need to be irritable, so long as we defended the city to suffice, defeated their one time again, Indian self-confident completely will sooner or later lose, when the time comes possibly completely does not dare to speak the last words with us."

Wang Jian nods: „The Xiao Yao elder brother said right, is a character hits till regarding this type, projects on them to concede."

„Um." I look outside the city the distant place dense and numerous crowds, said: Of „a maplewood India war zone inspirational figures was drunk is massacred, but also the remaining clear pupils developed black ink, but the clear pupil developed the rallying point of black ink to be equally effective, so long as they could not capture Full Moon City, perhaps many people must give up, when the time comes was the clear pupil develops black ink to think that the meeting again army perhaps was also has a mind to be incapable."


At this time, the distant place two warhorses grazed to come, was Li Meng Yao and Xue Rou, after two female discontinued, Meng Yao sitting with a smile side me, was holding my hand: „Elder brother, your points ranked first!"

I laugh, put out a hand to wipe off the dirt on younger sister face, said: „Ranks anything is floating clouds, do not regard as important......"


Xue Rou smiled in side, said: „Just obtained the latest news from the highest heaven city, in city wall in highest heaven city is also broken through, the demon mountain protection is ineffective, the sovereign decided the royal cart drafts on the way, by one flock of spirit flowered insect and spirit umbrella insect attack, that sovereign had been blasted the half body by the spirit flowered insect directly."

„?" I in consternation: „Then miserable...... That highest heaven city now a group of people without a leader? It is not...... Can highest heaven city fall to the enemy in Hybrid Demon? Then the clear pupil developed black ink to go to the highest heaven city to support oneself for the king......"

„Where so will be easy." Xue Roupu smiles, said: „Boss you thinks that in the highest heaven city is the person of German war zone with its friend pledge war zone, is impossible to cup one hand in the other across the chest to resign the main city, moreover died in battle before the highest heaven city sovereigns, he held orphaned...... Held to give the demon mountain a oneself 7 -year-old imperial prince orphaned, making the demon mountain support new Monarch, continued to protect the royal power of highest heaven city."

I surprised: „Can't? Did NPC of highest heaven city establish nobody? I remember...... Their marshals are Frey, why doesn't the sovereign hold to give Frey orphaned?"

Xue Roudao: „Because attacks the Hybrid Demon regiment sixth wave of highest heaven city to have a five-star god, the spirit flowered insect has become caps and dynamite the severe wound, afterward by five-star god head reducing, therefore Xia Huojun 27 thousand military strength fell in demon mountain, person who making him the highest heaven city most has the real power, said that the demon mountain became total system second you same plays the empire army first person of role with the Boss."

Saying, she pouts, says with a smile: „Boss' your holds the spear greatly is Tian Ling Empire and fire Yun City, the Full Moon City three big kingdoms holds the spear greatly, the true authority should strive to excel compared with demon mountain that highest heaven city marshals mostly."

My tranquil leaning on under city wall archery target, said with a smile: „At present hopes the demon mountain can strong, by the Hybrid Demon army the highest heaven city attacking, such words our next country has fought is a little difficult to hit."

„Um, his meeting."


No one thinks, edition activity originally to player Shua points and experience, but this dark blue billows revenge completely was already different, this is more like a revenge, has the possibility anytime in the true sense is trampled flat a main city by the Hybrid Demon strength, perhaps when the time comes seven big kingdoms must turn into six big kingdoms.

The weak trend of human strength, to us is not the good deed, therefore hopes that the demon mountain can defend the highest heaven city, like this being insufficient makes other lord cities fights single-handedly.

„Won't have the eighth wave again?" Fox is raising the flintlock, stands asks our not far away.

Xue Rou looks outside a city the clear pupil to develop the army of black ink, said: „What can determine will certainly have the eighth wave, what otherwise does the clear pupil develop black ink in?"

I stand up slowly, breathed a sigh of relief, said: „Prepares fully, the ninth wave of monster in a half hour will definitely come."



In a while, the distant place really presented the form from northern boundary, and many forms are the soaring in airborne, ability that the god can have, is this?

The people look at the distant place with amazement, the sky of cool breeze forest, more and more person's shadows.

And, a person whole body is dense the roaring flame, is raising the lance flight sky over the jungle, in the ground, drags a person of handle sword to ride the warhorse to skice but actually, person who the body week reappears wind edges, not far away is having on a shoulder to carry Axe, the Axe surroundings are lingering incorruptible energies, not far away grasps again is fighting the person of hammer, the under foot overlapped altogether nine corona, that is the [Judgement] corona, saw one in the official site material time.

„What situation is this?" Misty Clouds is narrowing the eye, said: „What people are these? Probably the quantity are not many......"

Ye Lai is grasping Axe: „Person are less, showing is harder to deal with, moreover are not few......"


In the city wall, neat player camp will adopt the stance at daggers drawn, the direction of long bow uneven Shua Shua the distant place, the sharp sword and extravagant blade came out of the sheath, static is waiting for this eighth wave of Hybrid Demon.

My discrete adds to oneself holds [Wall of Dou Qi] and [Frost Armor] armor, simultaneously soars to approach slowly, quick, in that hand grasps the monster attribute that the flame lance and whole body as if are also catching fire to heave in sight, really Hybrid Demon, but, this time is not 8 levels of Hybrid Demon, but was astonishing 9 levels of Hybrid Demon

【all Shen skeleton fire god fragment】( 9 levels of Hybrid Demon)

Level: 213

Attack: 32000-45000

Defense: 30000

HP: 2,0000,0000

Skill: 【Purgatory hot blade edge】 【Sets the prairie afire extremely hot】 【Fire god roared】

Introduced: all Shen the skeleton, these skeletons come from Deva, the mortal cultivate virtue in order to become an immortal cannot obtain the eternal life finally, even if Deva all Shen also has the life, when their lives move toward finally, all Shen skeleton fallen in various Deva places, but the dark blue billows enter Deva by the body of his demon god, slaughters later obtains the skeletons of innumerable god, he starts to build up these skeletons, comes back to life the fragment of skeleton, enabling it to have the part of strengths of master, but these all Shen skeletons by the control of dark blue billows, will not have to pity with nicely, becomes only knows to slaughter, but, if you. Can kill these all Shen skeletons, will have the extremely mean probability to obtain the antiquity all Shen skill books


„Fainted......" Mu Xuan to get hold of staff, said: „Which this also likely is any 9 levels of Hybrid Demon, did not have what difference with the god level BOSS attribute simply, moreover unexpectedly had 2 E HP, terrifying......"

My vision sweeps, the ground, airborne came many all Shen skeletons, sketchy number at least over ten thousand, but the distant place clear pupil develops the Indian war zone crowd that black ink leads to be also ready to make trouble, was then good, Full Moon City must greet a destruction attack.

In the ground, these mention the incorruptible Axe person name to call „all Shen the skeleton ices god fragment", but the foot steps on nine corona Hybrid Demon to call „all Shen the skeleton god of fragment [Judgement]", the person of riding a horse called „all Shen the skeleton refined appearance fragment", was some formidable god fragments, was such scale almost equal to 10,000 four star god level BOSS attacks Full Moon City together?

Just, after massacring these 9 levels of Hybrid Demon, will have the mean probability to obtain the skills of antiquity god, this very formidable enticement, who does not want the god level skill actually! Murders the god three artillery to make Fox soar, other masterstrokes are also actually same.


„Prepares to meet head-on!"

Ye Lai is grasping Axe, said: „Team combat, 1000 people lock 9 levels of Hybrid Demon!"

[Judgement] group teams leader said with a smile: „Did Guildmaster, make a fuss over a trifling matter? Trivial 9 levels of do Hybrid Demon need our 1000 people to kill?"

The Ye Lai corners of the mouth raise: „You hung me told again this saying is not late."

Really, fire god skeleton fired into the [Judgement] position, in the roaring sound has raised the lance to sweep away in the crowd, was the purgatory hot blade edge skill, „bang" broke open the shield of that group team leader, simultaneously created 22 thousand + the injury, the lance speedily suddenly punctured suddenly, passed the chest of this group team leader, carried over one roaring flame ignition in the crowd in city wall, was extremely hot setting the prairie afire skill, caused the lethality ignition damage to the goal within 30 yards, that group team leader fell to the ground to hang instantaneously, died a tragic death.


Ye Lai grasped Axe to lead one group of people to get up, deals with a god level BOSS weaponry completely.



The [Zhan Long] position welcomed at least over 20 9 levels of Hybrid Demon, I clash Going out hurriedly, the [Great Realm of Desolation] + [Blade Spin] locking three 9 levels of Hybrid Demon hatred values.

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Zhan Long Chapter 1149

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