Zhan Long Chapter 1150

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Raises the skeleton of incorruptible Axe to roar, jumps, numerous chops Axe above my double sword, immediately above the both arms transmits the heavy pressure, involuntary falls backward but actually, the face of this ice god skeleton is an appearance of skeleton, but very fierce, Jie Jie laughs a Axe spin is being one time „incorruptible infliction from god" skill!



I stumble once more in the city wall, may be really miserable enough, 9 levels of Hybrid Demon can make me so distressed unexpectedly, this is I and everybody has not thought that but this 9 levels of Hybrid Demon are the strength value does not lower compared with me, was too terrifying.

„Go away!"

Does keeps off the standard, a butterfly layer on layer sword chops on the shoulder of this ice god skeleton, raises fights the boots layer on layer to kick on his chin, almost gives to kick that pirate-like skull, he leaves to draw back anxiously, but I have not returned with enough time come pantingly, in the top of the head the thunder and lightning passed over gently and swiftly together, looks up, sees only a terrifying the god of thunder skeleton to brandish Lei Chui to drop from the clouds, layer on layer strikes the hammer of god of thunder to fall on my shoulder!


Also is an attack awfully, I almost one was at present black, will lift the hand with doing the sword hilt will cover the handle of hammer of god of thunder, will lift to fight the boots to his lower part is being a foot, the butterfly sword short distance sword hilt fiercely pounds his cheeks, immediately broke the cotton fiber common thing to fly from his skull, I rose straight from the ground, speedily on the soaring city, cannot a person fight single-handedly, otherwise could be massacred by these all Shen skeletons!


Suddenly at present one group of roaring flame explode, is really provoking, the Indian player in distant place started the heavy artillery to attack, good skillful I unfortunately an artillery, whole body burned black depreciation in the city wall, that god of thunder skeleton and fire god skeleton pursued immediately, Jie Jie was yelling, Li Meng Yao moved forward to meet somebody hurriedly, the long sword passed the chest of god of thunder skeleton, simultaneously raised the shield defense.

The god of thunder skeleton is roaring, on thunder hammer the thunder optical scintillation, the rapid jumping several rice are one time again shoot down on the Meng Yao Lady Wa stone shield!


Meng Yao motionless standing withstands this hitting hard there, but the thunder and lightning petrifies along Lady Wa is Lei Guang spreads in the surroundings, created to a [Zhan Long] player has killed the effect, nearby fire god skeleton was the lance sweeps away, sends out a time extremely hot setting the prairie afire attack effect, Li Mu wallops forward, the anger touched Zhoushan not to attack the fire god skeleton dislodges the city wall range, however the front surface was a giant wind system magic falls, is the attack that a refined appearance skeleton launched, Li Mu draws back several steps continually, airborne was a person falls, an ice god skeleton Axe layer on layer for example [Zhan Long] core level of crowd. „Bang" erupted a series of icy cold awls to form to the surrounding player has killed the injury!


Several rays fly, we had been killed several melt god cavalries by the second instantaneously, was the striking power of this all Shen skeleton rather too also terrorist? But is careful thinks, their striking power thousand +, and grasps was the masterstrokes of antiquity god, can make such injury not to exaggerate absolutely.

„Diverts, killing!"

I the double sword locks a fire god skeleton, going all out make everybody calm down and hold one's ground, but Matcha, Meng Yao, Wan Er, Li Mu, Old K and the others also almost every person diverted a BOSS level 9 levels of Hybrid Demon, on the city instantaneous has killed inextricably involved, moreover were quantity theory of all Shen skeleton many and says little much, absolutely did not have the means to bomb with Long Jing artillery and invincible might artillery, the heavy artillery of palace guard also has become the ornaments, Han Yuan, Xiao Li and the others raised the pointed weapons to fight with all might with all Shen the skeleton actually in together, did not dread.

The devil that in the city wall, all Shen the skeleton fragment grows unceasing upward is climbing up and flies, the astonishing skill to print in the player crowd, what awfully is above the distant place earth spreads a piece of huge crowd, the player in Indian war zone came!

I simultaneously block the attack of three all Shen skeleton, at the same time looks at the Indian to distant place, cannot bear complains of hardship secretly.

„What to do, Boss?"

Xue Rou also saw this, anxious asking.

Cannot to ignore Indian kill, the destructive power of player is not inferior in 9 levels of Hybrid Demon, once in makes their short distance attack and occupy the city wall, the clear pupil develops black ink to use the population superiority to submerge us with ease, subsequently captured to look at the semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate, can rarely in the second country fought frustrates this Indian war zone goddess, cannot make her be based on looking at the semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate staged a comeback.

Hitting hard of my sword standard parry refined appearance skeleton, said: „On city cannot leave the human, we have about 8000 melt god cavalries to be under the city, Matcha you go, lead the team that they wash out the Indian, do not make them close in the city wall."

Not far away, Wolf is stunned: „8000 do merely people, suffice?"

„Insufficiently must go, otherwise also who?"

Xue Rounu small mouth, but said: „Good, decided returns to homeland time I know that certainly must be enslaved by the Boss, really so, I went, if my dying in battle battleground do not sob for me, turned head to give me to buy the LV pocket to apologize is good"

I cannot bear smile: „You, if can lead 8000 melt god cavalries to resist the clear pupil to develop the attack of black ink, I buy 10 LV to be good for you!"


Xue Rouhan iron sword shakes draws back all Shen a skeleton, turns around to progress to rush to the city wall, the next quarter, the city gate opens again greatly, 8000 + melt god cavalries in female war-god „small monster" under leadership has fired into the distant place at least several million India war zone crowds, this obviously is not a magnitude war, but she is the small monster, they melt the god cavalry, I am confident.

Not is only [Zhan Long], [Judgement], [Appearance Alliance] and other Guild also rapidly sent for going out of town to meet head-on, total approximately in 200 000 about, made the Xue supple success ratio bigger.

„Invincible might artillery!"

My sword reduces a head of remnant blood fire god skeleton, lifts a Divine Tier hard helmet that the hand holds it to explode to throw into the package, the glide fell by the heavy artillery of palace guard, put out a hand to point at the distant place under city, said: „Aims at these to join the adventurer of Hybrid Demon regiment, gives me to rumble, kills off them completely!"

„Yes, General!"

One crowd was contending with 9 levels of Hybrid Demon heavy artillery camp soldiers to fire off immediately, crowd of several seconds of latter mushroom cloud shock-waves under the city in erupted, as a result of my order, they will basically not have anything to injure accidentally, the person who Xue Rou led will not be attacked, but the clear pupil developed the person of ribbon to be horrible to look , the might of Long Jing artillery and invincible might artillery was huge, was strengthened the firepower and firing distance from the city wall by the altitude advantage bombardment, even the invincible might artillery can shell several outside goals, the lethality it can be imagined.

In the city wall, on barbarian soldier shoulder carries the serious invincible might artillery shell, the ammunition of this bring are exceptionally sufficient, is comes prepared, the clear pupil develops black ink to want by the population to exceed us, that estimate was disappointed.

However, the fight in city wall is as before inextricably involved, 9 levels of Hybrid Demon attack capabilities are too high, the battle loss speed of Chinese player is not the general rapidness, is good can resurrect because of this activity infinitely participates in the defense, therefore after the majority of players were massacred, mounts the city to defend a city, how our people will basically hit will not reduce, but the match more will actually kill are less.

Under the city the distant place, the [Zhan Long] 8000 melt god cavalries formed have wiped the red line to enter the opposite party in the crowd, but raised Matcha of cold iron sword to be really dazzling, in the front of this line, looks that they were thorough to the match crowd depth place, suddenly some I was the feeling that sent them to bring death, the body tremble simply slightly, my movement delay, had been divided by Axe of ice god skeleton immediately stumbles in the corner.

Stands up from failure, turns around to give this ice god skeleton [Strength of a Thousand Men], when looks again to the distant place, the discovery silver dragon has actually flown in the horizon, does not know when Wan Er flew, the dragon rest of silver dragon clears the way in the crowd front, is bringing the strong flame, lets melt god cavalry almost lossless entering that forward Matcha leads.

Luckily, [Zhan Long] this time has Lin Wan Er, has Xue Rou.

Cooldown every little bit passing, one hour passed in an instant.


Also is a decayed head flies, I have not remembered how many all Shen skeletons that this was the I killed, this was a destiny goddess skeleton, in massacring her flash, a purple skill book soaring in airborne, I lifted the hand to grasp in the hand, this was strange that my almost Shan Tiao massacred, probably was my charm value plays has affected, unexpectedly blew out the books, can be the masterstroke?

The arm shakes, the attribute of skill book flies at present

【Destiny card sign】( God level skill): Locks on a goal to carry on one time to turn the sign, when turns out the red card, the attack injury to the goal is 200% storms strikes the effect throughout, when turns out the green sign, is invalid to its attack , to continue for 60 seconds, the study needs to consume 30 charm values, needs the Level 200 levels, needs the Class entire soldier department.

This skill I like!

Study without hesitation, destiny card sign, this skill name but actually also appropriate, 50% probability lethality suddenly to increase, 50% probabilities are unable to cause any damage.

First asks a match to try, has a look at not far away, a fire god skeleton and Li Mu kill just luxurious, therefore starts the destiny card sign, locks this fire god skeleton, starts to turn the sign, „" three changes, are the red cards!

I overran rapidly, [Strength of a Thousand Men] behind erupts in it, directly is five lethality killing digit, coordinates to murder the god effect, this injury was really too terrifying






[Wind Blade] that finally strikes still blew out one time fatally to strike in the foundation value unexpectedly, was equal to that 8 times have injured, some flash attack digit explosive tables, Li Mu and Wang Jian were frightened jump, in abundance for the first time tongue.

Again shortly afterward, not far away heard one to cheer, seemed some [Appearance Alliance] people massacres all Shen the skeleton to explode the lost level skill.

However, only then two books, after again, explodes the lost level skill on nobody, as if this knock rating should about 0.01%, not be higher.

Zhan Long Chapter 1150

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