Zhan Long Chapter 1151

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The use of destiny card sign is simple, chooses a goal to carry on one time to turn the sign determination, the red card I kills him, the green sign does not manage makes others kill, does not affect my individual output in any case . Moreover, as if the purification technique of Healer can reset turn the sign effect , means that so long as my RP suffices, that can kill BOSS with the destiny card sign murder, moreover can maintain the red card effect.



Bombing of ultra short distance, explodes torn to pieces all Shen a skeleton.

Near 3 hours of intense fighting with all might, Cooldown approached 7 : 00 am in reality, everybody unknowingly stayed up late for a long time, but this eighth wave of monster should also be the end of this dark blue billows revenge, although has given greatly our „pleasantly surprised", but we can defend this Full Moon City as before.

The distant place many all Shen skeleton had not come.

And the facial expression from Indian player face also saw disappointedly, they have not won this Full Moon City from the Chinese player hand eventually, but finally the distant place, near 3 hours of rushes, Xue Roudai 8000 + people of Going out, is coming back less than 1000 people, this battle loss is really enough frigid, is good is extremely also high because of points of people, at least fell Level can gain.


Jumps to leap from the city wall, I glided to arrive at Xue Rou and others to melt the god cavalry front, looks that their exhausted complexions and had the full blood muddily, the chest love dearly slightly, said: „Was laborious!"

Matcha stands up from failure to discontinue, said: „Ahem, remembers that buys the LV pocket for me, 10!"

„Good, ten ten, tall Fang good?"

„Did you say?"

„It seems like is not good......"

Nearby Lin Wan Er throws smiles, said: „Obtains the news, the clear pupil developed black ink to give up this time to attacking a city of Full Moon City, their offensive felt weak, have not been able to place on a par with first round and Indian war zone of second round country wartime."

I nod: „Yes, Ben Leiqi, the hot shape rode presents the time at that time kills us not to want......"

Matcha: „......"


„Walks, enters a city, waiting system determination victory and defeat."


In the Full Moon City in city wall is also every large or small artillery pit, this fights, although we have won, but Full Moon City also quickly turned into the ruins, is good because of this is in the game, the system maintenance one did not have what issue, even Full Moon City overall physical defense will have the promotion, each time was this.

Returns to the city wall, sending out the vault of heaven armed forces to go on patrol in the city, I too understood that the clear pupil developed black ink, perhaps will she also send for trying from the interior to disintegrate us?

However, this time I guessed mistakenly, the clear pupil developed black ink really to be as if dejected, the Indian players went far away, rode in the sharing picture that searched to see from the warhawk that they truly go to Dragon Ling the direction, the clear pupil developed the foreign beautiful woman who black ink and sky rose these two hands grasped the heavy power definitely to have the cooperation, otherwise the sky rose to ignore clear pupil will not develop the ribbon the mighty force to come and go from the dragon range of main north side.

However is also very good to understand that the enemy of enemy is a friend, I am the clear pupil develop black ink and sky rose common enemy, they arrive go also can be imagined together.

The clear pupil develops black ink to retreat, does not represent her to give up, at least after participating in this attack, she may attain is called „seven luminaries city" the city from Hybrid Demon territory, can make the Indian players rest lives to rest up, pursues disparate on near Level and equipment, this might have strength of the war, but after this is very long, possible matter.


The fire Yun City war also gradually subsides, although does not have any too strong guild to defend there, but the Hybrid Demon army besieges fire Yun City military strength also very few, finally was guarded disintegrating in the fire Yun City 500,000 NPC crack troops.

Tian Ling Empire war most rubber, but gradually was also near the end, the picture that transmits is somewhat horrible to look, even one group of all Shen skeleton has killed the Tian Ling Empire imperial palace front, although this time shallow forest has not impulsed has the person to kill Going out, but is a military garb leads the imperial guard to be ready in full battle array in the imperial palace inner courtyard, but disappointed him, Fang Ge Que and Q-Sword brought people finally suppressing this group of all Shen skeleton.

Such one, the defense missions of Chinese area three big main cities were officially are accomplished.

However...... At this time I felt finally dark blue billows took revenge this motion are only the demonstration of dark blue billows, he had not planned that depended upon this revenge to destroy completely seven big kingdoms, otherwise a Hybrid Demon king will not have dispatched, the next time, what way can the dark blue billows with attack seven big kingdoms? No one knows......


Finally , after waiting for two hours, a delightful ting reverberation near the ear, finally rewards to start to provide, but I am not out of the anticipation is really the MVP player, this goes out of town back and forth rushes ahead is not in vain laborious


System Announcement: Congratulates all bright camp players, this time 【The revenge of dark blue billows】 The edition duty is accomplished successfully, all the players of entering the war will obtain the rich reward . Moreover, this edition moves, player Xiao Yao Zi Zai( China) wins the MVP title by points first, obtains the reward: Level + 4, Charm + 180, and obtain the reward 【The flash of dragon heart】( [Epic] god level), next, the edition points 2-10 th player obtains to reward player Fang Ge Que( China) to obtain in turn: 【Thunder Zhu fights boots】( Magical instrument ★★★★★), the player sky rose( the US) obtains: 【Spark sword】( Magical instrument ★★★★★), player Cang Yue( China) obtains: 【Qing face hand guard】( Magical instrument ★★★★), the player brown pupil( Russia) obtains: 【Day falling hand guard】( Magical instrument ★★★★★), player Cang Tong( China) obtains: 【Beautiful woman dance】( God level skill books), the player ancient musical scale( the US) obtains: 【Arhat cape】( Magical instrument ★★★★), the player demon mountain( Germany) obtains: 【Skull hammer】( Magical instrument ★★★), player Mu Xuan( China) obtains: 【Cool breeze dance】( Inferior god level skill), player to like tracking down( Portugal) to obtain: 【Ju ling cuts】( Magical instrument ★★★)!


The surrounding golden ray flying shuttles get up, the [Zhan Long] player rose 2-5 levels completely, died in battle the compensation that many players obtain to be also more, but seems this time biggest winner my this MVP player? But...... What gadget is the flash of dragon heart?

Unties the package hurriedly, in discovery corner a golden scale slowly is actually blooming the glory, with looked that immediately the moral nature is wild with joy, my Dragon Rider gentleman vainly hoped for that finally was getting more and more near!

【The flash of dragon heart】( [Epic] god level stage prop): With the medium of sacred big dragon signing agreement, and has to let the ability that the deep sleep Dragon Clan regains consciousness.


Has specifically has not known, but takes the flash of this dragon heart to seek for Frost and Zi Shu two to tame the dragon master, thinks can also some uses? At least, I had had a premonition that my sacred big dragon mount has been away from is not far.

Nearby, several beautiful women are much happier, as if attained extraordinarily thing.

„Wan Er, what skill is the beautiful woman dance?" I asked.

Lin Wan Er shows a faint smile, skill sharing that will have studied watches to everybody

【Beautiful woman dances LV-1】( God level skill): Dances lightly same place, the graceful dancer's posture makes the universe inversion and livelihood revolve, the hostile goals within surrounding 100 yards enter the confused condition, is unable to attack and is unable to defend and is unable move , to continue for 7 seconds, cools the Cooldown 60 seconds.


„This skill......" Li Mu moistens one's lips with the tongue, said: „Good rampant control system department skill!"

Old K smiles: „Only can control, cannot kill, probably hasn't used?"

I have also smiled, the racket the shoulder of Old K, said: „Old K you think, Wan Er also bright moon storm skill, bright moon storm the is obvious, has the waning moon to print the early warning of ground, the genuine ultimate master can shunt actually, but...... If Wan Er after starting bright moon storm starts the beautiful woman dance instantaneously? Who can shunt strong killing of bright moon storm?"

Old K stares: „By......"

Xue Rou cracks into a chuckle: „Boss more and more likely is an appearance of top player, deduces the ability is not general."

I asked: „Does that Djinn that Matcha, you attain cut how is it?"

„Snort, an extravagant blade, the three stars magical instrument, is not basically useful, I planned that brings to sell for money to consider as finished."

„Um, is good."

I go to the distant place the vision, asked: „Queen Mu Xuan, is your cool breeze dance, what skill?"

The Mu Xuan corners of the mouth raise show the ambiguous smiling face: „Is small, you think finally in the flowering shrubs cares about me one?"

I am somewhat awkward: „I am inquire the skill......"

„Good......" she said gracefully: „Cool breeze dance is also 100 yards distance, but does not control the skill, but is killing effect within one 100 yards, actually the cool breeze dance coordinates the beautiful woman to dance the actually good combination."

Lin Wan Er chuckle: „Later also will have country war, our some are such opportunity."



Saw Cooldown not early, therefore people in abundance one after another offline, after Lin Wan Er and East city offline, I patrolled in the city, this prepared to dodge the person, but at this moment, Matcha has sent in a news: „Boss, told takes 10 LV pockets that you are fake, you bought one to be good for me, I wanted 2017 latest cream-colored that 2 thousand that was not quite expensive."

„Aha, Matcha knows finally economizes for me?"

„Yes, the Boss keeps a family is not easy."

„Um, I take as soon as possible."

„Good, waits for you!"


offline, looked up the Hangzhou LV shop, really has this model of pocket, um, orders the purchase, has nothing to deliver Matcha in any case, she is the key person in our [Zhan Long] work room, moreover fought also makes contribution, actually I truly this often buy a gift to give to her, after all the woman, likes receiving the gift.

Murky lying down, quick entered [Lullaby], the edition duty has continued Cooldown not to be long, but was very intensive killing has been strange, was really too tired.

Zhan Long Chapter 1151

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