Zhan Long Chapter 1152

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Wakes up, about 5 : 00 pm.

The belly is hungry cluck, the most critical matter played knife and fork.

Got out of bed, has washed, went out of gate time Dong Cheng Yue, Lin Wan Er and Tang Qi three people to dress neat waiting in the hall, but that side the kitchen has not broadcast any sound, this let my big expressing admiration, this point has not prepared food in anything, wants to starve to death we.


Shot a look at a kitchen, I asked in consternation: „Why hasn't prepared food?"

„Hungry?" Lin Wan Er goes forward to hold my hand.

„Um, the fierce game in the game also thought that the physical ability consumption was too quick, Tang Qi should have such feeling."

„Yes." Tang Qi nods: „Consumption of spiritual practice to physical ability even compares in the outside long-distance race dozens kilometers is huger."

I said: „Therefore ultra hungry, we a bit faster eat delicious!"

Dong Cheng Yue chuckle: „Do not be anxious, 6 : 30 time naturally can have an ultra delicious food to wait for us."

„, Do some people treat?"

„Um." Lin Wan Er said with a smile: „Still remembers that who in the Liu Hua University beautiful woman ranking 6 th is?"

„Who, keeps changing, has not paid attention."

Tang Qi in bypath: „Words that Zheng Feier, did not remember incorrectly."

„Right." Lin Wan Er somewhat excitedly said slightly: „Zheng Feier is also we 17 levels of students, today by chance is her birthday, therefore the third dining room school contracting, has invited all big new students tonight, several of us also in invitation, I knew that Zheng Feier, the person is very good."

„Contracts the third dining room, certainly has spent a lot of money?" I was saying, at the same time has a look at Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue attire, no wonder they put on are beautifully attired, originally must attend the banquet.

Dong Cheng Yue throws smiles: „Can on Liu Hua University, how many be have not to have money? Relax, she can spend this money, moreover after finishing eating the food, has the party, we have not played in any case for a long time together, just well relaxes taking this opportunity, daily is soaking in the game, the bone soon loosens!"



Waits again for several minutes, we embarked, goes to the Liu Hua University third dining room, this third dining room actually in Liu Hua University belongs to „empire dining room" that rank, usually also entertains the foreign guest, scale relative high, therefore I will think that contracts food definitely relative expensive in the third dining room.

On the campus track, our four people walk, unexpectedly can also see that some people hold the books to plan goes to study by oneself, naturally, I do not know studies by oneself this concept is anything, even had not gone to attend class for a long time, although there is Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue to respond to attend class the matter of checking attendance for me, but...... Takes a test anything has a headache as before, helped me design several models of cheating magical instruments in Tian Xin Corporation well, this has not overhung at the end of the period Coury red candle.

The dining room front, many students gathered there, in immature faces is passing excitedly, can the school peanut day please eat meal, perhaps what have to meet with romantically?

The dining room entrance, a long table is placed there, the people of several student associations are copying the attending list here, probably is the form of registration, in order to avoid some people live hand to mouth to eat, Lin Wan Er draws me to walk up, said with a smile sweetly: „Please give me a pen."

The student who that is responsible for registering stares, looks that the Lin Wan Er elf beautiful face cannot move to the eye, I coughed, said: „Please give us a pen?"

He recovers finally, awkward nod, said with a smile: „Is Schoolmate Wan Er and Schoolmate Li Xiao Yao, come, gave you pen, the registration name is OK."

Lin Wan Er takes the pen, in register of names writes down Jun Xiu „Lin Wan Er" three characters, the handwriting is attractive, but I also took the pen, has written the Li Xiao Yao three characters, actually my calligraphy is also good, after all followed the old man to practice we study under a faction, the calligraphy is the required course, when I write down the name, in the Dong Cheng Yue attractive pupil passed over gently and swiftly a blur, exclaims: „Oh, the character of this fellow writes that attractively......"

Ended, this fellow will not be deeper and deeper, this is not good.

Tang Qi groans, with beginning a stroke to write down own name, what tragedy is Dong Cheng Yue had not looked from the start that originally the praise has the selectivity, this makes Tang Qi almost one kill, I also felt that is not a little good, next time will sign must write with the left hand, cultivates the behavior cannot be too outstanding, will otherwise be chopped.


Entered the hall, inside already almost sea of people.

Lin Wan Er saw that many people are also happy, excited holds my hand to walk toward, Dong Cheng Yue secretly draws the sleeve of my another hand to follow me, must the appearance that my entire right arm sleeve entrains, Tang Qi helpless dashes with Dong Cheng Yue, the four person together appearances of also make people think but actually quite interestingly.

The hall front, the Zheng Feier this lord appeared finally, a white princess installs, of low lead(er) stomacher, the material quality good dress material cannot wrap one pair plentifully tall and straight „big white rabbit", a vivid appearance, Zheng Feier cheek is long refinedly beautiful, but can on the Liu Hua University beautiful woman list first ten should with dare to put on to dare to reveal with her figure also related?

„, Is Wan Er comes!"

Zheng Feier welcomed with a smile goes forward, is holding the hand of Lin Wan Er, has referred to the right, said: „, There is main table, Wan Er sits there, well......"

She tilts the head has a look at me, said with a smile: „Isn't this Wan Er young bodyguard Brother Xiao Yao?"

I am somewhat awkward, it seems like I in Liu Hua University truly am famous, even connected Zheng Feier this character knows me, knows my existence, but no wonder, after all the influence of destiny so is also big, I am CBN fight the second person of net, is next to Fang Ge Que, let alone is Liu Hua University, perhaps took a broad view at national university few individuals not to know me.

Lin Wan Er does not want to make me admit defeat, with a smile is holding my hand, said: „Ahem, now is not the young bodyguard so is simple, what kind, he can with me sit together?"

„Naturally." Zheng Feier eats to smile: „Dong Cheng Yue and Tang Qi, you sit in the main table, the table is big enough, can sit 18 people, I the good friend in school do not calculate too."


Actually, can invite the entire big student to attend the banquet all of a sudden together, aren't this good friend many? I thought that this Zheng Feier is „the Yuhang timely rain and Linan shouts guarantees righteousness".


The students take a seat in abundance, soon after hall almost soon was filled, it is said in the building several have also chocked up the table, Dong Cheng Yue has read the menu, said near my ear on the quiet low voice: „How many average one table of prices of do you guess?"

„2000?" I said.

Dong Cheng Yue smiled: „Zheng Feier is the daughter of TJ city richest family, did you also look down on others? Told you, food that today here has, each table of prices in over 20,000."

„......" I grin, said astonished: „That must eat to select, this table of 20,000 I at least must eat 5000 to come back!"

Lin Wan Er listened to Zheng Feier to speak in side seriously, finally heard my words unable to bear smile finally, blame looked at my one eyes, probably thought that I disturbed the serious and earnest atmosphere that she has created laboriously.

Crosses a meeting again, several students sit near the main table, majority is the beautiful women, Liu Hua University beautiful woman list first ten had 8 already, caused that the surrounding several tables of students of envied, wished one could immediately pulls Going out to abandon the building to tear limb from limb by five horses from this table me and Tang Qi, the school was colored, this concept was anything, was the goddess in people heart, they could not obtain, do not want to obtain, the school flower existence that was doomed is can only watch cannot profane to play, otherwise on will depreciate in a big way.

However Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue two girls as if do not care about anything to depreciate, is willing to mix up with my day in day out male servant as before, now thinks that somewhat slightly is moved, after all each female students hope that the side has several spare tires, but their two as if do not want the spare tire, especially Dong Cheng Yue, she is too deep to my sentiment, an embryo does not want.

Is shallow to the reason, how affectionate.


6 : 30 quick will soon arrive, on the table has also chocked up various delicacy delicacies, many cooked food cannot call the name, I and Tang Qi have been eager to try, when can eat meal, goal that we come to not look at beautiful woman, but to play knife and fork!

„Also in who?"

On the table, a big three study elder sister asked.

Another wear deep green even connected Shenqun female student said with a smile: „What were most important is person!"

My moral nature sinks: „Who is this?"

As if sees my doubts, Lin Wan Er says with a smile: „In and other poor boyfriends!"

„, Had the boyfriend!"

„Ahem." Dong Cheng Yue said in side: „You think that everyone is the same with me, does not have the boyfriend!"

She said the acid, thought to feel sad including me, therefore had a look at her, said: „That refuels to look kisses!"

„Soul pale......"


Zheng Feier is telephoning, then said to us with a smile: „Five minutes, after five minutes, arrived, he picks up a friend, already to square."

„Um." Lin Wan Er nods with a smile: „It is not anxious, we are also not very hungry."

She just said that my belly „cluck" called the sound, is awkward wishes one could to look for a crack to worm one's way into, Lin Wan Er speechless has a look at me, said: „Or...... Do you eat first?"

I also know that is not so good, shakes the head firmly: „Does not want, after all I am also the person who the knowledge book reaches the principle."

Dong Cheng Yue at side chuckle, Tang Qi cast the vision of despising, the modern young people truly very much did not have the courtesy, trivial Royal Air did not have to Yang Flame master respect unexpectedly......


Several minutes later, finally came, the young people of two suit and dress shoes came, one is a very charming youth, is about Zheng Feier boyfriend, but another will make me and Tang Qi surprised, unexpectedly will be Wang Ze Cheng?!

Did Wang Ze Cheng come?

Zhan Long Chapter 1152

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