Zhan Long Chapter 1153

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„Yo, many acquaintances?" Wang Ze Cheng laughs, on the face full is the experienced smiling face, this is the smiling face that in the commercial field many years whet, the average person does not have.

I think him, shows a faint smile: „Has not thought that Wang Zong also came."

Wang Ze Cheng also visits me: „Captain Li also came, is really fortunately!"


Zheng Feier stares, somewhat could not understand the situation, looked like also thinks that I and Wang Ze Cheng were very ripe friends, but Zheng Feier was not a fool, naturally also understands me, no matter in the reality played with Wang Ze Cheng is a mortal enemy, to exempt fought, then raised the skirt to stand at the front, said with a smile: „Was good, the day sought, hurried to take a seat, prepares to eat meal, everybody in you! The masters were hungry......"

The one side takes the master of microphone to smile awkwardly: „All right, I can also wait, you sit on main table everybody actually, can introduce oneself mutually?"

Although in same in university, but each other did not know as before that this is very normal matter.

Zheng Feier said: „I am Zheng Feier, didn't need to introduce? This is......"

Her boyfriend stands, on face is having the gentle smiling face, said: „My name was Chu Tianxun, the poor boyfriend, vice- director of Shanghai [gold/metal] lin group, good evening everybody."

Nearby Wang Ze Cheng stands up, on the face is having the amiable smiling face, is bowing to nearby several beautiful women, says with a smile: „Didn't I need to introduce? Wang Ze Cheng, big new student, Buesst China region CEO."

Two female students noticed that Wang Ze Cheng such spoke, the appearance that immediately somewhat could not dominate, Wang Ze Cheng this type young promising, the appearance also good youth very much had the market after all.

Tang Qi stands up: „Tang Qi, big new student."

I also stand up: „Didn't Li Xiao Yao, need to introduce?"

This time, I have not hidden any identity, in an instant looks to Lin Wan Er, said: „I enter the Liu Hua University reason am to protect the Wan Er security, my another status is the special combat police officer, the police officer numbers 2921607, but also invited to advise much!"

On Zheng Feier face passed over gently and swiftly to be astonished however, my special police officer status Liu Hua University many people knows actually, but is only has not stated clearly, my this announced that makes them be surprised actually.

Lin Wan Er said simply sentence „Lin Wan Er" introduced oneself, Dong Cheng Yue is also same, therefore, this lord table, because the arrival of Wang Ze Cheng also brings several points of awkwardness, as a result of the enticement of delicacy delicacies, eats first!

Tang Qi also knows that the Wang Ze Cheng status is very dubious, this person may with breeding to think of the person very much to be concerned, therefore said: „Does this dine some not to be as if hygienic together?"

Actually, probably he was worrying that Dong Cheng Yue and Lin Wan Er security, Wang Ze Cheng with the chopsticks have clamped the dish, will others eat are infected? Wang Ze Cheng is breeds to install secret of person, thinks that in the body should also have some medicament toxin?

I „lowered sound" saying: „Has not related, sees clearly, Wang Ze Cheng has eaten the dish, we do not move."

My voice presses extremely lowly, about 20 meters away is unable to hear, immediately on the face of Wang Ze Cheng a paleness, such insult is the average man is unable to endure absolutely, but Wang Ze Cheng has borne, shows a faint smile: „Do we start? Quite hungry......"

„Shua Shua Shua", this bastard has clamped vegetables in several dish continuously, this clearly wants to starve to death we.


Is good is polluted because of our front vegetables, while the turntable has not rotated time has clamped some vegetables to Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue, on difference that several big elbow dragging.

Eats to 50% times, starts to cut the cake, the luxurious 12 cakes, Chu Tianxun and Zheng Feier happy cuts the cake, Xian Sha other people, Wang Ze Cheng with the Chu day homing relations quite good appearance, holds side help, but I tranquil looks at the surrounding all, Wang Ze Cheng came, needed the entire gods alert.

However somewhat is actually strange, Wang Ze Cheng links a bodyguard not to have the belt today unexpectedly, is really strange, the courage may be really big, this is must face me directly, doesn't have timid intent?

However thinks not to feel strange that carefully, Wang Ze Cheng knows that I am the special police officer team leader in Hangzhou base, without evidence time I will not begin to him, therefore his here absolute safety, but he is different, I in am bright he in darkly, Wang Ze Cheng can definitely do any matter resourcefully, so long as were not caught can continue the frank and upright life under the sunlight.


Has eaten around 9 : 00 pm, then also has the party, Zheng Feier and Chu Tianxun invited warmly, but Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue looked after my look, has rejected, was as far as possible farther from Wang Ze Cheng, I invulnerability do not represent two young ladies also invulnerability, Wan Er and East city were too for me important, cannot lose them.

Escorts two young ladies to return to the dwelling, Tang Qi also with the same place, at this moment, Dong Cheng Yue stares suddenly, traces the packet, said: „Bad......"

„What's wrong?"

„My 18 S lost...... Probably forgot on the table......"

„This......" Tang Qi is speechless: „My this helps you take."

At this time, the Lin Wan Er cell phone has actually made a sound, is Zheng Feier telephone: „Wan Er, the cell phone of East city forgets in the dining room, I helped to take conveniently, now is going to the road of Xiyuan bar street, can you come together?...... Do I deliver now to you?"

Lin Wan Er said hurriedly: „Does not use, which you told me to be good because of the bar street, we took in the past."

„Good, bar street No. 11 here, I in entrance you."


Lin Wan Er just made the telephone call, the Tang Qi cell phone has made a sound, with the connection, said: „Boss...... Um, fifth goal did BOSS leave? Good...... I go back to get online immediately, wait a bit me."

Made the telephone call, Tang Qi somewhat awkwardly said: „The Q-Sword Boss' Tenglong coverall fifth triggering duty, I must go back to get online immediately, Brother Xiao Yao, young lady's cell phone...... Troubles you to take."

I touch the nose: „Good, you go to room to get online practice the level, I urge to go faster return."



After Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue back room, confirmed that the surrounding security I go out, and distant looked at the past, a middle-aged uncle is smoking on the campus deck chair, that was the Lin Tiannan arrangement dark sentry post, in addition the young people wore the black windproof coat to hide in the water tank hey the mosquito, in the hand was grasping the ambush step, was the person who Lin Tiannan sent, basically Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue were definitely safe in the dwelling.

Has not driven, I directly soared bar street to go, the bar street in campus majority was the student party contracts, the business was inferior that outside was so fiery, but also missed to does not go.

No. 11 entrance, Zheng Feier, Chu Tianxun, the Wang Ze Cheng three people are standing there, sees me to come, on Zheng Fei stallion shakes to begin the cell phone, said with a smile: „Here!"

I walk several steps to go forward quickly, say with a smile: „Thanks."

„Is impolite, has not thought that is Brother Xiao Yao takes the cell phone."

„Does not have the means that the big evening's day is too black, making a female student person be upon the jump is not quite good."

„Hee hee, yes."

Wang Ze Cheng actually looked at my one eyes, the corners of the mouth has raised, said: „The winning side is late big, male student dark being upon the jump of is not quite safe, adds carefully ‚Brother Xiao Yao'......"

I shot a look at his one eyes, shows a faint smile, said: „Way of the world is dangerous, daybreak the association comes, be not bringing always the sunglasses, was careful that which day of sunlight will shoot in the eye unable to bear."

„Snort, many thanks reminder!"


I turn around to walk, at the same time is pondering over the Wang Ze Cheng words, the winning side is late big, what meaning?

Goes back on the way, must by it place be the flowered work place, here is also the Liu Hua University scenery most beautiful place, the botanical garden -type scenery attracts many lover here lover's rendezvouses, but the present is in the summer, the mosquito are too many, the lovers are impossible to rush to here live to suffer hardship.

I walk in the extremely quick, colored work place almost do not have any light, only then the bright star light projects.



Under the energetic high degree of concentration, not far away seems not the sound that I make, and is not the wind blows the sound of leaf likely, in the thick patch of grass glitters suddenly together the light flame, that is the bullet the ray that departs from the silencer!

Halts suddenly, my arm, Yang Yanjia appears in the fist together carries on the back, „clang" a direct standard keeps off the attack of this bullet, at this time heard the bullet puts on silencer „scoffing" one, some people ambush me really here!

An arrow step, I swoop go forward, does not shoot the opportunity of second (spear gun) to him, jumps, is in the airborne fist to change into fiery red, numerous rumbling!


The hot band of light the cyclone is blowing down the surrounding flowers and plants, in a person hand of wear black jacket is taking the (spear gun), on the face brings to visit me astonished, obviously has not thought of my speed quickly to this situation, but he is also well-trained, roared above nape of the neck to present a red scale of trim lowly, discarded the pistol, the nail extends sharp thorn claw thorns, nearly welcomed in the swing arm of roaring!

Really is breeds to think of the person, the A level dragon blood soldier!

In airborne, I turn the fist into the palm, supple vigor one group, „" opens out his arm suddenly, the left leg horizontal has pressed, in the intense collision sound, floods Yang Yanjin the left leg layer on layer to knock in his nape of the neck place, its pressure on the ground, the left fist takes advantage of opportunity directly strikes to pound to fall on his cheeks suddenly!


The flame spatters in all directions, naked eye he spread on the scale to cheeks to wipe out many pieces by me obviously stiffly, under was wriggling the fearful muscle, my strength passed through the right fist suddenly, on the fist full was Yang Yanhuo the energy, opened the hand slowly, turned the fist into the blade, got down suddenly all at once, immediately the blood spattered in all directions, the head of this dragon blood soldier rolled Going out, moreover surrounding flowers and plants also by Yang Yanhuo igniting, fierce has burnt.

Does not wait for me to stand up, the rear area hears the rumor suddenly, other?


Listens to the explaining away position, I stand up from failure to roll into the thick patch of grass suddenly, the body, from bottom to top one time explodes violently kicks!


Center future front, but greets my as before is one piece by piece firm thick „dragon scale", hasty under concentrates without enough time the Juyang flame vigor, only shakes numb the entire right leg, but he does not feel better, the whole person was kicked nose oven Going out by my foot, the mouth spits the blood.

This has not calculated that the right is the consecutively two flames, my hurried airborne spin body avoidance, but on the arm transmits the burning ache, the bullet leans Yang Yanjia to pass, although has not wounded me, but lets me as but before ache.

Under the flame, two dragon blood soldiers launch the surprise attack from the right, but the left also presented one to wear the black clothed, in the hand is grasping a dragon blood soldier of handle shining Japan katana.


Bad, sets out 5 so-called dragon blood soldiers, is this must kill me?

The leaf came back from the native place, all renewals and activities resume the normal, this week's LOL live transmission activity change to start at 7 : 00 pm, channel 29216!

Zhan Long Chapter 1153

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